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The Best Bike Cable Cutters for 2023

best bike cable cutter

As part of the bike maintenance, it is normal for every bike owner to replace, cut, or shorten bike cable. Whether it is in the brake or the bike’s derailleur, the cable of these bike components will eventually wear out or frayed, which in turn needs adjustment or total replacement. Doing this type of bike maintenance will require you to use the best bike cable cutter to make it easier to cut or adjust a bike cable.

But what are the best bike cable cutting tool available in the market today? Choosing suitable bicycle cable cutters for your bike can be a hassle with all the available options. But, our team tried to test several brake cable cutters to see their effectiveness when being used. We also ask other bike enthusiasts for their feedbacks on the cable cutter they are using as an added reference. From there, we compiled ten of the best tools in cutting bike brake cables when doing maintenance work for your bike.

Best Bike Cable Cutter Reviews

1. QLOUNI Stainless Steel Cable Cutters

qlouni stainless steel cable cutters

There is a benefit in using bike-specific bike cable cutters in cutting brake housing. In fact, bike cable housing cutters can easily cut brake and shift housing compared to regular cutters. Usually, bike-specific tools can trap the cable and apply cutting force from all sides at once, cutting it cleanly and quickly. With that said, this cable cutter from Qlouni is an excellent option for every biker looking for reliability and dependability in a bike brake cable cutter.

One of the outstanding features of this product is its excellent construction. This cable cutter’s blades have undergone a special heat treatment procedure that puts the cutter in a hardened state. This quality will ensure cutting quickly without smashing or fraying both ends of the cable. Likewise, the process will make the blade hard enough to hold a sharp edge but also offers some flexibility to withstand the excessive use of force without breaking.

Another outstanding feature of this product is the excellent materials being used, particularly the high chrome-vanadium steel. This material is known for its durability, which will enable it to cut quickly and neatly without damaging or fraying the end of the cable. Based on my experience, this bike cable cutter will leave an excellent clean cut with no curl on end.

I am also impressed by the so-called spring roll design, which makes this bike tool easily used. You will only need one of your hands to make very precise and clean cuts to any cable in your bike. You can also use this for cutting cables and great when removing grommets during bike maintenance.

Lastly, this product comes with easy-to-use features that enable the user to cut any type of cable easily. If you can fit any type of cable wire to the jaws of this cable cutter, for sure, it will be cut easily. Using this tool will give you quick and clean work.

  • Built with excellent construction through the special treatment procedure
  • Made of high-quality materials, including the durable high-chrome vanadium steel
  • Spring roll design provides easy usage
  • Can easily cut most types of bike cable wires without damaging and fraying the end of the cable
  • Easy one-handed operation
  • One single size only

This bike cable cutter is perfect for cutting cable wire from a bike and any other cable in your home. It will provide an excellent and clean cut without fraying at the end of the wire. It is also easy to use and very comfortable when being used during the maintenance of your bike.

2. KNIPEX Tools Wire Rope Cutters

knipex tools wire rope cutters

When choosing a bike cable cutter and crimper, it is a must for you to look for something unique. The bike cutter tool must stand out and provides excellent results that should be different from a regular cutting tool. Or else, why use a bike-specific cable cutter tool if you can use a regular diagonal cutting tool to do the job for you. However, this bike cable cutter tool from Knipex is an excellent option for providing superior cutting results and quality.

What is unique about this bike cable cutter tool is the excellent and unique design. It is probably the most significant difference when compared to the other bike cable cutter. If you look closely at the construction of this bike cable cutter, you will be impressed by how it is designed carefully up to the smallest detail. The cutting angles, hardness, sharpness, and even toughness will be felt once you start using this tool. You will also be impressed by the precision and smooth movement of this bike cable cutter.

To be specific, the unique shape of the cutting edges provides the smooth cutting capability of this bike cable cutter. The hardened blades will surround and overlap the cable to give an excellent cut while also preventing the wire from flattening or spraying. Meanwhile, this bike cable cutter also has a superb leverage design to provide tremendous advantage and easy usage.

The quality of this bike cable cutter tool can also be attributed to the type of materials being used to construct this product. In particular, this bike cable cutter is made of vanadium heavy-duty stainless steel, which is known for its durability and toughness. Also, it features accurate crimping capabilities and plastic-coated and non-slip handles.

Overall, this bike cable cutter is a very well-made tool that provides excellent leverage to reduce the cutting effort of the user. It also comes with a cross-cutting action that significantly reduces the fraying of ropes or wire.

  • Excellent construction; made with stainless steel
  • Provides superior cutting and crimpling results
  • The unique shape and cutting edges provide a smooth cutting capability
  • Made with bolted joint for precise blade guidance
  • Built with an opening spring which makes it ideal for repetitive work
  • The slim design offers comfort and easy usage
  • Small handle

This product is an awesome bike cable cutter with excellent features and functionalities. This bike cable cutter provides excellent clean cuts not only in your bike cable but also to other usage. It is a very high-quality made tool that makes perfect cuts every time.

3. CyclingDeal Heavy Duty Stainless Cable Cutters

cyclingdeal heavy duty stainless cable cutters

A bike cable cutter is used to cut through different types of cables found in your bike. Bike cables are often thick and covered with casing, and a cable cutter must have strong blades to do its purpose efficiently. Popular brands such as Shimano cable cutter and park tool cable cutter offer the same reliability. Still, you can also find similar tools that are affordable such as this cable cutter from CyclingDeal.

One of the upsides of using this cable cutter tool is its excellent construction that brings quality and effectiveness when used. It is actually a high-quality cable cutter that is spring-loaded and made with hardened stainless steel. It is one of the most durable cable cutters you can use on the bike, providing precision and a clean finish.

Another upside from using this product is the excellent design which makes it easy to cut for the user to cut through the bike cable. It is built with sharp and sharp cutter edges that will assist in cutting the cable cleanly without splitting in the ends. Indeed, this is a simple but essential bike tool needed when maintaining your bike.

Also, if you try to check this bike tool physically, you will see a nice and sturdy tool with massive sharp jaws. Meaning, it can cut most of the cable you have in the bike. You will be impressed by the quality of the cut and its easy usage, enabling you to do the job efficiently. Definitely, this tool is more reliable than trusting side cutters when maintaining your bike.

The only drawback in using this bike cable cutter is the tendency to deform cable housing a little more than I expected. But this is not actually a serious problem since you can always shape up the deform housing to correct the issue.

  • Built with high-quality hardened steel to provide durability and toughness
  • Designed to cut different bike cables neatly
  • Built with harp and sharp edges to cut cable cleanly
  • Provides excellent simplicity but with precision in its design
  • The long handle offers tremendous leverage
  • Tendency to deform the cable housing

This bike cable cutter gets the work done with ease. It may not be as famous as the other well-known brands, but this product gets the job done. This bike tool should have a place in your bike toolbox.

4. Jagwire Pro Housing Cutter

jagwire pro housing cutter

Bike cable cutters are essential in doing maintenance work on your bike’s gear or brake cables. High-quality cable cutters are also necessary if you do not want to destroy the brand new cable or to leave any strands not cut. With that said, the Jaguar cable cutter is what you need when it comes to reliability in cutting different bike cables with ease.

The Jagwire Pro Housing Cutter is built to serve different purposes for the user and his bike. But one of its primary uses is to provide a premium-quality bike cutter tool built to last longer with its excellent construction. This product is made with hardened SK5 steel blades that are formed to ensure clean and precise cuts for the cable and brake housing.

Another purpose of this product is to provide comfort to the user when it is being used for bike maintenance. The ergonomic handle and adjustable reach will help in ensuring comfort for both large and small hands. Actually, the contoured handle can be adjusted for smaller hands, or you can just turn the adjustment screw; it will open wider to larger hands. Also, to ensure smooth cable operation, an integrated awl at the base of the handle can be sued to open up cut housing ends.

Other features that stand out include a 2-sided cable tip crimper is also built into the handle. All you need to do is insert the cable and tip for a clean two-sided crimp. This bike cable cutter tool also has an integrated closure hook which makes storing the bike tool very easy. This bike cable cutter will cut housing and wire very easily.

Overall, I really like this tool as it comes will excellent build quality. The awl built into the handle is very useful and the bar to lock the handle shot is so convenient. The cuts also come out nicely even though the inner lining was deformed a little bit. But the awl can fix this small issue immediately.

  • Built with SK5 steel blades to ensure a clean cut
  • It comes with an ergonomic handle and adjustable reach to ensure comfort
  • Created with an integrated awl at the base of the handle to open-cut housing ends
  • The 2-sided cable tip crimper provides a high-quality crimped finish
  • Integrated closure hook offers easy storage
  • Very hard to crimp

This bike cable cutter is excellent for cutting cables while providing a clean and easy cut. Although camping is a little bit hard, especially when the cable end is short, it still gets the job done. Overall, this tool provides reliability and should be expected to last longer.

5. iCrimp Wire Bicycle Rope Cutters

icrimp wire bicycle rope cutters

The best cable cutters are built with excellent materials that will provide them with toughness and quality. It also comes with a handle that is designed to provide extra leverage to give the user the comfort it needs when cutting bike cables. An excellent bike cable cutter will also offer perfect control and precision to cut the cable cleanly. All of these features are found in this bike cable cutter from iCrimp, a dependable cable cutter that can be used not only on your bike but on other cable cutting activities as well.

This product is an excellent bike cable cutter that is built to cut different types of cable wire. It is made with a very sharp but replaceable shear that comes with cutting-edge hardness for cutting various types of cable and wires. It also comes with a high-quality crimper that is made with Cr-MO steel which is known for being durable and rust-resistant. This feature will ensure the tool’s long service life.

Meanwhile, this bike cable cutter also comes with grooves on its central joints that are constructed with metal plating to provide excellent strength. Meanwhile, the presence of a ratcheting mechanism allows this bike cable cutter tool to stay lock when holding the wire rope, which will result in giving more power to the grip for easy usage.

This bike cable cutter is also known for providing comfort to the user. For one, it comes with an ergonomic handle that offers a non-slip grip to help in being comfortable during usage. And do not forget the metal-plated high strength joints, which provide low cutting impact to the hands, minimizing tension on tendons and muscles.

Overall, this bike cable cutter tool will work fantastic when cable and housing are cut to your bike. It may take extending the jaws all the way to get the cable housing in, but it still gets the job done. And this bike tool can be used with just one hand for added convenience.

  • Built with a replaceable sharp shear that can cut cables cleanly without fray
  • The crimper is made of high-quality steel to ensure longevity
  • The groove located in the central joints provides strength
  • The handle is designed with an ergonomic grip to provide comfort
  • The ratcheting mechanism allows more grip
  • It tends to deform the cable

This product will work just right in cutting cables from your bike. You will be impressed by the quality of the cut because it is so clean and without fray. The ergonomic handle plays a vital role in making the cutting more comfortable and convenient.

6. Venzo Bicycle Brake MTB Cable Cutters

venzo bicycle brake mtb cable cutters

There are indeed plenty of bike cable cutters available in the market that offers different features, sizes, and other properties. The challenge is to find the perfect one that can meet your biker’s needs and requirements. But to give you less hassle in looking for an ideal bike cable cutter, this product coming from Venzo is an excellent option with its advanced features and functionalities.

One of the outstanding features is the overall quality of this bike cutter tool in cutting bicycle cables and housing. In fact, this cable and housing cutter is designed to work with different types of bike cables and housing. It is built with a sharp cutting blade that can cut cables and housing neatly and without fray. You can also prepare the housing after being cut through the bike tool’s awl.

Another feature of this product that stands out for me is the built-in cable and housing end ferrule crimper and housing reformer, which helps make it easy for you to install the ferrules. This bike tool is exceptionally well-made and incredibly sharp. Meaning, replacing the gear cables on your bike by cutting and wire and the housing can be done quickly. And with the crimper, you will be able to crimp the end caps on the cables with ease.

Also, cutting it on the cable and the housing does not need you to have too much strength to do it. You can still make the cut without straining the cable housing. Meanwhile, the crimper will over-crimp and possibly cut the end cap if you squeeze too hard. So, make sure to do it slowly to give an excellent clean-cut for brake housing.

The Venzo Bike cable cutter works extremely great when cutting bike cables as it provides an easy, clean cut. Remember, these cables are not easy to cut if you do not have the right amount of tools. But having this bike cable cutter is a lifesaver to all bike owners with its quality and dependability.

  • Easy to use with its one-hand operation feature
  • Built with a sharp cutting blade that provides clean cuts on cables and housings
  • Easy to carry with its portable size and lightweight
  • Includes built-in crimper and awl as added features
  • Simple yet precise design
  • Occasional uneven cuts to cable

Every time you need to cut a brake or shift cable, looking for the top bike cable cutter is essential. And this is what this bike tool from Venzo offers. A reliable bike cable cutter that cuts bike cable clean and without fray.

7. ZFZ Wire Nipper Bicycle Bike Cutters

zfz wire nipper bicycle bike cutters

Replacing cables on a bike is easier than it looks, provided that you have a complete set of tools to do the job. Doing this maintenance activity will improve the performance of your brakes and gears. But when it comes to cutting the cable, you want to avoid using a blade or pliers because it tends to fray the cable. You will need a reliable bike cable cutter such as this product from ZFZ to provide a cleaner cut to the bike cable.

This bike cable cutter is one of the most durable and rugged cable cutting tools you will ever use in your bike. It is built with a blade that is treated with high temperatures to enhance its hardness and strength. It is an excellent tool for cutting with its sharpness as the blade can cut neatly without fraying or smashing in the ends.

Another upside of using this product is the comfort it brings to the user. The anti-slip rubber handle provides comfort and convenience during the cutting process. It gives enough leverage to maximize the strength of your hand for easy cutting of the cable. This feature also makes this bike tool resistant to fatigue and will not reduce work efficiency even if it is being used for long hours.

The presence of a safety lock is also an incredible feature that this product offers. It can prevent accidental opening or cutting, which eliminates the chance of accidents from happening with the user. Also, this bike tool may work perfectly, but you will need to hold the housing firmly so that the cutter will not twist. So, it is essential to hold everything tightly to maximize the result of this bike cable cutting tool.

Overall, this bike cable cutter comes with sharp cutters for cable and housing. It is an excellent tool for cable cutting and provides clean cuts every time. The only small issue I have with this brand is the weak spring in the middle, which is unable to push the cutter open enough to fit a housing between the jaws. Meaning, you will need to open them before cutting the cable manually.

  • Built with solid blade – excellent tool for cutting
  • Provides superior cutting result without fraying or smashing on the ends
  • With anti-slip rubber handle to provides convenience and comfort
  • Provide resistance to fatigue so as not to reduce work efficiency
  • Safety lock prevents an unnecessary accident
  • Weak spring in the middle

Overall, this bike cable cutter works ideally and is comparable to its more famous counterparts, such as the Pedros cable cutter. This cable cutting tool provides comfort with its anti-slip handle and resistance to fatigue when used for a more extended period.

8. Juusmart Cable Wire Rope Cutters

juusmart cable wire rope cutters

A bike cable cutter is a vital workshop tool for bicycle repair and bike maintenance. Even if other bike owners use old-school pliers or a blade, but these tools do not guarantee clean-cut results and eventually make the cable fraying and smashing through the end. For this reason, it is essential to use a tool intended for this purpose, such as this bike cable cutter from Juusmart, a reliable bike tool specially made for cutting bike cables.

The primary purpose of this bike cable cutter is to provide a durable and rugged bike cable cutter for your bike maintenance. This product is built with heavy-duty stainless steel material, which includes sharpness and durability. This material will make the surface not easily rusted to ensure that this bike tool will last longer than expected.

Another purpose of this bike cable cutter is to provide a premium quality cable cutter that provides a smooth and clean cut. This product is built with heat-treated and shear action cutting blades that bring excellent sharpness. The result is a quick and neat cutting that is very precise and does not fray or smash the end of the cable.

This product also provides excellent comfort and convenience in the hands once being used. The ergonomic handle and the one-hand operation design will contribute to the comfort that this product brings to the user. Meanwhile, the handle also comes with a plastic cover which also helps in reducing the fatigue of the hand. The buckle design also allows in more convenience and minimizes effort from the user.

Overall, this bike cable cutter worked great, mainly when working on bike cables. This product is a strong wire cutter that can cut through the plastic and wire without any problem. It is also easy to use and built with premium materials to provide durability and toughness.

  • Made with excellent materials to provide toughness and durability
  • Built with a sharp blade to give a smooth and clean cut
  • The ergonomic and plastic covered handle offers comfort and convenience
  • Made with stainless steel material that offers anti-rust properties and longevity
  • The one-hand operation provides easy usage
  • Does not have too much leverage

As a bicycle owner, this bike cable cutter is a perfect bike tool for your bike maintenance. The quality and longevity are excellent, and the blade can easily cut through the different types of cables. This bike tool should have a place for your bike toolbox for the maintenance of your bike.

9. Cozysmart Stainless Steel Cable Cutters

cozysmart stainless steel cable cutters

Whether you are working for your brakes or gear shift, it is a must for you as a bike owner to have a bike cable cutter in your mechanical bike toolbox. A cable cutter dedicated especially to bikes provides a cleaner cut but does not leave any fray to the cable compared to pliers or a regular blade. Just like this bike cable cutter from Cozysmart, which is known for its excellent design and durability.

I feel that this bile cable cutter works best in working brake or shift cables. It cuts very well and is very precise. This bike tool can cut bike cables very cleanly without fraying or smashing the end of the cable. This bike tool is also known for its versatility as it not only cut cables and ripcords but can also be used on grommet removal project.

I was also impressed by this bike cable cutting tool, particularly in its construction. This product is built with premium materials that ensure durability and longevity. In fact, this bike cable cutter is made with high chrome vanadium steel material that provides durability and toughness. The blade is also heat-treated, which means it is hard enough to easily cut different types of cables and wires.

Meanwhile, the labor-saving spring helps in the comfort and easy usage of this bike tool. This feature allows the user to use the cable cutter by using one hand only. This one-hand operation is very convenient when it comes to cutting different types of brake cable. Meanwhile, this cable cutter also comes with a rubberized handle which provides soft and non-slip features to ensure additional convenience during the cutting process.

Overall, this bike cable cutter is well-made and provides exact cutting without fraying or smashing the end of the cable. It also comes with an ergonomic handle design that provides excellent leverage to maximize the strength of the hand in cutting different types of bike cable.

  • Provides precision and clean cuts without fraying or smashing the end of the cable
  • Built with quality; constructed with high-premium vanadium steel while the blade is heat-treated
  • Excellent cutting tools for different types of cable
  • The blade is built with sharpness and durability
  • Provides comfort and convenience; with ergonomic handle and labor-saving spring
  • No crimper

This product is for bike owners looking for a reliable bike cable cutter for the bike’s maintenance. The bike cable cutter is oozing with quality and provides a dependable and clean cut. The non-slip handles provide excellent leverage to provide the hand with this product’s exceptional comfort during the cutting process.

10. Stedi Bike Non-Slip Grips Cable Cutter

stedi bike non-slip grips cable cutter

The Stedi bike cable cutter may not be popular compared to other brands, such as the Felco cable cutters bicycle tool, but it provides the same quality and reliability. I am impressed by its quality and its size, which is just enough for easy storage. This product also comes with a locking device that must be turned on or off if the need to use this product arises.

In terms of quality, this product is constructed with high-quality materials to ensure durability and longevity. For one, the clamp body is made of high-quality alloy steel, which provides easy to cut, high efficiency, and durability features. The blade’s thickness, length, width, and other physical features are built to give a nice and clean cut without smashing the ends of the cable.

Apart from its durability, I also like the smoothness of this bike cable cutter when being used in the cutting process. It also comes with a hardened steel leaf spring that provides toughness and durability to this bike tool. This part of the tool offers labor-saving performance to help the user not to exert more effort. Also, the tightness of the screw can be adjusted by simply adjusting the screws quickly.

I also like the comfort and convenience that this bike cable cutter brings to the user. Its handle is built with an ergonomic design that fits the hands easily. This feature makes the handle comfortable to hold as it adopts the dipping design, which helps prevents the bike tool from falling off your hands. The length is also enough to provide space to allow the hands to use optimum force during the cutting process.

Meanwhile, this bike cable cuttle also offers excellent versatility in terms of its usage. Aside from bike brake cables, this tool can also be used on guitar strings, garage door cables, and even aircraft cables. You will only need one hand to operate the tool efficiently.

  • Built with ergonomic handle to provide comfort and convenience
  • Size is just enough and is easy to store
  • Hardened steel leaf spring provides durability and toughness; it can also be easily adjusted
  • Built with high-quality alloy steel to ensure durability and toughness
  • Provides versatility in cutting different types of cable
  • It does not provide extra leverage

This bike cable cutter is excellent for bike owners looking for sharpness with perfect cuts. The sharp edge performance and the one-hand operation provide comfort and convenience to the user. Meanwhile, the ergonomic handles add comfort once this cutting tool is being used.

Factors to Consider in Looking for a Bike Cable Cutter

bike brake cable cutter

Selecting a bike cable cutter can be a challenge with all the available options in the market. But this hassle can be reduced if you know the factors you need to check when looking for a bike cable cutter tool. Please check on the list below:

Quality of Construction

The quality of the construction is a broad topic that involves a lot of factors, such as the materials being used to construct the cable cutter. It also consists of the quality of the construction of the blade, which provides the effectiveness of this bike tool in cutting bike cables. For the construction, look for a cable cutter made with premium materials such as vanadium stainless steel and aluminum metal. These materials are known for their durability and toughness, which ensures quality and longevity.

The quality of the construction also involves how the blade is made. My suggestion is to look for blades made with premium materials such as SK5 stainless steel. Some blades are constructed in a hardened state to ensure sharpness and optimum cutting capability. High-quality blades can cut the bike cable neatly without fraying and smashing the end portion of the cable.

Ergonomic Handle

The handle of the bike cable cutter is an essential part of the bike tool that provides the comfort and convenience of the user. My suggestion is to look for a non-slip ergonomic handle to ensure that the tool is comfortable to hold in the hands. This feature will help maximize your hands during the cutting process to help produce the desired cutting result. The handle should also have enough length to provide excellent leverage to the hand to ensure that it can apply maximum force during the cutting process.

The Labor Saving Spring

This feature is another essential factor to look for when looking for a cable cutter. The labor-saving spring will assist in making the hands comfortable and easy to used. It will help make the cable cutter have a one-hand operation only, which makes the cutting of the cable so easy. You will not need to use your two hands just to cut the wires with this advanced feature. The spring will you use the bike cable cutter with ease when cutting the cable.


A bike cable cutter that offers flexibility in its features stands out from the rest of the other products available in the market. But what makes the bike cable cutter versatile? If a bike cable cutter can be used to cut bike cables and other types of bike cables and wires can give you an excellent advantage. Once a product can cut not only bike cables but also guitar strings, garage door cables, aircraft cables, and many more, then make it on top of your priority.

Additional Features

If you can find a bike cable cutter that offers additional features apart from cutting a bike cable, then make it a priority. Many cable cutters offer a crimpler, leaf spring, bolted joints, and other extra features that make the cutting easy and convenient. There are also bike cable cutters that are very light and easy to store once it is not used. My suggestion is to look for these extra features in looking for a cable cutter.

Frequently Asked Questions

bike cable housing cutters

How to Use Bike Cable Cutter?

When it comes to using the bike cable cutter, the first thing to do is to check if the cable cutter can handle the thickness of the cable. Once it is checked, you can start opening the jaw of the cutter to the selected place of the cable to be cut. Then, you can grip the handle of the bike cable cutter and squeeze them together to allow the jaw to cut the cable easily.

How do I Stop my Bike Cable from Fraying?

There are many ways to stop the bike cable from fraying. For one, a DIY solution is a spring of a retractable pen to stretch and wrap around the cable to reinforce it towards its ends. Although, this solution is temporary and will not last long. Another way is to use electrical tape to reinforce and wrapped the cable to prevent it from fraying. Meanwhile, heat shrink tubing is a more long-term solution but is more expensive.


Using the best bike cable cutter in doing maintenance activities on your bike is a must if you are a responsible bike owner. For sure, you can use ordinary blades or fliers in cutting cable, but these tools may lead the wires from being smashed on end or frayed. Using a bike-specific cable cutter will cut the wire easily and avoid fraying of the wire, making it easy to cut with excellent results.

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