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The Best Bike Seat for Your Balls for 2023

best bike seat for your balls

Biking is a good exercise and brings a lot of benefits to the body. It is a physical activity that helps increase someone’s fitness, muscle strength, and many more. But despite all the benefits, a biker must use the best bike seat for your balls to avoid acute testicular pain. Yes, you heard it right; failure to use the best bike saddle for men harms arguably the most important jewel of your body.

But kidding aside, some studies show that the failure to use comfortable bike seats for men can lead to erectile dysfunction, penile numbness, and weeklong impotence. These studies show that failure to provide the most comfortable bike saddle for men can bring short and long-term effects to your precious manhood.

In connection with this, we review top ten bike seats for males that provide comfort and protect their manhood from getting in an unnecessary medical situation. These bike saddles were tested, properly research, and thoroughly checked by our team to give you suitable recommendations for the top bike seat for your balls.

Best Bike Seat for Your Ball Reviews

1. IPOW Comfort Bike Seats

ipow comfort bike seat

When looking for men’s bicycle seats for comfort, you need to find something to keep away the discomfort and pain that usually occurs during a long ride. We all know biking is one of the best exercises that you can do during this time, but failure to use bike seats that don’t hurt will mean a lot of pair after the ride. For this reason, I recommend this comfort bike seat from IPOW, a bike saddle made to make your balls comfortable and safe during the ride.

One of the outstanding features of this product, I should say, is its design. I like the thick foam padding, which comes with an anti-shock rubber ball just below the bike seat. It will help protect you from uneven surfaces, crack, bumps, and other similar situations on the road. There is also a hollow at the center of the saddle, which will assist in releasing pressure from the sensitive area of your body and help remove the stress and discomfort.

Physically, I was amazed by the durability and strength of the bike saddle. I did check on the surface and was surprised by how the premium artificial leather on the surface. I am confident that this will not deteriorate quickly, even if the saddle will be exposed to sunlight or even in the rain. The presence of a sis-layer stitch should provide abrasion resistance and should make the saddle very light in weight to provide comfort.

Another benefit of getting this product is the convenience it brings during the installation. I should say that this bike seat can be easily mounted on any standard bike seat post. A small tool is included in the product, which should help you install the bike saddle quickly and accurately.

Overall, the primary purpose of this bike seat is to provide comfort and safety to the biker when doing long rides. The comfortable bike saddle also comes with a red warning strip located at the back, which will serve as a visibility signal of the biker. It will enhance the protection and safety of the rider when biking during the night.

  • Provides water, wear, and tear resistance feature
  • Made to absorbed shock, provide ventilation, and overall comfort
  • Premium artificial leather offers durability and toughness
  • Easy to install with a tool included
  • Red warning strip protects and secures the biker during the night
  • Not for heavy biker

This product is for all bikers looking for a comfortable and durable bike saddle. I like the design and how it is made to produce one of the most comfortable and durable seats you can use for your bike. The red strip signal is a unique feature that will increase your safety and security when riding at night.

2. SGODDE Comfortable Bike Seats

sgodde comfortable bike seats

How do you find the bike saddle that best suits you? The answer to this question will depend on the analysis of every biker, especially on the lower and back part of the hip bone. Meaning, a great bike seat should be designed based on the anatomy of the biker and the area in which the bike will be mainly used. And this is where this bike saddle from Sgodde will provide all bikers an anatomically optimized bike seat that brings comfort and convenience even on long rides.

Compared to the Ipow bike seat, I can say that they share the same structure but differ in many features. This bike seat is softer and more elastic. The padded memory foam provides comfort and elasticity, which protects your buttocks during the ride. I can say that this is one of the greatest bike seats to reduce numbness and should help bikers when doing long rides.

Another outstanding feature of this product is the ergonomics design. What does it mean? This bike saddle was made to fit the user’s needs when being used during the bike ride. Upon using this bike seat, I immediately notice the narrow front, which for me, can help in helping the thigh move freely during the ride. When the thigh’s movement is excellent, it will help all the other parts of the buttocks be more comfortable, minimizing pain or numbness.

The hollow design at the center of the bike seat should also give additional comfort to the rider. It will provide extra ventilation and can make the middle part of the seat lighter and breathable. This product is one of those bicycle seats that protect the perineum due to adequate air circulation, promoting convenience in your biking journey. Based on my experience, this hollow design also helps in relieving heat and sweat to all bikers, especially on long rides.

The only downside when using this product is the annoying squeaky sound it produces once on the road. The problem is with the design located below the saddle as the sounds are coming in that area. The manufacturer should come out with a fix because it somehow degrades this product’s quality but not too much.

  • The hollow design provides ventilation and proper air circulation
  • The ergonomic design brings shock absorption, stability, and protection
  • It can be easily mounted
  • High memory foam promotes durability, comfort, and protection of the buttocks
  • It comes with a mounting seat
  • Produces a squeaky sound

If you are a bike rider looking for comfort in a long ride, I highly suggest looking at this bike saddle. This product is ergonomically designed to fit the rider’s needs and make them comfortable during a tough and long ride.

3. BLUEWIND Comfortable Bicycle Seats

bluewind comfortable bicycle seats

The problem with some bike seats in the comfort and convenience they bring is it comes with some sort of limitation on the type of rider. I mean that most bike saddles offer comfort to riders with standard size but fail when dealing with large-size riders. Most large-size riders come with huge buttocks, which most of the bike saddle fails to accommodate. But this situation should not be an issue with the Bluewind bicycle seat, a bike saddle design to bring comfort to large-size drivers when biking on the road.

I know a friend who is trying to lose weight through biking during his free time. The problem with the original saddle in his bike is that it brings a lot of pain in the butt after a few hours of biking which made him find a suitable replacement. This bike seat from Bluewind was the answer and has provided comfort and convenience to my plus-size friend during his biking activity.

Physically, this is one of the most durable and robust bike saddles you can install on your bike. The surface is made with artificial microfiber leather, which provides anti-wear and anti-scratch properties. The thick pad and the rounded edge increase the shock absorption and the cushioning of the biker to make the ride more comfortable and easy. Meanwhile, the long soft-nose will not block the movement of the thigh to prevent any pain on the legs, especially when doing long rides.

Meanwhile, underneath the seat, a rubber ball should provide additional anti-shocking properties to the bike seat. Combine it with the memory foam padding, and you get the best protection from uneven road surfaces, road cracks, and other similar road conditions. Meanwhile, the hollow in the center provides additional ventilation and proper air circulation to the buttocks providing comfort during the ride.

Another outstanding feature of this product is it’s easy to install or mount on the bike. It includes a pair of mounting tools, which should make it easy for you to mount the saddle on the bike. But to be safe, make sure to check on your bike’s pole gauge before buying this product.

  • Universal fit, which means it fits all bikes
  • A long soft nose prevents pain to the leg during the biking journey
  • Memory foam padding and center hollow provides ventilation and air circulation
  • Microfiber leather provides wear and tear-resistant properties
  • Easy to mount or install; include mounting tools
  • Subpar packaging

This bike saddle is for bikers with large buttocks or who are large physically. Using this bike saddle will provide comfort and convenience to plus-size bikers with all the benefits and feature it brings to the table.

4. Giddy Up! Memory Foam Bike Saddles

giddy up! memory foam bike saddles

One of the significant factors to consider when choosing a bike is the safety it brings to the bike and the biker. With the Giddy Up! Bike seat, the priority is the safety of the biker as well as its comfort and convenience when pedaling on the road. The most important thing is for you to feel safe when riding a bike any time of the day, and this is what this product offers, along with its other features and benefits.

The primary purpose of this bike saddle is to make the rider safer, especially when riding at night or early morning where the sun is still not out. This product is life-changing to all bike enthusiasts, and I love how they design the seat to provide safety to the biker. The LED taillight found at the back of the saddle and the reflective band included in the package will make your trip safer, especially in the dark.

As a biker, I have tried several bike saddles as I try to look for ways to improve the comfort and convenience of my ride. Being comfortable on the bike is essential, especially when you are sitting more than 4 hours on the road, which is quite tiring. And this bike saddle did just that as I did not feel any pain or other ill effects from all my rides.

In terms of comfort, all you need to do is find the proper position of the saddle that makes you more comfortable. You also need to secure and tighten the screws every time you feel that the seat’s frame is coming loose in the front. If you happen to be a large guy, this bike saddle can also accommodate you with ease. This bike seat is constructed to withstand a significant size person with its durable construction materials.

As good as this product is, the only issue I see on this particular bike seat is the battery power consumption. Honestly, the battery doesn’t last when frequently used. I have replaced the battery several times in eight months.

  • Rubber balls provide a shock absorption feature
  • The memory foam material provides comfort and convenience
  • Includes a bike seat protection cover
  • LED taillight and reflective band ensures safety
  • Easy to install; Include a mounting wrench
  • The LED light consumes too many batteries

This product is for bikers looking for safety and security in the right. The LED light located at the back and the reflective band will protect the biker during the night or when biking early in the morning where the sunset still does not come out.

5. LUXOTON Comfortable Bike Seats

luxoton comfortable bike seats

Complete package: these are the two words that best describe this bike saddle from Luxoton. It is complete because it has all the features to make your ride safe and comfortable. The safety and comfort of the biker are the two most important factors to consider when choosing the bike seat. And this is what this bike saddle is capable of, providing comfort and safety to all its users.

One of the benefits of using this bike seat is the smooth ride it will give to the biker. Thanks to the two rubber balls strategically placed beneath the bike seat, absorbing shocks from different road conditions. Whether it’s uneven surfaces, potholes, bumps, and even difficult terrain, the bike will still be able to give you a smooth and comfy ride with its shock-absorbing properties.

Another benefit of using this bike saddle is the ability to give you a convenient ride with its soft, non-slip, wear-resistant bike seat. I checked on the seat’s surface, and it is padded with thick memory foam. This material will provide cushion to the surface to make it more comfortable to the buttocks and is made in PVC leather. If you are not familiar, PVC leather is known for its wear-resistant features, which provide durability and sturdiness to the bike seat.

Another benefit of using this product is the convenience it gives to the user during the mounting or installation. With its design being universally fit and creating a bike seat rail clamp, the biker will install this bike saddle in minutes. Also included are the tools you need during the installation process, which should help you do the mounting quickly.

Overall, this bike seat comes with a complete package that provides comfort and safety to the bike rider. The bright reflective strip and the reflective armbands provide protection when biking in the dark, while the benefits mentioned above give the comfort that the biker needs.

  • It comes with a breathable design o keep you ventilated during the ride
  • Reflective tail strip improves the biker’s safety when riding in the dark
  • Easy to install or mount to the bike
  • Universal fit design means it can fit any standard bicycle
  • Provides shock absorption and water-proofing features
  • The reflector strip looks cheap

If you are a biker looking for a complete seat of a comfortable and protective bike saddle, then this the best product for you. The bike seat offers different features, including making you safe during your ride and make you comfortable while you sit on the bike saddle.

6. AOLANDER Bicycle Saddles

aolander bicycle saddles

When looking for a bike seat, safety and comfort should be your main priority. But based on my experience as a biker for how many years, you also need durability and convenience when it comes to looking for the best bike saddle. This bike seat from Aolander is what you need when looking for comfort, safety, convenience, and durability. Using this bike seat will let you enjoy and satisfy all your needs when biking longer distance.

Based on my experience in using different bike seats, this product should be one of the most comfortable ones. It is made with high-quality and durable material, which should provide comfort in the buttocks. Thanks to the memory foam, which is padded to the bike seat providing enough cushion to the user. Meanwhile, the dual shock-absorbing call design will give the biker a comfortable feel during the ride.

Safety is another factor that will be provided when using this bike seat. A reflective sticker located at the back can signal other drivers on the road and make the driver safe. This feature is essential, especially when driving at night or biking early in the morning where the sun still has not come out.

Another benefit of using this product is the convenience it will give during the overall installation process. With a universal fitting and easy installation feature, this bike saddle can fit in any standard bicycle while mounting it quickly on the bike. Even new bikers can mount it on their bike easily.

However, one issue I found in this bike seat is that the size does not fit large bikers. If you happen to be in the large frame category, you need to reconsider or think twice before buying this product.

  • Made with thick high-density memory foam padding to provide comfort
  • Ergonomic design
  • Breathable hollow at the center giver proper ventilation and air circulation
  • The anti-vibration rubber ball gives additional comfort
  • Easy to mount or install
  • Not for large biker

This bike saddle is for bike owners looking for these four factors: comfort, durability, convenience, and security. With all the features it brings to your bike, you will have a good riding journey and a simple but fun bike ride.

7. Gincleey Comfort Bike Seats

gincleey comfort bike seats

When looking for a bike seat, you need to find something to keep away from the effects of long rides such as backache and body pain. We all know bike riding is an excellent physical activity, but failure to use the proper bike saddle will mean many aches and pain to the body. For this reason, I recommend this bike saddle from Gincleey as another option for your bike.

One of the primary features of this bike saddle is its shock absorption features. I like the thickened, widened, high-density memory foam with an anti-shock rubber ball just beneath the bike saddle. These two essential parts will help make the biker comfortable when riding on uneven surfaces, bumps, potholes, road cramps, and other similar road conditions.

I was amazed by how it was designed to make the rider safer during the ride in terms of safety. There is a red warning strip that improves safety during the bike ride, including doing it on the night or early morning when it is still dark. Using the saddle at night makes me feel that the company is indeed concerned with the rider’s overall safety.

Another feature that stands out when getting this product is its easy installation feature. This bike seat can be easily installed on any standard bike seat post. Just make sure to measure the bike pole gauge accurately. There is also a pair of tools included in the product package, which will be used in mounting the saddle to the bike post.

Overall, the primary purpose of this bike saddle is to provide convenience and safety during the ride. The bike seat also comes will many other features that guarantee safety and comfort when doing long rides.

  • Made with memory foam which provides comfort to the biker
  • An anti-shock rubber ball protects the rider from different road conditions
  • The ergonomic and hollow design promotes better protection and ventilation
  • It can fit on any standard bike
  • Easy to install; mounting tools included
  • Subpar quality reflector

This product is for bike owners looking for a replacement for their very uncomfortable original bike saddle. The bike seat will make you enjoy the ride more and will not give you pain and body aches when doing long rides.

8. Roguoo Memory Foam Bike Seats

roguoo memory foam bike seats

I know it is hard to find the right bike seat with all the brands available, but it all goes down to two aspects: design and purpose. Meaning, a bike saddle should be designed based on the biker’s needs and the purpose it brings to the bike. This situation is where the bike saddle from Roguoo will provide a bike seat that brings comfort and convenience even on long rides.

I can say that this particular bike saddle is somehow different from the previous products I reviewed compared to the other bike seats. The most obvious difference is the absence of the hollow design in the middle of the saddle. This absence will undoubtedly impact the air circulation, but it has not affected me as far as my ride is concerned. The large size makes me more comfortable even when doing long rides.

Meanwhile, comparing it with the factory seat on my bike shows a significant improvement in comfort and convenience. I always feel that the narrow and hard original bike seats are for speed racing, while this seat is for casual bike riding where comfort and convenience in the ride are essential. The bike seat is cushioned and offers shock absorption properties for a smoother ride, even on rough and irregular road conditions.

Another primary feature of this product is the ergonomics design. Meaning it was designed in such a way that it will fit the needs of the biker. For instance, the front portion of the bike saddle is smoother and narrower, eliminating the rubbing or binding of the thighs. When the thigh’s movement is excellent, it will reduce the pain or numbness after the ride. Also, the middle part of the seat is in concave design, which helps the buttocks breathe freely when biking.

However, one minor issue when using this product is the lack of clear instructions in the product manual. Indeed, this product is easy to install, but clear instructions will help guide the bike owner during the installation process.

  • The memory foam and durable leather provides comfort and durability
  • The ergonomic design makes the ride free from pain and aches
  • Dual rubber ball provides shockproofing properties and noiseless ride
  • Concave shape in the middle increases breathability in the buttocks
  • Easy to install; mounting tools included
  • Lack of clear installation instruction

The Roguoo bike seat is for bikers looking for bike seats made from the highest quality material. This product is one of the most durable and sturdy bike seats I know. Add the other features, and you have a perfect replacement for your uncomfortable and hard factory bike seat.

9. DAWAY Comfortable Men Bike Seats

daway comfortable men bike seats

A high-quality bike seat will absorb the shock and minimize your body’s pain after the long ride. If you are looking for this type of bike saddle, I recommend the Daway bike seat, an ISO-certified relaxed saddle that provides comfort and safety to all bikers. This product is also a perfect gift for bikers who loves riding at night to protect themselves from any untoward accident on the road.

One of the benefits of using this bike saddle is the smooth ride it will give to the biker. Thanks to the high-density memory foam and PVC leather which provides durability, comfort, and softness to protect the buttocks and prevent pain during the ride. This bike seat is more comfortable on longer rides and will minimize the changing of seat positions due to comfortability issues.

Another benefit of using this bike saddle is the safety it brings to the biker, especially when doing a night ride. I was genuinely impressed by the bright tail light and its unique and eye-catching design. With five super-bright LEDs, it will provide maximum visibility to the rider while providing the perfect protection during the night.

Another benefit of using this product is the convenience it brings to the user while mounting it on the bike. With its universal design and the inclusion of a bike seat rail clamp, the biker can install the bike seat easily. The product package also includes the tools you need during the installation process, helping you mount it in minutes.

Overall, the primary purpose of this bike seat is to provide security and safety to the biker. The bright tail light provides protection when biking in the dark or even in the rain. It offers optimal visibility, ensuring safety while biking in the dark.

  • Universal design fits any standard bike post
  • The ergonomic and hollow design promotes proper ventilation and air circulation
  • Memory foam and PVC leather provides comfort, durability, and softness
  • Bright tail light ensures safety when biking at night
  • Easy to install; tools included
  • Taillight consumes too much battery

This product is for bikers who like biking in the dark. Whether it’s in the night or early morning, this bike seat will provide safety and security with its advanced taillight feature, ensuring optimum visibility and safety.

10. BeaSaf Comfortable Bicycle Seats

beasaf comfortable bicycle seats

The Beasaf bike seat is one of those products where the biker’s comfort and safety are their priority. The design of this bike saddle provides convenience and security, especially when the biker is doing longer rides. They are combined with an easy installation feature that will comfort the bike owner when mounting the bike.

One of the outstanding features of this product is its design. This bike seat is manufactured with comfortable foam and a pair of shock-absorbing spring balls. Thanks to the memory foam and PVC leather ensuring comfort and convenience to the rider. We all know that the original bike seat of your bike is stiff and uncomfortable. This bike seat is a great replacement and offers a safe and comfortable biking experience while reducing the shoving motion and leg pain.

Another feature that stands out is the ergonomics design which means that the seat was made to fit the rider’s needs. The front portion of the saddle is narrow, which will prevent unnecessary obstruction of the thigh movement, thus preventing pain on the legs during and after the ride. So, if you do not want pain anywhere in the body, consider this an option.

For the rider’s safety, I like the reflective sticker found at the back of the saddle. It is eye-catching and safe, which increases the rider’s visibility during the night or when it is raining. The reflective sticker is also useful when you try to do biking activities early in the morning when the road is foggy, or the sun has not come out yet.

Finally, I feel that the purpose of this bike is to give every biker the comfort it needs when biking on long distances. In fact, the size of the bike is enough to allow good pressure distribution in the buttocks ensuring softness and comfort to the rider. I feel that the comfort it brings is comparable to sitting on a soft couch.

  • Easy to install; tools included
  • Ergonomic design allows free movement and prevents thigh friction
  • The hollow design provides proper air circulation and breathability
  • Rubber balls provide a shock-absorption feature
  • Backlight reflective tape ensure visibility and safety in the dark
  • Not for biker with large frame

This product is for bikers looking for comfort, convenience, and safety in longer rides. The ergonomics designed is made to prevent any pain in the legs after a long ride. The other features will bring benefits to the biker to make him comfortable atop the bike.

What to Look For When Buying a Bike Seat for Your Ball

best bike saddles for men

Before going to the bike shop or pressing the “add to cart” in buying the bike seat, there are some factors to consider that you should understand. Please check on the list below:

The Shape of the Bike Seat

The shape of the bike seat will all depend on the type of biking activities you are doing. Bike seats that are broader in shape and a shorter nose are for recreational cycling, while long and narrow saddles are for road biking. If you are into long-distance riding, the bike seat has a wide cushion with a long nose. Mountain biking requires a durable cushion and a narrow nose, while a bike for commuting needs a weather resistance saddle.

The Type of Cushion

You need to know two types of bike seats: the performance type and the cushioning type. The performance type is those bike seats that do not require cushioning. What we have reviewed are the cushioning types which are built wider and come with a plushier structure. This type of bike seat comes with more padding, which absorbs impact on different road structures.

The Padding

If you are looking to protect your ball when biking, you need to have the right amount of padding in the bike seat to prevent your body from its harmful side effects. I suggest using a bike seat with foam padding as their go-to saddle for long-distance riders, while for those recreational cyclists, I recommend bike seats with gel material padding. Choosing the proper padding will all depend on the type of biking activities you are doing.

The Cover and the Rails

The cover and the rails are the mains parts of a bike seat. For the cover, there three possible materials that determine the quality and durability of the bike seat. For me, leather is the highly recommended material because of its elasticity and durability. There are also bike saddles with synthetic materials, which are known for being light. Meanwhile, if you are looking for comfort, a bike seat made with cotton is the best, but its durability is always suspect.

The rail is one of the essential parts of the saddle because it usually holds the bike seat in place. Most of the rails are made with steel, and they are generally heavy. There are also other types of materials such as titanium, alloy, and carbon fiber. The lightest and the most expensive of them all is carbon fiber. Meanwhile, the alloy is more lightweight than steel, while titanium is lighter than the alloy.

Ease of Installation

One factor to consider when choosing a bike seat is the easy installation process. I like choosing a saddle with universal fitting because the bike seats usually fit any standard bike post. Suppose the brand includes the mounting tools and the clamp holder, the better. The more it will be easy for you to mount the bike seat. But no worries about this factor because most bike seats are easy to install to the bike.

Frequently Asked Questions

bike seats that dont hurt

How do I Protect my Balls When Cycling?

To protect your balls when cycling, follow the simple steps below to prevent any harmful effects to your balls:

  • From time to time, stands out on the bike seat and the pedal. This action will let the blood flow resume your body’s sensitive parts, which are your testes and genitals
  • It is also essential to set up your bike seat’s height correctly to prevent any extra pressure to your testes
  • I advise using a pair of padded bicycle shorts to protect you from undercarriage while biking
  • If you have been dealing with testicle problems before, I advised using the best noseless bike seat as your go-to saddle. There are also bike seats that remove the testes from the cyclist’s seating area, worthy of consideration

Is Cycling Bad for Your Balls?

No, cycling is not bad for your balls. It is one of the most highly recommended physical activities for everyone. However, failure to use the right bike seat can result in testicular damage, leading to pain, discomfort, and numbness.

Where to Put your Balls When Cycling?

The key is to learn how to sit correctly. You can place your sit bones in the appropriate position on the rear while keeping the lower back as perpendicular as possible while curving your spine. It will also help if you use the right bike short with suspenders because they can hold the package very well.


Looking for the best bike seat for your balls is a challenge with all the brands available in the market. But with our recommendations and product reviews, we hope that you, our beloved reader, are already equipped with all the information needed in choosing the right bike seat for your bicycle. The most important thing is to be comfortable and safe on the road while biking.

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