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The Best Bike Chain Locks for 2023

best bike chain locks

Owning a bike is not all about the benefits it brings to you. It also involves a lot of sacrifices, including protecting it from outside threats such as theft. The moment you decide to buy the bike and own it also starts your responsibility to care for and protect it at all times. For this reason, you need to have the best bike chain locks as one of your security measures in protecting the bike when it is alone on the outside.

Mind you, there are several types of bike locks available, but I feel that chain locks are one of the best options to have. For this reason, we will review 10 of the best bicycle chain lock found in the market. Our selection was the result of our research and testing process, which we conducted to know the reliability and the overall quality of the chain locks. Our team wants you, our readers, to get the best chain lock for bikes for maximum security and protection.

Best Bike Chain Lock Review

1. Kryptonite Keeper 785 Chain Bike Locks

kryptonite keeper 785 chain bike locks

As bike owners, it is our responsibility to keep our precious investments safe and secure. And you can do this by using the best bike security chain available in the market. The Kryptonite Keeper 785 is one of the highly recommended chain locks that combine high-quality materials and a unique chain design that eliminates vulnerabilities and threats coming from the outside.

One of the outstanding features of this chain lock is the unique end link design. What do you mean by this? The end portion of the link will be connected and locked to a hardened deadbolt to enhanced security. There will be no weak link on the chain because of its sturdiness and holding power, thus eliminating theft threats when the bike is left unattended.

Based on my personal experience using the product, the Kryptonite Keeper looks formidable and offers many anti-theft features. The 7 mm four-sided chain links are made with 3T manganese steel, known for its high-impact strength and abrasion-resistance features. I like the heavy-duty chained covered by a thick black sleeve which protects the links from possible scratches.

I have also managed to use it constantly in locking my bike under the sun’s scorching heat and rain, and windy conditions. I was amazed by how it maintains its quality and reliability. The physical features did not change, and it still looks good and new. But you also need to do your thing of keeping it lubricated and cleaning it regularly to maintain its quality.

Also, using this chain lock will give you other benefits coming from the company. Signing and activating their anti-theft protection online will mean that the company will pay a certain amount if the lock is defeated and abused by theft. If you register online, the Key Safe program will enable you to receive a free replacement if you lose the keys.

  • Weather-resistant nylon sleeve protects the link from scratches
  • Deadbolt design provides extra power and security
  • Durable chain links made with manganese steel
  • Disc-style cylinder offers to pick and drill resistance feature
  • Offers Anti-Theft protection and Key Safe program
  •  A little bit heavy

The Kryptonite chain bike lock is for bike owners looking for maximum security in their bikes. It is a sound locking system that should work well on short bike stops in shopping malls, grocery stores, gas stations, and other similar places.

2. ABUS 10KS Security Square Chain

abus 10ks security square chain

When looking for a chain link bike lock, you need something to give all thieves the real challenge for their time, and this is what this chain lock gives. It is manufactured by one of the most well-known companies in the industry, Abus. For nearly 100 years, the company has provided top-notched security solutions for homes, businesses, and other institutions. I can guarantee that the quality Abus locks are top-notched and one of the best in securing your bike.

The outstanding feature of this chain lock is its exceptional security design. I was impressed by the square-shaped links, which are different from the usual rounded standard chains. I feel that the design will be more effective in preventing theft from attacking and cutting this chain type. It also helps that this high-security chain uses hardened steel in its manufacturing process, making it one of the most robust bike chain locks.

If you are using the bike for a personal workout, this chain should help in your activities. First, it is heavy enough to challenge and improve your training with its weight. You can wrap it in your neck if you want to but kidding aside, and a 9-pound chain should be enough to make you sweat and exert more effort while biking. It will also be good to use it during grocery time while securing the bike on the outside.

Overall, I feel that this is a heavy and well-made chain. It will be difficult for the theft to cut this with bolt cutters and even a Dremel tool. I also do not believe that a hacksaw can make an impact with this durable chain. I have confidence in the strength and the quality of this bike chain lock. Just make sure to pair with a great and robust lock to enhance and add maximum protection to your bike.

Comparing it with Kryptonite Keeper, I can say that there is a big difference between the two. This product is a pure chain that will need you to add or buy an additional lock. The Kryptonite Keeper is a complete set of locks and chains rolled into one. It has a cylinder that will be the center of the locking mechanism and protect the bike from outside threats.

  • Made with hardened steel to provide high-security features
  • Square shaped design prevents against attack using different tools
  • With nylon sleeve to prevent surfaces from scratches
  • With anti-corrosion properties which make it ideal for outdoor use
  • Made from the world’s leading security manufacturer
  • Too much weight

This chain lock from Abus is for bike owners who are looking for the most robust and most durable bike chain that they can use. In terms of security, this chain is most formidable in providing maximum protection to the bike.

3. FUBOZONE Heavy Duty Bike Chain Locks

fubozone heavy duty bike chain locks

The Fubozone is a heavy-duty bike chain lock that will give maximum security to the bike. Made with tough and high-quality materials, this long bike chain lock will provide many features and benefits to the rider and the bike. As a brand, I know the company is making high-quality products, including this chain lock, while also focusing on customer-oriented philosophy.

If you ask me what’s the outstanding feature of this product? I should say it’s the perfect design. I have checked the physical characteristics, and I can say that the length, diameter, and thickness fit nicely into the bike. In terms of quality, It looks very durable and sturdy to me. Thanks to the manganese steel, which makes this chain lock resistant to cutting and sawing. You can never go wrong with the quality and protection you can get from the chain lock.

Also, this is a solid and heavy chain that will protect your bike from outside threats. With its overall thickness and chain size, this chain lock is also fit for other purposes such as locking a motorbike, scooters, toolboxes, and other various security applications. You cannot also underestimate the nylon belt, which will cover and protect the chain from scratches and other outside threats.

Compared to the other chain locks that I have reviewed earlier, there is not much of a difference. It is probably the overall design and the lock cylinder, which has a dustproof and waterproof cover. The key design is also unique and different from the keys of the previous product that I reviewed.

However, one minor issue I see in the product is the difficulty of taking the key out after unlocking or locking it. Although, this should be normal if it is the first time to use the keys. You need to figure out what to do with this bit of inconvenience.

  • Made with high-quality manganese steel to provide maximum strength and security
  • Lock cylinder with dustproof and waterproof cover
  • Keys have a unique design
  • A solid and heavy chain
  • It can be used on other security applications
  • Pulling out the key is a little bit difficult

This product is for bike owners who need to protect their bikes from theft and other outside threats. The unique design and special features will be enough for it to give maximum protection to your bike.

4. Hiplok Gold Wearable Chain Bicycle Locks

hiplok gold wearable chain bicycle locks

The usual complaint of using a chain lock is it’s difficult to carry when riding the bike. Some bikers look for ways to put it somewhere in the bike, but others try to put it somewhere in the body, making it uncomfortable. But this situation is not the case for this bicycle lock from Hiplock. One of the best security chain locks that can be wrapped around your waist comfortably when you are riding the bike.

I may be wrong, but this should be the first and probably the original wearable chain lock in the market. During the ride, I comfortably wrapped it around my waists, and the good thing is, the chain can be adjusted to fit the rider’s waist size. And no, you will not be locked up because this chain lock is equipped with a speed buckle fastening feature to let it stay on your waist without locking it.

The purpose of this bike chain lock is to give maximum security to your investment, especially if you are living in a high-risk urban area. Yes, the chain is durable based on what I see, and it will probably be hard to cut with any of the tools that the thefts are using. And the good thing is, the chain is reflective, giving you more visibility and safety when riding at night. The belt is also comfortable to wear, even if it is a little bit heavy.

Another purpose of this product is to give comfort and peace of mind to the bike owner when parking and leaving the bike alone. This chain lock will keep most of the thieves away, and it will protect your bike no matter what. You can fasten it like a belt is also a big bonus, which means fewer things to carry in your bag. Even if the chain lock carries some weight, you will not feel it not unless you stand up while pedaling.

However, one minor issue I see in this product is its length. I wish it should be a lot longer since I cannot wrap the chain lock around the frame of my bike. You need to find ways, especially if you are placing the bike in a bike rack and at the front tire.

  • Wearable chain lock
  • Speed buckle fastening feature will help in fitting it in the waist
  • Provides durability with hardened steel chain and shackle
  • Includes three keys
  • Provides coded key replacement program
  • Not enough length

This product is the best padlock for a bike chain you can own. I recommend it to all bikers looking for a bike lock that gives maximum protection while giving other features beneficial to the bike and the rider.

5. UBULLOX 3FT/4FT Bike Chain Locks

ubullox 3ft/4ft bike chain locks

Most of the bikers I know differ in opinion with regards to the weight of the chain lock. Some like it heavy, but others like the lighter chain lock since it is more convenient to carry or transport. If you are one of these bikers who likes lighter chain locks, then the Uboullox chain lock is the right fit for you. It is the best lightweight bike lock that I know to give the highest protection to your bike.

Compared to the other chain locks I reviewed earlier, perhaps the most obvious difference is the locking mechanisms. With the other locks using keys for locking and unlocking, this chain lock uses a 5-Digit combination locking mechanism which should provide a different option to the bike owner. I know there are upsides and drawbacks to using this type of mechanism, but it all depends on you and your preference.

Physically, one of the benefits of having this bike chain lock is the safety it brings to your bike. The sturdiness and durability of this product are top-of-the-line. It will be hard to break the chain and the cylinder lock because of the materials’ quality. The lock cylinder is made with zinc alloy, while the chain is made with alloy steel. It will be hard for the opportunist to break or cut the chain lock quickly.

Another benefit of using this bike chain lock is giving you the freedom to use it on other security applications. Its versatility and flexibility will allow you to use this product in securing not just your bike. It can be used on motorcycles, grills, boxes, gates, and other equipment. You will have the opportunity to use this bike chain lock to protect other valuables that you own.

The only downside I see on this product is when you forget your combinations. Although several hacks are available to solve the issue, forgetting your 5-digit combination will bring inconvenience and discomfort to you.

  • Provides durability and sturdiness by using high-quality materials in the manufacturing process
  • Promotes versatility in using different security applications
  • 5-digit combination locking mechanism
  • Portable and easy to carry
  • Light in weight
  • Tendency to forget the number combinations

This bike chain lock is for bike owners looking for a light and portable bike chain lock. Weighing just under 2 lbs,m the biker can easily store and keep it in his bag or put it somewhere in the bike. I am also recommending it for its quality and ability to protect your bike at maximum level.

6. Ram Pro 3ft Heavy Duty Square Bike Chain

ram pro 3ft heavy duty square bike chain

If you want to secure and protect your bike from outside threats, you need to find a bike chain that is built to do so. I know there are many available in the market but the Ram Pro Heavy Duty bike chain is an excellent option. The chain is built around having the right size and design to secure the bike or any other valuable possessions you want to protect.

For me, the outstanding feature of this product is its unique design. It is a square security chain made up of hardened steel chain links to create one of the strongest bike chains you can use. Checking on the physical features of the product left me in awe of its quality. The bike chain is robust and durable and should effectively resist cutting tools such as bolt cutters and many more.

Apart from being durable and robust, I was also impressed by the canvas cover of this bike chain. The cover will help prevent the bike from getting scratches once you like your bicycle. Previously, I have used other low-quality chain links without cover, and these types of links gave me a lot of headaches as they damage and scratch some parts of my bike’s frame. The Ram Pro bike chain will not do that and will only protect your bike from theft.

One of the benefits of having this bike chain is the peacefulness it gives to you when you leave the bike alone. If you park and leave your bike when doing some shopping or grocery, you know that it is safe because it will be difficult for anyone to cut. The chain will make it hard and annoy all the thefts who want to steal the bike. My suggestion is to find an excellent heavy-duty lock to pair it with this premium bike chain.

I also like the versatility of this product. You can use it to secure other important and valuable possessions that you own. The Ram Pro bike chain also secures motorcycles, gates, electronic equipment, and other things that need protection.

  • Provides maximum security and protection to your bike
  • Made with the ideal size to secure the bike
  • Premium quality steel provides durability and strength
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Canvas cover prevents scratching the bikes
  • Need to use it with a durable lock

This bike chain is for bike owners looking for a light but compact bike protector with its durability and strength. I am recommending this product to anyone but make sure to pair it with the same durable lock.

7. Sportneer Bicycle Chain Locks

sportneer bicycle chain locks

If you are looking for comfort in looking for the best padlock for a bike chain, I highly recommend the Sportneer Bicycle chain lock. Using a keyless locking mechanism, you will no longer need to have that responsibility of putting the keys in a safe place or the chance to misplaced them and get stressed in locating them. The keyless convenience will provide comfort and peace of mind while focusing on securing your bike.

Compared to the Ubullox chain lock, they share similar features but may differ in design and overall structure. They have a similar locking mechanism of using 5-digit number combinations in locking and unlocking the bike. There are also other notable differences such as the length, the size, and probably the quality. I will leave it up to you to choose which is the best, but both have passed our tests in terms of reliability and quality.

I have experience using this lock before, and I can say that this is one of my favorite bike locks. It feels light, but you can see the durability once you use it. I have wrapped it around my bike frame quickly, and it is easy to use. I also remember the first time I use it; the instructions included in the product were self-explanatory. You can change the password easily the moment you use it for the first time.

The length of this chain lock also impresses me because I could secure my bike from the bike post going to the middle of the frame. It has been my way of securing it, and there was never an issue when it comes to security and safety. Although, the length will fall short if you take the lock from the frame going to an outside bike rack. But it is up to you to find ways to properly secure the bike when it is outside because the bike chain is indeed reliable.

The only issue I see in using this bike chain lock is if you forget your 5-digit combination. I know there are ways to hack or get around with this problem, but it will be inconvenient to you if it happens.

  • Keyless locking mechanism
  • Made with manganese steel and zinc coating, ensuring cut and scratch resistance
  • Long flexible cable
  • The cover cloth protects the steel from scratches
  • Clear instruction for setting and resetting the number combinations
  • Tendency to forget the combinations

This product is for bike owners looking for comfort and convenience when looking for a bike chain lock. The keyless locking mechanism will be a great convenience but make sure not to forget the number combination.

8. KILAKILA Security Chain Bike Locks

kilakila security chain bike locks

It is usual for bike owners to look for uncuttable chain and lock for their precious investment. I mean, who does not want to protect their bikes from all of these outside threats? The best thing we can do is to provide maximum security and protection to our bicycles. And one way to do it is to use a heavy-duty bike chain lock from Kilakila. This product is a power-locking high-security chain lock for anyone who wants to put up maximum security and protection to their bike.

I have personally tested and used this chain lock in keeping my bike secure, and I can say that I was worth it. The length was enough to secure my bike when I leave it alone in the bike rank or any parking area. And the best thing is, I can quickly wrap it around my bicycle when it is not in use. There is also a nylon sleeve that protects the bike from getting scratches and possible damage.

This bike chain lock is well made, albeit heavy but gives the security that I want. Thanks to its hardened manganese steel, which provides hardness and durability to the chain. It offers anti-shear and anti-saw features to prevent thefts from stealing the bike. There is also an anti-coating feature to prevent the surface from corroding and rust.

There are a lot of benefits from using this chain lock into your bike. It will give the bike owner confidence and peace of mind when leaving the bike alone. This sturdy lock offers superior quality, which will frustrate the theft if in case he wants to cut it and steal the bike. I also like the comfort it brings to anyone using it. Unlike the other lock, which is difficult to lock or unlock using the keys, this one is very is to use.

The only drawback I see in the lock is its weight. If you do not like a chain lock with a lot of weight, this is not the proper security tool for your bike.

  • Provides durability and sturdiness
  • Promotes high-security and power-locking features
  • With anti-rust and corrosion properties
  • Nylon sleeve protects the surface from scratches and damage
  • Versatility in using other security applications apart from the bike
  • A little bit heavy

If you are looking for a powerful and high-security bike chain lock, this is the best product. I recommend this to all bike owners because of its quality and ability to provide maximum protection to your bike.

9. Titanker Bike Chain Locks

titanker bike chain locks

One feature that a bike owner like me wants from a chain lock is portability. A lock that is easy to carry once the bike is in use and will not discomfort the biker. If you happen to be this type of biker, I suggest using this product from Titanker, a bike chain lock with portable safe size and weight. It also offers unique and comfortable locking keyless mechanism for the security and safety of your bike.

This bike chain lock comes with a number combination locking system similar to Sportneer and Ubullox, which I reviewed earlier. But that’s the only similarities that the two products share with this bike chain lock. The previous two come with a 5-digit combination, while the Titanker chain uses a 4-digit combination locking system. This chain lock is also lighter and offers more portability, and is easy to carry, suitable for the biker.

Also, the combination of numbers is easy to set. It helps that the company provides a clear-cut instruction manual along with the product. As I have said, this is not heavy and is very easy to carry. It is the perfect size for a bike lock, but I would suggest to wrapped it around higher unto the frame to make it tight. It will make it difficult for the thief to cut the chain lock once you do it.

Physically, even though it is light, it still looks solid and heavy-duty. I feel that if someone wants to steal a bike, it will be challenging to do so. These thefts will have to find a way to cut and break the lock, which for me is near to impossible. The security of this chain lock is one of the best, and the durability is top-notched.

However, one downside that I see in the product is the quality of the number combination. It is made of plastic and may not last long. Compared to the other combination locks that use metal, I am afraid that the plastic will give up easily, mainly if you consistently use the chain lock.

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Heavy-duty chain links
  • Easy to use 4-digit combination
  • Made with heavy-duty steel, which provides a cut resistance feature
  • Cloth sleeve protect and prevent the surface from getting scratches
  • 4-digit combination is made of plastic

This bike chain lock is for bike owners looking for portable but durable bike locking mechanisms. It also offers other features and benefits to provide maximum protection to the bike and comfort. I am highly recommending it due to its ability to give maximum protection to the bicycle.

10. Terra Hiker Bike Chain Locks

terra hiker bike chain locks

This product is one of those compact and light bike chain locks which offer comfort and convenience to the bike owner. It provides a keyless locking mechanism and an advanced 5-digit combination that is easy to use. If you are a bike owner looking for security when you parked the bike or making some quick-stops, this product is the right one for you.

From the first time I check on this lock, I thought it was light since it has a smaller structure. But I was surprised how heavy it was when I pick it up. It shows that even if it has a compact size, this chain lock is durable and robust. This locking mechanism provides durability and strength thanks to the manganese-made chain steel links and the zinc alloy cylinder.

Because of the reasons above, I feel that this is a solid chain, and no one will cut it through, or else they will just fail. Another thing that I like is how it is easy to set the combination of numbers. I always think that this type of mechanism is hard to use, but this brand made me believe that I can also use this lock for my bike. The action of the wheel when setting the numbers is smooth and precise, which I was impressed with.

There are benefits of having a compact bike chain lock like this one. It will give you the ability to use it on other security applications. Apart from the bike, you can use it with electric scooters, motorbikes, gates, fences, and other things. The versatility of this chain lock is impressive and can be used on other applications is simply amazing.

Another benefit of using this bike lock is the protection it gives to your bike. I am talking about how it protects the surface from scratches and possible damage. Thanks to the high-quality fabric wrapped around the links, which provide scratch-proofing properties.

  • Made with unbreakable manganese stainless steel chain
  • With an advanced 5-digit combination locking system
  • Compact size provides versatility to use in other security applications
  • Zinc alloy-made cylinder provides waterproofing and dust resistance
  • High-quality fabric wrapping protects the surface from scratching
  • Tendency to forget the combinations

This product is for bike owners looking for a light but compact bike chain lock. I really like the versatility of this product when it comes to using it on different security applications apart from your bike. Add the other features, and you will have which will protect your bike in the long haul.

What to Look For When Buying a Bike Chain Lock

best bike security chain

Before going to the hardware store or clicking that “add to cart” button, you need to know the different factors you should know when buying a bike chain lock. Please see the list below:

Type of Materials

Not all bike chain locks are made of similar materials. For a reliable and durable bike chain, I suggest using hardened steel alloy as the primary material. Hardened steel provides extraordinary resistance to cutting and drilling. This type of material is not fragile and breakable and can withstand any threat coming from thefts.

Other components you will see from several bike chain locks are manganese steel. This type of material also offers a lot of durability and strength. Manganese is an alloy that decreases the vulnerability and fragility of steel and increases its strength. It is an essential component that makes the steel hardened. So, if your chain lock is made with these materials, then your bike should be secure and safe.

Design of the Links

During the early years, rounded links were popular among bike owners. But manufacturers have found a way to make hexagonal and square chain links. They were supposed to be safer and provides more protection as they will provide more difficulties for bolt cutters to grip the chain, but it was not the case.

With thefts being creative, there are used bolt cutters with nicks in the blade, which can catch the edges of the links, thus proving a good grip and easy time to break and cut. My suggestion is to go for the old style, the rounded links which still offer more protection to your bike.

Size of the Links

The golden rule when it comes to the size of the chain link is: “ The thicker the links, the tougher the chain lock.” My advice for you is to avoid chain locks with links thinner than 10mm. This size can be easily cut using medium-sized bolt cutters, especially if the theft knows what he is doing. If he can put the link in a good position, you can start saying goodbye to your precious investment.

A bolt cutter can cut even links with 10mm to 12mm, but this can only be done if the theft is an expert and has a lot of experience cutting these sizes. Chain links with 13mm to 16mm are difficult to cut and will need a lot of effort from bike theft to cut it off.

Weight of the Chain Lock

I will be honest with you regarding the weight of the chain lock concerning the comfort of the bike owner. There is no compromise regarding the security and the convenience of the bike owner concerning the weight. In other words, those that are heavy give more protection to your bike. Heavy chain locks are usually more potent and more durable, making it difficult for thefts to break or cut them off.

Frequently Asked Questions

best bicycle chain lock

How to Carry a Bike Chain Lock?

There are many ways to carry your bike chain lock when not in use. The bike’s lock mount is the safest place to put the chain lock, but if you have it in your bike. If you have a basket or pannier, you can also put it there, or else you can use a backpack for this purpose alone. Other riders put in in their own body, such as the neck or wrapping around their waist, but this can bring a lot of discomfort to the biker.

What Length Bike Chain Lock do I Need?

The best way to get the correct length for your bike is to measure it. You can grab a string or similar material and run it through where you want to lock your bike. Then measure the length of the string and buy the chain lock with more or less similar measurement.


Looking for the best bike chain locks will need to look at many factors. But the most important thing is it will fit and give the ultimate protection which your bike needs. I know it is challenging, but our team hopes that our review gives you information and ideas in selecting the right chain lock for your bike. After all, our primary goal is to help you choose the right product to protect your bike from outside threats.

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