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The Best Bike Travel Cases for 2023

best bike travel case

In this review, our team is listing ten of the best bike travel case that every biker can use when transporting a bike. As a biker, there will come a time that transferring the bike from one place to the other is needed. Whether it’s transporting by car, plane, or any different mode of transportation, it is vital to keep the bike safe and free from damage during the transport process.

We tested several products to find the best bicycle travel case in the market for this review today. Our team also gathered feedback and other information to come up with the best recommendation possible. We intend to provide a suitable bicycle transport case for every biker planning to transfer their bike from one place to the other. After all, the best bike transport case will play a significant role between arriving the bike safely or being damage.

Best Bike Travel Case Reviews

1. CyclingDeal Air Flights Travel Hard Case

cyclingdeal air flights travel hard case

Investing in a hard shell bike travel case can go a long way in protecting the bike, mainly if it is regularly transported. Traveling more often will mean using the best bike case for airline travel. And my recommendation is to use this bike travel case from CyclingDeal, considered one of the most durable bike hard cases a biker can use.

One of the outstanding features of this product is the high-quality materials it uses in the construction process. Using an EVA material and a thickness of about 1 cm, this bike travel case provides high impact strength with excellent abrasion and tear resistance properties. It is very sturdy and will let you pack the handlebars without taking off the aero bars. There is a middle layer for cushioning and an excellent pocket to fit the medals nicely.

Another feature that impresses me is the high-quality protection it gives to the bike. It is built with a massive hard shell storage design to protect and secure the bike during travel. It comes with two durable padded wheel bags to secure the wheels with a hastening strap. There is also a storage pocket for the pedals and other small bike parts. The frame can also be secured in the main compartment with a fastening strap to protect all the parts once inside the bag.

Also, this best bike travel bag is equipped with specialized featured to make traveling a lot easier. For one, it comes with high-quality wheels to make the transport easy, while the soft handles on the side and the top will help to make the movement of the bike travel case so much easier.

The bike case is light and is perfect for constant traveling. Everything fits into the case well with its well-design storage space. If you can, using a bubble wrap for the extra protection of all the parts can also help but rest assured that this bike travel case can help protect your bike during travel.

  • Provides the best protection with its hard shell massive storage design
  • Made with high-quality material to ensure durability and toughness
  • Provides the highest form of security with its built-in thick layer preventing the wheels and the frame from hard impact
  • With high-quality wheels and handles for easy transport
  • Provides tear and abrasion resistance features
  • Will fit only to 700C road bikes

Overall, this is the best road bike travel case that a biker can use. It works great for traveling and fits within the size guidelines for most airlines. It comes in excellent quality and will provide the best security and protection during travel.

2. CamGo Bicycle Travel Case

camgo bicycle travel case

In looking for the best bike bags for air travel, the biker must find something that will fit his bike. Different bike travel bags offer various storage options for different types of bikes. It is the responsibility of the biker to find the right one for his bike. For foldable bikes, this bike travel case from CamGo is what you need. It can accommodate folding bikes the size of 14 inches to 20 inches.

If I compare this product to the first bike travel case I reviewed earlier, there is a big difference between the two. For one, this bike travel bag does not come in a hardshell case. This product is a regular bike travel bag that can accommodate a folding bike only. The design is also different, as well as the materials made. Otherwise, these two bags can both serve their purpose well.

Quality-wise, this bike travel case offers durability and toughness in keeping the bag protected all the time. It is made with high-intensity nylon to provide durability, lightness, and waterproofing features. There are several straps made inside and outside to secure the bike inside. Specifically, two velcro straps are facing the bottom and one facing the seat post. These straps are enough to secure the bag and keeping the bike sage inside.

Also, the bag is heavier-duty than I expected. The surface is built with solid webbing, which helps enhance the bag’s strength in coping with the burden of carrying the bike. It also comes with adjustable handles and a side pocket for additional storage space. The size of the zipper is more extensive and is easy to open or close, making it easy to put inside or load the bike.

This bike travel case will provide enough space to fit different types of folding bikes. It comes with a pair of fabric carrying handles that can be used in both of your hands. However, I feel that the length is too short to carry or hang on the shoulder, especially with long people. This bike travel case will work best when traveling by land or by air.

  • Provides durability and lightness; made with high-intensity nylon
  • It comes with a robust webbing design to increase bag strength and sturdiness
  • With with a storage bag for easy keeping and storage
  • Large zipper provides easy access
  • With adjustable shoulder girdle design
  • Shoulder straps are short

Every biker will be amazed by the quality of this bike travel case, especially the way it can fit different types of folding bikes. The storage bag can help store the product if not used, but the high-quality material and easy usage can help make the bike’s transport a lot easier.

3. Thule Trip Sport Bike Travel Case

thule trip sport bike travel case

For your bike to be protected during travel, it is essential for you to use a bike travel case that is strong and sturdy. A product that is made to keep the bike safe and free from harm during the course of the travel. Whether it is travel by air or land, the bike travel case should provide many benefits in keeping the bike free from scratch. With that said, this mountain bike case from Thule is an excellent option with its durability and sturdiness to ensure that the bike will arrive safely at its destination.

One of the upsides of using this product is providing a tough and durable bike travel case for the optimal protection of the bike. It is made with durable polyurethane construction and foam padding to protect the bike from unnecessary bumps and movements during travel. It comes in thick plastics and provides a logical approach in stacking all the bike parts and layers.

Another upside from using this bike travel case is securing your bike will all its security features. It comes with four heavy-duty straps that will keep the cased close and secure the bike during the trip. Also, the size is enough to fit large frame mountain bikes and even other types of the bike. You can put the pair of wheels and the frame using dividers to prevent damage and avoid these parts from scratching each other.

This product is also easy to set up and offers additional storage space if needed by the user. It is a good case for protecting the bike during travel as it ensures that all the bike parts are correctly placed. I recommend using zip-ties for latches or using additional straps as a locking mechanism to ensure the bike’s safety.

The only drawback that I see is the position of the wheels is perpendicular to the width of the case and not in the line. You will be forced to move through doorways with the bike travel case going the width of the bike versus in line. This situation will result in complex movement in terms of checking in the bag or claiming at the luggage counter.

  • Provides durability and toughness; made with polyurethane construction
  • It comes with four heavy-duty straps to secure the bike inside the case
  • Built with integrated wheels for easy transport
  • It comes with a built-in divider for proper organization and separation of bike parts
  • Provides excellent storage space
  • Awkward position of the wheels

The simple design of this travel case makes it light and easy to use. This product is built to withstand the physical challenges when transporting the bike from one place to the other. It also provides excellent storage space to accommodate even bikes with large frames.

4. Aophire Folding Bicycle Travel Case

aophire folding bicycle travel case

Choosing a suitable bike travel case is essential to decide which type you need for the bike. Your options include bike boxes for air travel as well as hard bike travel case. But arguably, the most popular among bikers is the bike travel bag as it provides the purpose of transporting the bike with ease without spending too much. With that said, this bike travel bag from Aophire is an excellent option if we talk about functionality and durability in a bike travel bag.

Upon checking this bike travel case, I feel that its purpose is to provide bikers with a suitable bag that is easy to use, especially in loading and unloading the bike. Yes, it suits only folding bikes with the size of 26 inches up to 27.5 inches. But, you only need to remove the handlebars and the front wheel to separate these bike parts into different compartments for better wear protection once inside the bag.

Another purpose of this product is to provide bikers with a durable bag built with high-quality and top materials. To be specific, this product combines the durability of a 600D oxford fabric and the toughness of a 300G non-woven fabric to produce a solid and sturdy bike travel bag. Add the high-quality shoulder straps, and you will have a bike travel cade the protects the secures the bike while on travel.

This bag provides the space you need to accommodate the bike without damaging it in terms of storage. It comes with lots of room and extra pockets intended for small bike parts. If you feel that the bag lacks stability, I suggest using cardboard on one side of the bike or put it on the large side pocket on the other side. Doing this way will protect the bike and prevent any damage that might happen.

Overall, this product is an excellent option and feels durable enough to accommodate your bike. If stability is for you, you can personally improve it by using other materials such as cardboard, bubble wrap, and other things to protect your bike during travel. But, this bike travel case is highly recommended in transporting your folding bike.

  • Built with durability and sturdiness using high-quality materials
  • Provides easy access for loading and unloading the bike easily
  • Provides excellent storage space for the bike
  • Provides portability in transporting from one place to the other
  • Built with two durable straps and two pockets
  • Bag lacks stability

What I like about this bag is the lightness and the easy access it provides to the user. This bike travel case also offers the opportunity to decide how and what you want to keep inside to control the weight limit of the bag. Also, this is one of the soft bike cases for air travel that is easy to hold and store after usage.

5. Trico Iron Bike Travel Case

trico iron bike travel case

In looking for a bike transport case, there are many factors to consider in choosing the right one for your needs. There are many different styles to choose from, but the most essential factor is how it protects the bike during the travel itself/ With that said, this bike travel case from Trico is one of the best based on my experience in using this case in transporting my bike.

In terms of durability, this is one of the strongest and durable bike travel cases. It is a bullet-proof case that will protect your precious investment with its high-quality casing. The bike will be packed so securely that there will be no shifting, abrasion, or damage to the bike. Also, it comes with solid metal braces to support the frame and fork after removing the frame. It will also allow you to compress the two shells without damaging the bike.

In terms of protection, this bike travel case has what it takes to protect your bike and make it unscathed during travel. It comes with three layers of foam to protect the bike and a large internal dimension to accommodate the bike with ease. It also comes with many buckles and straps to secure the bike and close the case tightly.

If you feel that packing a bike for traveling is a pain, think again. This bike travel case can help make it easy and eliminate all the fear of damaging your bike during the travel. This product provides a place to lock, straps, and clasps to close the case quickly. The built-in wheels will also help move the case from one place to the other.

Overall, this is a well-designed bike travel case that does a fantastic job of protecting your bike during travel. It is lightweight and is easy to pull when it is needed. It will probably be the ultimate bike investment you can own, just like me.

  • Provides durability with stronger and thicker materials use
  • With solid metal braces to protect the frame, hubs, and wheels
  • Built with three layers of foam to protect the bike inside
  • Provides excellent storage space and large internal dimensions
  • With more buckles and straps for the protection and security of the bike


This bike travel case is an excellent combination of durability and toughness. The built-in wheels can also help in transporting the case to the airport or any other place. But most of all, its ability to protect the bike and leave it unscathed is the best reason to acquire this product.

6. B&W International Bike Sack

b&w international bike sack

In choosing the right bike travel case, it is essential to acquire the right one if you want to arrive at your bike in one piece or free from damage. Protection and security are essential factors to consider since traveling involves a lot of movements and bumps along the way. In traveling by car or train, this bike travel case from B&W International is an excellent option with all the various features and benefits it brings to the bike.

One of the features of this bike travel case is the excellent storage space it brings to the biker. You will be impressed by the storage capacity as it can accommodate your bicycle with only the wheels needs to remove from the bike. There will still be room for the helmet and other tools if you want to put everything in the bag. With its quality zippers, the bike will be safe once it is enclosed inside.

Another impressive feature of this bike travel case is its excellent quality. It is built with robust nylon to provide the durability and sturdiness you need in transporting the bike from one place to the other. You will like the strength of this bag, particularly the quality of the zippers. It is large and helps in providing easy access in loading or unloading the bike from the bag. I tell you, this bag is strong enough to withstand the challenge of baggage handlers, but double wrapping your bike can enhance its protection.

Also, the two inside pockets dedicated to the wheels will help make a good separation between the other parts of the bike. It will prevent the bike from scratching with different parts and prevent further damage even with the constant movement and bumps during the travel. In addition, you can even carry this bike travel case in the presence of two removable and adjustable straps if you want to.

Although stability can be an issue since this is a soft bike transport bag, there are things that you can do to increase stability. My suggestion is to use a plywood top to reinforce the bottom and in anchoring the bike inside. You can even use self-inflating sleep mats inside to enhance the protection. Likewise, some bikers using bubble wraps to protect smaller parts of the bike.

  • Provides sturdiness and durability; manufacture with robust 235L nylon
  • Comes with excellent storage space; ideal in transporting the bike by car or train
  • With two large inside pockets to accommodate the two wheels
  • Made with high-quality zippers to provide easy access
  • It comes with removable and adjustable shoulder straps
  • Lacks stability

If you are a biker looking for a reliable and affordable bike transport bag, this is an excellent choice for you. This bike travel case is simple in design but will do its job of transporting your bike efficiently without damaging or scratching it during the travel. It is also made with high-quality materials to ensure the longevity of use.

7. Speed Hound Air Travel Bike Case

speed hound air travel bike case

Bringing your bike to other places can be a challenge with all the difficulties in the logistics. But, with the help of bike travel cases, transporting your bike can be a breeze if you choose the right one for your needs. With that said, this unique bike travel case from Speed Hound is what you need. This product is the best solution in providing superior protection, portability, and excellent storage when not in use.

Unlike the other bike travel cases that I reviewed earlier, this product is different in functionality and features. For one, even with its soft design, it still provides a lot of stability with all of its padded protection built inside the bag. I also find it unique for a soft bike bag to have roller wheels inside for easy transport from one place to the other. Finally, this bike travel case can accommodate most bikes, including 29ers.

I am impressed with this bag because you can organize the bikes once it is loaded inside. It involves an outside compartment dedicated to the two wheels, while there are also compartments for the other parts, such as the pedals and skewers. You will be surprised by the two-wheel protectors to enhance the protection of the wheels inside the bike. Also, the anchor points are correctly placed throughout, protecting the frame, seat post, forks, and other parts of the bike.

The bag also comes with two wheels and is very smooth when being used. It helps the bag in rolling around quickly, especially in transporting from one place to the other. I also like the there are a lot of handles all over this bike transport bag, making it easy to transfer or getting in and out of the car.

Last but not least, I also like the drive chain cover. It provides additional protection to some parts of the bike, particularly the crank and rear derailleur. It also helps prevent the grease from spreading all over or keeping it away from the other parts of the bike.

  • Provides durability and toughness with its premium ripstop nylon and heavy-duty zipper and wheels
  • With excellent storage space; it comes with several compartments for organizing all the bike parts inside
  • Easy to transport with its built-in wheels and several handles
  • The drive chain cover helps in preventing grease and dirt from spreading
  • It will fit most road and mountain bikes
  • Nylon straps lack quality

This bike travel case will exceed your expectation. Its construction is solid and can hold additional equipment if you need to. The bag is also light and easy to carry and stores compactly. For me, this is an excellent choice in protecting your bike when traveling by plane or other modes of transport.

8. AMOMO Folding Bicycle Travel Case

amomo folding bicycle travel case

In transferring a folding bike to another place, you need a bike travel case that can protect the bike from being damaged during the travel. The damage can be prevented by using the right transport bag equipped with functionalities to protect your bike. With that said, this bike transport bag from Amomo is an excellent option for any bikers looking to transport their folding bike to different places.

One of the upsides of using this product is the durability of the fabric used in the manufacturing process. It is made with 600D double layer thick polyester fabric to make it one of the most challenging soft bike travel cases, in my opinion. Physically, the bag is thick and looks very nice. Also, it is comfortable to carry if you want to. Thanks to its comfortable and adjustable strap attach to the bag to make the carrying a lot easier.

Another upside in using this product is the ideal storage space it can offer to the bike owner. I know a biker who told me that two folding bikes could be stored in this bike travel case if you want to. This bike transport bag will keep most folding bike brands and protect them once held inside.

I also like that the zipper opens up top on both sides for easy access. The zipper is high-quality and will open and close nicely. Also included in the package is a carrying bag which is essential in keeping the bike travel case when not in use. The carrying bag will help in keeping the item easily in the house.

  • Provides enough storage space for a folding bike
  • Made with high-quality materials; made with thick 600D double layer polyester fiber
  • Includes an adjustable strap for carrying on the shoulders
  • Can accommodate 14 inches to 20 inches folding bikes
  • It can also be used as a picnic pad
  • Carrying straps lacks strength and toughness

Overall, this bike travel case is decent and can do its job well in transporting the bike. For me, the bag is well-built, and the ability to carry it if needed is something unique. I just wish that the straps have more quality and strength so that bikers will not be hesitant in carrying the bag.

9. EVOC Bike Travel Case

evoc bike travel case

I consider this bike travel case from Evoc as very unique in so many ways. For one, you cannot really tell if this is a soft bike bag or a hard bike travel case when analyzing its physical features. Also, this bag has one of the most intriguing designs, especially in the organization or separation of bike parts once loaded inside the bag. For these reasons, this bike travel case is an excellent option for any biker looking for protection and safety when transporting their bike.

For me, I feel that the primary purpose of this bike travel case is to provide an excellent travel bag that will organize all the bike parts for its protection and safety. Impressive are the separate compartments for bike wheels that were designed so that both are separated and safe inside the bag. It also comes with a main compartment that can accommodate the bike frame and other small parts.

Another purpose of this excellent bike transport bag is to provide the highest form of protection and safety of the bike during travel. In fact, it is built with intelligent reinforcing elements to provide maximum protection with minimal weight to give complete protection to the bike during the transport process. Also, unlike the hard bike travel case, which usually has more weight even without the bike, this product is light with or without the bag inside.

Also, this bike travel case is built to provide excellent storage space for the bike once it is loaded inside. The capacity is 285 liters which include two compartments and a reinforced fork mount. Not only that, this bike travel case is built with high-quality rolling wheels and several multi-carrying handles to ensure easy movement and easy travel.

The uniqueness of this bike travel case is in its hybrid construction. It combines the upsides and the benefits of using a hardshell case with the comfort of using a soft bike travel case. And every biker will benefit from using this product in transporting their bike.

  • Provides smart protection to the bike with several reinforcing elements
  • With excellent storage space of up to 285 liters. Includes two main compartments and a reinforced fork mount
  • Provides versatility in usage, especially in accommodating different types of bikes
  • Multiple carrying handles and rolling wheels provide easy movement and transport
  • Built with hybrid construction
  • Absence of straps for carrying purposes

This product is an excellent bike travel case with great functionalities and features. Its ability to organize the different parts of the bike and protect it during travel separates this product from the others. It’s unique and one of a kind.

10. Huntvp MTB Bike Wheel Carry Bag

huntvp mtb bike wheel carry bag

Sometimes, the bike travel case is not enough in transporting your bike to another place. Because there are bikers that will try to carry extra wheels in their travel which means they need this wheelset carrying bag from Huntvp. This product is also excellent if you want to bring an extra pair of wheels during your ride or keeping extra wheels in your home.

This wheel carrying bag will be handy for you if your bike is set up for both gravel and trail rides. Or if you will bring a spare set of wheels when transporting your bike, this wheel bag can be used during the transport process of your bike. Changing to the wheelset depending on the type of surface of the ride will need you to keep the extra pair using this carry bag. This bag is well-constructed and should protect your wheels when put in the bike seat or the trunk.

This wheelset carrying bag also provides excellent storage to the wheels of your bike. It is a perfect choice to protect your MTB or road bike wheels. This bag offers a convenient way to protective storage and safety to both of your wheels. It will help keep the dirt away or be comfortable when trying to carry it on the plane.

This wheelset carry bag also offers durability and toughness in its construction. Thanks to its high-quality materials, which include nylon and 420D waterproof shiny silk to ensure that the bag will last longer with its durable physical features. Also, you can use this bag to hold the front wheel when using a fork-mount roof rack.

When transporting your bike, this wheel carrying bag is also essential if you feel that there is no separation between the bike parts inside the bike travel case. You can use this carrying bag to separate the wheels and prevent the other parts from scratching.

  • Made with durable materials to provide toughness and sturdiness
  • Provides excellent storage space for bike wheels
  • Perfect choice in protecting road and MTB bike wheels
  • Provides a unique way to store wheelsets
  • It can be used to separate the wheels inside the bike travel case
  • Does not fit all size of tires

This product provides a unique way of storing extra wheels or separating the bike wheels inside the bike travel case. There are two handles and a double zipper built in this bag to ensure easy access and transport while traveling or storing the bag. This product provides excellent value in protecting your wheels and keeping them safe from harm.

What to Look For When Buying a Bike Travel Case

best bicycle travel case

In looking for a bike travel case, it is essential to know the different factors that constitute a high-quality travel case for your bike. Knowing all of these factors is necessary to ensure that every biker will select the right one for their bike. Please check on our list below:


Not all bike travel cases can fit all types of bicycles. Meaning, it is a must for you to choose a product that can accommodate that type of bike that you own. For the record, there are bike travel cases that can only accommodate folding bikes. Some can only accommodate road bikes, while others can store large MTB bikes. For this reason, you need to make sure that the product of your choice can store the type of bike that you own to avoid any inconvenience in the future.

Durability and Toughness

These two factors always go hand-in-hand because they are showing the overall quality of the product. You will really need a durable and strong bike travel case, especially with the difficult situation that every bike travel case will go through during the travel. There will be a lot of bumps and movements in transporting the bike, which means the product should be tough, or else your bike will be compromised if there is breakage `with your travel case during the flight.

For durability, you need to know the type of materials use and the quality they bring to the bag. Is it made of EVA material or polyester? The type of material used in the construction will determine the toughness and durability of the bag and its ability to withstand the difficulties and challenges of traveling.

Quality of Protection

The quality of protection involves the features built inside the bag to protect all the parts once loaded inside. Does it have thick layers to protect the wheels and frame from impacting each other and prevent damage? Does it have straps to hold the wheels and other parts to keep it steady during the ride? These are just some of the features that prevent all the bike parts from falling out during travel. The more features the bike travel case has, the better.

Organization and Storage Capacity

I feel that these two factors are related to each other. The storage capacity refers to the size of the bag and its ability to carry a particular type of bike. The organization refers to the different compartments and other storage spaces such as the pockets to ensure that all the bike parts are well-placed and protected. I suggest looking for a bag that provides separate compartments for the wheels and the bike frames. I also like that there are storage spaces dedicated to the bike’s small part. If you can find a bike travel case with this type of organization, then have it on your priority list.


The security of the bike travel case refers to the safety and protection it brings once the bike is inside. For this factor, you need to look for the quality of the zipper. Usually, robust and integrated industrial zippers are used to properly close a bike travel case. The presence of quick-release buckles is also an added bonus if you can find one in the bike travel case.

Ease of Transport

Since you are transporting your bike, it is a must for the bike travel case to be equipped with features that can make the user comfortable moving or transferring the bag. My tip is to look for a bike travel case with spinning wheels for easy transport in the airport or other similar places. A bike travel case with supporting handles and straps can also help in pushing the bag forward or carrying it in your broad shoulders.

Frequently Asked Questions

best bike bags for air travel

What Size is a Travel Bike Case?

Bike travel cases come in different sizes. It also comes in different styles, dimensions, designs, and features. There are many travel bike cases available in the market, and it comes in various sizes. The reason for the difference is in the type of bike that it can accommodate inside. Some travel bike case can accommodate folding bikes while other can store large road bikes and MTBs.

How to Pack a Road Bike in a Travel Case?

There are many ways to pack a road bike in a travel case, depending on the type of travel case you own. But rest assured, there are guidelines in the case on how to do it properly. Most of the time, you will need to separate or remove some parts of the bike, such as the bike wheels and the handlebar. There are separate compartments for the wheels, handlebar, and bike frames to ensure that they are correctly packed inside the bike travel case.


Using the best bike travel case is essential in transporting your bike from one place to the other. Whether it’s by plane, train, or car, it is essential to use a travel case to protect and make the bike safe during the whole traveling time. After all, it is our duty as the bike owner to make sure that our bike arrives in one piece, not damage, and not a single scratch happens during the transport.

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