Bike Secure Partner Program

What You Get: Features and Benefits
  1. To Register Bikes: You have two options:
    • Add a Landing page for your customers or members to register bikes on the Bike Shepherd website. Each page is branded with your logo, messaging, Buy it Now link and contact information.
    • Or Add a Partner registration system integrated into your website allowing your customers or members to register without leaving your website. The registration system will be “Powered by Bike Shepherd” and is part of your check out process or membership renewal.
  2. A Buy it Now link for customers/members to purchase Pulse ID tags from your website. Customers can still register without buying the Pulse ID tags.
  3. Bike Shop/Dealer Password Protected access all your Registered Owners and Bike details. This is your organisation’s dealer record of every bike registered through your site.
  4. Bike Shop/Dealer Service Record option for any bike registered through your website – an excellent customer service feature
  5. Create Stolen Bike Alerts for your customers. List a bike as stolen from your site and immediately trigger Stolen Bike Alerts, locally, nationally or globally
  6. Free Promotion Of Your Site as a Bike Secure Partner on Bike Shepherd’s site, maps and in marketing materials.
  7. Free Access to Statistics and analysis on site visitors and bike registrations
  8. Eligibility: To participate in Bike Shepherd’s Bike Secure Partner program, complete the short online form and place a BSP link on your website.

The partner program is free to any organisation that sells Bicycle ID Kits.