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The Best Bike Chain Cleaners for 2023

best bike chain cleaner

Today’s article is about ten of the best bike chain cleaner that a biker can use for the maintenance of his bicycle. We all know how much essential a chain is to a bike. And properly cleaning it all the time is a must to make it fully functional all the time.

With this information, our team tested several chain cleaners in the market today to see how they do in actual usage. We have also gathered other related details to recommend all the best bicycle chain cleaner for the benefit of our readers.

Best Bike Chain Cleaner Reviews

1. SINGARE Bicycle Bike Cleaning Tools Set

singare bicycle bike cleaning tools set

Cleaning a bike chain is just a part of the overall maintenance process of your bike. Other parts need to be cleaned regularly to make the bike fully functional. With that said, this bike chain cleaning kit from Singare is an excellent way to clean not only your chain but the other parts of the bike as well.

One of the outstanding features of this bike chain cleaner is its ability to help clean bike parts that are so difficult to clean. This training kit will provide different tools to make it easy for you to clean the bike chain with its specialized brush.

Also included are brushes for the other parts of the vehicle, such as the sprockets, gears, and cables. All of these different brushes will fit the different parts of the bike. It will efficiently and quickly remove dirt from these hard-to-reach areas and make the cleaning a lot easier.

Another feature that stands out, in my opinion, is the excellent construction quality of this product. They are made of corals and plastic, which makes them very light, easy to receive and carry.

In addition, they also come in small sizes, which makes them easy to carry or transport from one place to the other. I have personally inspected them to ensure their quality, and I can say that they are sturdy enough for their intended usage.

It is sometimes hard to clean and get into crevices when cleaning the bike chain and other parts. You can have the option to remove the mud using a pressure washer, but all will be collected on corners and the gears of the chain. But using the brushes in this tool kit removes the extra debris to clean the bike chain thoroughly.

This bike cleaning tool kit includes chain brush, frame tube cleaning brush, clean gear scraper, clean gear brush, tapered detail brush, tire scrubber, and clean bike mitt. All of these tools can be used on different types of bikes.

  • Ability to clean hard to reach places on different bike parts
  • Small in size and very light
  • Easy to carry and transport from one place to the other
  • Includes seven different tools to make the clean super easy
  • It can be used on different types of bike
  • Multi-purpose feature; can be used in doing household cleaning
  • Chain brush is big

This bike cleaning tool kit is excellent in cleaning the chain and other parts of your bike. It comes with different brushes which can be used on different parts of the bicycle. This cleaning tool kit can effectively clean and efficiently remove stubborn stains.

2. Ultrafashs Bike Chain Oil Lubricant Cleaner Set

ultrafashs bike chain oil lubricant cleaner set

This particular product is manufactured to clean the bike chain specifically and not the other bike parts. So, if you begin hearing noises and pedaling hard during the ride, your chain is probably full of dust and needs cleaning from this chain cleaner from Ultrafashs.

What is unique about this product compared to the first one we reviewed is that this chain cleaner is built specifically for the chain and not the other parts of the bike. All of the tools you will find in this tool kit help remove all the debris and dirt found on the chain.

In fact, if you are looking for the most outstanding bike chain cleaner and lube, this product can be an excellent choice. This chain cleaner tool kit includes six pieces of tools to help clean and maintain your bike chain thoroughly. These tools include a lubricant, biodegradable degreaser, gear brush, chain scrubber, and gloves.

I like the effectiveness of the chain scrubber as it works immediately while cleaning the chain with minimal effort. From my experience, it will only take maybe a minute to feel the cleaning effect of the scrubber.

Meanwhile, the biodegradable degreaser is also manufactured with non-corrosive formula. Meaning, once applied to your bike, it will not damage parts made of alloy, carbon fiber, and rubber. So, it is safe to use on different bike parts, such as chainrings, pulleys, etc.

I am also impressed by the way the gear brushed is designed. In fact, it has a curved tooth end that can reach deep to hard to reached locations, particularly in between cassette gears. It also comes with tough nylon bristles that can thoroughly clean the bike derailleur, the chain, and other crucial components of the bike.

Lastly, putting the lubricant on the bike parts will provide a waterproofing feature and help minimize the rust and dust from accumulating on the surface. It gives optimal lubrication to withstand different temperatures and conditions.

  • 6-piece tool kit specifically made to clean bike chain
  • Degrease made with non-corrosive formula; will not damage sensitive parts
  • With premium lubricant that provides lubrication and waterproofing features
  • It comes with an effective chain scrubber
  • Unique gear brushed design gives the ability to reach deep places
  • Multi-purpose usage; can be used to clean household furniture and parts
  • Unreadable instruction

If you are looking for a road bike chain cleaner or other types of bike, this chain cleaner is highly recommended. This product is so easy to use and is very effective in cleaning the bike chain. Everything that comes in the tool kit works great and will make the chain looks brand new.

3. Hardcore Chain Gear Cleaner

hardcore chain gear cleaner

Most of the bikers will say that dirt is the mortal enemy of the bike. Dirt accumulation tends to affect the performance of your bike once it settled to different parts such as the bike chain. But this cleaner concentrate from Hardcore is an excellent product you can use to clean the chain of your bike.

One of the upsides of using this chain cleaner is its excellent concentration and formulation. If you are looking for the most suitable bike chain cleaner fluid that is economical and eco-friendly, this product is a perfect option for you.

You can use this bike chain cleaner to be applied on the drivetrain prior to doing the lubrication of your bike. The way this product is formulated makes it safe to be applied on metal alloys, carbon fiber, and painted surfaces of the bike.

Another upside in using this chain cleaner is its effectiveness in removing all the dirt and grime in the bike chain and gears. This product has the ability to dissolve waxes and should be perfect to use in cleaning the chain and drivetrain components before lubing all the parts.

Also, this product can eliminate and altogether remove dirt, grime, grease, and oil to keep your bike running long and smooth. All you have to do is spray the solution on the bike parts, and it will soften and clean the parts right away.

Overall, it is an excellent chain cleaning solution where you can save a lot if used properly. You can use a chain scrubber to pour the used solution and use it multiple times. Just make sure to rinse it thoroughly and dry it before applying the lubricant to the bike parts.

However, the only issue I have with this chain cleaner is the subpar quality of the bottle. If not handled properly, I feel that it breaks or cracks if it falls to the ground or in similar situations. This issue is something to improve on with the manufacturer.

  • Ability to remove grease and grime quickly
  • Economical and eco-friendly chain cleaner
  • Safe to use on carbon fiber, metal alloys, and painted surfaces
  • Perfect for pre-cleaning drivetrain and other bike parts before lubrication
  • Easy to apply
  • Subpar bottle container

This bike chain cleaner is what you need for pre-cleaning bike parts to enhance the result of the lubrication of different bike parts. If you are planning to do major repairs for your bike, this product will also help clean all the parts quickly.

4. BOBILIFE Bike Chain Cleaning Kit

bobilife bike chain cleaning kit

When it comes to cleaning your bike chain, you will need a bike chain cleaning tool to remove all the dirt clinging to the chain successfully. The Bobilife bike chain cleaning kit is a multi-purpose cleaner that effectively removes all the dirt in the bike chain.

The primary purpose of this product is to provide a durable and powerful chain cleaner that removes dirt and lasts for a long time. What sets this product apart is it is manufactured with high-quality materials to provide durability, hardness, and excellent power.

The brush comes with a unique design, specifically the three-sided bristles, that will allow the cleaning of all sides of the chain. Meanwhile, a long brush on the opposite side will be used in other parts of the bike, such as the wheels or the sprocket.

The multi-purpose brush not only on bike chains but also other components of the vehicle. I am talking about the gears, sprockets, pedals, brakes, and many more components. This cleaning tool will ensure the smooth operation of the bicycle.

Another purpose of this bike chain cleaner is to provide an easy-to-use cleaning tool for all the bikers. You know how difficult it is to remove gunks and dirt in the bike chain, especially to those hard-to-reach locations of the chain.

But this chain cleaner is the perfect solution for this issue. The width perfectly fits in those hard-to-reach spots. The brush will make it easier and quicker to remove all the dirt found on the chain. You may apply a little bit of degreaser to maximize the results.

When cleaning the chain, you have to install the chain cleaner under the bicycle chain while putting the right amount of degreaser. Then you can hold the handle and turn the pedal to clean.

  • Made with excellent durability and power
  • Unique brush design cleans all sides of the chain
  • All tools are made with high-quality materials to ensure longevity
  • Chain cleaner is easy to operate
  • Multi-purpose; It can be used to clean different bike components
  • Plastics use is too thin and brittle

This bike chain cleaner is perfect for bike owners looking for an affordable but reliable cleaning tool for their bike chain. It comes with a unique bike chain cleaning brush and a chain cleaner that quickly removes dirt and debris in the bike chain.

5. STA-BIL SPORT Bike Chain Cleaner

sta-bil sport bike chain cleaner

It can be annoying when you begin to hear a squeaking sound when you pedal in a ride. With this happening, there is an excellent chance that your bike chain requires cleaning. And one product you can use to address this issue is this bike chain cleaner from Sta-bil Sport.

When it comes to lubricating a bike, it is normal to clean and apply it to the bike components. But this lubricant is a one-step wonder as it helps clean the chain while it also lubes at the same time.

Actually, this product is a premium lubricant that will help prevent rust on the chain once it is applied. And it limits corrosion too to ensure that everything is smooth and find during your ride.

I am also impressed by the effectiveness of this product from the moment you use it on the chain. It has the ability to penetrate deeply into the bike chain to loosen all the dirt while helping reduce friction and improve the drivetrain performance.

To be honest, it is a thin lube that will displace the dirt buildup and the grimes and make it easy to work with. Since the chain is the heart of the bike system, it can easily rust or accumulate dirt and grime, which means it is essential to clean it all the time.

Application of this lubricant is easy and should be a part of the overall maintenance process of your bicycle. You can apply this lubricant pedaling backward and while applying it to the bike chain and the gears. And then you can wipe it with a cloth after.

Overall, this bike chain cleaner is what you need to remove all the dirt and debris accumulating in the bike chain. Including this lube in the maintenance of your bike will help enhance its riding performance while extending the bike’s life.

  • Ability to prevent rust when being treated on the chain
  • Will loosen the grimes and reduce friction to improve drivetrain performance
  • Easy to apply on the bike chain
  • Premium bike lubricant
  • Shelf life is up to two years from the day of opening
  • Dries quickly

When it comes to looking for a mountain bike chain cleaner or any other bike type, this product is an excellent option for you. It is a premium lubricant that smells excellent and effectively removes grimes and dirt from the bike chain.

6. WEFOO Bike Chain Washer

wefoo bike chain washer

If you want a simple maintenance tool to clean and maintain your bike chain, the Wefoo bike washer is an excellent fit. It is just a simple cleaning brush specially designed to remove dirt and debris in the bike chain.

One of the outstanding features of this product is its unique design which helps in removing all the dirt clinging to the bike chain. It comes with 3-sided bristles, which allow you to clean all the sides of the chain.

Then, there is also a long bristle on the opposite end which will be used to clean the other parts of the bike such as wheels and sprockets. You can use the long bristled end in cleaning hard-to-get places on the bike’s components.

Another outstanding feature of this product is its multi-purpose usage. Apart from cleaning bicycle chains, this bike chain cleaner brush can also be used on a motorcycle chain, ATV chain, and many more.

In addition, this chain brush cleaner will make the maintenance of your bike chain effortless. From what I have seen, it may look like cheap plastic, but actually, the structure of the brush is very durable and sturdy, which makes it perfect for cleaning the chain of the bike.

This product also works best if you pair it with a degreaser. For example, you can spray the degreaser on the brush and work it up down the chain. This chain brush does a great job in cleaning and lubing the bike chain at the same time, and the brush will play an essential role in it.

Overall, this chain brush will work perfectly on the chain of your bike. The bristles are durable enough to remove all the dirt on the chain, even those hard-to-reach places. It will work as intended and will clean your bike thoroughly.

  • With a unique design that cleans the chain and other parts of the bike
  • Built to do multi-purpose usage
  • Made with durability and sturdiness
  • It comes in small and large size
  • The total length is ten inches
  • Hard bristles

This product is for bike owners looking for a unique tool for the maintenance of the bike chain. It is a straightforward but effective tool that will make the cleaning and maintenance of the bike chain effortless. So, if you are looking for a no-frills, functional, and affordable bike chain cleaner, then this product is the right one for you.

7. Clenzoil Chain Sprocket Bike Cleaner

clenzoil chain sprocket bike cleaner

Maintaining and cleaning a bike chain is hard but if you can have a one-step cleaner as part of your maintenance tool, the better. This situation is what this bike chain cleaner from Clenzoil does to the bike chain.

What is unique about this product is its ability to do so many things at the same time. It not only cleans your bike chain but also protects and lubricates it and other parts of the bike as well. In this case, the product is perfect for bike owners looking for a quick one-step cleaner for the bike chain.

This bike chain cleaner effectively removes dirt, debris, and grimes clinging to the bike chain and other parts of the bike. After that, it leaves behind a light film that protects and lubricates the chain to prevent the chain from attracting dust, dirt, and other debris making the maintenance much easier.

This bike chain cleaner fights existing buildup like no other and will keep everything moving without any issue. You want to put this product in your bag or in your maintenance toolbox for easy application when you are on the ride.

Meanwhile, the formulation of this chain cleaner is exceptional as it is specially formulated with corrosion and rust inhibitors which provides the best protection to the bike chain from different weather conditions on the outside.

This product is a good oil the way it works wonders on the bike chain. All you have to do is use a drop to the individual link of the chain, and the chain is good to go. And the best thing about it is it does not make a mess as it only stays in the chain or the other bike components.

I am also impressed by the longevity of this chain cleaner and lubrication. The lubrication will last for a while, which means that the bottle you purchase will all be used for a reasonable amount of time. It is efficient and is good economically.

  • The one-step cleaner that can do so many things to the bike chain
  • Will provide optimal lubrication in different outside conditions
  • Easy to use and apply
  • With easy-twist top gives you the ability to control the flow of the cleaner to minimize waste
  • Multi-purpose usage; works well with other parts of the bike
  • It comes in a small bottle

If you do not have time to clean and maintain the bike chain, this product is highly recommended. The purpose of this bike chain cleaner review is to help bike owners make it easy with their maintenance. Certainly, this bike chain cleaner can do it.

8. Arltb Bike Chain Scrubber Brush Cleaner

arltb bike chain scrubber brush cleaner

The Artlb bike cleaner toolset is what you need to make the cleaning and maintenance of the bike chain done quickly. It contains a chain scrubber, chain gear cleaner, and chain brush which can be an excellent addition to your cleaning and maintenance tool.

One of the upsides of using this product is its excellent durability and toughness. All the tools included in this cleaning toolset are built with high-quality plastic material manufactured to last long. With this feature, the toolset is perfect for the maintenance of the bike chain.

I also like the effectiveness of the bike chain gear cleaners as they effectively deep clean the bike chain. It has the ability to pick out the dirt inside the bike wheels while using the chain brush to deep clean every corner and part of the chain.

Another upside in having this chain cleaner is its straightforward operation. All you have to do is mount the chain scrubber under the bike chain while putting a detergent into the scrubber. Then, you can hold the chain scrubber with the left hand while turning the pedal counterclockwise for the cleaning.

You can also use some degreaser on the chain and the cassette while putting a little degreaser and water in the chain cleaner. Then, you can run the chain a little while using the brush to clean the cogs. After that, you can use soapy water to enhance the cleaning result.

This set of tools will also remove all the dirt and debris that clings to the bike chain. It cleans both the inside and outside parts of the chain, which is very impressive. Apart from being easy to use, it is also not messy during the cleaning.

Meanwhile, I also like this cleaning toolset’s versatility in cleaning different types of bike chains. This product is suitable for the bike chain of a mountain bike, BMX, road bike, and many more.

  • Built with high-quality plastic material to provide durability and toughness
  • Includes three different cleaning tools for the bike chain
  • Ability to deep clean the bike chain
  • Easy operation process
  • Versatility in its usage to different types of bike chain
  • The brush bristles tend to bend

Overall, this product is an excellent option for bike owners looking for a reliable but affordable bike chain cleaner. The three-tool set can be used as an essential part of your bike maintenance tool.

9. Finish Line Bike Lube

finish line bike lube

If you are an avid biker, you should know the importance of a lubricant to the bicycle chain. Since the dry chain wears faster, proper lubrication will help prevent it, making this bike chain lube from Finish Line very important.

The primary purpose of this bike chain cleaner solvent is to make the maintenance of the chain quickly done. The problem with dirt and grime, when left unchecked, is it accumulates the chain and helps contribute to the wear, which in turn affects the efficiency of the bike chain.

This product is also perfect if you frequently use your bike off the road or even on mountainous terrain, which provides more tension on the chain. This product will help in easing the stress and support the chain works well without any issues.

Another purpose of this chain cleaner is to provide a specially-formulated lubricant that meets the needs of the bike chain and other parts of the bike. This product was created to bring several substantial benefits to the bike chain and the bike as a whole.

In fact, chain lubricant will remove dirt and other debris and help prevent premature wear while protecting against rust and corrosion. Not only that, this lube was created so that bikers can have a lube that will be used at long intervals, which for me is very economical.

This lubricant is reasonably thin and leaves with a light coating that will not gunk up too much. As for the longevity, my estimate is 30 miles of bike ride before applying some maintenance drop to each of the links of the bike chain.

More importantly, you can use this lube in both wet and dry conditions with the similar effect of making the drivetrain smooth and quiet all the time. As a bonus, this lube smells good, too, like orange oil, which should quickly help you clean and maintain the chain.

  • It makes chain cleaning and maintenance relatively easy
  • Made with a unique formulation
  • Help prevents premature wear
  • Protects rust and corrosion
  • Use at long intervals
  • Bottlecap is difficult to open

This product works well and helps your bike chain produce squeaking sounds while also removing all the dirt and grimes. It also comes with a wonderful scent that will allow the bike owner to maintain without dealing with solid and foul odors.

10. JNUYISW Bike Chain Gear Oiler Lube Cleaner

jnuyisw bike chain gear oiler lube cleaner

This product we are reviewing is somewhat unique compared to the other nine products we reviewed earlier. The Jnuyish bike chain oiler roller lubricator toolset is what you need to make it easy to lubricate, maintain, and clean tricky corners of the bike chain.

What this product brings to you is it makes your life easier in terms of lubricating your bike chain. The unique and original design of the lubricating wheel of this bicycle chain oiler will perfectly fit the bike chain.

This product was specially designed to ensure that the inside lubricating wheel will rotate even under slight pressure on the bicycle chain. This feature will allow the oil to penetrate the bike chain evenly and maximize the result of the lubrication.

Another advantage of this product is it helps you not get dirty and messy during the lubrication process. It is usual for you to get dirty when lubricating, but this product will never get you worried about dirty fingers or splashed oil, for that matter.

In fact, putting this lube kit in the pocket will not make the oil splash around that will get you messy and dirty. No oil leakage will happen. Even if you move or shake it, nothing will happen, and you will still be clean, which is pretty impressive.

I also like the product’s compact appearance, making it easy to carry and bring during your bike ride. It is very small, which makes it easy for you to bring it anywhere. Should you want to lubricate your chain in the middle of the bike ride, this product will make it easy for you.

Lastly, this product will also help you maximize usage of the lubricant oil by not allowing wastes during the application. Using this tool will save you a lot of oil and release the exact amount of lubes your chain needs.

Meaning, no oil will flow on the floor, rags, or even to the other parts of the bikes. It will make you save the lubes and help you minimize and protect the effect of this oil on the environment.

  • It makes the lubrication easy and quick
  • It will help in a cleaner and secure lubrication process of the bike chain
  • Unique design ensures it fits perfectly on the bike chain
  • Will ensure that the oil will penetrate the chain evenly
  • The compact size makes it easy to carry and use
  • It will help save you a lot of lubricant oil
  • No instruction manual

This product will surprise you in terms of its reliability and effectiveness. It will work as advertised and will help in evenly lubricating the chain quickly. The other tools in the product package are handy too when it comes to the cleaning and maintenance of the bike chain.

What to Look For When Buying a Bike Chain Cleaner

best bicycle chain cleaner

When looking for a bike chain cleaner, you will have to deal with so many options available in the market. Other bikers tend to settle for more popular but expensive products such as Park chain cleaning tools, but there are also other affordable options.

For our review guide, we will take a closer look at different factors you can consider when choosing a bike chain cleaner. Considering these factors will help you choose the right one for your bike and reduce the amount of time in making your decision.

Your Bike’s Needs

For me, this factor is critical to help you choose the right bike chain cleaner for your bike. Since many tools comprise a bike chain cleaner toolset, you will need to know what specific tool or tools you need.

If you happen to be new and still do not have a bike chain cleaner maintenance tool, then I would suggest looking for an extensive and complete bike chain cleaner toolset. Usually, as shown by our product recommendations above, a comprehensive toolset comes with everything you need to clean and maintain your bike chain.

A complete set of tool kits involves the lubricant, chain brush, chain oil roller, chain cleaner tool, and a whole lot more, depending on the package. Now, if you already have some of the tools, you can choose to select from one of the products specifically needed by your bike.

For example, if you only need a lubricant, you can find the best lubricant, and we have many recommended products for you. If you only need the tools for maintenance and cleaning, go check out our recommendations also.

Quality and Effectiveness

I have to combine these factors because they both determine the results the product brings to the bike. A bike chain cleaner with excellent quality and effectiveness will get so much benefit to the bike chain. This statement should be your basis when looking for a product.

The chain cleaner should effectively remove dirt accumulating on the bike chain as it usually affects the gears and the drivetrain. It also helps minimize the wear and tear that the bike usually experiences after using it for a long time.

Meaning, applying the chain cleaner should help keep the bike in excellent condition while helping eliminate the chance of rusting. Lastly, a chan cleaner of your choice should have the ability to protect the chain from corrosion and help enhance its longevity.

Product Formulation and Manufacturing

You will also need to consider how the products are made to ensure that they effectively clean the bike chain. This action will guarantee that the bike chain will be thoroughly cleaned and not harmed or damaged.

For example, choosing a high-quality lubricant will help remove the dirt and assist in making the maintenance easy after the application. For the other tools, you need to make sure that it is manufactured in excellent quality and contributes to the maintenance of the bike chain.

Bike’s Riding Conditions

Another factor to consider that will help you choose the right chain cleaner is the type of riding condition your bike is usually used. If you are only riding on easy and conventional roads, then a regular and affordable chain cleaner can do the job for you.

However, if you are into heavy biking and off-road adventures, a cheap chain cleaner is not enough for you. You will need to invest in a high-quality cleaner to help maintain the bike. It does not have to be the more expensive Park tool chain cleaner as there are many other affordable yet effective options in our recommended products.

Easy to Use and Apply

Lastly, you will need to consider a bike chain cleaner that is easy to apply and use on the bike. You need to be comfortable when cleaning the bike. It can get messy and dirty, but you will be fine if the product is easy to use and apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

best bike chain cleaner and lube

How Bike Chain Cleaner Tool Works?

A bike chain cleaner works by doing different things to ensure that the bike will work perfectly during the ride while also lasting longer. First, the chain cleaner has tools to clean and remove all the dirt clinging to the bike chain. We all know the negative impact of dirt as it affects the performance of the bike chain in general.

The bike chain cleaner tool also comes with lubricants that will help smooth the chain’s engagement to the chainrings and the cassette’s sprockets. The lube also helps maintain excellent shifting performance while also preventing friction and reducing friction and drivetrain wear.

How to Clean Bike Chain Without Chain Cleaner?

If you do not have special tools such as the chain cleaner, you can still clean your chain using inexpensive materials such as a wide-mouthed bottle, water, and degreasing dish soap. All you have to do is mix the water and the degreasing soap into the bottle and use it to remove all the dirt on the chain.


The best bike chain cleaner will not only help you clean the chain but also help you in easily maintaining it and prolonging its longevity. The bike chain is an essential part of the bike system and cleaning it all the time with the right chain cleaner is extremely important.

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