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The Best Chain Breaker Tools for 2023

best chain breaker tool

What if you break a chain while in the middle of your biking activity? The solution is to have the best chain breaker tool to remove the broken chain and install a new one. The chain breaker bicycle tool is the easiest way to alter a chain and making the needed changes while on the road. With that said, this article is all about ten of the best bicycle chain breaker tool as we review their benefits, features, functionalities, and other related information.

Our team tested several bicycle chain breaker tools in an effort to find the best recommendations for you, our readers. As usual, we also conducted some research and gathered feedback from many bikers to rank all bike chain breaker tools to recommend the right one for every biker’s usage.

Best Chain Breaker Tool Reviews

1. PRO BIKE TOOL Universal Chain Breaker

pro bike tool universal chain breaker

There will come a time that you will need to replace your bike chain with a new one due to considerable wear. Usually, the old chain affected by too much wear may end up loose, which is not suitable for the biker’s safety. However, when buying the new chain, you will need to adjust it to the correct length by removing extra chains to fit your bike. And this can be done using this chain breaker tool from Pro Bike Tool.

One of the outstanding features chain-link breaker tool is its excellent quality and durability. It is built with a high-quality cast steel body, a chromium molybdenum steel push thread bolt, and an aluminum handle which provides toughness and easy usage. Once you lock a chain link into the feeder shelf, it is going nowhere but breaks.

Another outstanding feature of this product is the oversized lever which provides long leverage for easy breaking and re-chain. When combined with the oversized aluminum handle on the feeder, this T-handle torsion device can produce a spectacular huge amount of torque while popping the chain pins quickly. It is so smooth and powerful that even the stubborn chain link pins cannot handle the power.

I was also impressed by the holding feature of this chain breaker tool as it makes it so secure and easy to use. Also, the ergonomic handle provides additional comfort and contributes to easy usage. I also like the compact design since it will fit easily in a small tool kit and will not take so much space inside.

Meanwhile, this chain breaker tool is 1 to 12 speed compatible but is not currently compatible with SRAM and KMC 12 speed chains. So, if you have these types of chains, then look for other chain breaker tools to use.

  • Built with ergonomic handle to provide comfort and easy usage
  • Oversized lever provides long leverage for easy breaking or re-chain
  • Made with an excellent push thread bolt
  • Made with superior quality cast steel body and aluminum handle
  • Provides smooth and powerful pushing action
  • Not a universal chain tool

This product is the perfect chain breaker tool that is easy to hold and use in removing chain pins. The product can quickly get good leverage, so it is not difficult to turn the handle and eventually remove the pin. I strongly recommend this product to bikers looking for a reliable chain breaker tool.

2. KZNANZN Detacher Breaker Cutter

kznanzn detacher breaker cutter

There will be moments in your biking journey that you will break a chain in the middle of the road. If it is the master link that is broken, it will be easy for you to remove and replace it with a new one. If it is the other links, then you will need a bike chain link removal tool such as this product from KZNANZN to remove the other half of the broken link.

Compared to the first product that I review, this product is so different when it comes to the design or even the physical features. Also, this product is built with a universal design which means it can be used for different types of bike links. But I suggest you check on the chain size that will fit this chain breaker tool to avoid making a mistake in acquiring this product.

This chain breaker tool bicycle provides an adjustment feature that will allow you to cut the length that you need without the help of other equipment. Also, if you want to remove a chain link or make some adjustments, this chain breaker tool can do it with ease. It works perfectly and is easy to line up. It will push the chain rivets through easily without having to file the heads off.

In terms of quality, this chain breaker tool is built with compound strengthening and high carbon steel to ensure durability and toughness. Yes, physically, this chain breaker tool is sturdy enough to get the job done, and it appears sturdy and durable. I also like the addition of an extra pin which serves as a replacement should the original pin will be damaged or cannot be used.

For its usage, it is actually a two-step chain breaker where it holds the chain link and makes the force work at the center to quickly removed the pin. This feature will make it easy for the start of the initial movement of the link pin. After that, using a simple drift on the drill rod will push the link pin out quickly. This chain breaker tool is so simple and easy to use but quite effective.

  • Built with high carbon steel to ensure durability and toughness
  • Provides an adjustable feature in cutting the chain into the desired length without other tools needed
  • With a replaceable press pin that is heat-treated and hardened
  • Includes one free extra needle pin
  • Built with universal design
  • Subpar pin

Overall, this is a nice chain breaker tool that offers excellent functionalities. It’s very easy to operate and provides toughness and durability. With this tool, you can remove the chain link quickly and effectively.

3. Park Tool CT-3.3 Bicycle Chain Tool

park tool ct-3.3 bicycle chain tool

It is no secret that the bike chain is one of the most common wear items in all of the bike parts and accessories. It is also typical for a bike chain to break apart while you are in the middle of the biking activity. But repairing the bike chain and replacing the broken one is an easy task if you have a heavy-duty chain breaker tool just like this product from Park Tool. This bike tool provides superior quality construction and top-of-the-line durability and toughness.

One of the upsides of using this bike tool is having a professional chain breaker tool for chain sizing and chain-link replacement of your bike. It is built with an investment-cast steel body that comes with a comfortable vinyl-dipped handle. Actually, I am familiar with this brand as this chain breaker tool also comes with similar premium quality, sturdiness, and exceptional feel.

Another upside of using this product is having a strong driving pin that can remove even the most challenging pin in a bike chain. In fact, I have used it in an old and rusty chain before, and it easily pushed out the pin without using pliers or any other tools. It operates very smoothly, and your hand will be comfortable during the chain removal process as it operates as per the expectation.

In terms of quality, this product is one of the best. It is built with large handles that make it easier to apply your power in order to break the chain. Another upside is that the pin is actually replaceable, which means if it breaks, you can just buy a replacement pin and then continue to use this bike tool. Again as I have been telling you, the Park Tool is a brand that is known to produce premium quality products, and this chain breaker tool is one of them.

The only drawback I see from using this product is that the driving pin tends to loosen slightly as time goes by. But I feel that this is just normal wear and tear effect and the replaceable feature also contributes to the loosening of the pin. But definitely, this is a window of improvement for this excellent product.

  • Built with an investment-cast steel body to provide excellent durability and toughness
  • It comes with an ultra-strong driving pin which is also replaceable
  • Made with a vinyl-dipped handle to create maximum power and comfort during usage
  • Compatible with all of the 5-to-12 speed chains
  • A professional chain breaker tool
  • The driving pin tends to loosen

This product does not do anything magical but will do what it is supposed to do, removing chain links efficiently. It is one of the most excellent quality chain breaker tools that I know with its outstanding built construction. It does help that it comes from a well-trusted brand.

4. Jeremywell Roller Chain Tools Kit

jeremywell roller chain tools kit

Apart from the tires, the bike chain is one of the bike parts that need constant replacement. Continuing to use a wear-out chain can affect the shifting quality of your bike and can possibly diminish the lifespan of the bike’s drivetrain components. With that said, buying a new bike chain is essential, and adjusting the correct length can be done using a chain breaker tool from Jeremywell.

The primary purpose of this chain breaker tool is to provide the biker with a reliable and trusted product for chain adjustments and resizing. It is built with a chain puller and breaker, which works separately but will give the user the easiest way to remove or add a chain link. The chain holder will make it easier to make the final connections.

In terms of its operation, this chain tool kit works perfectly as described. The squeeze handle found on the pin pusher will make it easy to fit over the pin. It is also built with a sturdy handle which is enough to use the required force to push the pin out of the chain link. Meanwhile, the chain puller has a simple design and is easy to use.

This chain tool kit can also quickly removed links even from larger chains and then reinstall it if you want to. Also, upon using the breaker, I recommend alternating a few times between those two rivets that you want to pop out. This action aims to prevent the links from being bent and the rollers from getting damaged.

I can say that this chain tool kit is a time saver since removing or adding links can be done quickly. The puller will make it easy to reconnect the chain again. But, you will need to check on the chain size if it fits the chain breaker or the puller.

  • It comes with a chain breaker and a puller
  • The squeeze handle provides an easy fitting to the pin
  • The sturdy handles allow the user to come up with maximum force for easy pin removal
  • The chain puller is built with a simple design and is easy to use
  • The chain puller and breaker comes with universal fittings
  • Tendency to get stuck

Please take note that I was impressed by both the chain holder and breaker. It works great, and the chain has an extra tip which makes the chain link adjustment easy. It is also effortless to use and made the cutting chain quick and simple.

5. Oumers Bike Chain Splitter

oumers bike chain splitter

Putting a lot of miles into your bike will make some parts wear out, such as the bike chain. Also, a stretched bike chain can contribute to the wear of the bike’s cassette and chainrings which means it is essential to replace old and stretched chains immediately. Once you have a new bike chain, you will need to adjust it to fit your bike using this chain breaker tool from Oumers. This product is universally designed to fit most of the bicycles available.

This product is an excellent self-contained chain tool that is elegantly designed so that the loose parts of the chain, which are the chain holder and the alternate pin, will fit into the device itself. It also comes with a “hex wrench,” a hole found in the handle to easily change the pins. This part of the chain breaker tool will precisely hit the mark on the chain.

Also, this chain breaker tool makes the task of chain repair a lot easier. It is easy to use and can do different link sizes. It comes with a part that will be put in a chain-link to hold it after removing the links. You will only need to line everything up and push the pin out to remove the chain link. After all, it is comfortable to use in hand and is easy to turn the handle.

I was also very impressed with the durability of this chain breaker tool. It is built with carbon steel which is very strong and durable, eliminating the fear of bending or breaking while working on the bike. I also like the plastic-coated handle, which provides comfort and an anti-slip feature to the user.

As an additional bonus, a built-in hook is used for holding the bike chain in place while performing the maintenance activity. It will contain the chain together in pressing the link back to the chain.

  • Universally designed to fit most bikes
  • Provides easy usage in removing and reinstalling link
  • Includes an additional built-in hook for holding the bike chain in place
  • With a backup stainless-steel made pin
  • Provides durability with its carbon steel made construction
  • Subpar push pin

This chain breaker tool is for bikers looking for a reliable product in their toolbox. It is made with solid materials and works perfectly in removing or reinstalling a link of the bike chain. There are also added accessories to complete the job more manageable compared to other chain breaker tools.

6. PGN Roller Chain Cutter Breaker

pgn roller chain cutter breaker

As a biker, there will come a time that you will need to split some old chains, resize new ones, or reinstalling links into the bike chain. The chain might break in the middle of the road or need a new replacement, which means removing some links into the bike chain. Doing this bike maintenance is easy using a chain breaker tool such as this product from PGN Bearings. A reliable and excellent chain breaker tool that deserves a place in your bike toolbox.

One of the outstanding features of this product is its excellent durability and toughness. It is made of carbon steel materials known for their extremely high strength, hardness, and wear resistance properties. So expect this chain breaker tool to last longer than expected compared to the other regular chain breaker tool.

In terms of its usage, this chain breaker tool provides an effective way to remove or reinstall the chain link. It is so simple to use that it allows for excellent leverage to break the chain without making too much effort. The chain was so easy to align, and the overall process was so straightforward. Definitely, the process is much better compared to grinding or punching the rivets out.

Also, when taking a link apart, you will need to be very careful during the overall process. If not, there will be a tendency to bend the opposite side since this chain breaker tool only grabs one side. However, if you can get the chain off the machine without breaking, it will be better for you with a small socket and a punch.

Overall, this chain breaker tool works well in breaking apart the roller chain. However, I just feel that the pin is slightly short of pushing the rivet out fully. However, it is still effective, but it may require a pair of pliers in removing the pin. But definitely, the right bike tool for the job.

  • Excellent construction and unique design
  • Built with carbon steel to ensure durability and toughness
  • Provides easy alignment
  • Easy to use; overall breaking process is simple
  • With good leverage during the breaking process
  • Tendency to bend on the opposite side

This chain breaker tool provides reliability in breaking the chain. It is easy to use and provides and is made with excellent construction to last longer compared to other products. Highly recommended to have a space in your bike toolbox.

7. Felled Pocket Chainsaw Chain Breaker

felled pocket chainsaw chain breaker

When you are shortening a new chain length to fit your bike correctly or shortening to repair it, you will need a chain breaker tool to split the links. This tool should also be an essential part of your bike toolbox should your bike chain break while in the middle of the road. Having said that, this chain breaker tool from Felled is an excellent choice if you are looking small or pocket chain breaker.

When compared to the other chain breaker tool I reviewed earlier, I find this product very unique. For one, the size of this product is so tiny. Actually, it is a pocket chain breaker tool composed of a 3-piece kit built for chainsaw chain links. Another unique feature of this bike tool is its appearance and color. Since its made with carbon construction, it appears in black, which is quite different from the other chain breaker we reviewed earlier.

I was also impressed with the durability and toughness of this chain breaker tool, especially the heavy-duty carbon steel construction. It is also built with carbon steel chain breaker punch bars for maximum durability and strength. However, you will need a hammer to pound the end of the punch to break the chain immediately.

This chain breaker tool comes with a versatile anvil to hold different chain sizes in place in terms of its usage. All you need to do is align one of the punch tips with the exact center of the rivet, then use a hammer in pounding the end of the punch. Doing this action will create the right amount of pressure to remove the rivet from the chain eventually.

In terms of its fitting requirements, the anvil can accommodate and hold ⅜-inch low profile, ⅜-inch, ¼ inch, and 0.404-inch pitch chains. Meanwhile, for added information, the punch breaker tips diameter measures 2.3mm and 4.8mm.

  • Easily remove chainsaw chain links
  • Built-in pocket size, which means it is easy to store or transport
  • Easy to use
  • Provides durability and toughness with its carbon steel construction
  • With a carbon steel punch bar to easily break a chainsaw, chain links
  • It needs a hammer during the breaking process

This product is for bikers looking for a chain breaker tool that is small and is easy to transport. Its pocket size makes it easy to bring during bike travel. This product is also solidly built with its carbon steel construction.

8. AZSSMUK Roller Chain Detacher Breaker

azssmuk roller chain detacher breaker

I always feel that every biker must have a chain breaker tool in their toolbox one way or another. This tool is often neglected because experiencing a broken chain or replacing a new chain does not always happen. But as a biker, I feel that having a chain breaker tool is essential, especially when doing long-distance travel. With that said, this chain breaker tool from Azssmuk is an excellent choice with its easy usage feature and other superior functionalities.

One of the upsides of using this product is having excellent reliability and durability. This chain breaker tool comes with outstanding construction using premium materials such as high carbon steel and compound strengthening. These materials are known for their strength which should work wonders during the breaking process. After all, this product was meant to be crafted with durability and longevity.

Another upside in using this product is its usage in breaking the chain. It is so simple that you will only need to cut the chain or remove some parts without using any additional tool. It will work perfectly by providing proper alignment in securing the chain. I also like that it comes with an extra tip, which means that once the original one is no longer as sharp as it is, you can immediately replace it and maintain its effectiveness.

In addition, this chain breaker tool will fit a chain size of 25 to 60. Physically, I like that it comes in a small size, which means it is also light. It will not eat more space in your toolbox and will be easy to transport. With its quality, you can easily cut the chain into the desired length without any other tools. It is totally hassle-free in cutting the chain.

You will like how it is so easy to break the chain of your bike. This is an excellent tool if you want to add or subtract links in a bike chain quickly. Also, the replaceable pin is heat-treated and hardened, ensuring maximum strength.

  • Easy to use; can cut the chain into the length you need easily
  • Excellent construction; built with compound strengthening and high-quality carbon steel
  • Press pin is heat-treated and hardened, ensuring maximum strength
  • Includes an extra needle pin
  • Small and lightweight for easy storage and transport
  • Tendency to bend the link

This product is a great chain breaker tool if you want to add or remove links in a chain. It is easier to use and breaks the chain with ease. I also like that they send an extra pressing pin for the tool if the original tip is no longer as sharp as it is.

9. SINGARE Multi-Function Mechanic Repair Kit

singare multi-function mechanic repair kit

A chain breaker tool is just a simple gadget every biker used to remove links from a bicycle. Yes, it is simple and small, but many bikers are unaware of its presence and use to the bike. Also, bicycle chains do not last forever. There will come a time that you need to replace some broken links or buy a new one that must be fitted correctly to your bike. Removing or adding links in a bike chain can be done by this chain breaker tool from Singar, a bike mechanic repair kit ready to help you break bike chains.

The primary purpose of this bike repair kit is to provide a complete set of tools that will be used to repair, adjust, or add links to your bike chain. This kit is composed of various tools and bike accessories included in a single package. It comes with a chain breaker, a chain wear indicator tool, and six pairs of bicycle missing links, all of which can be useful in repairing or maintaining the bike chain.

The chain breaker tool comes with a unique and intelligent design. It is easy to break and easy to re-chain because it provides a unique groove at the top to see how far you have popped the peg out. You only need to make sure that the pin is lined up correctly to break the chain easily. You will just need to be patient because it will take a minute to find the exact line.

The bike chain wear indicator tool is also an excellent addition to the product package. It will allow you to have the ability to determine the wear and stretch of the bike chain. At least, you will have some basis as to when to replace your old bike chain with a new one. Meanwhile, the bike missing link can replace a broken link or add some to your bike chain.

Overall, this tool kit works like a champ and will be a great addition to your bike repair toolbox. It is a multi-function bike chain repair tool that will be useful, especially in long trips, just in case you experience a broken bike chain.

  • It comes with three bike tools in a single product package
  • Wear indicator tool will make you efficiently assess the current situation of your bike chain
  • The chain breaker tool comes with a unique design to break the chain easily
  • Bicycle missing link will be helpful during emergencies
  • It comes with a nice carrying case
  • No instruction manual

This bike repair kit is an excellent product to have with all of its functionalities combined. Even the different-sized power links will come in handy, especially if you suddenly break your chain. The two other tools are also crucial in repairing and maintaining the bike chain.

10. Z-Color Chain Breaker Link Splitter

z-color chain breaker link splitter

Instead of going to the bike repair shop for any bike chain link adjustment, why not use a chain breaker tool instead and do it yourself. It is more economical and will allow you to learn some bike repairing skills while learning more about your bike. The chain breaker tool is not a popular bike tool but will come in handy as you gain more biking experience. With that said, this chain breaker tool from Z-color is an excellent option for you with its durability and other functionalities.

I was impressed with the easy usage and the quality of this chain breaker tool. You can use this tool to split the chain by pressing the side plate into the master link. It works very well, but it will be better and more comfortable if the handle on the side is a little bit longer. Other bikers use a Dremel tool to grind out the pin before pushing the pin out using the chain breaker tool. Either way, this bike tool will work once you use it on your bike chain.

Also, I feel that you will be impressed by the durability and toughness of this product. It comes with an excellent build construction using a high carbon steel and compound strengthening combination, ensuring a very tough chain breaker tool. Physically, you will love how sturdy it is, and I thought this chain breaker tool is made for heavy-duty usage.

I like how this chain breaker is built in terms of its design, but the clearance hole where the pin goes out could be smaller. But, this product is very sturdy and can be used on different types of chains. Be it a bicycle chain, motorcycle chain, and even ATVs. It is a universally designed chain that also comes with a replaceable press pin.

Lastly, this chain breaker tool is built to be a part of your toolbox. You may say that it is just a piece of metal, but the value it provides to you, and the bike can never be underestimated. It is an excellent tool to have, especially when you suffer a broken chain while in the middle of the road or you want the old chain to replace by a new one.

  • It comes with a replaceable press pin
  • Impressive quality; built with carbon steel and compound strengthening to ensure durability and toughness
  • Easy to use
  • Universally designed to fit different types of chains
  • Press pin is heat-treated and hardened to ensure toughness
  • The pin tends to bend

Overall, this is an excellent chain breaker tool that provides reliability and great functionalities. It provides an easy usage feature and will break the chain without exerting too much effort. This product is for bikers looking for a dependable chain breaker tool in their bike repair toolbox.

What to Look For When Buying a Chain Breaker Tool

best bicycle chain breaker tool

Before you buy the chain breaker tool for your bike, you will need to know different factors to consider before choosing one. These factors are clear indicators that you have chosen a high-quality product that is the right one for your bicycle. Please check on the list below:

The Right Fit

This factor is the most important to consider when choosing a chain breaker tool. Bike chains vary according to types, sizes, width, brands, etc. Meaning, you will need to find a chain breaker that can fit your bike’s chain style. For example, if you have a Shimano bike chain, a Shimano chain breaker can be an excellent option for you or chain breaker brands to fit a Shimano bike chain.

In relation to the fittings, every brand will let you know what type of bike chain will fit into their product. So, you must make sure that you know the type of chain in your bike so that it will be easy for you to find the brand that works on your bike chain. You must also remember that a chain breaker tool is universally designed, meaning it can also work not only on bicycle chains but others as well, such as motorcycles, ATVs, among others.


The quality of a chain breaker tool refers to its durability and toughness. And it covers everything, from its handle to the presser pin and the other parts of the bike tool. The chain breaker tool should be durable enough to withstand the pressure of removing the link’s pin. The handle should also provide comfort, especially in supporting the hand when applying pressure during the removal process. Some low-quality presser pins will just bend after only one usage. That is a clear indicator of a low-quality pin and a low-quality chain breaker tool.

You can also determine the quality of a chain breaker tool by the quality of its construction. It should use materials known to provide maximum strength and durability when used in the manufacturing process. My advice is for you to look for a chain breaker tool made with carbon steel, cast steel, and aluminum. Otherwise, you can research these materials to find their toughness and durability.

Ease of Usage

Not all chain breaker tools are easy to use. Some require additional tools to do it, while some require a learning curve to familiarize the process. However, some brands are easy to use and will not need additional tools to break a chain, just like some of the products shown in this review. I was more into those chain breaker tools that do not need any other tools to break a chain. Based on experience, these tools are well-made and durable enough to last longer compared to the other brands.

Additional Accessories

The more, the merrier is a quote that can also be applied in buying s chain breaker tool. If the product package comes with other accessories, then it should be worth the consideration. I mean, we have reviewed products that offer add-ons in the product package, such as an extra presser pin, a chain puller, and an extra hook. All of these accessories provide additional value to the product and should be an excellent addition to your bike toolbox.

Frequently Asked Questions

bike chain link removal tool

How to Use a Bicycle Chain Breaker Tool?

A chain breaker tool is used to resize a bike chain which means removing or adding a link into the chain. Different brands come with different processes but in general, here is how to use them:

First Step:

The first thing to do is unscrew the punch of the chain breaker tool and put the link you want to open in the slot dedicated for links.

Second Step:

This time, you will need to screw the punch in until it touches the head of the rivet, ensuring the punch rests in the center of the rivet head and that the other end of the rivet is not trapped by the body of the chain breaker tool. Screw the punch into the device to drive the rivet out of the front plate and through the rear plate.

Third Step:

When the rivet is almost through the rear plate, retract the punch and break the chain by flexing the links with your thumbs on the flat side. Check it immediately to avoid forcing the rivet right through the backplate. It is better to leave the rivet slightly protruding on the inside of the rear plate to help locate the hole when reconnecting the link.

How to Break a Bike Chain Without a Chain Breaker?

Yes, breaking a bike chain can be done without the use of a chain breaker tool. But, you will need to be careful as it requires tools that might bend or damage the chain. For example, you can use a hammer and a nail to remove the rivet and eventually remove the links, but you want to do it carefully since the hammer might damage the link. Some bikers use a grinder and a punch to grind the pin on the link and eventually remove the pin.


Having the best chain breaker tool in your bike box can be beneficial, especially in doing long rides. There will be moments that you will encounter a broken chain on the road, and the chain breaker tool will be an essential tool to help in repairing the bike chain. Many bikers underestimated the importance of this bike tool, but it is necessary and should have a space for your bike toolbox.

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