Bike Security

10 Steps to Protect Your Bicycle

The most effective deterrent to bike theft is to make sure your bike is locked properly and that thief knows the bike is registered and tagged.

1. Register your bike with us.

The serial number is the only thing connecting you to the bike.

2. Lock it or Lose it!

Always lock your bicycle, even if you are just leaving it for 30 seconds.

3. Tag it!

Buy a set of anti-theft PULSE ID tags and place them on your bike.

4. Buy a good quality lock

Invest in a good quality U lock, rated 8 or above

5. Be cycle security savvy...

Lock your bike when its in a shed or garage to an anchor bolt.

6. Buy a component locking system

that locks your front wheel, rear wheel, seat, and forks

7. Use a small cable lock

to secure your seat to your bike to keep opportunists away.

8. When your bike is secured in a shed or garage

make sure you use a ground anchor or shed shackle.

9. Make your bike ugly.

Make your bike as undesirable as possible.

10. Make it unrideable.

Remove a wheel, axles, saddle and take it with you.

Lock on the move!

Bike image 3

Lock It at Home!

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