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The Best Full Face Mountain Bike Helmets for 2023

best full face mountain bike helmet

For sure, open-face helmets provide protection during your bike ride but using a full face helmet brings a high level of security. It comes with a hard shell that will protect your head, face, teeth, and chin from any serious injuries should you fall. With this information, we listed ten of the best full face mountain bike helmets on the market today.

This article is not just one of those standard mountain bike full face helmet reviews as we ask experienced bikers for their choice and preference during the bike ride. We also did some research and testing to help us list the best budget full face mtb helmet you can use during the bike ride.

Best Full Face Mountain Bike Helmet Reviews

1. Demon Podium Full Face Bike Helmets

demon podium full face bike helmets

Mountain bike riders look for three different aspects of choosing a full face helmet: safety, functionality, and style. With these three factors, I feel that this helmet from Demon United has all the features to make it the most common full face helmet for mountain biking and the favorite among mountain bike riders.

The first thing that caught my attention in using this helmet was its weight. Actually, it’s very light, which makes it very comfortable while riding your mountain bike, even for an extended period. The slim profile also helps make this helmet fit nicely into the head of the biker.

This full face mountain bike helmet also comes with excellent ventilation, which adds comfort to the user. It is designed for superb ventilation as it comes with several vents that help keep the air flowing even during the summer. In my experience, I can feel the cool air running to my face, which helps prevent it from being hot during the ride.

Also, this mens full face mountain bike helmet will give you much-needed protection during the bike ride. It allows you to wear goggles to protect your eyes. The fitting is tight but very lovely, breathable, and secure. There is also the presence of cheek pads which enhances the comfort you feel on your head.

This product also comes with other substantial features that help make you comfortable during the ride. First, it comes with excellent packaging and allows you to install a GoPro easily with its design. And it’s affordable too, which makes this product arguably the most functional full face mtb helmet under $100.

  • Built with superior fitting; With excellent sizing options
  • Made with very light but durable materials to give excellent protection
  • With removable and washable helmet liner
  • Made with full ventilation to keep your head cool during the ride
  • With adjustable visor
  • Unavailability of replacement parts

Overall, this product is an excellent full face mountain bike helmet for its price. It is well made, sturdy, and very comfortable. It will definitely protect your head, and the ventilation is superb regardless of the season, although it can be too hot during the summer.

2. Bell Sanction Adult Full Face Bike Helmets

bell sanction adult full face bike helmets

Protection is always the priority in using a bike helmet, and it should, especially if you’re doing that adrenalin-pumping but dangerous downhill mountain biking and other similar biking activities. This full face downhill mountain bike helmet from Bell has all the features to protect anyone during the bike ride.

The moment I used it, I was immediately impressed by its ability to fit in my head. It fits great right out of the box, which is pretty impressive. There is actually padding inside that makes the fit lovely and comfortable to the face. The helmet does not move around or squeeze my face.

I feel that the padding is similar to those standard motocross helmets being used, which is excellent in protecting the face of the bike rider in case of an accident. The ABS shell construction also brings a lot of toughness and durability to this full face mountain bike helmet.

The ABS shell construction should make this helmet durable and sturdy. Sturdiness and toughness will play an essential role in protecting the head of the biker. Also, it comes with a chin clip which is unique compared to the D-rings that come with most helmets.

This product also weighs very light, which provides additional comfort to the user. It also comes with several air vents, which will provide enough air circulation during the ride. The air vents also mean that it is not claustrophobic at all. Meanwhile, this full face mountain bike helmet also provides excellent downward visibility to enhance bike performance during the ride.

  • Built with ABS shell construction to ensure toughness, durability, and full protection
  • Low-profile and full-face design perfect for downhill mountain biking
  • Provides an excellent fit that provides comfort to the face
  • Built with a chin clip for additional comfort and protection
  • Lightweight
  • Provides excellent downward visibility
  • Sizing is very small

This product fits well, and the helmet comes with decent ventilation. It is one of the best downhill mountain bike full face helmets you can use to protect when doing downhill or trail biking. Also, it is very comfortable and light which is what you need when doing this type of mountain biking.

3. Troy Lee Designs Mountain Bike Helmets

troy lee designs mountain bike helmets

The effectiveness of a helmet can be measured by so many factors like comfort, fitting, protection, and so much more. But it all boils down to the one that makes you safe while on the road, such as this lightweight full face mountain bike helmet from Troy Lee Designs.

I am impressed with this full face mountain bike helmet because of its excellent construction. It is built with Polylite shell construction protecting the user’s head from crashes and accidents. Polylite is known for having resiliency and impact strength which fits well in this situation.

I am also happy and satisfied with this bike helmet’s fitting and overall customisation. It is built with two headliners, two neck pads, and cheek pads which allows me to be comfortable and gets the perfect fit that I want when I use it.

Ventilation is also a significant factor in why I feel that this product is the top-notch full face helmet for mountain biking. It actually has a lot of airflow intakes and exhaust ports which allows the proper circulation of air once it is used. This product will enable you to breath nicely, which is so impressive.

In terms of the physical aspect, this full face mountain bike helmet comes with a sleek design. It also comes with full sets of snap-in inserts to allow your preferred customized fit. Also, the visor does not flop around, and the finish is excellent. As a bonus, it also comes with a drawstring bag for easy storage.

  • Excellent construction quality; uses materials that are resilient to impact
  • Built with excellent customization and fitting
  • Made with excellent ventilation; with several airflow intakes and exhaust ports for
  • proper ventilation
  • Built with excellent design and immaculate finish
  • With drawstring bag for easy storage
  • The sizing guide is too small

Overall, this full face bicycle helmet with visor feels so good to wear during the bike ride. It has all the features that will make your mountain biking safe and comfortable at the same time. It’s snug and comforting, which gives the biker much-needed confidence while on the trail.

4. O’Neal Sonus Deft Mountain Bike Helmets

o'neal sonus deft mountain bike helmets

Mountain biking on the trail or going downhill is a fun activity, but it also comes with a lot of danger. And a biker must be protected during the ride using this full face mountain bike helmet from the O’neal company.

Lightness is probably the best asset that this helmet gives to a biker. This product is constructed with ABS materials which are not only known for being durable but also for their lightness. Wearing this full face mountain bike helmet feels comfortable and light, which positively impacts the bike ride.

Also impressive is the fitting of this full face mountain bike helmet. I remember the first time I put it in my head, it actually fit snugly, which is fine. This helmet needs to be broken in. After a few usages, this helmet was in excellent shape, and I was very comfortable. The pads inside enhance the comfort I feel.

This full face mountain bike helmet also comes with excellent ventilation. I feel that the airflow was fantastic, and the cooling was terrific during my bike ride. It is probably because of the large air vents and the liner, which helps in providing optimal ventilation and cooling effect to keep you fresh all the time.

This product also comes with added features that I feel are very helpful, especially when on the road. First, the padded liner is actually removable and washable at the same time. When it gets too dirty, you can easily remove and wash it. Also, the Fidlock magnetic buckle allows fastening and releasing the helmet quickly.

  • Made with ABS construction; Built with lightness and durability
  • Built with large air vents and liner to provide temperature control and cooling
  • With removable and washable inner liner
  • Built with excellent multicolored graphics for a nice appearance
  • With magnetic buckle for easy fastening and release
  • The size runs small

Overall, this product is of excellent quality. It has a nice fit and weight is very light, which is perfect for mountain biking. It is also available in different vibrant colors, and the padding will make you comfortable throughout the bike ride.

5. POC Coron Air Spin Downhill Mountain Helmets

poc coron air spin downhill mountain helmets

The Coron Air Spin from POC is a full face mountain bike helmet that provides the best protection to the biker. If you are doing downhill or mountain biking in difficult terrain where crashes are sometimes unavoidable, this helmet will protect your head from damage during the crash.

With my experience in testing this helmet, I can say that it can provide the best protection and safety to the user. The presence of emergency cheek pads provides an extra layer of security and protection to the biker’s head and neck.

Also, the helmet fits nicely and feels very comfortable in the head. There is actually an air chamber that helps enhance the balance and the quality of the hearing. The chin bar also allows me to breathe easily and improves this helmet’s protection to the user.

I feel that the helmet is not light as I expected it to be, but the moment I used it on the trail, it was not heavy. The weight was just enough for me as it felt comfortable. Ventilation was also impressive especially when your speed is quicker and faster. You will definitely feel the heat when you are standing, but this is actually normal with a full-face helmet.

Physically, this helmet looks very durable on the outside but very plushy on the inside. But you need to tighten the screw found on the top, or else you will see the visor flying because of the wind. But actually, it is not a big problem, only a minor fix you need to do before using the helmet.

  • Built with excellent airflow and vent design to provide superior ventilation during the ride
  • Made with safety features; cheek pads protect the head and the neck of the biker
  • Built made air chambers to enhance balanced and hearing
  • Padding is removable and washable
  • Excellent construction; uses fiberglass shell material for durability and toughness
  • Straps are hard to adjust

Overall, this product is solidly built and provides confidence to the biker when it comes to protection and safety. The fitting is excellent and the finish is pretty much perfect. It is also available in various colors, which allows you to choose something that fits your mountain bike.

6. Giro Switchblade MIPS Mountain Cycling Helmets

giro switchblade mips mountain cycling helmets

A full face mountain bike helmet is all about giving safety and protection to the biker. And that is what this product from Giro gives to any biker who uses this helmet. This product comes with a full face mountain bike helmet MIPS which stands for Multi-directional Impact Protection System, a feature that reduces the impact on the head if a biker crashes during the ride.

Apart from protecting the user, this full face mountain bike helmet also comes with a great fit. It fits snugly at first, but it really feels comfortable in the head after it is broken in. The feeling is so comfortable that the helmet never bothers me during the bike ride.

But the most impressive feature of this mountain bike helmet is probably the chin bar. This product is a full face mountain bike helmet with removable chin bar. With this feature, you can easily pop off the chin guard when it is needed. Unlike other helmets where removing is very difficult, this product will give you an easy time to do it.

This feature is useful when biking uphill, where a full face helmet is nowhere fun. In this situation, the need to remove the chin guard is needed. With the other helmet, you will have to exert your effort to remove and store it somewhere. With this product, you can easily remove and keep it yourself and return it quickly once you go downhill.

Other essential features include a locking dial in the back, which allows adjustment vertically to accommodate different shapes of heads or necks. In addition, there is also a visor included which is best used during the descent part of the ride.

  • Built with an excellent ventilation system to help enhance the comfort during the bike ride
  • With an easily removable chin bar
  • Provides excellent protection to the head
  • With excellent fit; with cheek pads for additional comfort
  • With a locking dial that allows vertical adjustment to accommodate different shapes of head or neck
  • Weight is heavy

This full face mountain bike helmet gives me the confidence to be safe and protected on the trail. The faceguard comes on and off easily, which is pretty impressive. It is also available in various colors to allow you to choose a color that fits your bike.

7. Smith Mainline MIPS Mountain Biking Helmets

smith mainline mips mountain biking helmets

This full face mountain bike helmet from the Smith company takes pride in using different innovations which helps in protecting the biker should he encounter unintentional crashes during the bike ride. The Koroyd coverage and the MIPS are two features integrated into this helmet to protect the user’s head from hard impacts.

Apart from the protection, I also like the other features of this full face helmet. There is a strap fastener that I can easily adjust the size for my face to fit easily. This feature gives me the comfort I need, especially in adjusting the helmet to my big and rounded head.

Meanwhile, I was also impressed by the ventilation of this full face mountain bike helmet. In fact, I rarely feel the heat when I use it, especially when on the road. Also, the helmet’s ventilation system also pairs well with goggles for a fog-free lens and a nice vision on the road.

With its other features, I also like that this helmet is super light which somehow enhances the comfort it gives to me. This helmet is really comfortable the moment you put it in the head. And it looks very sharp as well. The matte finish is very impressive, in my opinion while the overall design is very simple without any unnecessary branding.

The only minor issue with this product is that it’s not easy to put on or take off. When putting it on, I suggest pulling outward on the helmet to avoid stretching or pulling your ears. I also recommend practicing fastening and unfastening the strap in the mirror before actually using it on the trail. This action will allow you to get used to it quickly as it takes time to familiarize yourself with fastening the strap.

  • With excellent construction quality to promote impact protection
  • Superb ventilation system to keep the air from flowing inside the helmet
  • Strap fastener allows for easy adjustment and perfect fit to the head and face
  • Built with durability and lightness
  • It can easily be paired with goggles for a clearer vision on the trail
  • Difficult to put on or take off

Overall, this full face mountain bike helmet is super comfortable and is properly ventilated. The protection it gives to the user is top-notched. And it’s very light too, which enhances the comfort it brings to the biker. It is also available in various colors for you to choose the one that fits your bike.

8. Lixada Kids Detachable Full Face Helmets

lixada kids detachable full face helmets

In this part of our full face mtb helmet reviews, we feature a unique product from the other products listed above. This helmet for kids from Lixada is still a full face helmet but can be transformed into a half-face helmet. This feature makes this product one of the most versatile helmets that I know which can be used on so many outdoor activities.

I find it very unique and special for the ability of this helmet to be converted from a full-face to a half-face helmet quickly. Yes, this product is a 2 in 1 helmet where you only need to push the buttons at both sides of the helmet to disassemble and make it a half-face helmet. It is very convenient and comfortable for kids to use.

Meanwhile, I am also impressed by the ventilation of this full face mountain bike helmet. With 13 vents all over, it can provide cool airflow and effectively reduce air resistance while also reducing sweating. The weight is also very light, which is perfect for kids.

This helmet also offers an excellent fit for my kids. The reason behind it is the adjustable design that allows it to fit nicely into the head circumference of most children. Thanks to its quick-release buckle, one can easily adjust the helmet according to the user’s preferred sizing.

I also like the safety it brings to the kids, which consist of four layers of protection. I am talking about the hard shell, impact foam, inner pad, and chin sponge pad, which all protect the head in case of sudden impact from crashes as it absorbs external shocks to avoid safety performance.

Lastly, with its 2 in 1 feature, this helmet can be used in so many activities apart from mountain biking. It can also be used for the kid’s protection when they are doing roller skating, longboarding, and other sports activities.

  • It can be easily switched from a full face helmet to half face helmet
  • Built with excellent protection from impact
  • Made with superb ventilation; includes 13 vents for excellent airflow
  • It comes with an adjustable design for easy fit
  • It can be used for a wide range of applications
  • The tendency of the chin guard to come off easily

This product is for parents looking for a multi-purpose helmet for their kids. Whether it is mountain biking or any other outdoor activities, protection is very important by providing and equipping your kids with a helmet that can protect their heads from crashes and other accidents.

9. ROCK BROS Kids Bike Full Face Helmets

rock bros kids bike full face helmets

Riding a bike or any other related activities for kids can be dangerous if they are not appropriately protected. One way to protect them is to use this full face mountain bike helmet from RockBros. This product is a high-quality helmet that can provide optimum protection for kids using it.

I can say that this helmet is an excellent protection for kids because of its safety features. This product is well constructed with a hard shell, high-quality foam, and inner padding that provides excellent shock absorption during impact. This product is the best way to get the kids from wearing a helmet from biking and other similar outdoor activities.

This product is also known for its excellent ventilation to provide the coolness and the comfort every kid needs during the bike ride. With 12 large vents and comfortable foam material, the kid will experience an excellent airflow to make the kid comfortable during the bike ride.

There are also many adjustments built into this helmet, which makes it easy to fit the head’s circumference of the user. The adjustable buckle will help adjust the size to fit the head, while the nylon belts are also easy to adjust.

Meanwhile, this full face mountain bike helmet for kids also has the unique feature of easily converting from a full face to half face helmet. You can use the removable buckle to remove the chin guard and convert it into a half-face helmet.

  • Built with a removable buckle for easy conversion of the helmet
  • With 12 large vents for proper ventilation and comfort
  • It can be easily adjusted to fit the head’s circumference
  • Excellent level of protection with multiple layers of security
  • It can be used on different outdoor activities apart from biking
  • Subpar strap

Overall, this product is an excellent little helmet for kids. The weight is very light, which is perfect for small children. It is also very easy to put on the head and can be easily removed as well. And the overall quality is excellent, too, as it gives the best protection to your kids during the bike ride.

10. Natuway Kids Full Face MTB Helmets

natuway kids full face mtb helmets

This product is another kids helmet built to protect anyone when biking or doing any other related outdoor activities. I can say that this helmet is made to protect with its durable structure composed of a hard shell and long-lasting foam, which can absorb shocks during impact.

But the feature that stands out with this particular helmet is the fun matching color design. This helmet uses a 3D technology color matching design perfect for kids who like to wear brighter colors.The colors attract the kids and make them interested in using the helmet during the bike ride.

I was also impressed by the comfort that this helmet brings to the children. In fact, this product weighs very light allowing the kids to wear it comfortably. The company also ensures enough vents to provide proper air circulation inside the helmet once it is used.

Adjustment is also very easy as the helmet can easily fit the child’s head circumference. This helmet can be adjusted quickly vertically and horizontally with a unique adjustment system. Furthermore, also included are the straps, which help in the adjustment and the security of the helmet to be secured on the head and the chin.

Finally, this full face mountain bike helmet for kids can easily be converted into a half-face helmet. This unique feature can quickly be done by pressing the lock button to remove the chin guard and convert it into a half-face helmet.

  • Built with excellent molding structure including durable shell and foam to provide superior protection from impacts
  • It can be easily adjusted to fit the biker’s head circumference
  • Excellent construction quality; Very light in weight
  • Made superb ventilation for an optimum comfort
  • Convertible to a half-face helmet
  • Subpar straps

Everything you are looking for a helmet for kids is found in this product. It is very light, easy to adjust, and protects the head of the kid during the ride. It also comes in various bright colors, attracting children to make them use the helmet during the bike ride.

What to Look For When Buying a Full Face Mountain Bike Helmet

best budget full face mtb helmet

There are many full face mountain bike helmets available in the market, which makes it challenging to choose the right one for you. However, we have listed several factors to help you find a better quality full face helmet for your mountain biking.

The Right Fit

The most crucial factor to consider in looking for a full face mountain bike helmet should be fitting the biker. Unfortunately, not all bikers come with similar head shapes and circumference, which make the fitting very important.

However, many of these companies come with a sizing guide chart that allows bikers to know the measurement of every helmet and its relation to the size of their head. However, this chart is sometimes unreliable as every person has a different head and neck structure.

The best thing to do is to try the helmet before purchasing it. That is the best way to measure if the helmet fits your head easily. Suppose you have access to bike shops in your area, the better as it allows you to check the helmet before purchasing. Otherwise, you can buy online, but the limitation of fitting can make a difference in finding the appropriate size of the helmet.

Safety Standards

The law states that every bike helmet, including full face helmet, must meet the minimum safety standard imposed by the government. Many certifying organizations approve the safety standards of every helmet. If the brand you consider has one, then make it a top priority.

Construction Quality

The quality of the helmet and how it is made can influence the overall quality of the product. And one important factor that influences the quality is the materials being used. But the most important thing is to have a crushable foam liner that helps negate the impact during crashes. The outer shell is also essential as it protects the liner and your head, which means it needs a high-quality material to make it durable.

Proper Ventilation

Ventilation is also essential as it makes the biker comfortable once he puts the helmet to the head. Look for a helmet built with many vents to ensure a proper flow of air inside. Move vents also mean more light to the helmet as it adds comfort to the biker during the ride.

Frequently Asked Questions

best full face helmet for mountain biking

How Should a Full Face Mountain Bike Helmet Fit?

A full face helmet should feel snug on your head with no unnecessary movement once put on the head. It should not move to the front or back or from side to side. You can tell if the helmet is the right fit when you push the chin guard towards your mouth; it should not move enough to come into contact.

Do I need a Full Face Helmet MTB?

In general, using a full face mountain bike helmet tends to be uncomfortable and hot if you are running at low speed. But if you are a mountain biker who likes running at top speed and biking on difficult terrain and downhill, a full face helmet is a must for additional protection.

This type of helmet is constructed to protect the head and absorb the impact when a biker crashes. It also has other features that protect the head, chin, teeth, and other parts especially when the biker crashes on the road.


The best full face mountain bike is essential for mountain bikers who like to go downhill or navigate on difficult terrain with speed. The danger of this biking activity needs them to protect their head from crashes and this helmet is built to provide excellent protection. Accidents may happen in every bike ride but the need to be protected all the time is essential. Having a full face helmet is one of the best ways to be protected during the bike ride.

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