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The Best Bikepacking Saddle Bags for 2023

best bikepacking saddle bag

Do you know the best bikepacking saddle bag you can use on your future bike adventure? We all know the importance of this bike accessory in making the bikers organize and keeping all the things needed in a bikepacking activity. This article presents five top bikepacking seat bags that have successfully passed our extensive testing and thorough market research.

I have been biking for years, and I have seen more people hook into bikepacking, a term that combines biking and camping in their adventures. But doing this activity needs a reliable bag that offers lightness but versatile enough to carry essential things during the ride. Below are five of the best bikepacking seat bags highly recommended by our team for their reliability and pure quality.

Best Bikepacking Saddle Bag Reviews

1. ROCKBROS Bikepacking Bike Saddle Bags

rockbros bikepacking bike saddle bags

The best thing about bikepacking is biking and going to unusual places that are less traveled, whether it is a forgotten dirt road, singletrack trail, gravel road, among others. But in doing so, the biker needs all the essential gear to make the ride easy and comfortable. One of which is this bikepacking saddle bag from Rockbros, a large capacity seatpost bag bikepacking accessory that can help the biker in so many ways with its variety of features.

One of the outstanding features of this product is its waterproofing properties. This saddle bag will make all the things inside always dry with its unique design and high-quality materials. The 600D high-quality nylon and material and TPU film make this bag durable and waterproof. Add the rolling style closure design and having a bag the prevent any type of water from coming inside during the bikepacking activity.

Another feature that impresses me the large capacity this saddle bag brings to the table. For me, it is one of the biggest seat bags bikepacking accessories that I know. The capacity of up to 10 liters is a big help for the storage of all your essential bikepacking gears. In addition, you will have enough space for a one-person tent, a sleeping bag, and even a sleeping pad. I have previously put my tool kit bag at the front part while still having enough space for the other essentials.

This bikepacking saddlebag is also easy to install. It is constructed so that mounting will be easy on the bike post, and the bag will be secured appropriately after the installation. Also, this bag will give you the ability to roll up small if you do not have many things to bring but can also be unrolled if you have more stuff to carry. And the best thing about the installation, it will not damage your bike and will provide the needed stability once the bike hits the road.

Overall, this is an excellent saddle bag that must be included in your bikepacking seat pack. It is well-made, stable, and can be easily mounted on the bike. It also provides one of the largest spaces for a bike saddle which should be perfect for bikepacking activities. It will be suited for long-distance rides and will be a good alternative for a backpack.

  • Full waterproofing features; with roll-style design and made with waterproof TPU film and high-quality nylon material
  • Provides large capacity; offers 3 to 10 liters of storage space
  • Easy to install; includes stability after mounting
  • Reflective stripes on the can help increase visibility
  • Made for long-distance travel
  • Plastic parts subpar quality

This bikepacking saddle bag is for bikers looking for a large storage capacity bag for their bikepacking adventures. It is one of the largest in the market as it offers an excellent fit to the bike while securing all the things inside. In addition, the waterproofing feature will protect the bag from water invasion and moisture.

2. Rhinowalk Bicycle Saddle Bags

rhinowalk bicycle saddle bags

Bikepacking is all about exploring unique and unusual places with your bike. Whether it’s a one-day or multiple-day ride, the most important thing is to enjoy the ride and the adventure. But in doing this activity, the biker needs a suitable bikepacking saddle pack to carry all the essentials required for the ride. This waterproof saddlebag from Rhinowalk is one bike accessory you can use in doing this type of adventure.

The uniqueness of this product lies in its features, specifically in its design. Compared to other bikepacking saddlebags, the comprehensive design helps reduce the resistance of air to the minimum during the ride. It will help the biker to have an easy pedal while providing an overall high-speed biking experience.

This bikepacking saddle bag support is one of the most stable bag that I know once installed in the bike seat. The bag will stay secure and stable and prevent any damage to the straps even when the bike is engaged in rough descents. Meanwhile, all the things will be adequately protected and will stay dry with its waterproofing features.

In terms of its size, this bikepacking saddle bag offers plenty of storage. A 10-liter storage capacity will enable you to put many things inside. The upper portion can also be used in storing extra items such as shirts, snacks, or other things you might need for a long or multi-day ride. The most important thing is that this bag offers an ample space for all your bikepacking essentials. If not, you can roll up nicely and only use the space you only need.

Installation of this saddle bag is also an easy thing to do. It comes with a sticky loop and a hook strap that should help in mounting the bag quickly into the bike. Meanwhile, a quick-release buckle assists in fixing the bag into the rack and the seat post firmly. So, expect a stable and fix bikepacking saddlebag on the road regardless of its condition.

  • With waterproofing properties; the bag is made with TPU materials
  • Easy installation feature; uses sticky loops and strap to help stabilize bag’s position on the bike
  • Comprehensive design; reduces air resistance to help increase biking speed
  • Quick-release buckle strap helps stabilize the bag into the rack
  • Large capacity storage space; up to 10 liters of capacity
  • The quality of the stitching needs to improve

This bag offers plenty of storage but rolls up if you need only a little space. Also, the presence of Velcro fasteners helps in stabilizing the bag during the ride. This saddlebag is perfect for long-distance rides and will keep all the things and essentials safe inside the bag.

3. Lixada MTB Bike Saddle Bags

lixada mtb bike saddle bags

One of the upsides in doing bikepacking is the simplicity in doing this type of adventure. There is no better way of doing an adventure than spending time in the wilderness alone with your bike. It’s that simple, but the simplicity can be achieved if you have the correct gears in your position during the ride. But to do so, you need the Lixada bike saddle bag to bring all the things you need in the bikepacking activity.

One of the upsides of using this bikepacking saddle bag dropper post is the ample storage space it can provide for all the essentials needed in a bikepacking activity. This bag is incredible as it can fit a lot of things inside. You can have a space for your clothing essentials, especially if you are doing long rides regardless of conditions. There is also a space for a tire change kit, water bottle, winter gloves, and windbreaker if you need it in your travel.

Another upside from using this product is the durability and toughness it brings to the user. Physically, the bag looks and feels great if you feel it. It is made with waterproof and reliable materials. Also, the design and mounting look solid and are well designed. Physically, the fabric is very smooth, but the toughness lies on the way it prevents water from going inside, making all the things inside safe and always dry.

Practicality and versatility are other benefits that you will get from having this product. The four waterproof side pockets will help in adding additional space for smaller items. There is also a looping elastic cord that can hold a few items at the top if needed. Meanwhile, the compression straps will help make the bag stabilized and fixed to prevent any movement during the ride. Lastly, attaching a rear light into the bag is possible to increase visibility during the night.

The only downside I see in the product is the quality of the velcro straps. I feel that it comes with subpar quality and will not perform as expected as time goes by. It will probably stop sticking over time and will not be helpful to the user.

  • Provides portability and lightness; made with light but reliable materials
  • It gives practicality and comfort; the strap offers stability, especially in long-distance riding
  • Large capacity; up to 10 liters of storage and 8 kilos of weight
  • Provides versatility with four additional pockets to carry small items
  • Provides durability and toughness with its waterproof and rip-proof features
  • Subpar velcro straps

This bikepacking saddlebag is ideal for the long haul. The easy installation and large storage will help the biker when doing a bikepacking activity. Also, it easily folds up and does not take a lot of space for storage. It is a great product which I highly recommend to all bikers.

4. Sahoo Bikepacking Saddle Bags

sahoo bikepacking saddle bags

The difference in bikepacking compared to other bike tour activities is the quantity of the things you bring. Bikepackers bring lesser stuff and do not use panniers and racks in bringing all the things needed in the activity. However, as light as it is, they still need the appropriate bag in their journey, such as this bikepacking saddle bag from Sahoo. This bag is the best saddle bag for gravel bike that I know and should help bikers bring all the essentials needed in a bikepacking activity.

One of the purposes of this product is to provide a solid and durable saddle bag that every biker can use in a bikepacking activity. Thanks to its TPU made double-layer nylon material, this bag prevents any water from coming inside when it is raining or navigating rivers. Apart from the waterproof features, dirt such as mud and sewage can be easily removed by wiping the surface to clean it again.

Another purpose of this product is to provide a stable bag when it is mounted on the bike. As a biker, the constant problem for a saddle bag is when it is move and lack stability, especially when dealing when challenging trails and uneven road surface. But this saddle bag uses a wide velcro strap that will be attached to the seat and supported by two snap-on buckles to stabilized the installation and make the saddlebag fixed in its position.

I also like the large capacity of this bikepacking saddlebag and its ability to adjust the storage space if not in use. The size can be adjusted from 3 liters to 10 liters depending on the volume of things and essentials that a biker needs. In addition, the presence of elastic strap will be used to hold other items outside if required.

Lastly, there are reflective elements in the bag that increase the visibility of the biker during the night. If not satisfied, I suggest using a backlight as support to enhance your presence and visibility during the night. Ang this bike light can be attached to the bag.

  • Fully waterproof and easy to clean bike saddle bag
  • Provides maximum capacity and can be adjusted and folded
  • With reflective elements that helps increases the visibility of the biker
  • Wide velcro straps and buckles make the bag fixed securely
  • Elastic strap holds additional items outside the bag
  • The clips have the chance to break easily

If you are a biker looking for a bag that fits your jacket and other essentials when bikepacking, this product is an excellent option. This bag will fasten the snuggle around the seat post and can be mounted easily. The waterproof feature is a tremendous upside, especially when it is raining, as it will protect all the things inside and make it dry all the time.

5. CbRSPORTS Bikepacking Saddle Bags

cbrsports bikepacking saddle bags

The unwritten rule when it comes to bikepacking is always to put the weight to the minimum. Meaning, you do not need to bring everything, only the essentials which are important and required for the biking activity. But, to do that, you will need a bikepacking saddle bag from CbRSPORTS, which is designed to meet the demands and needs of a bikepacker like you.

I have decided to use this bag before due to its large storage capacity which should fit my needs. In fact, this bikepacking saddle bag can accommodate up to 14 liters of items and tools needed in the bikepacking activity. But the most impressive feature is the roll-top design which can adjust the length and storage capacity of the bag to the needs of the biker.

Another feature that impresses me was the durability and toughness it brings to the user. Made with TPU nylon material known to be resistant to abrasion and other negative effects when exposed to the outside environment. Furthermore, the bikepacking saddlebag is built in steel around the panel to keep the bag in shape. Whether its a rainy or sunny day, I was confident that all my belongings were protected with this impressive bikepacking saddlebag.

I also like the stability of the bag when it is mounted underneath the saddle. Apart from being easy to install, this saddlebag is so stable when it is mounted on the bike post. Thanks to its fixed buckle and straps, which secures the bag under the seat and makes it stable all the time. Typically, stability is always a concern when using an under-the-seat saddlebag, but this brand just exceeds my expectation of being stable and fixed in the correct position.

Quality-wise, this waterproof bag is a three-layered bike accessory making it easy to clean from mud and other forms of dirt that may cling to the surface. Furthermore, you can use this bag as a fender just in case it rains heavily while biking. Thus, reducing all the rainwater going into your cloth.

  • Will provide stability after the installation with its fixed buckle and strap features
  • Provides maximum storage capacity of up to 14 liters
  • Made with three-layered surfaces and high-quality waterproof materials
  • Fender convertible to protect the biker from splashing water when it is raining
  • Easy to mount or install
  • The bag is not well-ventilated

This bag is made for bikers looking for a saddlebag with a large storage capacity. At 14 liters, this is one of the largest bags you can use in a bikepacking adventure. The roll-top feature is a nice additional feature if you want the storage capacity to be reduced during the ride.

What to Look For When Buying a a Bikepacking Saddle Bag

best bikepacking seat bag

When looking for the a bikepacking saddlebag, there are a few things to look for to choose the right one for your bike. Please check on our list below:

Storage Capacity

Bikeoacking is all about bringing all the stuff you need but without using all the available gears. Because of this, you need an excellent bikepacking saddle bag capable of bringing all the essentials without using all the equipment. Having a saddle bag with a large storage capacity or volume is the answer when it comes to having all your requirements in one place. Actually, you do not need a pannier or a bike rack to be able to carry everything. You will only need a saddle bag with a significant volume to bring all the essentials you need.


Another factor that is important in bikepacking is the weight of the saddlebag. It is essential to choose a lightweight saddle bag to minimize the burden you will carry during the ride. Always remember that bikepacking is all about carrying light and avoid all unnecessary stuff while enjoying the beautiful views of the countryside. If you are conscious of having a lightweight saddlebag, you will also be picky on the things you bring in terms of their weight. It will bring a lot of benefits to you as you go on with your adventure.

Waterproof and Durability Features

If you choose a bikepacking saddlebag, select something durable and tough. One of the proof when it comes to durability is the bag’s waterproofing features. Many bikepacking saddlebags are built to prevent any forms of water entry inside to protect all the things you put in there. Bikepacking on multiple days will let you experience different types of weather, including some rainy days. This type of weather will need you to protect all essential items such as your mobile phone or other electronic devices using a waterproof saddlebag.

The durability of a saddlebag will also be dependent on the type of materials it was built. I suggest looking for a bag made with TPU materials which are known for their durability and toughness. I also like saddlebags made with polyester as it also offers durability and toughness in its overall structure.

Ease of Installation

Another factor to consider when choosing a bikepacking saddlebag is the ease of installation. Find a brand that is easy to put into your bike. I suggest looking for a buckle-powered bag and strap as these are the types of saddlebags that are easy to mount into the bike.


Bikepackers will frequently navigate challenging trails and uneven road surfaces, which offers bumps and other discomforts on the road. In this situation, you will need a saddlebag that provides stability once mounted on the bike. Bikers complain of saddlebags that are not stable and become out of position when dealing with this type of road surface. But, other saddlebags provide features that make the bag stable once it is mounted on the bike post.


In choosing the best bikepacking saddle bag, you will need more information in selecting the right one for your needs in doing a bikepacking activity. It is essential to know all the features that will make your ride more comfortable but still bring fewer items which is the primary purpose of bikepacking.

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