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The Best Bike Lights Under 50 for 2023

best bike lights under 50

This review is all about the inexpensive bike lights used by every biker when riding at night. In fact, using the best bike lights under 50 can still help the biker be illuminated adequately on the road without spending too much. This situation is what I learned from using and trying different bike lights when biking all these years.

Our team is reviewing ten of the best bike headlight under $50 that have passed our rigid testing and thorough research. We have also recommended these products based on our experience of using them on the road. Our goal is to provide the best options to you, our readers, in looking for the best budget bike lights.

Best Bike Light Under 50 Reviews

1. TeamObsidian Bike Lights

teamobsidian bike lights

When biking on the road at night, it is essential that the bikers can easily see cars and other road users. It can be done using the right accessories, such as having the proper bike light set. And it does not need to be expensive, such as this bike light set from TeamObsidian, one of the best inexpensive night lights you can find in the market.

There are many outstanding features that this product is offering, and of them is the quality of the light output. The headlight itself is exceptionally bright, with multiple settings for low beams, high beams, and flashing light modes. The beam size is also adjustable and can be converted from a white headlamp style to pin-spot lighting for more detailed viewing.

Another outstanding feature of this product is the overall excellent physical quality. The build quality is impressive and made with durable and high-quality materials. The handlebar clamp works well and has two different rubber fillers, which help it fit different handlebar sizes.

Easy installation is another feature that caught my attention upon using this product at night. It is very effective and can be mounted to the bike in seconds. It is built with screws to secure the mounting bracket but does not need any tools when installing it into the handlebar.

Finally, this product comes with a free taillight, which I feel is a very generous gift coming from the company. The taillight is vital in giving additional visibility so that other road users can easily recognize the biker even in the dark.

  • The headlight is made in aluminum material ensuring durability and toughness
  • Powered by strong LED producing 200 lumens of light output
  • Easy to mount; mounting bracket attaching in seconds
  • Bike light can be release and detach easily, providing additional security
  • Light casing offers a water resistance feature
  • Powered by AAA batteries; replacements needed when the battery is empty

This bike accessory is for bikers looking for an affordable but reliable bike light. This product is well-made and will last longer with its high-durable casing. It is also a great addition to all the bike lighting accessories in your position.


np night provision bx-300 led bike lights

As an experienced biker, there is a unique thrill and excitement when biking in the dark. But the biker needs to be equipped with the right bike accessories, including bike lights, to be safe while on the road. And it does not need to be expensive, such as this bike light from NP Night Provision, one of the best budget bicycle lights in the market today.

Comparing it to the first product that I review, the NP Night Provision shares some similarities and differences in product features. For example, they both offer free taillight and also have similar product specifications. However, this bike light comes with a rechargeable battery, while the teamObsidian bike lights are powered by regular lithium AAA batteries.

In terms of light quality, the power is so strong making and will make the biker comfortable pedaling at night. Furthermore, this affordable bike light comes with a flashing mode that increases the biker’s visibility to other road users.

Physically, this bike light also offers durability and toughness. This product is well built and can take a beating while on the road. The bike light is also dense and sturdy and should hold up well if installed on the handlebar or the bike helmet.

Speaking of the helmet, I like the rubberized mounting strap, which was designed to be easily mounted on the handlebar and the helmet. The strap will also secure the bike light once it is mounted, making it stable all the time on the road.

  • Powerful headlight; provides 300 lumens of maximum light output
  • The rubberized mounting strap provides security and stability to the light when mounted
  • With rechargeable battery; does need battery replacement
  • Lightweight and compact size
  • Includes water and shock resistance features
  • The charging port tend to break if mishandled

For bike owners looking for quality and value in a bike light, this product should be highly considered. It is not only affordable but also offers several safety features for the benefit of the biker. The light will do its job and does it well.

3. Wastou 1200 IPX6 Bike Lights

wastou 1200 ipx6 bike lights

Some people think nighttime is not the right time to do some biking activities. However, this statement is not valid, especially to hardcore bikers who like pedaling after the sunset. The most important thing is for the biker to be adequately lit at night using the most trustworthy bike lights under 50, such as the Wastou bike lights.

This inexpensive bike light will provide several benefits when being used to the bike. One of which is providing the brightest light and illuminating the biker in the dark. The headlight provides around 450 lumens of light output, while the bonus taillight can help add visibility to the other road users to make the biker safe.

Another benefit from using this product is the ability to provide durability and toughness when used on the road. The IPX65 waterproofing features means will be resistant to any forms of water entry. For example, heavy rain can make the light wet, but the water cannot penetrate inside because of the proper sealing outside the case.

Physically, this product is small and lightweight but is so easy to install. The mounting strap is durable and will provide tightness to make the light stable during the biking activity. But the best thing is the mount’s ability to be adjusted into the biker’s angle preference providing the best position of the light in the handlebar.

The only drawback that I see from using this inexpensive bike light is the tendency of the charging cover to break when not correctly used. When this situation happens, it will be dangerous for the biker to go outside at night when it is raining.

  • USB rechargeable bike light; does not need any battery replacement
  • Provides a wide range of light; ability to reduce the glare for the safety of other road users
  • Easy to install; can be mounted without tools
  • Provides waterproofing features
  • With free taillight
  • The charging cover tends to break

This inexpensive bike light is for bikers needing a dependable bike light under 50. Apart from providing brightness in different modes, it can stay in a blink position while biking, thus increasing visibility and safety.

4. DON PEREGRINO 110 LED Bike Tail Lights

don peregrino 110 led bike tail lights

Biking at night can be intimidating, but having the right gear and the right mindset can replace the difficult feeling with an addicting experience. And one gear that helps the biker safe is the taillight from Don Peregrino, a reliable backup light that helps add visibility while in the dark to make the biker safe while biking at night.

First, let me start by saying that this product has the purpose of providing a bright light while giving different lighting options when biking in the dark. The bright light can be used on the front or the back for the other road users to see. The flashing light is visible and will give a signal to the other road users of your presence.

Another purpose of this affordable bike light is to provide comfort to the biker regarding battery management. This product is rechargeable, and it can recharge quickly compared to the other taillights. The battery lasts longer than I expected, and the brightness is an excellent backup to your main headlight.

Meanwhile, the mount is rubberized and easily installed in the seat post or any other bike part. Whether it’s the handlebar or the seat post, mounting can be easy and will allow you to position the light in a different position. This feature will let you set the taillight at the right place, which will give you the best visibility.

Overall, this bike light is a taillight that will let you feel safe when pedaling at night or predawn bike rides. In addition, the brightness can be seen from a distance away when riding in the middle of the traffic.

  • Powerful taillight; providing up to 110 lumens of light output
  • With multiple modes; it provides seven different lighting patterns
  • Provides versatility in fitting all type of bikes
  • With rechargeable battery; does need any battery replacement
  • Includes two mounting straps
  • Blue light can be illegal in your state

This affordable bike light is for bike owners looking for a complimentary light for their main bike headlight. It is a great product that also provides dependability when being used. Excellent battery capacity and versatility in mounting all types of bikes are some of the features to look for this bike light.

5. Vont Breeze Rechargeable Bike Lights

vont breeze rechargeable bike lights

The benefit of biking with lights at night will make you more visible to other road users and give them more time to see and react to you. Never depend on the lighting off the street to help you see in the dark. Instead, use the greatest bike light under 50 to help you see the road and help others recognize you.

First, this product comes with an extra taillight which is impressive. Second, it comes in three different modes, and the construction is well-built and durable. Third, it is very bright in light output and comes with a low beam setting and strobe lighting.

Meanwhile, the taillight also comes very brightly and comes in three different modes. It is easy to operate and is powered by two lights. Although it comes in small size, the taillight can be easily seen in the sides and on the back, making the biker more visible at night which means more safety to the rider.

And the best thing about this affordable bike light is it is so easy to mount and adjust. You will only need to snap the base around the handlebar then slide to attach the mounting strap. Then, you can slide in to secure the light or slide out to remove it. Attaching and removing the bike light is easy once the mounting bracket is installed.

The only issue I see on the product is the battery of the taillight. It is not rechargeable and is powered by a regular lithium cell battery. This situation can cause some inconvenience, especially in replacing the battery.

  • Provides an extremely bright light; runtime is approximately 6 hours
  • Long term battery life with quick charging option
  • It can be easily mounted; attaching and removing the light is so easy
  • Uses high-quality materials to provide toughness and durability
  • Extremely light
  • The taillight is not USB rechargeable

If you are a biker looking for an ideal but affordable bike light, this product is an excellent option. This bike light will make you visible on the dark road. In addition, the light can be easily removed once it is recharge which should give additional comfort to the biker.

6. Te-Rich Bike Lights Bicycle Safety Lights

te-rich bike lights bicycle safety lights

The primary concern when biking at night is to be safe at all costs. But to do it, you need to be equipped with the right light system for your bike. And it does need to be expensive, such as this bike light from Te-Rich, which offers several outstanding features to make the biker more visible when biking at night.

Out of the outstanding feature of this product is the quality of the bike light. This product is a solid set of lights and should be good when using as blinkers to enhance the biker’s visibility. And the best thing about this light is it comes in different blinking options ranging from fast blink, slow, irregular blink, among others.

Another feature that caught my attention is the rechargeable battery. I can say that the battery life when fully charge is probably over 20 hours or possibly even more. However, the most significant upside is being rechargeable. It eliminates the times when I go to the department store to buy a new battery every time the battery is empty, which is a considerable advantage.

The strap mounting system is another feature that is impressive in this inexpensive bike light. When most lights are attached to the tube, this bike light can be attached to the rack or into the back of the seat. Thanks to the strap, the biker can fasten and secure the light in holding into the bike.

I have used several bike lights before, but this product is different in its simplicity and convenience. The compact and the lightness bring a lot of comfort to the biker, and there is an extra mounting rubber band that shows the company’s generosity.

  • USB rechargeable bike lights; does not need any battery replacements
  • With battery indicator for charging status
  • Easy to mount; include a quick release feature
  • Compact design and lightness provide some portability to be used on other tasks
  • Provides durability and toughness; with water resistance feature
  • Mounting straps tend to break easily

This bike accessory is for bikers looking for a reliable but inexpensive bike light. It is best used as a blinker or support for your leading light. It increases the biker’s visibility, thus enhancing his safety while on the road.

7. Tesecu 800 LED USB Rear Bicycle Lights

tesecu 800 led usb rear bicycle light

Night biking provides a different thrill, but it is essential to be safe out there while pedaling in the dark. To maximize safety, every biker must make sure to equip their bike with the best light system. It does not need to be expensive, just like this bike light under 50 by Tesecu. This product is one of the most advanced in terms of features compared to other brands.

Compared to the other products I reviewed earlier, this product is different since it offers more advanced features. For example, this product is a multifunctional headlight that provides a big screen showing different vehicle conditions such as speed, distance, and ride time. There is also a bike horn that can emit a warning sound to the other road users.

The quality of the light is impressive, with a light output of up to 800 lumens. The light also comes in several settings, including bright, weak, flash, and yellow mode. The battery can also be changed to a high and low level.

It also comes in a rechargeable battery and can be charged for 2 to 3 hours. The run time is between 5 to 8 hours, depending on the light mode being used. The run time should be enough for this bike light to illuminate the biker from the start until the end of the biking activity.

Overall, this bike light is small but is easy to set up and install. It comes with a bright light and a loud horn which will let the other road users know of your presence. In addition, the speedometer and the odometer will give you information related to your biking activity which is excellent. All of these features will make it easy for you to let everyone know of your presence on the road to make you safer when biking in the dark.

  • Provides a reliable bright light of up to 800 lumens; illuminating up to 500 feet
  • With a rechargeable battery; no need for battery replacements
  • Run time is between 5 to 8 hours
  • With monitor to measure biking performance
  • With bike horn to let others know of your presence on the road
  • With free taillight
  • The product manual is poorly written

This inexpensive bike light is for bikers looking for a more advanced bike light offering unique features. This product provides brightness, excellent build quality, and additional accessories and functionality to the user.

8. BurningSun 1000 IP65 Bike Lights

burningsun 1000 ip65 bike lights

Biking at night will always give convenient and a unique experience to the biker. Pedaling at night is different from doing it under the sun’s heat as you need the appropriate lighting to make you safe while on the road. Using the bike light under 50 from BurningSun, the biker will be safer as it offers many benefits while biking on the road at night.

One of the main benefits when using this product is the quality of the light when operating in the dark. Thanks to its two units of ultra-bright lamp beads, which produce up to 1000 lumens of light output. The beam distance can also reach up to 600 feet which is enough to let the biker see a clear vision of what lies ahead on the road.

Another benefit of using this product is the ability to provide durability and toughness of this bike light. The aluminum case feels so solid and rigid. Thanks to the high-strength aluminum alloy casing, which offers a concrete shell for the light.

Meanwhile, the mounting si well-built, which means it will not move or become loose. Then, there is the presence of a lock that will secure the mount tightly. Also, the battery level indicator is an excellent feature since it will give the biker the information it needs regarding the status of the battery.

However, the only drawback that I see from using this product is the pretty big size, and the weight is a little bit heavy. Somehow, it gives some discomfort during the right but not too much.

  • Provides ultra-bright light; light output is up to 1000 lumens
  • Beam distance can reach as far as 600 feet
  • With a powerful rechargeable battery; runtime is 3 hours
  • Aluminum casing provides extra strong shell and cover
  • With free taillight
  • Mount is large and heavy

If you are a bike owner looking for a reliable but expensive bike light under 50, this product is an excellent option. The bike light is mighty, while the mount is well-built. The taillight is bright as it adds visibility to the biker.

9. Teshudi Front Back Bike Lights

teshudi front back bike lights

Making yourself and your bike visible is the best way to prevent any injury when biking at night. And this can be done by having the proper lighting system on your bike. You need to use a bike light where the purpose is to help bikers to be illuminated appropriately when biking in the dark.

One of the primary purposes of this inexpensive bike light is to provide excellent light to the biker when biking on a dark road. The light itself is very bright and offers a good path in front of the biker during the bike ride. It will make the night riding so easy with the proper illumination while on the road.

Another purpose of this product is to provide comfort to the biker when it comes to battery management. Since it is powered by a rechargeable battery, there will be no need to replace it once it is empty. Also, the battery’s runtime should last around 20 hours, depending on the light mode use.

Also, this affordable bike light is so easy to install on the bike. Thanks to its universal mount, which fits different types of bicycle handlebars and other parts. Installing will take around 10 seconds or less, which for me is pretty impressive.

Physically, this is one of the durable and robust bike lights that I know. The design is completely enclosed to provide water and shock resistance protection to the light itself. The USB port is covered completely to protect the internal parts during rainy conditions.

  • With a rechargeable battery; no need for battery replacement
  • Includes four different light modes to be used for various purposes
  • With easy installation feature; can be mounted in less than a minute
  • With waterproofing features
  • Lightweight
  • Mount quality is suspect

This affordable bike accessory is for bikers looking for dependable blinkers for their bikes. It provides multiple modes and is so easy to charge. It will add to the visibility of the biker once mounted on the bike.

10. Jowbeam 1000 Headlight Tail Bike Lights

jowbeam 1000 headlight tail bike lights

For some outsiders, biking at night may not be a safe activity that may result in accidents and injuries. This statement is accurate but can be avoided if you equipped your bike with the right bike lights and other safety accessories. One bike light that can provide safety to the bike is this affordable bike light from Jowbeam.

What I like best bout this bike light under 50 is the different functionality and light perspective it offers. For example, if you are biking in a high traffic area, using the flickering mode will increase your visibility, thus making you safer. The battery level indicator is also good in giving the biker information about the battery statushigh-traffic.

Meanwhile, the presence of a bike horn will also increase your visibility to other road users. I tell you, the sound of the horn is so incredible and is available in 6 different sound modes. One of them can replicate the sound of a medical emergency vehicle which is pretty impressive. I just do not if it is legal in your state.

Also, this bike light comes with a mounting tool that is so easy to install on the bike. It is easy to attach to the handlebars and has a quick-release functionality should you decide to remove the light from the mount.

Overall, this an impressive but affordable bike light. The front light comes in multiple settings, and it provides a super bright light. The free taillight is also good as it allows for decent lighting. But the horn is the difference maker as it helps in increasing the visibility of the biker to other users.

  • Includes a bike horn that alerts the other road users of the presence of the biker on the road
  • Five different light modes help increase the rider’s visibility in the dark
  • With rechargeable battery; does not need any battery replacement
  • Easy to install; can be mounted in minutes
  • With quick-release functionality
  • With free taillight
  • The taillight is not rechargeable

This product is for bikers looking for a trusted bike light under 50. It provides exceptionally bright light, and the built-in bike horn is equally impressive. This product is one of the best affordable bike lights you can use when biking at night.

What to Look For When Buying a Bike Light Under 50

best bike headlight under 50

Aside from being affordable, a bike light under 50 also comes with different factors which should be considered before buying. Learning these factors is essential when choosing the right product for your bike, especially when biking at night. Please check on the list below:

Quality of Light/ Light Output

This factor refers to the brightness of the bike light when it comes to illumination on the road. There are various light requirements in every type of road and you must make sure that the light output is enough to let you see clearly what lies in front of you. Also, the taillight must produce enough light output to add visibility to your presence on the road. Doing these steps will ensure that you will be safe when biking at night.

Type of Battery

Bike lights are powered by different types of batteries. Some products are using regular lithium cells and a button cell battery as the power source. The downside when using this type of bike light is the hassle of constantly replacing the battery once it is empty. My preference is the rechargeable battery which can be recharged in an electric device with an available USB port. This feature is very convenient mainly as it eliminates the hassle of constantly buying replacement batteries.

Battery Runtime

Speaking of rechargeable batteries, you also need to consider the battery’s runtime when choosing a bike light. The runtime is the time it takes for a full charge battery to get empty. This feature is essential to have adequate light when riding at night. So, you must choose a bike light with a runtime that can cover from the start of your biking until it is finished. Or else, you will be going home without light, and this situation will be dangerous on your end.

Ease of Installation

Another factor to consider is the installation process of the bike light. My preference is the bike light which is easy to mount into the handlebar or any other parts of the bike. Look for a mounting bracket that is durable and can be easily installed on the bike. I also like the mount with a quick-release feature that allows the biker to remove the bike’s light if needed quickly.

Additional Accessories

It is also excellent if you check additional features and accessories added to the product package of a bike light. Some products are offering extra accessories such as a free taillight or mounting strap. These extra items will help in making you more comfortable while biking in the dark. Other bike lights are offering additional features to make you safer when biking at night. For example, some bike lights have a battery level indicator that is very helpful to the rider when biking at night. Other products offer a bike horn, power bank, and other extra features to make night biking more comfortable.


Looking for a bike light need not be expensive all the time. In my experience, I have used the best bike lights under 50, which helped me protect and be safe when biking at night. The most important thing is choosing an affordable bike light that will let you see the road clearly. You will also need to have a bike light which increases your presence and visibility when biking in the dark.

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