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The Best Bike Saddle to Prevent Numbness for 2023

best bike saddle to prevent numbness

The most comfortable saddle is what a biker needs to achieve the most enjoyable and satisfying ride. The secret to achieving this is to use the best bike saddle to prevent numbness and other long-term injuries. After all, long-term benefits are also crucial in choosing the bike seat apart from short-term comfort.

Numbness is one of the most common injuries a biker will get from failing to use the right bike saddle. But this can be prevented if the bike owner is equipped with information about choosing the right bike saddle. For this reason, we tested and reviewed top ten bike saddle that helps bikers in preventing numbness after the ride. Our primary objective is to help all bikers choose the right seat for their bikes to achieve maximum comfort and avoid numbness.

Best Bike Saddle to Prevent Numbness Reviews

1. Bikeroo Comfort Bike Seats

bikeroo comfort bike seats

When looking for the best bike seat to reduce numbness, my preference is always about the brand that shows care to the bikers. A company that is proven to make products to protect the biker and give comfort during the ride. With Bikeroo, I am confident that this bike seat will ensure that the rider will not feel any numbness and experience other health issues after the ride.

Upon checking on this bike saddle, one feature that stands out is the extra soft padding. This part of the seat will play a crucial role in providing comfort to the biker. Moreover, the soft padding will prevent any aches or pains during the ride because it divides pressure and spreads it in every part of the buttocks. Also, the elastomer spring suspension adds comfort and prevents any significant effects when dealing with uneven surfaces and challenging road conditions.

In terms of the material, premium memory foam is an essential factor in providing protection and comfort to the biker. It can absorb from the effects of bumps and uneven surfaces, protecting your sit bones and lower back. It will adjust to your shape without affecting the quality of your ride.

Also, the universal mount will give many options when it comes to mounting it on different bikes. The mount was constructed so that it will fit any standard bike post regardless of brand. All you have to do is check the bike and its bike post and see for yourself if it uses the standard measurement for a bicycle. If it is, then there is no issue in using this bike saddle to prevent numbness.

The only issue I see in this product is its ability to carry riders with a large frame. I don’t think it can allow using of bikers that are well-built and with large frames. Tall and heavy bikers might be in the awkward upright position, which should give discomfort to the boxer.

  • Saddle mount is designed to fit any standard bike post
  • Memory foam provides comfort and protection to the sit bones and the lower back
  • Elastomer suspension gives additional comfort
  • Extra soft padding all gives comfort and convenience
  • With additional accessories such as bike cover, bicycle seat adapter, mounting tools, etc
  • Not for large and well-built bikers

A suitable bike saddle for numbness is the one that is constructed to provide comfort to the biker. This Bikeroo bike seat was made to be that way, making the bikers comfortable and prevent any numbness from happening with its most advanced features.

2. Cloud-9 Sunlite Suspension Cruiser Saddle

cloud-9 sunlite suspension cruiser saddle

If you are looking for a perfect bike saddle for heavy riders, this bike seat from Cloud-9 is the best option for you. It is constructed to protect the biker from numbness as well as giving comfort during a long ride. Arguably, this is one of the best road bike saddles for long rides, which a biker can use.

I have personally used this bike seat before, and I did enjoy all the benefits it brings to the bike. First is the comfort it brings to heavy people like me, especially on long rides. I have some unpleasant experiences and discomfort from using the stock bike seat, which was hard and relatively small for me. I spend some time looking for possible replacements, and I feel that I did great in choosing this bike saddle.

From there, all my rides were comfortable, impact even when taking longer rides. Thanks to the gem foal padding, which provides softness even if the road is not in good condition. The coil spring suspension also helps in reducing the effects of bumps and the impact of uneven road surfaces. Using this product has positively impacted my bike riding as I could extend my coverage area and rides in a longer distance.

Another benefit of using this bike is the comfort it brings during the installation. I tell you that this is the easiest thing that you can install on the bike post. This is because it comes with a universal design that should fit any standard bike post you can find. If it does not fit, the bike post should be the issue and not the bike saddle.

Also, I feel that the primary purpose of this product is to be the perfect replacement for all stick bike saddles, which brings discomfort to every biker. If you think that the original bike saddle of your bike is affecting the quality of your ride and giving you unusual discomfort and numbness, then take a look at this product as a possible replacement.

  • Specifically designed to give comfort
  • Gel foam padding provides softness and convenience
  • Coil spring suspension eliminates bumps and the effects of uneven and challenging road conditions
  • Universal design means it will fit any standard bike post
  • Easy to install
  • Not for short riders as it adds height

This product is for bikers looking for an excellent replacement for their uncomfortable stock bike saddle. The riders will feel comfortable and convenient once it is installed on their bikes. This product is also for heavy bikers wanting to have a comfortable and safe ride even at a longer distance.

3. Wittkop 5-Zone-Concept Bike Seats

wittkop 5-zone-concept bike seats

Another factor that impresses me when looking for a bike saddle is innovation. I like a product that tries to improve and innovate to provide comfort and convenience to the bikers. And this is where this bike seat from Wittkop impresses me the most, a new concept and innovation for the benefit of the bike riders who are patronizing this bike saddle.

With all the bike seats I tried, this product is probably the greatest bike saddle for groin numbness. I find this bike seat just having the right amount of padding to my sit bones, and it feels right. Also, the nose does not cause pain or numbness in the pelvis or groin area, which is the exact opposite of using my bike’s original seat. The unique foam has something to do with the comfort it brings to my bike experience.

When compared to the previous bike saddle I used, this bike seat is just on another level. I found it a bit harder or firmer during the first hours but later on, I feel that it was the most comfortable ride that I felt ever when riding my bike. The unique design of the saddle is contoured inward, which prevents both of my thighs from rubbing together. I always feel the support of my buttocks and lower back when using this bike seat.

Another thing that sets this bike saddle apart from the others is the coolness it brings during the ride. Thanks to the product’s innovation, a unique airflow system ensures proper ventilation to assist all the body parts depending on your bike from staying cool and dry throughout the bike ride. With this, you will no longer feel and experience unpleasant sweating in all your private parts during the ride.

Another benefit of using this bike saddle is the comfort it brings upon installation. It is easy to mount in your bike, provided that the bike post is standard size. The product packaged includes a product manual and an adapter that helps in mounting the saddle to your bike with ease.

  • High-quality memory foam ensures comfort and convenience
  • An innovative air-flow system prevents unnecessary sweats on your private parts
  • Provides water resistance feature
  • Easy to install and mount; product manual included
  • Made in Germany
  • It takes time to get comfortable with the seat

This product is for bikers looking for quality in a bike saddle. Suppose you want an innovative product design to provide convenience to the biker while on the road; this product is an excellent option to have. The design is more advanced, and the features are unique, which makes it different from other bike saddles.

4. TONBUX Comfortable Bicycle Seats

tonbux comfortable bicycle seats

We all have our preferences when it comes to choosing a bike saddle. Some like it thin, while others like the fat size because they are probably parallel or similar to their body figure. If you are a biker with a large frame looking for the best road bike seat for heavy riders, this bicycle seat from Tonbuk is what the doctors ordered. This product is one of the most comfortable seats you can use on your bike.

Compared to the others, the main difference is actually the size of this bike saddle. This product is indeed a fat seat which is perfect for a fat bike or bikes with large frames. I have received positive reviews coming from my biker friends with this saddle, and all they are saying is that this is a comfortable bike seat. It feels like the cushion is doubled compared to the other saddles that they know.

As for my personal view, using this bike saddle is like putting a helmet in your buttocks and lower back. It is a comfortable bicycle seat which is helpful, especially if you are a heavy rider who loves to ride long distances. Thanks to the microfiber enhanced artificial fiber and the thickened pad in the rear part of the bike, which absorbs shock and provides cushioning to the butt and the rider’s lower back.

Also, this bike seat is designed ergonomically, which means the product was manufactured to meet the needs and the demands of the riders while on the road. The long soft nose will comfort the bottom while not obstructing thigh movement, eliminating numbness and leg pain after the ride. Also, an airflow vent in the middle of the seat will make the air circulation and heat dissipation perfect during the ride.

Another benefit of using this bike saddle is the comfort it brings during the installation. It is easy to install or mount on your bike. It also comes with a mounting wrench which should help during the mounting process.

  • Artificial leather and thickened pad provides the comfort that a rider needs
  • Universal and ergonomics design makes it fits in any standard bike post
  • Airflow vent provides proper air circulation and heat dissipation
  • Dual shock absorbing ball promotes addition cushion, endurance, and toughness
  • Easy to install; mounting wrench included
  • Subpar reflector quality

If you are a biker looking for a fat bike saddle, I highly recommend this bike seat from Tonbux. It will prevent numbness and other conditions in the body, but it will also help make the ride comfortable and convenient, especially for fat bikers.

5. Schwinn Comfort Bike Seats

schwinn comfort bike seats

I have been biking for so many years and have used several bike saddle on my bike. Many bike seats were uncomfortable, while few provided comfort, and this Schwinn Comfort bike seat are one of them. This product is one of my highly recommended bike saddles due to its lightweight design and simplicity. If you are looking for the most comfortable bike seat for long rides, this product from Schwinn is an excellent option.

Compared to the other bike seats I reviewed earlier, I feel that the main difference for this product is its weight. This bike saddle is one of the lightest I used, and this bike seat is perfect for use on sport and road performance. Even if it is lightweight, this bike seat will not weigh you down and still support and give comfort even to people with large frames.

In terms of its physical features, I like the retro design, which brings some memories to the earlier saddle design I see. But what impresses me is the comfort it brings to the buttocks and the lower part of your back. If you do not like the retro design, this bike seat may not be for you but always think of the comfort it brings to you and your butt. Your butt will be happy should you decide to mount it on your bike.

Regarding its effect on the rider, sing this bike seat will help eliminate numbness or any other type of pain you will feel after the ride. This bike saddle will position your body to increase posture while leaning back a little to balance the weight of your butt. This situation is why many people feel that this bike seat makes the butt comfortable during the ride. Also, this bike helps in preventing my hand from being numb after a long ride.

The only minor issue I experience using this product is getting used to or being comfortable using this bike seat. As far as I can remember, It was awkward and uncomfortable at first, and I was not sure what I feel, but I eventually get comfortable as time goes by.

  • Made for sport and road biking performance
  • It comes with soft foam to provide maximum comfort
  • Soft PU cover provides weather resistance feature
  • Compatible with most standard bikes
  • Lightweight
  • It takes time to get comfortable

This product is for bikers looking for a unique and retro design in a bike saddle. It is also for bikers looking for comfort, especially in the buttocks, to promote healthy and painless bike riding, especially in longer distances.

6. SGODDE Comfortable Bike Seats

sgodde comfortable bike seats

Finding the bike seat that suits you will be a challenge with all the brands to choose from. But with my years of experienced biking and finding the right bike accessories, it is all about being comfortable and meeting your needs as a biker. With that said, this bike saddle from Sgodde is an excellent option for you, an innovative and comfortable bike saddle that prevents numbness from maximizing your biking experience.

One of the main benefits of using this product is the comfort and protection it gives to the perineal region. I feel that this is one of the best bicycle seats that protect the perineum with its design. You will see a lot of cushions and a fair amount of support to give not only the comfort you need but also the protection needed when it comes to preventing numbness and other pain-related effects after the ride.

Another benefit from using this bike saddle is its ability to allow you to sit on longer durations when riding without feeling numb. This bike saddle will be an improvement to any stock seat in every bike. I like the design in terms of being sleeky and streamlined to provide protection and comfort to every biker. Also, every detail in the design is a plan to support the biker in giving optimal comfort and convenience.

In terms of its physical features, you will see a narrow seat design that I like better than the old and oversized bike seat. I always felt that the large size has the tendency to affect my pedaling and gives me that uncomfortable feeling. I sometimes used padded bike shorts to avoid chaffing, but now with this bike saddle, all I feel is comfort and convenience, and the sense of numbness was gone.

Furthermore, this bike saddle is easy to install or mount on any bike. It was effortless only to take a few minutes to remove the old saddle and mount the new one. Overall, this bike seat is attractive and very comfortable, which is advantageous to you and your bike.

  • The ergonomic and hollow design provides comfort with long-distance riding
  • Dual spring provides strong absorption and minimizes the effects of bumps
  • Stainless steel rails and resistant shell adds shock absorption properties
  • Reflective stripe protects the biker during the night
  • Easy to mount
  • Not for a big rider

If you are a biker looking for protection at its finest, then this product is an excellent option for you. This bike seat is designed to give maximum comfort and safety to all bikers, especially when planning to do some long-distance riding.

7. Roguoo Ergonomics Bike Seats

roguoo ergonomics bike seats

Looking for a bike seat can be a challenge, especially if you are tall and a big biker. I mean, people who are naturally tall and large often have difficulty being comfortable when it comes to using the original seat of their bike. The next best thing to do is find the best replacement for your stock bike saddle, and one of the options is this bike seat from Roguoo. This product is a bike seat made to provide comfort and protection to tall and fat bikers.

If you are big and tall, there is no way you can be comfortable with the original seat of your bike. Most of the time, stock bike seats are hard and tiny, bringing more discomfort to bikers with large frames. But with this bike saddle, you will feel more comfortable and convenient during the ride. Thanks to its memory foam padding and anti-shock rubber ball, which will protect bikers from bumps and cracks while on the road.

This comfortable bike seat comes with a long soft nose with a nice transition in the bottom part of the seat. The advantage of this design is its ability not to obstruct the thigh movement during pedaling. This situation will help prevent numbness and pain on the legs during the ride, especially when riding long distances. Meanwhile, the microfiber leather gives additional comfort with its variety of features.

Another benefit when using this bike saddle is the safety it brings when biking in the dark. The presence of the red reflective strip at the rear of the bike seat provides additional protection when riding at night time or early morning when the sun has still not come out. The design is eye-catching and should give added visibility when driving at night.

In addition, this bike seat is easy to install and should be mounted on your bike in a few minutes. The package includes the standard rail clamp, which should fit any regular bike post, and an installation tool that should make the mounting relatively easy.

  • Design to provide comfort and prevent numbness
  • foam-padding and rubber ball brings shock absorption properties
  • Microfiber artificial leather provides superb cushioning properties
  • Universal fitting means can be mounted on any standard bikes
  • Red warning strip protects the biker at night
  • Subpar reflective strip

This bike saddle is for bikers who are large and fat and are looking for the right bike saddle for their physical structure. This bike seat will bring comfort and will help them comfortable even with the large frames, especially when riding in longer distances.

8. BLUEWIND Comfortable Bike Seats

bluewind comfortable bike seats

This bike seat from Bluewind is one of those products that I heard from my biker friends who praised the saddle for being comfortable and well-designed. All the praises make me curious about the product, and later on, I tried to get one just to test if the reviews were correct. From there, I kind of know that this bike saddle is an excellent option to have if you are looking for a comfortable bike seat that will support you, especially on longer rides.

One of the outstanding features of this product is the ergonomic design. I like the smoothness of the front of the saddle, and its narrow size gets a lot of difference compared to the standard bike saddle. This situation will prevent both of your thighs from rubbing and will not affect the quality of your pedaling. Also, the concave shape in the middle will make your butt breathe freely and be comfortable throughout the ride.

Another feature that I was impressed with is the durability and the quality of the materials used in making this bike side. The high-density memory foam provides durability and water-resistance properties which should help make the bike seat last longer. Meanwhile, the presence of the spring ball underneath the bike seat offers shock absorption properties that help reduce the effect of bumps, cracks, and other complex road conditions.

Another benefit of using this product is its convenience during the installation and mounting in the bike. It is easy to install and will take only a few minutes to remove the old seat and mount the new one. It helps that there are two mounting tools included in the package, which can help get the job done quickly.

The only downside I see in the product is its weight. I feel that the weight is too heavy, especially for light bicycles. However, this is just a minor observation on my part, and I could be wrong with this statement.

  • Padding provides comfort and convenience
  • Well designed and well made
  • Provides shockproofing and noiseless features
  • Ergonomic design gives additional comfort to the biker
  • Easy to install; mounting tools included
  • Weight is heavy

This product is for bikers looking for value and quality at the same time. If you are looking for a highly comfortable ride with your bike, this bike saddle is an excellent option to have. It is well-designed and brings many features that will make your ride more convenient while eliminating numbness and other related body pains.

9. Selle Royal Respiro Bike Saddle

selle royal respiro bike saddle

Technology and innovation: these are the two words that best describe this bike saddle from Selle Royal. This product uses the advancement of technology and unique material to combine one of the most comfortable bike seats you can use. The primary purpose of this bike seat is to give maximum comfort to the biker using advanced technology and innovation, which I considered as top-of-the-line in bike saddle manufacturing.

One of the upsides of using this product is the comfort it brings to the biker when mounted on the bike. Royal gel, a unique soft padding material guarantees optimum comfort to the biker during the ride. What’s special about this material is that it does not age, harden, or migrate over time, ensuring that it will last longer than other bike seats. The royal gel provides excellent durability and distributes the body weight equally, reducing the pressure and eliminating the numbness and body pain.

Another upside in using this product is the unique ventilation channel designed to provide the coolness and rider needs on the road. This bike seal also comes with an excellent covering that provides more cooling ability than other regular saddles. It uses a unique material that reflects the sunlight while ensuring that the right amount of air is going inside to keep the maximum coolness of the rider.

Another technology being used is the foam matrix open-cell design, a unique structure that increases the breathability and elasticity of the bike seat. This feature will add more comfort once it combines the benefits of the special ventilation channel and the royal material. With this technology and innovation, the biker will experience the most comfortable and unique bike ride on the road.

As a bonus, this bike saddle was also made for the bikers to attach other things to the bike seat. The integrated clip system ensures that you can clip a saddle bag or a tail light should you decide to clip it on the bike seat.

  • It uses royal gel, a unique soft padding material that provides maximum comfort
  • Unique ventilation channel and excellent cover provides extra coolness to the biker
  • Foam matrix cell design gives breathability and elasticity to the bike seat
  • Royal vacuum light technology provides durability and toughness to the bike seat
  • An integrated clip system allows the biker to clip a saddle bag or tail light easily
  • Not for beginners

This product is for bikers looking for a special and unique bike seat for their bicycle. This product is not ordinary; this is a special bike seat that provides optimum comfort and convenience to anyone who uses it on their bike.

10. Giddy Up Oversize Bike Seats

giddy up oversize bike seats

Not all bikers share the same size physically. Whether it is the weight, height, or other physical structures, every biker has unique dimensions, making it more challenging to choose the right bike seat. For this reason, I am recommending this bike saddle from Giddy Up, a special bike seat for bikers with a huge butt or large posterior. Skinny bike seats will not work for these bikers; they need an oversize saddle to make the posterior comfortable during the ride.

Comparing it to the other bike seats I reviewed, the main difference is actually the size. This bike seat is huge literally, and any biker with a large posterior will be perfect for this bike saddle. What’s unique about this seat is it gives the rider the capability to lean the pressure of your butt from one side to the other. This situation is because of the design and size but surprisingly brings a unique comfort and feel during the ride.

Another upside that caught my attention when having this product is the complete bundle to the bike owner. Purchasing this product will give you not only a reliable bike seat but also a protection cover, a reflective band, and a mounting wrench. You will no longer find a suitable protection cover for this bike seat once it is in your hand. Also, mounting this seat will be easy with the use of the mounting wrench.

This product is universally fit in installation, which means this bike saddle can be mounted to any standard bike post. Also included in the package are the installation parts, making it easy for the biker to mount it in minutes.

Overall, what makes this seat unique is the thick cushion and the springs mounted beneath it. If you have constantly complained about numbness and hurting crotch, you need to try and use this bike seat. It is a large bike seat that will provide comfort which its unique design and sheer size.

  • Universally fit, which means it can be used to any standard bike post
  • Easy to install; Mounting tools included
  • The spring suspension provides shock absorption properties
  • Memory foam gives the ultimate comfort a biker needs,
  • Includes a protection cover, reflective band, and mounting wrench
  • Too much movement on rails

This product is for bikers with large posterior and is looking for the perfect bike seat for them. The bike seat size fits people with big butt, making them comfortable throughout the ride. Add the other accessories included in the package, and you have a lovely bike saddle for your bicycle.

What to Look For When Buying a Bike Saddle To Prevent Numbness

best bike seat to reduce numbness

The presence of so many options when looking for a bike saddle makes it difficult for bike owners to choose the right one for their bike. But, as an experienced biker, this should not be a problem if you know the different factors that make the bike saddle perfect for your bike. Please check below:

Type of Cover Material

DIFFERENT bike seats come with varying materials of cover. This part of the bike seat plays an essential role in determining the saddle’s durability and toughness. But the most popular and arguably the toughest is natural or synthetic leather which is the usual materials being used by manufacturers. This material is always my preference in terms of the cover material.

Bikers should also consider the shell of the bike saddle as it comes in various widths. Whatever you choose will depend on your preference and the one the suits perfectly to your bike. Nylon shell is the most popular, but there are also brands using carbon reinforcement for the shell of the bike seat.

The Padding

All bikers are looking for comfort during the ride, and the need to use thick but soft padding is the usual solution among riders. However, a soft saddle tends to compress and deform throughout the bike ride, making the rider feel discomfort and inconvenience.

However, some companies are investing their efforts in determining where to put the proper padding that can bring ultimate comfort to the biker. Some paddings being used are the regular foam and the memory foam. Some bike seats also use a gel for the padding, bringing comfort and convenience to the rider.

The Rails

If you are not familiar, the rails are the ones that are connecting the shell to the seat post clamp. Different materials are being used in constructing the rails, but the cheapest is the steel alloys. For the more expensive bike saddles, manufacturers are using manganese alloys, carbon fiber, and titanium for the rails of the bike.

The type of materials being used in making the rails plays an essential part in determining the overall value of the bike saddle. The more expensive the rails are, the more expensive is the bike saddle.

Channel and Cut-Outs

Channel and cut-outs are extra features being provided by bike seat manufacturers. These are designs usually found in the middle of the bike seat, which will relieve the pressure and improve. The primary purpose of the channel and cut-outs is to reduce any soft tissue pressure while enhancing the blood flow of the biker.

Extra Features

This last factor may not be the least of your concern, but having extra features and accessories can signify a high-quality bike seat. A bike seat package offers additional accessories such as reflective stripe, mounting tools, and many more. Another additional feature you should remember is the ease of installation or mounting.

It will be a great advantage if the bike saddle can be easily mounted to any bike. Some brands include mounting tools to help in removing and installing the saddle to the bike post.

Frequently Asked Questions

best bike saddle for groin numbness

How do I Stop Numbness When Cycling?

There are many ways to prevent numbness in cycling, but the most obvious is to use the proper footwear for your feet. You should also know the appropriate position of your hand when it comes to creating wrists extension. The biker should also check the handlebar reach to determine the transfer weight of the perineum to make him comfortable while preventing numbness.

How to Set Up a Bike Saddle to Prevent Numbness?

The most important thing is making sure that the saddle is level and does not need you to tilt the nose down because it can make you go forward. You must also keep your weight towards the rear of the saddle on the sit bones to allow proper weight distribution and make the biker comfortable.


Being comfortable during the ride is what the biker needs every time he hits on the road. And one way to achieve it is to use a suitable bike saddle to prevent numbness. We have reviewed ten of the best bike saddles to help all bikers prevent numbness and other physical issues during and after the ride. Our team is hoping that you will get the right fit for your bike sooner and not later.

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