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The Best Bike Commuter Backpacks for 2023

best bike commuter backpack

Today, our team will review ten of the best bike commuter backpacks you can use when commuting a bike. Much has been said about the bike as an excellent mode of transportation for different activities, including daily commuting. Whether it’s doing errands, going to the supermarket, or going to and from work, the bike can be the quickest and efficient means of transportation.

But in my experience, bikers also need to carry their gears, equipment, and other items in doing all of these activities. This is why having a backpack for bike commuting is essential for the biker’s comfort during the daily commute. In this review, we recommend the best backpacks for bike commuting that have passed our criteria in terms of our testing, research, and feedback from other bikers. We intend to help others choose the right backpack for cycling commuting that they can use every day

Best Bike Commuter Backpack Reviews

1. Osprey Radial Bike Commuter Backpack

osprey radial bike commuter backpacks

Commuting on a bike can be fun, but that is if you have excellent storage space for all the things you need to bring along. Otherwise, it will become one of the most uncomfortable feelings while pedaling on the road. With that said, this bike commuter backpack from Osprey is an excellent option for every biker. This product is one of the best backpacks for cycling to work and other related activities that offers various features for the comfort of the biker.

One of the outstanding features of this product is the overall unique design of this backpack. It is one of the best bicycle commuter backpacks that I know with its specialized storage spaces. It is designed to separate the cycling essentials from the daily items you need to bring. There is a dedicated pocket and storage space for different things according to usage.

For example, there is a Lidlock attachment point for the helmet if not in use. There is also the main compartment laptop sleeve if you bring this device on the way to work. Also, large zippered pockets inside the main compartment will accommodate clothing, shoes, and other gears. Then, there’s the side pocket for small items such as mobile phones and a slash pocket for sunglasses and other smaller items.

Another outstanding feature of this product is the adjustable airspeed back panel. This bach mech design made it easier for a biker to vent, preventing too many sweats due to the rigid foam packing. In my experience, sweats at the back can bring discomfort to the biker, but this situation can be prevented with the proper ventilation of this bag.

Also, this bag can expand if the biker needs additional storage space through zippered pack expansion feature. There is also an added rain cover to protect the bag when it is raining. Then, the presence of an integrated kickstand keeps the bag upright all the time.

  • It comes with a unique and specialized design; with the main compartment and side pockets to provides ample storage space
  • With padded laptop sleeve and separate clothing pocket in the main compartment
  • Zippered side and slash pocket gives additional storage space
  • Adjustable mesh back panel provides excellent ventilation and comfort to the biker
  • Integrated kickstand to keep the bag upright all the time
  • Includes a rain cover for rain protection
  • The laptop compartment does not have a zipper

This bike commuter backpack is super comfortable, and the design suit every commuter biker. The bag offers ample storage spaces and is constructed well. This backpack will not sit directly on your back during the ride, which significantly reduces the sweat of the biker.

2. Riderbag Bike Commuter Backpack

riderbag bike commuter backpack

Commuting on a bike is now a trend for people to go to different places. There is no better way to do it than to control when to leave the house and avoid the traffic or the constant chasing of the bus and other transport vehicles. But the downside of bike commuting is the logistical nightmare, especially when carrying different items. But his can be avoided by using the best bike commuting backpack from Riderbag.

If you compare this product with the first one I reviewed, the most significant difference should be the design and the color. For the color, it’s understandable, but for the design, there is a big difference. This bike commuter backpack offers a larger space and an adjustable waist and chest strap to stabilize the bag while the biker pedals. Also, this bike accessory does not have a curve design similar to that of the first product.

In terms of quality, this product is well-built and well-constructed. It is the perfect solution for storage and visibility. The clips found on the edges help reduce the width if the biker does not carry many items. It also helps in stabilizing the rider on the road. Meanwhile, the inner pockets are sturdy and can keep many small items. The belts in the torso will be helpful when walking or biking under challenging trails.

The storage space of this bag is about 35 liters, one of the biggest of all backpacks. It offers many compartments and places to store all bike essentials and other things you are bringing for the ride. There is a space for a laptop and water bottle if you have one. It can even fit clothes, jackets, and other emergency items just in case it is needed.

This bike commuter backpack is also an excellent way to increase visibility with its bright colors. It provides high visibility with its reflective materials and helps make the biker safe when biking at night. The helmet net, backpack cover, and survival keychain are all excellent addition to this best commuter backpack.

  • Made with high reflective materials, including its bright color to increase the visibility of the biker
  • Provides extra comfort through the extra padding on the back, and the straps keep the bag breathable once used
  • Made with water-resistant fabric; includes a waterproof backpack cover
  • Provides versatility in using to different types of activities apart from commuting
  • Ample storage space of up to 35 liters
  • Includes a keychain and helmet net
  • The extra straps are short and do not have a lock

If you are looking for the best commuter bike backpack with greater visibility and storage, this is an excellent option to have. It will fit the needs of a bike commuter who needs ample storage space. The bike bag will make the things inside protected and dry all the time.

3. Two Wheel Gear Pannier Backpack

two wheel gear pannier backpack

Bike commuting also brings many benefits to the biker’s health. However, you need to find the best cycling backpacks commuting to carry all the items you are bringing along to be comfortable on the ride. One of these backpacks is from Two Wheel Gear which offers traditional backpacking properties but can also be converted into a pannier backpack if you have a rack on the bike.

One of the upsides of using this bike commuter backpack is its ability to give flexibility in its usage. Yes, it can be used as an excellent bike commuter backpack to hold all items you need to bring in your ride. But, it can also be converted into a pannier bag that can be attached to a bike rack if you do not want to carry the bag on your back.

Another upside from using this bike commuter backpack is organizing all the items inside to have easier access once needed. The presence of a laptop sleeve, bottle pockets, U-lock storage, phone pocket, pen holders, key leash, and internal mesh zip pockets will enable the user the segregate all the essential items inside the bag. Not only that, this bag still has room for other things if you need it.

In terms of its storage capacity and size, it can accommodate up to 30 liters. It should be enough to keep all essentials and necessities needed whatever you bring along with your ride. The presence of a mesh pocket that separates the main compartment will enable you to organize all the items inside. There are also dedicated pockets for all your devices, which is a big plus.

The only drawback I see in this bike commuter bag is the quality of the zippers. I feel that it is difficult to open or close. For some reason, they meet a lot of resistance when using it. I hope the company can find better zippers and better quality.

  • Provides excellent storage space; lots of pockets and mesh pockets as well
  • Made with sturdy fabrics; The bag holds its shape well
  • It comes with a wide opening for easy access
  • Built with clips to attach easily into the bike rack
  • Provide access to the laptop without opening the whole backpack
  • Subpar zippers

This product is one of the best cycling commuter backpacks that I know due to its unique design and excellent functionalities. The ability to convert from a backpack into a pannier bag is an outstanding feature. The construction and the overall quality are also top-notch and are highly recommended to any bike commuter.

4. Timbuk2 Spire Backpack

timbuk2 spire backpack

This product from Timbuk2 is one of those well-designed bike commuter backpacks that brings unique advantages to the biker. The bag’s specially design and craftsmanship will assist every commuter biker in carrying essentials to and from the destination. This bike bag is built to make every biker comfortable during the bike ride.

One of the many purposes of this bike trunk bag is to provide a space for every bike commuter to help organize their essentials and everything they carry on the bike ride. The biker can fit a ton of things with all the storage spaces available inside. There are dedicated pockets for smartphones and other small items, while the main compartment can be used to keep other necessities. And there is a special place dedicated for the laptop to make it safe during the ride.

Physically, this bike commuter bag is durable and rugged and can withstand challenging weather conditions. Meanwhile, the external straps are helpful if you need to extend the bag’s capacity or you need additional space. And the best thing about this bag is that even if it is entirely full, the bag will still maintain its excellent physical appearance and not compromise the contents inside.

I also love the versatility of this bike commuter backpack in terms of its usage. Yes, its primary purpose is for bike commuting, but its purpose is not limited to it. I have used this bag to carry my laptop and go to the cafe for my work or have it fully packed for some business trips containing all essentials in the travel. This bike bag offers ample storage space and can accommodate many items inside.

As a bonus, the company is generous enough to include additional bike accessories which can be helpful in your biking journey. There is an on-strap bottle opener that can be used to open quick refreshments and beverages. The external side pocket can be used for bottled water, while the exterior webbing is dedicated to attach items with carabiners such as keys and other things.

  • Design to make all the items organized inside the bag
  • With rugged roll-top pack dedicated for laptops
  • Provides excellent storage capacity of at least 30 liters
  • With ventilated back panel to provide comfort to the user
  • External side pocket for bottled water
  • Includes additional accessories such as bottle opener and laptop pocket
  • Straps are thin and hard

Overall, this bike commuter backpack is beautifully designed and is perfect for minimalistic bike commuters. It looks good and feels good while providing enough space for all the essentials a biker needs in going to and from the destination.

5. The North Face Pivoter Backpack

the north face pivoter backpack

Many bikers that I know have embraced bike commuting as a form of lifestyle. Meaning, they are using the bike as a mode of transportation going to and from work, doing errands, going to the supermarket, and many more. The challenge in this lifestyle is to have a backpack that can accommodate all the things that the bikers need to carry during the ride. With that, this bike bag from North Face is what every biker needs to accommodate all the stuff they want to carry along.

I like everything about this bag, particularly the storage space. There are two bottled water pockets on each side, while the main compartment comes with a dedicated space for a laptop. The main compartment can be used for other bigger things such as lunch bags or extra shirts. There are two pockets on the front that can be used to store smaller items. I suggest dedicating this part to electronic devices such as mobile phones and the like.

This bike commuter backpack also gives comfort to the biker once on the road. While other backpacks come with stiff padding that creates discomfort, this bag is more flexible with a FlexVent system suspension feature. It is more relaxed with a padded mesh back panel and breathable lumbar support to provide enough ventilation.

I also like the way this bike commuter bag is built to bring comfort to the user. For one, there are two handles at the top to give versatility if you want to carry the bag. The external pockets provide quick access to items keep there, while the two water bottle pockets provide additional storage space if the biker needs more.

This bike commuter bag provides ample space but will remain compact even if it’s packed inside. Also, this back does not stick out very far and does not feel heavy even if space is fully maximized, which is excellent, especially for daily bike commuting.

  • Design to provide proper ventilation to make the user comfortable
  • Built to organized different items inside
  • With two top handles for versatility and easy carrying
  • It comes with two water bottle pockets for extra storage
  • With reflective details to increase visibility in the dark
  • Front pockets do not come with a zipper

This product is a perfect bike commuter bag that provides enough storage space and comfort for daily bike commuting. It offers complete protection for your laptop and other items that will be stored inside. The quality is also excellent, particularly the heavy-duty zipper and straps.

6. Thule Lithos Backpack

thule lithos backpack

The most important thing is to have the right bag for your daily needs when it comes to bike commuting. For example, if you need something to protect essential valuables from rainwater, you will need the best waterproof commuter backpack. If you want to travel light, then you will need a simple backpack like this product from Thule. This product is a unique bike commuter bag for minimalist bike commuters to meet their commuting requirements.

One of the outstanding features of this product is to provide every bike commuter enough space for their essentials going to and from the destination. This backpack is slim and minimal but has an excellent laptop compartment as well as the main compartment. Inside the main compartment is a small net pocket dedicated to small items.

Another impressive feature of this backpack is the build and construction quality. The computer slot is padded and is well-secured inside the bag. The side pocket is taller than other regular pockets, which is an excellent advantage of this bag. Meanwhile, the backpack’s flaps adjust the fit if you put a few items inside and strategically expand if you put more things on the bike commuter backpack.

This backpack is slim and stylish, which provides the convenience and sophistication coming from a hand-held traditional shoulder bag. It has a body-hugging design to provide the comfort that every biker needs on the road. The tighter weave of the materials makes it less bulky, while the few pockets outside give this backpack a compact profile.

Overall, this is a stylish and minimalistic backpack with a few organization pockets inside. If you want to carry only a few items in your daily bike commuting, this bike commuter bag is a perfect choice. This backpack is pleasant to hold and offers comfort to every biker.

  • With a sleek, slim, and minimalistic design
  • Provides excellent storage inside and outside the bag
  • Provides durability and toughness with its high-quality materials and build quality
  • Side pockets offer easy access
  • Perfect padded straps for additional comfort
  • Back padding gives proper ventilation at the back
  • Not enough extra pockets

This product is for bike commuters looking for a simple and minimalistic style for a bike commuter backpack. If you only need minimal space for all your essentials in commuting every day with the bike, this product is an excellent option.

7. Matein Travel Computer Backpack

matein travel computer backpack

The key to commuting on a bike is to have a backpack that meets your requirements in carrying different items every day. If you are always carrying a lot of things in your commute, I suggest considering this bike commuter backpack from Matein. One of the more advanced backpacks that I know in terms of features and functionalities.

If I compare this bike commuter backpack to the other products that I reviewed earlier, it shared many similarities in terms of features. But, the main difference is actually in its more advanced feature. This product is the only backpack from our recommendations that is built with a USB port design. It has a built-in charging cable inside the bag to conveniently charge your phone while you are biking on the road. Keep in mind that you need a portable charger for this feature to work.

I also like the design of this bag in relation to its storage capacity and build quality. It comes with three main compartments with many pockets to keep all the things organized inside. There is a compartment at the backside that fits most electronic devices. The middle compartment is the one that holds a battery pack that enables the user to charge a mobile phone in the bag. The front compartment can hold smaller items like pens and earbuds.

I was impressed by the overall design of this bag. I feel that everything it has is well-planned and thoughtfully designed. For example, the rear pocket located at the back of the bag can store items that you want not to be seen in public. The middle and the back compartments can be locked with luggage locks if you want it to be safer while bike riding. Also, the padding on the straps and the back brings comfort to the user.

Meanwhile, the straps are adjustable and provide outstanding quality. The metal zippers are also of excellent quality, while the extra straps at the top make the backpack easy to carry if you do not want to wear it on your back. I was also impressed by the buckle attached inside the front pocket as it allows you to store your keys which I found pretty unique.

  • Provides lots of storage space that includes many compartments and several additional pockets
  • It comes with an anti-theft pocket at the back to secure essential items
  • Unique USB port design enables you to charge mobile phones
  • Breathable shoulder straps and ventilated padding gives additional comfort
  • Made with solid and durable material for extended usage
  • Straps lack stability

All in all, this is an excellent bike commuter bag that provides outstanding value to the user. The straps are comfortable and will adjust beautifully to the body to add more comfort. This product is a must-have for every biker that commutes every day with its excellent storage capacity and unique functionality.

8. RUPUMPACK Insulated Hydration Backpack

rupumpack insulated hydration backpack

One of the challenges of commuting on the bike every day is how to keep the biker hydrated during the ride. This situation is true, especially if you are navigating longer distances which means you need more water intake to keep you hydrated always. With that said, this hydration backpack from Rupumpack is what every biker needs for a commuter backpack that will offer excellent storage space and their need to be hydrated during the ride.

With all the features that this product brings to the user, I can say that the one that stands out is the hydration pack. The free water bladder and the insulated hydration layer are convenient for daily bike commuters, especially those that pedal long distances where the need to be hydrated is essential. The water bladder can accommodate up to 2.5 liters of water which should be enough for the biker to rehydrate as needed.

Another outstanding feature of this bike commuter backpack is the unique compartment design which provides easy access to all the things kept inside. There are many compartments inside, giving you the chance to organize everything and arrange them according to your preference. The side pockets are extra storage for smaller items such as mobile phones or electronic devices.

This bike commuter bag is also designed to provide comfort to the biker while on the road. The presence of chest and buckle straps will help in making the bag more comfortable to the body. Then, the rear part of the backpack comes with extra padding to keep it well-ventilated and provide air circulation to prevent sweating and make the user more comfortable.

You will also be amazed by the fantastic quality of this product. The comfortable padding and the excellent stitching are apparent, and the small zipper pockets on the waistband give additional storage space.

  • High-quality nylon lining and zipper closure
  • With free water bladder and insulated hydration layer to keep the biker hydrated
  • With a unique compartment design and lots of additional pockets
  • Ventilated mesh padding and buckle straps give extra comfort
  • Made with high-density and durable nylon materials
  • Zipper pulls are small

Apart from having an excellent storage space, this bike commuter backpack comes with a unique hydration pack to benefit a bike commuter. It is so lovely to be able to sip freely without the hustle of stopping the bike ride or removing your water bottle just to drink. It gives excellent comfort to the biker, especially those navigating longer distances.

9. Ogio Adult No Drag Mach 3 Backpack

ogio adult no drag mach 3 backpack

Bike commuting is all about being comfortable on the road while bringing all the stuff needed to and from the destination. But to do this, you need to have a bike commuter bag that can help carry all the things you need to carry in your ride. With that said, this cycling commuter backpack waterproof from Ogio is an excellent option to protect all your valuables while on the road.

One of the upsides of using this backpack is providing enough space for the biker to put essentials during his commute. The capacity is at 1350 cubic inches and can be expanded up to 1475 cubic inches. The size of this bag looks deceiving, but it can carry many things with a large main compartment and multiple interior storage compartments. This backpack can accommodate a laptop, mobile phones, shirts, and even shoes.

Another upside in using this product is its unique design to give additional comfort during the bike ride. The backpack is very secure as the zipper is facing your back which means it cannot be open by the pressure of the wind. The design is aerodynamic as you will not feel the weight pulling you while it is in your back. This backpack is made for riding and bike commuting.

I also like that no straps will be hitting the biker in the side, which is a normal thing with backpacks. As a bonus, you can have your bike helmet attached to the side of the backpack, which is an excellent feature. There are also some reflective features from the design of this backpack to help the biker’s visibility in the dark.

The only drawback I see on the product is the tendency of the straps to come loose. Although this situation is just a minor issue for this bag but still needs improvement as it can affect the biker while on the road.

  • Provides excellent storage space; Comes with multiple compartments to organize things inside
  • Straps are padded and ergonomic to give additional comfort
  • With aerodynamic carry handle
  • Fully adjustable strap
  • With a dedicated shoe storage compartment
  • The tendency of the strap to get loose

This bag is fantastic and comes of top quality. It will give the bike enough space to hold all necessities during the ride. Its aerodynamics design will not create any wind resistance making it more comfortable to use during the ride.

10. LOCALLION Cycling Backpack

locallion cycling backpack

The Locallilion backpack is one of those bike commuter backpacks that will provide storage space and keep you hydrated during the commute. The backpack was designed to have a space for a water system where a water bladder can be inserted during the ride. There is a hidden channel for the water bladder tube for the biker to have easy access to the water.

The impressive thing about this backpack is it provides ample storage space to the biker. It can accommodate many items on your bike ride. The external storage comes with an exterior pocket, 1 upper zipper pocket, 1 zip pocket, and two mesh pockets. The internal storage includes a main compartment and that consists of an open pocket for the water bladder. Overall, there is enough space for all the essential things you need when doing bike commuting every day.

This backpack is also well-built and provides a lot of value to the user. I was impressed by the quality of the details, the ergonomic design, and the finishing touches. The chest and waist straps are also excellent in providing comfort to the biker during the bike ride. And the ability to attach the helmet to the bag is also an impressive feature.

Also, this bag is comfortably padded to provide comfort when bike commuting every day. The backside is well-ventilated and padded to provide enough air circulation during the ride. Meanwhile, it also comes with adjustable mesh straps to minimize the stress of the biker’s shoulder. The waist straps will help in increasing stability and reduced stress while on the road.

Overall, this is an excellent bike commuter backpack. It works excellent, primarily when used with a water bladder. It provides plenty of storage space but retains its compact design even if it is in total capacity.

  • Made with high-quality materials to provide strength and long-lasting performance
  • Retains its compact size even in full capacity
  • Provides comfort with its breathable back and padded straps
  • Offers excellent storage; Comes with external and storage system
  • It comes with space for a water system
  • With a built-in bicycle net; easily take your helmet anywhere
  • Waist straps are small

This backpack is a go-to when it comes to bike commuting. All the features it brings will benefit the biker, especially the hydration and the storage space. It is also lightweight and provides comfort to the biker while on the road.

What to Look For When Buying a Bike Commuter Backpack

best bicycle commuter backpack

When it comes to choosing bike commuter backpacks, there are things that you need to consider before acquiring it. Learning all these factors will ensure that you get the right one for your bike commuting needs. Please check on the list below:

Ample Storage and Efficient Internal Structure

Look for a commuter backpack that can accommodate all the things you need for your bike commute. Whether it’s the laptop, shirts, mobile phones, documents, or any other items, it must have the required space inside the bag. With this, you need to consider the bag’s storage space and the internal structure it offers.

A bag with an efficient internal structure can put all your essentials in specific pockets and will give you easy access once you need it. It will also help you to find or locate the item quickly once it is required. Backpacks are divided into compartments and pockets where an efficient internal structure is a must to make it easy for you to organize and retrieve all the things inside the backpack.


The weight of the backpack will play an essential role in the comfort of the bike commuter. This situation is true for bike commuters who are biking longer distances where the weight can be a burden after long hours of pedaling. So, a backpack that weighs less is an added advantage and will provide comfort to the biker while on the road.

Excellent Perspiration System

One problem when using a bike commuter backpack is that it brings a lot of sweat to the biker while on the road. To negate the disadvantage, many manufacturers are creating backpacks with an excellent perspiration system. Look for a bag with padded strap because it usually reduced the stress on the shoulder. There are also backpacks with well-ventilated mesh design rear to control the sweats from coming with proper air circulation.

Durability and Waterproofing Features

Durability is all about the quality of the materials being used in the manufacturing process. You need to look for a backpack that is well-made and uses top-quality materials. Durability can also be attributed to its waterproofing features when a backpack can prevent any forms of water entry and can keep all the stuff inside always dry. If you can find a backpack with these features, then I suggest considering it with utmost priority.


I also suggest considering backpacks that offer bonuses in the form of additional accessories and features. For example, I will highly consider a backpack with a space for a water bladder because it will help in keeping you rehydrated during the commute. I also know a backpack with a unique space for a portable power bank to charge mobile phones while on the road. Some backpacks offer additional features a space for helmets and other specialized storage spaces.

Frequently Asked Questions

best backpack for bike commuting

How to Connect your Backpack to Your Commuter Bike?

Yes, it is possible to connect or attach a backpack to your commuter bike. To do this, you can start by placing the backpack straight up and leaning it backside against the bike seat. Then, you need to place the straps over the bike seat by intersecting against each other. The next step is to secure the backpack through the use of the bungee cord.

How Much Weight Should I Carry in my Backpack on my Bike Commuter?

There is no definite answer to this question but the lesser the weight of the backpack, the better. Meaning, you need to bring only the essentials on the ride because getting more means increasing the weight resulting in some discomfort on your end. Limiting the amount of weight you carry will come a long way to make the commute more comfortable. Also, you can look for ways to minimize all the things you need to bring to limit the weight and the burden you will get on the bike ride.


Bike commuting will be enjoyable if you use the best bike commuter backpack on your journey. It will be a challenge to select the best one but knowing the factors in determining the right backpack is essential. There are many backpacks available in the market but choose the one that will meet your needs and requirements. After all, it is all about your comfort and convenience when doing bike commuting.

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