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The Best Bike Helmet Lights for 2023

best bike helmet light

I have been emphasizing the safety of everyone when it comes to doing any activities related to biking. An excellent way to do it is to invest in all the needed bike accessories, which will be essential while biking on the road. One accessory that I feel is required when biking at night is using the best bike helmet light. This product will give additional illumination to the biker and make him visible when riding at night.

There are many upsides to using helmet-mounted light when riding a bike. For one, it will help to light up your way when biking in the dark. Since it is attached to your head, it will illuminate the area where the head is facing, which is an excellent security measure on the part of the biker. These helmet-mounted bike lights can also serve as a backup light if one of your main lights will malfunction during your biking journey.

In this review, we feature ten bike helmet with lights available in the market today. Our recommendation was based on experience, thorough testing, research, and feedback from all of our biker friends. We aim to give all our readers the best cycle helmet lights used when riding during the night.

Best Bike Helmet Light Reivews

1. WASAGA Bike Helmet Lights

wasaga bike helmet lights

You can never underestimate the importance of using a helmet light when biking at night. All the benefits it brings to the biker in increasing safety and protection are enough to convince every biker to consider this bike accessory. One such product that I highly recommend is this helmet light from Wasaga. I had used this rechargeable helmet light before and was genuinely impressed with the quality that it brings to the biker.

This product offers many outstanding features, but what stands out is its weight and durability. I like this helmet light’s size, small but powerful enough to illuminate a wider area. The weight is also very light, and it will not affect the head once installed in the helmet. The durability is also superb as it offers a water resistance feature that will prevent moisture or the rain from affecting its effectiveness.

Another outstanding feature that it brings is the different light mode options depending on how you use it. This bike light offers some flexibility as it can be used in the helmet and mounted as a headlight or taillight, depending on the biker’s need. If you use it for headlight, you can get three different mode options for your lighting, while if you using it as a taillight will give you five different modes of light.

Moreover, this helmet light does need a battery for its power. As it is built with a USB charge port, you can easily put power and charge it into your computer, laptop, or other electrical sources. It also includes a USB cable, which should make it easy for you when charging. I suggest charging this light in advance before using it because it will take around 2 to 3 hours before being fully charged.

Overall, this helmet light for the bike offers incredible brightness and long battery life. And the best thing about it is the LCD panel, which will let the biker know the battery life status all the time. This feature is crucial, especially when you are outside and biking during the night, where all the information is needed for your safety. I have also proven its durability several times, dropping it accidentally, but its lighting was never affected.

  • No battery needed
  • Offers different type of light modes depending on biking situations
  • It can be mounted on all types of bike helmets
  • Easy to install
  • With a built-in USB charge port
  • Low-quality product manual

This product is for bike owners looking for high-quality and durable bike helmet light. It offers different features and is well-built to last long. Attachment is also excellent and sturdy and will provide a great fit to your helmet.

2. Ascher USB Rechargeable Bike Lights

ascher usb rechargeable bike lights

When looking for the best mountain bike helmet light, you want something that can back up well with your headlight and taillight. A product that can offer added protection when you are biking at night. A good option for a bike helmet light is this rechargeable bike light from Ascher, a unique but special helmet light that offers flexibility and durability to provide substantial benefits to the biker when hitting on the dark road.

Compared to the Wasaga bike helmet light, this product is entirely different. The main difference is what you are getting upon purchase. This helmet light comes in a set which means you will get not only one but two lights in one package. Also, the installation is a bit different as this product uses a silicon strap in mounting in a helmet or other parts of the bike.

Based on my experience, this product is one of the best and does exactly what I expected when biking. I have used this bike light in different modes to give you the best visibility when you are in traffic. When riding in the dark, this bike helmet light also stands out as the other road users will notice your presence even with the difficult visibility. And the best thing about this light, apart from bringing mounted in the helmet, is that you can also put it anywhere on your bike, emphasizing its versatility.

In terms of the quality of the light, I can say that it is super bright and will last longer, even on a single charge. However, a little bit smaller, this helmet light does not need to be bigger to give you additional illumination on the road. I was also impressed with the straps as it always stays tight as the lights will illuminate a large area, good enough to support the main lights of your bike. And this helmet light offers a water-resistance feature that enables this to survive water penetration.

I have used this bike for a long time to support the other lights on my bike, and it serves its purpose well. I was delighted and was confident enough that it gives additional protection to me when biking at night. It will provide me with extra visibility to ensure that I am safe while on the road.

  • Easy attachment feature; can be attached to the helmet and other parts of the bike
  • It comes with a water resistance feature
  • Provides powerful light
  • Quick-charging properties
  • Different light mode features
  • Rubberized straps tend to break

This product is for bikers looking for excellent helmet light support for their main bike lights. Getting this helmet light will let you acquire not one but two lights that can help you big time give you visibility and illumination. Also, the extra rubbers and the USB cable can make you comfortable when charging and attaching this product to your bike.

3. VASTFIRE Mountain Bike Lights

vastfire mountain bike lights

The Vastfire Mountain bike lights are not your ordinary helmet light as it combines a headlight and a taillight in a single product package. In this product, you will get a dependable front light and one of the top bike helmet rear lights you can use on the road. This product will give enough lighting on what lies ahead on the road while also providing enough visibility for other road users, all in one product.

I cannot stop but compare this product to the bike light from Ascher because they are both offering more than one light in a single product package. But unlike the Ascher bike helmet light, where it provides two similar lights in a single package, this product from Vastfire offers a different package, a headlight, and a taillight option which should bring an added benefits to the biker. One light can be used as the main headlight, and the other can be used as a taillight and mounted at the back of the helmet.

I like that both lights come in their own USB charging cord as the front light can be charged after two hours and a half. The on or off button will turn green once the light is fully charged. Meanwhile, the rear light is always lit during the charging and will turn off once it is fully charged. But the best thing about the backlight is the rubberized adjustable lock and secure bracket, which can be attached to the helmet with ease.

This bike helmet light is also a high visibility light that can get the job done when biking at night. The robust aluminum housing provides the durability and toughness that the primary light needs, especially with difficult outdoor conditions. The main light can be easily mounted flat on the handlebar and can be angled left or right, depending on your preference. The mounting bracket is vital bit will not scratch or leave any damage on the surface.

Meanwhile, the rear blinking light is so easy to install. I prefer to mount it at the back of my helmet, but this light can also be installed on the bike post or other parts of the bike lights. The flexible rubber strap helps in the easy installation, but the best feature is the different flashing options which should be enough to give your more visibility to other road users.

  • Aluminum alloy casing provides durability and extra toughness
  • The light indicator indicates the remaining power and charging status
  • Allows versatility to fit different types of bike
  • Rechargeable bike light with rechargeable bracket
  • Wide-focus beam to give the best illumination
  • Product manual not clear

This bike helmet light is for bikers looking for a complete set of lighting for their bike. This product involves a helmet bike light and an efficient headlight to protect you when biking at night. Also, the added features and add-ons will bring many benefits to the biker and the bike.

4. Bright Eyes Rechargeable Bike Headlight

bright eyes rechargeable bike headlight

The Bright Eyes headlight is not a bike helmet light in every sense of the word but by using a headlamp harness, you will use this bike light similar to that of the bike helmet light. This product is one of those bike helmet lights which provide a complete set of lights to illuminate bikers while riding at night. So, getting this product will give you a front light and a taillight, and a few other add-ons will help make you safe when biking in the dark.

One of the upsides in using this product is its durability and toughness when use in rainy conditions. There are moments that you will be biking in the night while it is raining. I tell you, this is the best bike that you can use in this type of condition with its full waterproofing features. Meaning, this product is constructed to prevent the water from coming inside when it is raining. This feature is fantastic and shows the durability and sturdiness of this bike helmet light.

Another upside it brings to the bike owner is its versatility in fitting different types of bikes. Meaning, the main light can be fitted with a different type of handlebars, ensuring that it will fit your bike regardless of brand. Meanwhile, the taillight also offers some flexibility as it can be mounted on different bike parts. Whether it’s the bike seat post, back of the helmet, or any other parts of the bicycle.

But the most intriguing upside from using this product is the additional add-ons you will get upon purchase. Aside from getting an extra taillight, you will also get a headlamp harness and a beam diffuser which will let you adjust the beam to your preference. You will also get additional velcro straps and mounting bands for easy installation of your bike. There is also an extension cord and a charger to let you charge the bike light quickly.

The only downside when using this bike helmet light set is its weight. Since it includes a waterproof battery strapped to your bike, it will add about a pound of weight, bringing some discomfort to the biker, especially when riding at night.

  • Fully waterproof bike light
  • Provides versatility in fitting different types of handlebars
  • With external rechargeable waterproofing battery
  • Provides full brightness with 1600 lumen worth of light
  • Includes several add-ons to improve the quality of the ride
  • Battery is heavy

This product is for bike owners looking for a waterproof bike helmet light for their usage. This product is one of the most durable and toughest bike helmet lights I have ever used. It also features one of the greatest bike helmet light mounts and includes several additional accessories, bringing several benefits to the biker.

5. ThorFire Bike Tail Lights

thorfire bike tail lights

One thing that I do not like with some of the bike helmet lights is the need to keep on changing the batteries every time you take a ride. This situation is always a hassle on my part, but this issue was eliminated with the invention of the built-in lithium battery. Like this bike helmet taillight from ThorFire, one of the most convenient bike helmet lights that I know is charging ability and low power consumption.

But one of the outstanding features of this product is the multiple light modes which can be used in different situations while on the road. There are seven different lighting modes that a biker can use depending on his preference and the use of this bike helmet light on the bicycle. And the best thing about it is it comes in different colors such as red, white, and blue, enhancing the visibility of the biker even in the dark.

Another feature that caught my attention is the easy installation feature which provides convenience to the biker. This bike helmet light can be attached using a one-touch button. Not only that, you only need to slide the light on and off the mount without removing the mounting bracket. You will need to press for about four seconds to turn the light on.

As I have said earlier, you do not need to buy a battery every time you use this bike helmet light. With the presence of a built-in lithium battery, you only need to include the USB cable to any capable power source such as a computer, laptop, or power bank. This process is much better and more comfortable compared to changing the batteries all the time.

Overall, this is an excellent light with its cool flashing patterns using different colors. The inclusion of varying light patterns will make the biker more visible to the other road users, even in the dark.

  • Provides excellent visual angle design and high visibility, ensuring safety
  • It does not require battery replacement with its built-in lithium battery
  • With multiple light modes in different colors
  • Easy to install with its one-touch dismount button
  • Imported high brightness LED chip
  • Some states consider this light illegal

If you are looking for an effective and reliable taillight, this bike helmet light is highly recommended. This product offers light modes in different colors, ensuring more visibility to the biker even in the dark. Just make sure to check if this bike helmet light is legal in your state.

6. BLITZU Gator 390 LED Bike Lights

blitzu gator 390 led bike lights

In every bike accessory that I add to my list, I always prefer those products with top-rated quality. This situation is also the same when looking for a bike helmet light for my biking activities. A biker needs a top-of-the-line helmet bike light to provide maximum illumination and visibility, ensuring safety and protection when riding at night. And this is what this bike helmet light can give with its US-made quality, meeting the expectations of all bikers in terms of reliability and quality.

Comparing to other bike helmet lights that I reviewed earlier, this product shares some similarities and differences with its features and benefits. It offers the same package as the Vastfire bike helmet light as it offers a headlight and a taillight in one bundle. It brings many benefits, especially to the bikers looking for a complete set of lightings for their bicycle. The main difference should be the design of the lights and the quality of its lighting output.

Mounting this bike helmet light is so easy by using a rubber strap that secures the headlight in any location of your bike. Once you hook the strap into the bike and back into the light, the bike light will be stable enough not to move even when riding. In addition, the taillight can be installed at the back of the helmet to ensure increase visibility with other road users.

Also, the front headlight can be used in the daytime, increasing the visibility of the biker. In addition, there is a flashing mode that can help a biker getting out of traffic. During the night, the rear light, which can be mounted on the helmet, has three additional blinking modes that add to the biker’s visibility. The front light comes with a single blinking mode which will help in illuminating what lies ahead on the road.

This product also comes with a built-in lithium battery, and recharging us super easy. It also comes with USB charging cables and a micro USB port, which should be compatible with all smartphone cables available in your house. And the best thing about this light is that it can light your ride’s whole duration with its low power consumption feature.

  • Provides durability and water resistance feature
  • Easy to install; no tools required
  • USB rechargeable; does not need any battery
  • Promote some versatility; Can be used as a temporary flashlight
  • Provides high-quality bright light offering more than 390-lumen output
  • The mounting system needs to improve

This product is for bikers looking for a high-quality bike helmet light for their usage. But the best thing about this bike accessory is the benefit you can get when having this product. The complete set means that you will be safe when riding at night.

7. LXL USB Rechargeable Super Bike Headlight

lxl usb rechargeable super bike headlight

The LXL bike helmet light is a USB rechargeable bike headlight that provides reliable performance when biking at night. This bike helmet light is excellent when it comes to bike riding at night functioning as the main headlight attached to the helmet. This product will also give added visibility to the biker with the brightest headlight and an extra taillight, ensuring safety and protection to the biker.

One of the benefits of using this bike helmet light is the comfort it brings to the biker. Its built-in rechargeable lithium battery eliminates the hassle of replacing the battery every you go into bike riding. Since it is rechargeable, it charges from a computer or any other electronic device with a USB port. It may take around 2 hours recharging but will take about 10 hours of run time, allowing it to be used throughout your bike riding activity.

Another benefit of having this bike accessory is its versatility in its usage and features. Meaning, apart from lighting the biker in the dark, this bike light can also serve other purposes as needed by the owner. For example, this product can be used as an emergency flashlight that can be used in different situations. So, if it is not used in biking, this bike helmet light can be used when running, hiking, camping, changing tires, and other real-life situations requiring emergency light.

Apart from being versatile, another benefit is the comfort it brings during the installation process. This bike helmet light is easy to install and does not need any tools when mounting it on the helmet or other parts of the bike. And the best thing about this product is it can be mounted not only during biking but also in different situations and places where the need to have a bright light is required.

The only drawback I see in using this product is the taillight which uses a lithium cell battery. I have been emphasizing the comfort it brings when having a rechargeable bike helmet light. Unfortunately, the added taillight uses the old school lithium cell battery, which requires replacement every time it is drained.

  • The headlight is USB rechargeable; no battery replacement required
  • Provides versatility in its usage; can also be used as an emergency flashlight
  • Promotes durability and water-resistance feature
  • Easy to install; no tools needed
  • Includes an additional taillight
  • Taillight uses a replaceable battery

This product is for bike owners looking for a versatile and flexible bike helmet light. Apart from being used as a bike helmet light, this product can also be used in other usages, specifically in an emergency flashlight, making it a do-it-all bike light.

8. Yuwumin Volcano Eye Rear Bike Tail Lights

yuwumin volcano eye rear bike tail lights

As a biker, we all want the best to look for a bike helmet light. So our responsibility is to find the best available products to protect us and keep us safe every we hit on the road. And one of those products which bring so much quality with its features is the Volcano Eye bike taillight. This bike accessory can help in giving additional visibility and protection to the biker when riding in the dark.

One of the many benefits of using this product is providing safety to the biker during the night and the daytime. Thanks to its unique visual angle design providing more visibility to the biker when biking at night. Also, there is daytime visible technology which helps the biker increase his visibility during the day. This product can give so much protection to anyone using it anytime in the day.

This product also brings comfort to the biker when it comes to its installation process. The biker can use the durable strap in mounting the taillight into the helmet. You will only need to buckle the strap to mount it into the helmet safely. Then you can press the quick-release clip to slide the light into the mount. And the best thing about, you can mount the taillight vertically or horizontally depending on your preference.

Another benefit that is obvious in this product is the durability and toughness it brings once installed in your helmet or any other parts of your bike. I have checked it physically, and I observed the toughness of this light with its airtight construction. It also offers a water resistance feature to withstand water entry during rainy conditions.

The only downside I see in the product is the quality of the mounting strap. This part of the light will give up easily and might break if not used properly. Therefore, there is a need to improve the mounting strap to increase its quality.

  • USB rechargeable; does not need any battery replacement
  • Wide-angle visual design provides more visibility
  • The daytime visible technology helps in keep the biker safe even during the day
  • Provides durability and toughness with its water-resistance features
  • Easy to mount; no tools needed
  • The mounting strap lacks quality

This product is for bike owners looking for a reliable taillight that can be put in the helmet. This bike helmet light is bright and will make the bike more visible anytime. Also, since you will get two lights in a single pack, it offers more value than other brands.

9. NiteRider Lumina Micro 850 Front Bike Lights

niterider lumina micro 850 front bike lights

I know that there are still bikers out there who underestimate the importance of the bike light concerning the safety it brings on the road. However, this attitude should not be existent because safety should be the main priority when biking, especially at night. And one way to add security and safety is to use this bike helmet light from NiteRider. This product is one of the most reliable bike helmet lights that I use, apart from the Topside bike helmet light.

One way to reinforced your bicycle main lights to increase visibility is to use this bike helmet light from NiteRider. This product is one of the most durable and toughest helmet lights used when biking at night. Thanks to its rugged design made with high-quality fiberglass and supported by a nylon housing to make sure that the biker will have a durable and reliable bike light in his helmet.

When other bikers do not like the idea of having to replace the battery every ride, this bike helmet light eliminates it. Using a built-in rechargeable lithium battery, you will only need to recharge it for a few hours and start using it on the road. In addition, the lock mode feature will help save the battery since it can give the biker the can to turn off the light when not in use.

The battery power indicator also impresses me because it can help the biker know the light’s battery level status. When the light is in blue, it is an indication that the light still has a good battery level. However, when it is in red, it means that the battery level is less than 20 percent, and the need to recharge it is needed. Thus, this battery indicator will be helpful to keep the biker update with the battery status of the helmet light.

Another notable feature that I like the quick-charging property using a technology that reduces the charging time in half. When other products can charge up to three hours, this helmet light can fully charged the battery under 2 hours or lesser.

  • Lock mode feature enables the biker to secure power when helmet light is not used
  • The battery indicator gives the biker the chance to know the status of the battery power level
  • Made with high-quality fiberglass supported by a nylon housing, ensuring durability
  • Very light
  • USB rechargeable; no battery replacement needed
  • High power consumption

If you are looking for a light bike helmet light, this product is an excellent option to have. This product is for bike owner who does not like bringing heavy lights when riding at night. The battery level indicator is a nice feature that will help the biker determine the battery’s status.

10. Cygolite Metro Pro Bike Lights

cygolite metro pro bike lights

Extremely powerful: these are the two words that best describe this helmet light from Cygolite. As a biker, we all want to be safe and protected when biking at night. And this can be achieved by having enough lightings on your bike, which means you must have enough lighting system installed. The biker must secure the right front light and rear light while also having excellent support with the Cygolite bike helmet light.

I have used this light before, and all I can say is that this light is brilliant. The primary purpose of this product is to provide able support by providing bright light to the biker when riding at night. I tell you, the brightness is impressive, and it will help builds your confidence knowing that you are visible to other road users when biking in the dark. It also comes in a different setting which allows the biker to use it in different conditions.

Apart from being bright, this bike helmet light is also well-made. I was also impressed with the beam pattern, but having an extra accessory such as the diffuser will let the biker have a nice wide beam which I feel is safer than non-diffused lighting. I also like the long battery life, an estimate of over an hour is enough to complete my journey, especially if the light’s output is 1100 lumens which are pretty amazing.

For sure, many bikers do not like biking at night because of safety and security concerns. But using this bike helmet light will change your perspective and let you feel that night biking is fun and more enjoyable. This product gives the super bright light you need to feel safe when biking in the dark.

Overall, this bike helmet light is one of the best available today. The quality and the longevity of the light make me recommend this product to anyone planning to start a new biking adventure at night. Apart from using it in the helmet, this bike light can also be used on the handlebar and other places on your bike.

  • Made to withstand rugged and difficult conditions
  • Feature 9 different light modes to be used on different riding conditions
  • USB rechargeable; does not need any battery replacement
  • Provides 1100 lumen of bright light
  • Made, engineered, and designed in the U.S.A
  • The rubber cap in the charging port tends to fall off

This product is for bikers looking for a reliable bike helmet light that emits a super bright light. With a 1100 lumens output, this bike helmet light will give the biker illumination needed when navigating on dark roads.

What to Look For When Buying a Bike Helmet Light

best mountain bike helmet light

There are many ways that you can use a bike helmet light when biking at night. Some use the helmet for their front light if the handlebar has too many things attached to it. Other bikers are mounting the rear light at the back of the helmet to increase visibility with other users. With this information, there is no denying the importance of using the right bike helmet light when biking at night.

But before going to a bike shop to purchase your helmet light, there are some factors that you need to consider when buying a bike helmet light. Please check below:

Quality of Light

The bike helmet light’s quality refers to how bright the light is in illumination the biker when biking at night. As a biker, you need to choose a bike helmet light that is powerful enough to support the other bike lights you install so that you can see what lies ahead on the road, and you will be more visible to other road users. Doing this will lessen the danger of having an accident when biking at night. I know a bike helmet light that produces 1100 lumens of output, which is impressive in terms of light quality.

Mounting Process

Different bike helmet lights offer different types of the mounting process. It is up to you to choose a product that is easy to mount in your helmet. Of course, you want to select a helmet light that fits easily and comfortably to the helmet. It must also be easy to detach after the bike riding activity. I do not like the products which use rubberized straps when mounting into the helmet as it tends to break quickly after a few months of use.

With the mounting process, my preference is the bike helmet light that uses a mounting clip attached to the helmet. Once it is attached, the light will be easily mounted by sliding into the mounting clip to secure the light while biking. Detaching the light is also easy as it comes with an unmounting button which will be press for a few seconds to remove the light.

Light Modes

Another factor to consider when buying a bike helmet light is the light mode features it offers. The best lights offers more modes as it gives you the flexibility to adjust, reduce, or increase brightness based on the riding conditions you are in. Some bike helmet lights pulsating and flashing modes help add your visibility when biking on dark roads.


The battery is an essential part of the light as it is the source of power that enables the light to illuminate and give the best lighting output. Some brands use lithium cell batteries in different sizes to power the helmet light. The downside of using this type of bike light is the hassle of replacing it once it is drained. Although, lithium cell battery is accessible in the supermarket.

However, there is a better alternative to helmet lights that uses cell batteries, and that is the bike light with built-in rechargeable lithium batteries. This bike helmet light does not need you to replace the battery but only charge it to your computer, laptop, and other electronic devices with a USB port. This helmet light is my preference since it provides me with more convenience and comfort without the hassle of replacing the battery every time.

Durability and Toughness

The bike helmet light will experience different types of weather conditions when you are biking at night. So, you need to choose a product made to withstand the challenge of challenging weather. My preference is a bike helmet light with a waterproofing feature because this type of light is manufactured to withstand rainy conditions with its tough casing and high-quality sealing.

Frequently Asked Questions

best bike helmet rear light

Are Bikes Helmet Light Legal?

The answer to this question depends on the place you are located. Some states require you to use a bike helmet light and other bike lights strategically placed in your bike in America. However, some states ban bike helmet lights, especially those with blue colors. Meaning, it all depends on the government policy in the place you are living that makes the bike helmet light legal or not.

How to Put Lights on Your Bike Helmet?

There are many ways to put lights into the bike helmet, depending on the product. There are bike helmet lights that use silicon-based straps in mounting it into the helmet. There are other products that use a mounting clip that will be attached to the helmet before sliding and inserting the helmet light.


It is the responsibility of the biker to know the importance of using the best bike helmet light when biking at night. There are many ways to use the bike helmet light, but the most important thing is to maximize its usage to make sure that the biker is safe and sound when biking at night.

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