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The Best Bikepacking Bags for 2023

best bikepacking bags

In today’s article, we feature ten of the best bikepacking bags you can use in any of your bike rides. We all know the importance of having all the essentials while on the road, and having the best bike packing bags is a big help, especially on multi-day rides.

We have tested several bikepacking bags on the market to see their worthiness on an actual bikepacking adventure. From there, we have listed ten of the best ones whom we think can help every biker in their bikepacking adventures. Please see below.

Best Bikepacking Bag Reviews

1. Rhinowalk Waterproof Bicycle Saddle Bag

rhinowalk waterproof bicycle saddle bag

There are three things that a bikepacking bag should have to optimize its use on a bikepacking trip: being light, large storage space, and the ability to keep your essentials dry throughout the trip. All of these benefits can be provided by this bikepacking bag from Rhinowalk.

I have used this bag on several bike rides before, and I can personally say that it can keep all your gears and other essentials dry all the time. I have done multiple-day rides in the past where the rain was non-stop, but this bag is equipped with excellent waterproofing performance to keep all the essentials safe inside.

Quality-wise, this product is the top-rated bikepacking saddle bag you can use on different types of bike rides. It appears very well made and durable. Thanks to the high-quality TPU material being used to provide durability and toughness of this bike packing bag.

I am also amazed by the storage space of this bag. I am pretty sure that others will also benefit from the large volume it provides to all the essentials every biker needs in a bike ride. It provides a large room for your essentials since it does not contain other compartments, which are perfect if you want all your stuff to be more organized.

Also, the installation was very easy with this bikepacking bag. Impressive is the hook strap and easy loop, which allows me to mount it quickly under the bike saddle. Also, the quick-release buckle will help secure the bag once it is mounted on your bike.

  • Built to provide excellent storage space to all your essentials
  • Excellent quality, which provides waterproofing features to keep all things dry
  • Unique design which allows for easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Quick-release buckle allows easy installation and removal
  • Stitching needs improvement

This bikepacking bag is perfect for bikers looking for a high-quality bikepacking bag. This bag is built for bikers looking for multi-day rides and long trips. Its waterproofing features will keep all the things dry inside.

2. Moosetreks Touring Road Full Frame Bag

moosetreks touring road full frame bag

Another way to maximize the space of your bike is to use frame bags for bikepacking. Using this bikepacking frame bag from Moosetreks has allowed me to bring other stuff and essentials that I need when doing multi-day bike rides.

What is unique about this bikepacking bag is its pretty large design. It is built in such a way to carry most of the essentials you need if you are going for a very long ride. I own a huge road bike, and this bikepacking frame bag fits nicely into it.

This bag features a very large storage capacity powered by many rooms for all your bike essentials. It is also built with two zipper compartments which allow you to divide all your bike essentials according to your needs.

I was also impressed by the durability and toughness of this bikepacking bag. I have seen other bike bags before, but this Moosetreks bikepacking bag is special since it is built with high-quality materials. It looks durable and should last longer than expected.

Installation was also very easy for this product. It uses standard but high-quality velcro straps to let you mount it easily on the bike frame. However, if you feel that the strap is too long, do not hesitate to cut it according to what is needed.

Finally, before acquiring this bikepacking bag, you will need to make sure it fits easily into your bike frame. But, since it comes in three different sizes, I feel that you can easily find the right size for your bike.

  • It comes in three different sizes to easily fit your bike
  • Built with excellent storage capacity with plenty of room for all your essentials
  • Made with durability using high-quality materials
  • Built with water-resistance feature
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Zipper on one side only

This bikepacking frame bag is an excellent fit for bikers looking for a budget bag. Its large storage space with different compartments can accommodate essential gears in your bike ride. Just make sure it will fit nicely into your bike frame.

3. BraveHawk OUTDOORS Bike Handlebar Bag

bravehawk outdoors bike handlebar bag

BraveHawk products are known to be tough and durable, and this handlebar bag bikepacking is no different. It is actually a heavy-duty bikepacking bag that can be used to give additional space when doing bikepacking multi-day rides.

In terms of durability and sturdiness, this bikepacking bag looks impressive. Construction quality is top-notch and is solidly built to last longer compared to other bikepacking bags in the market. It uses high-grade materials to provide water resistance and anti-abrasive features.

Storage space is also impressive with its expandable features. There are two large compartments, the main one and the front compartment, which provide enough room for your essentials. Meanwhile, the small compartments can be used for the other small stuff you need to bring on the ride.

I am also impressed by the design of this bikepacking handlebar bag. Apart from two large compartments, the two side zippered pockets and a mesh pocket are strategically built to allow you to carry more things with its huge storage space.

But what sets this bikepacking bag sits apart from the rest is its multi-purpose usage. It comes with a top and middle belt connector and square loops that can be used to convert this product into a sling bag or a shoulder bag if the strap is connected on top.

If you connect it to the middle, you can easily convert it into a waist bag. With this bikepacking bag, I have successfully used this bag as a shoulder bag, sling bag, and even a waist bag. But putting it on the handlebar is still the best usage you can do on this product.

  • Built with multi-purpose functionalities; can also be used as a sling bag, shoulder bag, and waist bag
  • Excellent construction design using high-quality and durable materials
  • Provides ample storage space with plenty of compartments
  • With anti-abrasive and scratch resistance features
  • It can be used on other outdoor activities apart from biking
  • Subpar zipper

This bikepacking bag is of excellent quality and well-made. This product is perfect for bikers looking for a multi-purpose bike bag. A bag that can be used not only on those bikepacking trips but also other outdoor activities.

4. WOTOW Bike Reflective Rear Rack Bag

wotow bike reflective rear rack bag

If your bike comes with a rear rack, then this bikepacking bag from Wotom is an excellent fit. Based on my experience, this product will allow you to maximize the space of your bike to enable you to bring all the needed gears and other essentials in your bikepacking trip.

What is impressive about this bikepacking bag is its excellent storage space. It allows me to store all the essential gears I need when doing multi-day rides. Essentials such as power bank, cycling coat, water bottle, among others, can be stored in this bag. Essential tools such as tire pumps and other repair tools can also be stored here.

Also impressive was the quality of the construction of this bikepacking bag. It uses high-quality materials that look very solid to me but feels very soft, quality leather. It also comes with high-quality zippers, which secures everything and keep it safe when the road gets bumpy.

I also like the design of this bag because it will help you be safer on the road. First, it comes with large patches of materials located on the rear side, which helps increase your visibility especially in the dark. You can even clip an LED light to ensure that you are safe when biking at night.

Lastly, this bag can also be used for purposes other than putting it on your rack. I have used it personally as a chest bag. A hidden strap is located at the bottom pocket, which can be used for conversion. The handle of this bag can also be used to convert it into a handbag.

Also, installation of this product on the bike is relatively easy. Since you are mounting it on a bike rack, no tools are needed as it comes with hooks and straps that will let you mount and secure the bag quickly to the rack.

  • Built with excellent storage space; Up to 8 Liters of capacity
  • Made with several compartments to let you organize all essentials
  • Built with durability and toughness to last for a long time
  • It can be converted into a chest bag or handbag
  • Quick and easy installation without using any tools
  • No space for water bottles

This bike nag is well-constructed and protects all your belongings with water-resistance features. It is one of those unique mountain bike touring bags you can use on your bike ride. It is perfect for bikers looking for excellent storage space and stylish design. Its multi-purpose functionalities are a nice bonus to the user.

5. Blackburn Outpost Carryall Bike Bag

blackburn outpost carryall bike bag

The Blackburn bikepacking bags are known for their excellent quality and unique style, and this product is no different. This bike bag is known for being small, but it does not limit its usage and role when it comes to bringing essentials during a bike ride.

I used to have this bike bag in my bike rides to serve as my extra bottle holder in some of my bike rides. I have also used it to hold other essentials such as keys, cellphones, and even spare glasses. Its multi-purpose functionalities and unique features did not escape from other bikers, which have complimented me with the usage of this bag on the ride.

Even with its limited size and space, this bikepacking bag is perfect for essentials you need to have easy access on the road. Energy bars, food, water bottles, and even your mobile phone will fit into this unique carrying bag.

This product was designed for you to put it to the left or the right of the handlebar right in front of the biker. Its built-in adjustable straps will let you install the bag either left or right, depending on your preference. If you are left-handed, mounting it to the left is advised and vice-versa.

Another special feature that I was genuinely impressed with is the bag’s drawstring closure. This functionality will protect the item inside and allow you to have easy access to what is inside. You can easily loosen or tighten it up when getting something inside, even if you are busy pedaling on the road.

  • Built for foods and other smaller things which needs easy access on the bike ride
  • Made with drain holes to avoid water spillage on the bag
  • Includes additional mesh pocket for extra storage space
  • It can be installed left or right on the handlebar
  • Quick and easy installation using Velcro straps
  • Stability is suspect

This unique bag is perfect for bikers looking for extra storage, especially on those essential items such as foods, energy bars, and even mobile phones. This bikepacking bag will give easy access to these essentials throughout the bike ride.

6. ROCKBROS Top Tube Front Frame Bike Bag

rockbros top tube front frame bike bag

Another way to maximize the space of your bike for storage is to use a bikepacking top tube bag during the ride. And this product from Rockbros has what it takes to accommodate all the essentials you need, especially on long multi-day rides.

Just like me, this bikepacking bag will be helpful to you once it is used on your bike ride. I found this product very handy and can make an unused location of your bike become useful. It is very well-made, and the design will protect all the items inside from various threats such as water and dust.

I am also very impressed by the storage capacity of this bikepacking bag. I can provide a space for those small but essential items you need on a bike, such as mobile phone, keys, wallet, tire pump, and other small tools. Food items such as chocolates, energy bars, and other foodstuffs can also be stored here.

I also like how this bikepacking bag was built to protect all the items inside, particularly the dual zippers on the main compartment. It can protect all belongings inside while organizing and separating the items to prevent them from scratching each other.

Finally, putting this bikepacking bag on the bag is very easy. Since it comes with Velcro straps, mounting it on the top tube bag can be done in a matter of minutes. Two smaller straps will be put on the smaller inserts towards the horizontal frame. A longer strap will be used on the higher side of the bag and will be connected to the handlebar.

  • Built with excellent storage space capacity to accommodate smaller essentials
  • Made with excellent construction and workmanship to protect all the items inside
  • With dual zippers to allow you to organize all the things in the bag
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Quick and easy installation using Velcro straps
  • Size may take up so much space on the top tube

This bikepacking bag is perfect for bikers looking for security in all their items during the ride. The seams and sealed zippers make this product great, especially when it is raining during the bike ride.

7. Topeak Bikepacking Bags

topeak bikepacking bags

Some bikers do not like installing pannier racks on their bike. However, there are still ways to maximize the bike’s storage capacity using this back loader bag from Topeak. This product is an excellent alternative to a pannier rack with its seatpost bag bikepacking functionalities.

I am really impressed by this bikepacking bag’s design and craftsmanship. It is convenient and has given me the unique way to easily arrange all the items needed in the ride. This product is also built to make it easy for users to put or retrieve the items inside.

Another aspect that makes this bikepacking bag suitable for longer bike rides is its huge space. It is actually a large volume. I have previously loaded this bag up to the maximum capacity of about six kilograms, perfect for multi-day rides.

I also like that this bike accessory is very light even if it is fully loaded. It makes this bag very useful since it will not add too much weight to the bike. Meanwhile, this product is also impressive to protect all the things inside from water or other outside threats since it is built of water-repellent materials.

Lastly, this bikepacking bag also has some flexibility, especially its installation. Apart from putting it on the bike seat post, this bike bag can also be mounted on the rail of the bike. With its quick install features, mounting this bike accessory is very easy.

  • Protects all the things from water and other outside threats
  • Built with ample storage space
  • Extra inner bag gives additional protection
  • Excellent usage for bikes without pannier racks
  • It can be used on the seat post and bike rail
  • Tendency to sway when it is loaded

The most functional bikepacking seat bag can be easily mounted even if your bike has certain limitations. For a bike without a pannier rack, this product is an excellent alternative and will maximize and increase the available storage space on your bike.

8. RNS Bike Frame Bikepacking Bag

rns bike frame bikepacking bag

Doing a bikepacking multi-day ride will require you to come up with storage space for all the essentials you need in the activity. One way to do it is to use this bikepacking frame bag from RNS. This bag is very unique, especially with its triangular shape that fits the triangular part of the bike frame.

Previously, I was looking for an affordable bag that could temporarily store my essentials during a long ride. First, I noticed its triangular design, which is unique compared to the other bikepacking bags I used before.

It turns out this bag comes with excellent quality, which is very surprising and unexpected. Its unique design is impressive as the straps are strategically positioned for easy installation. This bag also has an excellent overall appearance.

The storage capacity of this bag is also very impressive. It has multiple compartments, which allow me to put out a lot of items while conveniently separating all the essentials according to their importance. There is also a compartment on the left side and a mesh pocket for additional storage.

This bag can also be easily installed securely on the bike. This product is built with adjustable hook and loop fasteners to let you mount it easily on the bike frame. And the best part is, the Velcro is of superb quality and holds excellent quality. This feature will secure the bag on the frame throughout the ride.

  • Built with high-quality materials
  • Ample storage space; with multiple compartments and extra mesh pocket
  • It comes with high-quality zippers
  • The unique design is easy to clean
  • Quick and secured installation; High-quality Velcros will make it easy to mount on the frame
  • It will not fit some bikes

This bike accessory is one of the best budget bikepacking bags you can use on your bike. However, its affordability does not compromise the quality it gives to the user. This bikepacking bag offers features and functionalities to help in every biker’s backpacking adventures.

9. Sahoo Bike Rack Pannier Bag

sahoo bike rack pannier bag

Storage space is very important when doing bikepacking trips, especially on multi-day rides. And this bikepacking bag from Sahoo will give you a tremendous amount of space if your bike comes with a pannier rack.

This bikepacking bag is actually three bags combined into one to give you a perfect storage space during the bike ride. This product involves large side bags and a detachable top bag that fits nicely into the pannier rack.

The space it gives is more or less around 37 liters which is enough to accommodate all your essentials in a multi-day bike ride. In addition, since the top bag is detachable, it can be converted into a shoulder bag since a strap can be attached to it.

Quality-wise, this product looks durable and tough. The fabric feels in excellent shape and should provide water-resistant features. Another upside from using this product is its easy maintenance. I find it easy to scrub to remove all the dirt clinging to the surface.

Another feature that caught my attention is the D-ring found on the top of the pannier bag. This small feature will allow you to stack things at the top of the bag. Using a bungee can secure it while providing a much-needed lift on the side.

The only issue I have with this product is in the installation. Installing and securing it on the bike can be a challenge and puzzling. You will need to find the proper location of the ties and the buckles to secure them correctly on the bike. It is also time-consuming, to say the least.

  • Provides huge storage space; Includes two large bags and one top bag
  • Excellent fit to the pannier rack
  • Constructed with durable materials to provide water resistance feature
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Built with a unique design
  • Mounting it on the bike can be challenging at first

Bikers looking for huge storage space in a bikepacking bag should consider this product. Its design is unique as it fits nicely into the bike’s pannier rack. It is also built with quality and is expected to last long.

10. DOM Gorilla Waterproof Bag

dom gorilla waterproof bag

The DOM Gorilla bag is not just an ordinary bikepacking bag due to its uniqueness and difference from the other bike bags. This product is designed to be mounted from the bike, particularly on the handlebar, as it protects all your gears from outside threats during the ride.

What is unique about this bikepacking bag is how it is mounted to the bike. I have personally used this bag previously and was very impressed by its mounting system. It uses rubberized zip ties, which will secure a three-cleat clip on the fork or other area on the bike. Once the clip is mounted, all you have to do is slide the cage as it holds the bag securely.

This bikepacking bag is also made from thick material and has been proven to take up a lot of abuse. It is built to last longer compared to other standard bike bags. This bag also provides water and abrasion resistance features.

This bag will protect all the things inside from heavy rain, fog, and water splashes. I am also impressed by the heavy-duty rubberized material, which provides durability and toughness to this bikepacking bag. The bag’s surface is tough but not stiff, which is awesome.

The size of this bag is just enough to accommodate some of your gears. Its estimated capacity is about 5.5 liters which is not bad for a bikepacking bag that will not require so much space on your bike.

The only issue I have with this bikepacking bag is its difficulty to be strapped when it is not full. Since the bag is collapsible, you will need extra straps to secure it when all of the bag’s space is not in full use.

  • It comes in a unique design
  • The special mounting system makes mounting and securing the bag so easy
  • Manufactured with tough material to provide durability and toughness
  • It can protect all the things inside from water, dust, and other outside threats
  • It does not take too much space on the bike
  • It needs extra straps to secure the bag when not in full

This bikepacking bag is for bikers looking for a unique and effective bag for their bikepacking activities. This product will not take so much space on the bike but can protect all the gears inside from outside threats such as water, dust, and many more.

What to Look For When Buying a Bikepacking Bag

best budget bikepacking bags

The availability of so many bikepacking bags in the market can make choosing the right for your bike challenging. However, there are factors that you need to check in a product to select the right one for your bike properly.

The Right Fit

Whatever bike you choose, whether it’s a handlebar bag, tube bag, frame bag, or any other bag, you must make sure that it fits your bike easily. If you fail to do so, you might end up scratching your head because you can use the bag in your ride when it is not the right fit.

So before purchasing, make sure to check the size, length, and other physical attributes of the bag to see if it is the right fit. Being cautious is just normal for any buyer to prevent wasting your money.

Storage Capacity

Another essential factor to consider is the storage capacity of the bikepacking bag. Bikepacking and other similar activities require having ample space for your gears that will be used on the ride.

You need to see what space every bag offers in terms of storage space. In analyzing a particular bag, please make sure to see all the space to know if all your gears will fit into the bikepacking bag.

Construction Quality

Bikepacking will let you experience all forms of weather. Whether you are navigating on the road on a sunny day, raining, or whatever conditions you experience, it is a must for the bag to protect all your essential gear.

This can only be achieved if you have a bag that uses high-quality materials. Whether it’s high-end polyester or any other materials, it is a must for you to choose a bag that can withstand the challenges when on the road. Or else, you will keep changing your bikepacking bag quickly because it did not last long.

The Bag’s Design

The design of the bag is somehow related to its capacity. When choosing a bikepacking bag, I usually examined how the bag is designed and its ability to accommodate all my essential gears during the trip.

Does it have several compartments that will allow me to organize all the things inside? Does it have additional mesh pockets that add additional storage space? These two questions are just some of the things that I always ask when analyzing a bikepacking bag. When selecting the bag, it is all about how it provides space and its quality in accommodating all your essential gears.

Quick and Secured Installation

Stability is always essential when it comes to mounting a bikepacking bag on your bicycle. You do not want to end up losing all your gears because the bag was not properly secured as it fell during your ride. The mounting system of a bikepacking bag should be easy and secured all throughout your trip.

Frequently Asked Questions

best bike packing bags

How to Clean Bikepacking Bags?

Cleaning bikepacking bags varies from one brand to the other. It is normal to have a guide in the proper maintenance and cleaning of a bikepacking bag in every product. But in general, it is recommended to wash the bag after using it to remove unwanted dirt that clings during the ride.

Washing it with warm water is an excellent way to soften all the dirt on the surface and inside the bag. Use a soft brush or maybe a sponge to remove all the dirt that you see on the outside and inside of the bag. Mild cleaning agents can be used if needed.

How to Pack Bikepacking Bags?

When packing a bikepacking bag, it is essential to group all your gears and other essentials according to their purpose. For example, gears for shelters, sleeping, cooking, and other essentials should be separated for you to have easy access to everything once it is needed.

Store all the small stuff in small bikepacking bags and so on. Bikepacking bags give you the chance to organize stuff when packing; it is up to you to maximize what it brings to you during your bikepacking trip.


The best bikepacking bags will provide you with so much space to accommodate all your essentials during a bikepacking trip. You need to choose the right bikepacking bag to fit your bike and your needs throughout the bike ride.

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