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We love bikes and we hate bike thieves. Our goal is to put thieves out of business.

Bike Shepherd is a free, global anti-theft bicycle service that uses mobile phones, scannable QR code tags and social media to fight bike theft. Bike Shepherd was created to fight the high levels of bike theft and to provide cyclists with tools to protect and recover their bikes. We do this using technology, social networking and a grass-roots approach to give cyclists the power to protect their own bikes. People like you. While global in reach, we work locally, harnessing the energy of your friends, family and fellow cyclists in your neighborhood to look out for each other. Call it a Neighborhood Bike Watch program run by you.

Bike Shepherd is a free service. Free to register, list, access and use. Registering your bike is the first line of defence. Your serial number is the only link between you and your bike, it makes it traceable, proves your ownership, and increases the chance of recovery from 2% to 20-40%. When you register you get a free certificate of registration. If you move, the registration moves with you, wherever you are.

We recommend all cyclists register their bike. Our free registration program helps cyclists, companies, campuses and cities reduce bike related crime and can help you keep your bike safe. You can register your bike(s) on our global database, list stolen bikes, send out Stolen Bike Alerts (SBAs) via social media, view the stolen bike database and report thefts online. Our site is also geo-tagged so stolen bikes are listed by local area on a map.

For added protection, we sell Bike ID Kits, which include 3 Pulse ID tags. These are waterproof, tamper-resistant tags that use QR Codes that can be scanned using a mobile phone. They’re trackable, traceable and tough. Thieves hate traceable goods, and the very fact that your bike is visibly tagged works as a deterrent. If your bike is recovered, by anyone (not just the police) and the tags scanned, they will indicate the status of the bike. If it is stolen, alerts can be sent to the police and the owner showing the location of the bike and getting the word out. It’s all about getting your bike back to you.

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The Company

We’re a global technology provider in the portable security sector, based in London, and we offer integrated solutions to register track and recover mobile assets, utilizing the latest in mobile applications and emerging technology.

The Bike Shepherd system offers a multi-layered, feature-rich portal, accommodating the both the needs of the private cyclist and the corporate, municipal or government client, while offering community-based solutions to create and manage existing or new cycling-related initiatives.

We’re committed to creating transparent, accessible, mobile platforms for the cycling community that engage social media cultures on a local, regional and international level.

Patrick Wise-  Founder of  bikeshepherd.org

patrick wise

I’m Patrick Wise. I am the writer and owner of bikeshepherd.org. It is a website about my passion and expertise.

I write a blog for people who love cycling but will probably never win any races. I have done a lot of cycling and helped cyclists have more fun and safe on the road. I share what I have learned so far on this blog to inspire cyclists of all levels to become better and more knowledgeable riders.

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