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The Best Bike Frame Bags for 2023

best bike frame bag

With the increasing popularity of bikepacking and other similar biking activities, many companies manufacture bike accessories to give the bikers the needed help in carrying different items while on the road. One is the bike frame bag, a bag made to fit on the bike frame’s triangle as well as the other parts nearby. Today, I will show you the best bike frame bag available in the market that can be used for your bike.

Our team will show ten of the best bicycle frame bag available in the market today in this review. Our recommendations are based on our actual test and feedback from bike enthusiasts and the result of the research we have conducted. We intend to provide a list of the best frame bag for road bikes and other types of bicycles for our readers to select the right for their bike.

Best Bike Frame Bag Reviews

1. Opamoo Bike Phone Front Frame Bags

opamoo bike phone front frame bags

When doing a multi-day ride, a biker needs all the help he can get in bringing all the essentials he needs while on the road. With this bike bag from Opamoo, you will get a top mount bike frame bag that offers several outstanding features and excellent storage capacity to make the bikepacking much easier.

One of the outstanding features of this product is the TPU sensitive touch screen window. This feature will let you strap your phone to the frame as it provides easy access to the device to let you do anything you want, including checking the maps on your ride, checking messages, or switching your favorite songs. If you are a biker who is overly attached to your phone, this is an excellent choice for you, even on a bike ride.

Another feature that I like is the large storage capacity it provides to accommodate different types of items. In fact, this bag is large enough to carry things needed for extended rides, such as bike repair tools, a tire pump, USB cable, a power bank, a cell phone charger, and a whole lot more. And do not forget the touch screen window, which can fit most of the cellphone models available.

I also like the durability and toughness that this product gives to the biker. This bike accessory is a waterproof bike frame bag that prevents any possible water entry when it is raining during your ride. Thanks to the waterproofing polyester and double zippers design, which protects the phone and other items inside the bag on rainy days and other extreme conditions.

Lastly, this product is easy to install and can hold the bag and make it stable once installed on the bike. There three velcro straps that help in the stability and keep the bag in place. I should say that the installation only needs less than five minutes which is very impressive.

  • With a sunvisor to assist in seeing the mobile phone clearly
  • It comes with reflective tape, which helps increase the visibility of the biker during the night
  • With waterproofing features; made with waterproof polyester and double zippers design
  • It comes with a touch screen window to give easy access to your mobile phone during the ride
  • Provides large storage space
  • Easy to install; three Velcro straps provide stability to the bag
  • The feet tend to hit the bag

This product is for bikers looking for a frame bag that offers a large storage capacity for the necessities needed in bikepacking. In addition, the ability to use the phone during the ride is a big bonus for bikers for monitoring and entertainment.

2. Aduro Sport Triangle Saddle Frame Bags

aduro sport triangle saddle frame bags

The Aduro bike storage bag is a triangular bike frame bag that provides enough space for various necessities needed by a biker. This product is also a small bicycle frame bag made with top-quality materials and offers a unique storage capability to the biker. It is also a fantastic product that looks better once it is used on your bike.

Comparing it with the first product that I review, this product is different from the Opamoo frame bag. For one, this bike bag is installed in the triangular frame of the bike. Size-wise, this product is also smaller than the first product, but it should be perfect for carrying biker necessities such as mobile phones, wallets, keys, repair tools, an air pump, and other similar items.

If you want to travel light, this is that bag that should be n your bike. It offers enough space for different items needed in the biking activity. I also like that it comes in other color options, which allow the biker to choose something relevant to the color of his bike. Also, this bag will fit snugly between the upright and cross and brushes against the bottled water but rest assured that it will not interfere with your pedaling.

Physically, this bag is well made, and the zipper was very smooth, resulting in easy usage. I am impressed with the net inside, which allows anyone to organize the items with ease. The zipper is found at the top edge, which provides easy access when mounted on the bike. Also, the velcro strap helps secure the bag and works well on the bike’s tube.

Finally, this product is so easy to install using Velcro straps to mount it on the bike. You will see a neatly tucked bag once it is mounted on the bike. And the best thing about it is the bag is stable and will hold firmly to the bike once it is on the road.

  • Easy to install; mounts in seconds with its custom fit adjustable straps
  • With zippered pocket that provides easy and convenient access
  • Provides water-resistance feature; made with water-resistant polyester
  • It comes with inner netting to help organized all valuable inside
  • With low profile design for the compact and secured travel
  • Straps are too long

This mountain bike frame bag is a fantastic product and takes pride in being user-friendly. Installation is easy and can be mounted in under two minutes. Also, it is well-made and provides enough space for all necessities needed by a biker. The size is big enough but not bulky, and it straps securely into the bike.

3. ROCKBROS Bicycle Front Frame Bags

rockbros bicycle front frame bags

In this part of our bike frame bag review, our team will feature one of the underrated big bags in the market, the Rockbros bike top tube bag. I have been impressed with all the company’s accessories, and indeed, this frame bag for road bike is one of them. This product is simple yet provides unique functionality and ample storage space for the biker’s necessities in the ride.

One of the upsides of using this product is the durability and sturdiness it brings to the user. For me, the quality and the overall value are top-notched. This frame bag is semi-rigid and flexible. Meaning, it holds its shape well and does not flop around or collapse. Thanks to its primary material, the 840D nylon which is known for its durability and highly abrasive proofing.

Another upside in using this product is the ample storage it provides despite its smaller size compared to other bags. Although this is not a bike frame bag large size, this bike accessory offers just enough extra space that I need for some essential valuables. In fact, it has accommodated my phone, wallet, a small set of tools, keys, and other small items.

Also, it is a perfect size zip bag that is designed to be on top of the triangle frame. It provides comfort and convenience and has an excellent design that will not affect the ride’s smoothness and comfort. Portability is also a welcome feature as this frame bag can be easily removed and brings anywhere if you do not want to eve behind for security purposes.

The only downside I see in the product is the quality of the straps. I feel that this is not designed well as it simply slides through a couple of slits on the bottom of the bag. Meaning it slides around and does not get the stability that I was looking for.

  • Provides a large storage capacity for many small items
  • Made with solid material; with water resistance feature
  • Solid Velcro straps
  • Slim body design provides convenience and easy access
  • Easy to install and remove; provides portability feature
  • Stability needs to improved once mounted on the bike

This road bike triangle frame bag is an excellent addition to your bicycle. It provides space for your essential valuables during the bike ride. The design is also impressive with its simplicity, and it is not bulky to affect the quality of your pedaling. Overall, this is a total game-changer if you do some long rides for your bike.

4. Ibera Bicycle Triangle Frame Bags

ibera bicycle triangle frame bags

When looking for a bike frame bag, you will need something to provide storage space and comfort to the biker. Meaning, it should not disrupt the overall quality of the ride while on the road. With this in mind, this road bike triangle frame bag from Ibera is an excellent option for your bike.

One of the purposes of this product is to provide the biker with a durable and rugged bike frame bag that can be used on the road. Having used it personally, this bag is well constructed and comes with a durable nylon fabric and covered seams, which shows the quality of this product. It also provides a water resistance feature that protects all the things inside the bag.

Another purpose of this product is to provide enough space for the biker to put some of his necessities during the bike ride. This product comes in two sizes and fits nicely on the bike’s frame triangle space. It provides ample spaces and comes with extra compartments on the side pocket and the inside part.

Also, this product is easy to mount on the bike. Since every biker carries different items in a ride, the most important thing is to have an option regarding the size of the bag. This product has two dimensions, and depending on the number of your items, you can have the liberty to choose the size. And being a triangle design, it provides a better fit to the bike frame and can be easily installed in the bike. The presence of hook and loop fasteners makes it easy to install and remove the bag.

Lastly, this bag is an excellent fit looking for a simple but effective bike frame bag. Size-wise, it is roomy, and it secures nicely into the bike. Space is more extensive than expected but will hold all the essentials you need during the bike ride.

  • Made with high-quality materials, including the Velcro straps and seams
  • Easy to mount and remove in the frame
  • High-quality zipper
  • Decent storage space; includes additional compartment on the side
  • Provides stability once mounted; stiff enough not to swing during the ride
  • The storage area does not come with a divider

If you are a biker looking for a non-bulky frame bag for your bike ride, this is an excellent option to have. There is plenty of room for all the essential valuables and essentials of the biker. Also, the straps are long enough to secure the bag into the bike and will be stable during the ride.

5. Roswheel Race Series Bike Frame Bags

roswheel race series bike frame bags

If you like to go fast with your pedal during your biking activity, you need a bike frame bag that is made to withstand the challenge of speed on the road. The Roswheel bike frame bag is designed to minimize the air and wind-resistant to make it fit for high-speed biking. This product is one of the best frame bags for mountain bikes that I know can provide assistance and comfort to the biker on the road.

Physically, this bike frame bag is one of the most durable and rugged bike accessories that I know of. For one, it is made of sturdy materials and comes with an outer shield at the bottom. The quality of the zipper is also obvious, which means it offers a water resistance feature. This is an excellent feature to keep all the things inside the bag always dry.

In terms of its size, the storage capacity is exactly what I wanted. It is not that large but big enough to carry all the necessities that a biker needs while on the road. Be it a single-day ride or a multi-day event, this bike frame bag can help you in many ways. I was particularly impressed with the straps, and it holds well to the bag.

In terms of installation, this bike frame bag is easy to mount on the bike. Of course, it will be mounted on the top tube and will be fixed securely with quality velcro straps. I was impressed with the strap’s quality and its ability to hold well once the bag is mounted on the bike. In addition, it comes with a sticky surface that grips the bike and makes it stable during the ride.

I also like the slim design, which means it is not bulky and will not disturb the quality of your pedaling. But the size is just enough to carry all the essential necessities that a biker needs on the road.

  • Made with high-quality materials to provide durability and toughness
  • Easy to install; fixed securely with Velcro straps
  • Made for speed biking; streamlined design helps in minimizing air and wind resistance
  • With quick release features
  • It comes with reflective elements and a tail light loop to help increase visibility
  • Internal storage is too small

This product is for bikers looking for a bike frame bag to carry some essentials. Also, the strap for the frame is trimmable, so it is easy to adjust with the size of your bike. However, this bag still has a great extent if you do not carry too many things on your ride.

6. Blackburn Outpost Bike Frame Bags

blackburn outpost bike frame bags

The frame of the bike is an excellent spot to store all your belongings during the bike ride. But you need a bike frame bag that will suit your bike and its frame for easy installation. With that, I suggest this product from Blackburn for your bike. It is one of the best gravel bike frame bags that I know offers various features to make the biker’s valuables safe during the ride.

At first, I was hesitant to have this product for my bike but decided to give it a go regardless of the outcome. But after using it, I can say that I was happy with this bike frame bag and the value it has given to me. For one, this bag is well-made and comes with many functionalities. There are different pockets that can be used for additional storage of the biker’s valuables.

Another feature that impresses me was the ability to expand if a biker needs more space into the bag. It expands so that the coiled cable lock fits in while increasing the storage capacity. Inside the bag comes a divider and a small left side compartment which helps organize all the things needed in the bike ride.

The hose port is another feature that impresses as it allows the user to add a water storage reservoir or a cache battery during the ride. Depending on your preference, this functionality is impressive as it can help the biker during the ride. Also, this bag is super tough and durable as it is made with high-quality nylon materials and polyurethane zippers to provide water resistance features and protection against outside threats.

I also find the Velcro straps to be of excellent quality and are very thick. It really held the bag well and was very stable during the ride. This bike frame bag also comes in different sizes but rest assured that it will fit in the frame without any problem. Overall, this is an excellent bag that offers durability, ideal storage space, and other extra features.

  • With expandable bottom compartment which provides additional storage space if needed
  • Bags storage is well organized and can be separated by compartments
  • Made with high-quality material; provides sturdiness and durability
  • Easy to install; comes with straps and loops to get hold of the bag when mounted on the bike
  • The adjustable mounting feature helps to fit any type of bike
  • The size of the hose port is too small

This product is one of the best mountain bike frame packs that I know. It is what you need if you’re looking for quality and storage space at the same time. The quality is excellent, and it fits nicely in different types of bikes.

7. UPANBIKE Bike Triangle Frame Bags

upanbike bike triangle frame bags

If you are interested in bikepacking or any other bike riding activities, then you need to have all the means to carry all the necessities you need during the ride. For example, if you plan to navigate challenging trails, then a frame bag for full suspension bike will be a big help in your adventure. With that, you can look at this frame bag from Upanbike, which offers various features to help every biker bring all the essentials needed in the ride.

Compared to other bike frame bags that I reviewed earlier, this bag is entirely different in its size and functionalities. But the unique feature of this product is the water bottle holder, which enables you to put a water bottle in the bag’s pocket. If you already have a water bottle holder on the frame, you can have the option to use the pocket in storing other valuable things.

For a biker who needs decent storage space, this bike frame bag can be a perfect fit for the bike. The size of the bike frame bag is moderate, but the presence of a pocket intended for a water bottle is unique in itself. The water bottle should be around 473 ml in volume, or any larger bottle will not fit into the pocket. I suggest using this bike frame bag on smaller essentials such as mobile phones, wallets, keys, and other similar-sized items.

This bike frame bag is also an excellent fit and is easy to install on the bike. Thanks to the adjustable Velcro straps, which will help you secured the bag into the bike frame. This bike frame bag is easy to mount or remove away from the bike using the Velcro strap feature.

Finally, there are reflective strips found in the bag which should help to increase the visibility of the bikers when riding at night. We all know the importance of being visible when biking in the dark, and this bag can help in doing so apart from using bike lights.

  • Provides toughness and durability; made with high-quality polyester
  • With easy and quick zipper closure for easy access
  • Unique bag design that includes a water bottle holder pocket
  • Easy to install using strong Velcro straps
  • With reflective strips to increase visibility at night
  • The size of the water bottle pocket is too small

If you are a biker looking for a bike frame bag with moderate space to bring your ride necessities, this product is an excellent option to have. It is suitable for keeping small items as well as bottled water. Just make sure that the size of the bottle will fit into the pocket, or else use the pocket to store other essential valuables.

8. Epessa Bike Waterproof Frame Bag

epessa bike waterproof frame bag

For an ideal bikepacking setup, you need to have all the necessary bike accessories to make the ride easy and comfortable. But, you need to choose the right accessories, especially the bike frame bag that suits your needs and your bike. With that in mind, this Epessa top tube bag should be considered for its toughness and durability while offering various functionalities to the user.

One of the upsides of using this bike frame bag is its ability to offer a large storage capacity for the biker’s essentials in the bike ride. This bike bag comes with a pouch on each side which is perfect for preventing the items from moving around and get damage. I also line the elastic nets inside, which help separate all the valuables and organize them for easy access.

Another upside of using this product is the durability and toughness it brings to the user. This bike frame bag is made with waterproof Pu fabric that enables the bag to prevent any form of water entry and keep all the things inside dry all the time. Meanwhile, the zipper is made with waterproof materials to enhance its waterproofing feature.

Also, this bag was designed to look nice and provide some practicality when used on the bike. The bike frame bag was designed not to hinder both of your legs when pedaling on the road. And, it is so easy to install on the bike and will stay in place once mounted on the top tube.

However, one drawback I see in using this product is the tendency to damage your frame’s paint if not correctly installed. So, it is important not to mount it too hard, or else you will be scratching your head when your frame’s paint is already damaged.

  • Provides portability feature; quick and easy to install
  • Made not to hinder your legs while pedaling
  • It comes with a large storage capacity that includes two mesh pockets and a compartment
  • Durable and tough; with waterproofing features
  • With adjustable Velcro straps to fit the top tube
  • Tendency to damage the paint when not mounted properly

This bike frame bag is sturdy and comes in a hard shell casing. If you are a biker looking for a strong bike bag, this product is an excellent choice. It comes with outstanding quality, and the storage capacity is enough to provide space for many necessities of the biker.

9. Sahoo 122051 Waterproof Frame Bags

sahoo 122051 waterproof frame bags

Why use a bike frame bag? As a biker, it is essential to maximize the space of your bike when keeping the things you need for your ride. And using a bike frame bag is one way to do it while promoting the biker to travel light. With that said, this bike frame bag from Sahoo is one of those products that maximize the space of your bike by fitting on the top mount easily.

There are many purposes that this bike frame bag can do to help the biker bring all his essentials when biking on the road. One of which is to provide a unique design that will fit into the needs of the biker. I know this is not one of the most good-looking bike frame bags in the market, but its functionality made up for it. It fits in a limited space which is nice and looks tough and formidable.

Another purpose of this product is to provide enough storage space to the biker for his bike ride necessities. For me, I put on my keys, bike tools, intertube, wallets, and mobile phones. Other items can also be accommodated as long as it comes in small sizes. Overall, the size fits well and feels just fine.

Also, this bike frame bag is easy to install and provides some stability once mounted into the bike. The bag will hold relatively well into the top tube frame using the Velcro strap system and be fully fixed throughout the ride. The straps are strategically placed to keep the bag in place once mounted into the top tube.

In terms of its design, this bag is perfect. It is thin enough not to hit both knees during pedaling, even when in a standing position. It’s thin but not too high so that it will not affect the aerodynamics of the bicycle.

  • With a nice and simple design
  • Easy to install using a Velcro strap system
  • Provides some stability once installed on the top tube
  • With enough storage space for the biker’s necessities
  • Designed not to hit the knees when pedaling
  • Not good looking

Overall, this is an excellent bike frame bag as it provides enough space for every biker’s essentials during the ride. It is not one of the most perfect-looking bags but makes it up with its superb functionality and toughness.

10. MOOCi Angle Triangle Bicycle Frame Bags

mooci angle triangle bicycle frame bags

Instead of using the traditional paniers and bike racks, a biker can use different bike bags in bringing all the necessities needed during the bike ride. Using bike bags provides many upsides, including maximizing the space of the bike without adding weight. One popular bike bag is this bike frame bag from Mooci, which encourages a biker to pack light during the bike ride.

Most bikers ant enough space for their valuables and necessities when making biking-related trips. And this is what this bike frame bag brings to the table, providing enough room for all the items needed by the biker. Whether its the mobile phones, tire repair tools, water bottle, energy bars, and other miscellaneous items, there is sufficient space for these items in this bike frame bag.

Physically, this is one of the most durable and rugged bike frame bags you can own. Thanks to its durable but stylish 600D twill fabric, ensuring that you have a bag that is tough as nails. Also, the zippers look very heavy duty for the job and operate smoothly when used. It helps in providing easy access to all the things inside the bag.

This bike frame bag is also easy to install into the bike. Actually, it comes with four adjustable wide shoulder straps, which can easily be mounted into the bike frame. And what impresses me is its design which should not affect the space for your water bottle if you have one mounted on your bike. The Velcro strap system provides enough length but can be cut depending on the needs.

Meanwhile, the pocket on each side provides additional storage that a biker can maximize. Plus, the fact that it is convenient to use makes this product a perfect bike frame bag for any biker. If you want practicality and functionality, then this bike frame bag is a must-have.

  • It comes with a unique sporty and fashion design
  • Easy to install; with 4 Velcro straps to provide stability once mounted into the bike
  • Made with durable and stylish fabric
  • With aerodynamic design; does not affect the quality of the ride
  • Zippers are made with the highest-quality
  • Length may be too long for some bike frames

This bike frame bag is easy to install and fits well with most bikes. It provides excellent functionality as well as exceptional storage. Once mounted on the bike, expect a stable back while you are pedaling on the road.

What to Look For When Buying a Bike Frame Bag

best bicycle frame bag

When choosing bike frame bags, there are a few factors to consider. Please check on our list below for you to be able to select the right one for your needs and your bicycle:

Storage Capacity

This factor is probably the essential thing you need to consider when choosing the perfect bike frame bag. The storage capacity is the actual space that a bag can give to you. It is the exact size that will keep all the essentials and necessities that you need to bring on the ride. You need to know what you will bring on the ride and find a bike frame bag that meets your need’s storage capacity.

The storage capacity includes all the additional compartments and pockets found in the bag. Whatever extra space it gives is considered a bonus, but the most important thing is that it should provide that space that you need.


The dimension is the actual measurement of the bag on the outside. I am talking about the length and the width of the bike frame bag as it also plays an important factor in your selection process. Because not all bike frames are built the same way, it is important for you to know the dimensions of both your bike frame and the bike frame bag. This process is to make sure that the bike frame bag will be a great fit for your bike.

Durability and Toughness

These factors are related to the quality of the product concerning how it is made. Usually, how durable and tough is can be determined by the type of materials being used in the manufacturing process. Some of the popular high-quality materials being used in making a bike frame bag are polyurethane (PU), twill, and polymer fabrics. All of which are providing different levels of durability to the bag.

The toughness of a bike frame bag can also be measured on the water-resistance properties it offers. This feature is important especially if you are doing multi-day rides where the weather condition is unpredictable. You need to find a bag that can keep all the things keep inside always dry. Meaning, you need to look for a bag that prevents the water from coming inside. The water resistance features are also influenced by the quality of the zippers found in the bag. So, you need also to check on the quality of the zipper of the bag of your choice.

Ease of Installation

The installation process is also an important factor to consider when looking for a bike frame bag. Meaning, you will need to determine if it is easy to mount or remove into your bike. You will also need to know the process of the installation of a particular bike frame bag and the things it needs in the installation process. Does it use a Velcro system or strap system in the installation? Does it need tools during the installation process? These two questions are just some of the questions that need an answer when it comes to mounting a bike frame bag into your bike.


The stability factor refers to the quality of the bike frame bag after it was installed into the bike frame. All bikers are looking for the bikepacking bag to be stable and fix all the time during the ride. If the bag is moving and is not stable once on the road, it will add some discomfort to the biker that might create some security issues. The stability of the bike frame bag will be determined by the quality of its mounting mechanisms. Whether it is a strap or Velcro system, you need to find a product that will be stable once attached to the bike frame.

Frequently Asked Questions

best frame bag for road bike

How to Avoid Brake Cable with Bike Frame Bags?

One way to avoid the brake cable when using a bike frame bag is to use a top tube bike frame bag that has a Velcro strap system. What you will do is is use the Velcro straps around the steerer tube of the fork and then going around the top tube. This will bind the brake cable and prevent them from eroding the top tube. Meanwhile, an alternative when using Velcro straps bike frame bags is to thread them under the cable and not over them. This process is probably the simplest way to avoid the brake cable.

What Should I Keep in My Frame Bag?

All the necessities needed by the biker can be kept in the bike frame bag. But his situation will all depend on the size and storage capacity of the bag. If it offers only a moderate space, I suggest keeping the smaller items such as mobile phones, keys, wallets, and other similar items of the same size. However, if you have a bike frame bag with a large storage capacity, large items such as stoves, pots, mugs, food items, and other large items can be kept inside. The most important thing is to maximize the space being provided by the bag to keep all the essentials needed for your bike ride.


Looking for the best bike frame bag is important if you want to maximize the space of your bike and find the right bag to bring all the necessities in a bike ride. Also, the bike frame bags are the best alternative if you want not to use the traditional bike racks and panniers in your ride. This type of bag is lighter and will allow you to travel light and bring only small and essential items needed in your biking journey. But the most important thing is to choose the right one for your bike.

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