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The Best Lightweight Bike Locks for 2023

best lightweight bike lock

If you are an avid cyclist, then you must know the importance of having the best lightweight bike lock. Unfortunately, cases of bike theft are rising continuously now that more people choose to ride their bikes often. You should not wait until your bike gets stolen. Secure it with a lightweight lock now before it is too late.

Why should you go for a lightweight one? The biggest reason is that you will always be carrying it around with you. With that, you will always want to travel as light as possible. Don’t worry, you will find a light strong bike lock that is almost as strong and secure as the heavy ones. You just have to know where to look for them.

Best Lightweight Bike Lock Reviews

1. Allnice ET-152 Mini Portable Bike Cable Locks

allnice et-152 mini portable bike cable locks

This product is one of the smallest yet still somewhat secure bike locks I have ever had the pleasure of using. This choice for the best small bike lock fits inside the palm of my hand and weighs just a little over 100g.

The wire curls up into a compact spring and you can unfurl it whenever you need to. I was surprised at how long the spring can stretch. I was able to wrap it around my bike, helmet, and a secure post.

Although this lock is lightweight, it is quite strong. The wire and lock body is made of durable zinc alloy material. It is so strong that you can, in theory, tow a light car with it and the wire will not break. Unless the bike thief is carrying a pair of bolt cutters, they will not be able to open this lock and take away your precious bike.

A thick rubber sleeve covers the 2mm thick zinc alloy wire. It protects the wire from moisture and the resulting rust and corrosion. It will also keep the lock strong as always. In addition, the rubber sleeve will prevent the metal wire from scuffing up the paint on your bike.

I am also glad to say that it is a combination lock because I always seem to misplace the keys of my other bike locks, often leading to me taking the bus home to get the spare keys and then going back for my bike. Also, if you were to forget the 3-digit passcode, you can easily reset it using a pen.

Now, my issue is that it is not the most secure bike lock out there. Although the wire is strong, it will not stand up to bolt cutters. So, you should avoid using this lock if you usually park in a high crime area.

  • Compact and lightweight as it only weighs 100g
  • Made of strong zinc alloy material
  • Comes with a cable wrapped in rubber to prevent scratches
  • Combination lock – This means you can avoid worrying too much about lost keys.
  • Easy to reset if you have the right tools
  • The wire is too easy to cut using bolt cutters

Although it is not recommended for use in high-crime neighborhoods, it does its job when you park your bike in a somewhat secure place like universities, shopping centers with guards, etc.

2. Master 8143D Cable Bike Locks

master 8143d cable bike locks

This product is a compact bike lock. You can just wrap it around the frame of your bike and go. There are no bulky parts that will get in your way. It is also the best lightest bike lock you can find, so no need to worry about any additional weight slowing you down.

It is also a combination lock, which means you can avoid worrying about misplaced keys or anything like that. This lock comes with a pre-set combination, which you can reset any time you wish. However, you have to use the 4 numbers, just rearranged. You can’t choose your numbers, which, in my opinion, only makes it a bit more secure.

The braided cable is thick and strong. Even with bolt cutters, thieves will have a heck of a time cutting the cable. The cable is also long enough to secure two bikes, or if you want to be extra safe, wrap around the frame and wheel of one bike before securing it on a post.

A vinyl covering wraps the thick cable to prevent it from scraping up the paint of your precious bike. It also prevents moisture from coming in contact with the cable and causing rust and corrosion. The additional thickness will also make it difficult for small bolt cutters to get the cable inside their jaws.

Now, there is a serious problem with this lightweight cable bike lock. With just a bit of force, you can yank out the cable from the lock body. There have been many instances where the Master Lock combination lock has been bested by bike thieves just by pulling out the cable.

  • Compact size, which makes it easy to take anywhere
  • Easy to use since it is a combination lock
  • Strong and durable braided cable
  • Does not scuff up your bike’s paint
  • No need to carry keys with you
  • The lock housing is quite flimsy

This lock is suitable mainly for light-crime areas. However, note that experienced bike thieves will not have a hard time destroying this lock.

3. Bell QuickZip Zip-Tie Locks

bell quickzip zip-tie locks

If you are looking for the best lightweight bicycle lock that you can use for quick stops, and with your bike in full view of you or the shopkeeper, then this product is a good choice. It looks like an oversized zip tie and it even sounds like it when closed. It weighs just a little over a hundred grams, so you will not even notice it.

You will get two locks in one package, further increasing the lock’s usefulness. For instance, you can use one lock to secure your helmet onto the bike. The other one, on the other hand, can be used to lock the bike itself in place. Also, you can connect the two locks so you can wrap objects that are bigger than a standard bike with them.

The combination dial is also convenient to use. It is easy to reset if you ever forget the passcode. These locks come with a sort of key that you can insert into the side then twist to get the lock reset. It came in handy since I keep forgetting my passcodes. The printed numbers are also clear, so you can still see them even in poor lighting conditions.

The strap is quite strong as well. You may think that it was only made of plastic, but it has a strip of tough metal inside to provide strength and rigidity. You will not be able to force the lock open using brute force. However, a thief with tin snips will make short work of this lock.

I do not recommend this lock for securing your bike overnight as it can’t withstand extremely cold temperatures. Also, an experienced thief will have no issue cutting this lock apart. It is only for when you are making quick stops, like getting a coffee or lunch, and only with your bike in full view. It may deter some thieves, but not all of them.

  • Very compact and lightweight
  • Can be used in combination with another Quick Zip lock
  • Easy to use and reset combination dial
  • Has a thick 4mm wide core
  • Good for short quick stops
  • The strap cannot withstand extremely cold temperatures

This product is one of the lightest strongest bike lock options I have ever tested, but it is still no match for a criminal armed with a pair of tin snips. It is for quick stops only, not for long-term security.

4. West Biking Folding Bike Locks

west biking folding bike locks

Although it is not the smallest bike lock that you can find, it is still compact enough to fit inside your EDC bag. It also comes with a convenient carrying bracket that you can clamp onto the frame of your bike.

I placed mine underneath the seat so that it is out of the way and I still have room for my water bottle holder. Whenever I need to lock my bike, I just need to reach underneath the seat and grab the lock.

I like how heavy-duty it feels when I am holding it in my hand. It feels solid, but it is not heavy at all. Unfurling the chain, you can tell that it is strong just by looking at it. It has links made of solid metal and connected using heavy-duty rivets.

I pick locks as a hobby and I am quite good at it. With that said, I found that the locking mechanism was more than a worthy adversary. I am not saying that it is unpickable. I managed to open it using special tools, but it took a long time. If you position it in a way that makes it difficult to pick, most bike thieves won’t risk trying to force it open.

Although the chains do not have a vinyl or rubber sleeve, they do have a rubberized lacquer coating that keeps water from seeping through and causing rust buildups. It also protects the bike’s paint from getting scratched. Also, unlike other folding chain locks, this one is long enough to wrap the tire and frame together, making it more secure.

Although I do not have a problem with the lock itself, I think the included carrying bracket could be better. There have been a couple of times when the lock fell off the bracket when I hit a bumpy patch on the road.

  • Comes with its own carrying bracket
  • Strong but lightweight zinc alloy used for the chain
  • Double-sided locking cylinder, which makes it more difficult to pick
  • The keys have serial numbers, so requesting replacement is easier
  • Rubberized lacquer coating added to the chain to prevent scratches
  • The carrying bracket is a bit loose

Although not perfect, this lock is one of the best that you can get right now. It is sturdy, but not heavy. You can be sure that bike thieves will think twice when they see it wrapped around the frame of your bike.

5. OTTOLOCK Combination Bike Locks

ottolock combination bike locks

The biggest selling point of this bike lock is how lightweight and portable it is. When rolled up, the entire lock can fit in the palm of your hand, so it will easily fit inside your bag or pouch.

It is ideal for quick stops, so it is also quick to deploy. Just unfurl the band, wrap it around your bike and a security post, and insert the other end back into the locking mechanism.

Another nice thing about it is that it is a combination lock, so you don’t have to worry about misplaced keys. The combination is also resettable, so you can still manage to open this lock if you forget your code. It will be a bit difficult so there is no need to worry about bike thieves trying to reset your lock.

Apart from that, the metal band will not scratch your frame as there is a thick layer of plastic coating it. I have used this lock numerous times, and it has yet to leave any visible marks on the frame of my bike.

Also, thanks to the plastic coating on the band and the lock mechanism. The entire thing is waterproof and weatherproof. I have ridden my bike while it is raining and this lock is still free from any rust or corrosion. Even the combination tumblers are still working properly, they are not binding at all.

Now, the issue I do have is that although it uses a metal band to hold the bike in place, it can easily be cut using a cheap pair of tin snips. I advise you to not use it as the primary locking system for your bike. It is only for making quick trips in and out of shops. Do not let your bike leave your sight for too long with this lock.

  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Combination lock, which means it does not need keys
  • Durable plastic coating for the metal band, which prevents scratching
  • Weatherproof and waterproof
  • Comes in different lengths
  • Only meant for quick stops as one can easily cut it using tin snips

Even the manufacturer admits that it is still possible to open their locks with the right tools, so do not use them for securing your bike outside for extended periods. It is ideal for quick stops and deterring quick grab and dash thefts.

6. Kryptonite New York Standard U Locks

kryptonite new york standard u locks

The first thing that I noticed when I held this lock for the first time is that it feels solid, with a bit of heft to it. It is built in accordance with strict security protocols, so forcing it open using just brute force is almost impossible.

Solid hardened steel makes up its shackle. It is also 16mm thick so even bolt cutters will have a hard time shearing through it. Even an angle grinder will take a while to cut through the shackle. Hardened steel covers the crossbar, too, so breaking it will prove difficult.

The locking mechanism uses a double deadbolt system for improved holding power. You can also see this mechanism at the center of the cylinder to prevent leverage attacks. I also advise placing the lock in a way that you don’t leave enough room for potential thieves. The shackle is long enough that you can fit it around the frame and rear wheel.

The best thing is that you can discourage thieves from even trying to steal your bike when they see that you are using a U-lock to secure it. Bike thieves are not looking for a challenge. They are more likely to go for bikes that use flimsy-looking locks, not something that looks as formidable as this one.

The downside is that this lock is not quite lightweight, although it is not that heavy either. It also helps that it comes with a carrying bracket so you do not have to put it inside your bag whenever you go out.

  • Heavy-duty construction and feels solid
  • Very hard to pick and cut through
  • Has enough room to lock the frame and the rear wheel
  • Weatherproof
  • Works effectively as an excellent theft deterrent
  • Bulky and not so light

Although this bike lock is not technically lightweight, it can still provide you with more than ample security. In other words, this lock is one of the few choices for lightweight bike lock for touring that I can recommend.

7. Sanwo Security Bike Locks

sanwo security bike locks

This small bike lock cable comes with a simple-to-use combination lock, which means you do not have to worry about misplaced keys anymore. It is also easy to reset the code, which I like because I tend to change codes every week or so just for my peace of mind.

It is also very compact and lightweight. Although it does not collapse into a smaller package like coil locks, just looping it around the frame of my bike is still fine for transporting purposes. If you are only going on a short ride around the neighborhood and you have an unplanned quick stop along the way, it will serve your purposes well.

The cable measures around 25 inches long, which is enough to loop around the frame, rear wheel, and the securing object just fine. If you want, you can interconnect two of these cables to loop around the front wheel as well. Aside from bikes, I also use them to secure my luggage when I am traveling.

Rubber covers the metal cable to prevent scratching the frame of the bike. The locking mechanism itself also has plastic to encase it. Aside from protecting the paint of the bike, the rubber coating prevents water from reaching the metal parts of the lock, thus preventing rust and other forms of corrosion that will cause the mechanism to bind.

Now, it is not a lock meant for keeping your bike safe in high-risk neighborhoods as there are no light weight bike locks capable of doing that. A simple cable cutter can cut through the lock in less than a second. This lock is strictly for low-risk neighborhoods only.

  • Easy to reset and set combination lock
  • Easy and quick to use
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Long enough to secure the rear wheel and frame
  • Covered in rubber to prevent scratches
  • Only meant for quick stops as it is still easy to cut using simple cable cutters

If you will only be going on short bike rides, it will serve as a quick and simple way to secure your bike. Keep in mind, though, that it will only prevent quick snatch-and-grab thefts. It is not for total security.

8. Titanker Cable Bike Locks

titanker cable bike locks

One of the things I liked about this bike lock is that it can unfurl to a total length of 4 feet. It is enough to secure both the rear wheel and the frame of the bike. However, I also discovered that it was effective for securing my tool cabinet, grill, and other things at home.

It was also surprisingly easy to set and reset the code. I did not even need to use any tools. I just twisted the mechanism inside the lock, set the new code, and twist it back. I find this feature very convenient as I own a couple of these locks and I often mix up their codes.

I also liked that these lightweight bicycle locks came in various bright colors. If you want a bike lock that matches the color of your bike, you can surely find one that fits it. Aside from aesthetics, the bright colors also make it easy to find it if you happen to misplace it. I also bought a couple of locks for my kids to use, and they love the colors.

The rubber coating is also thick enough that it prevents water from seeping inside and causing the metal cable and the lock mechanism from rusting and seizing. Also, the rubber coating will prevent the lock from scuffing up the paint of your bike.

The issue I have with this lock is that the cable is a bit too flimsy to give me complete peace of mind. The outside diameter of the cable, including the rubber casing, is around 12mm, but the metal cable inside is approximately 5mm in diameter. A cheap cable cutter can snap it in less than a second.

  • Unfurls to 4 feet in length
  • Easy to set up and reset code
  • Comes in various colors
  • Completely weatherproof
  • Will not scratch your bike’s frame
  • The steel cable inside the rubber casing is very thin, making it easy to cut

Don’t be fooled by the girth of the cable as the metal inside is quite thin and flimsy. If you will only be leaving your bike for a couple of minutes while doing your errands, it might provide a bit of security. However, I would not advise using it on an expensive bike.

9. USHAKE Bicycles U Locks

ushake bicycles u locks

The best thing about this bike lock is the 10mm thick shackle. It uses solid hardened steel for its main material, so it will take a huge pair of bolt cutters to snap it apart. Even though it is not completely secure (a very determined thief can still break it), it does deter most thieves as they know it will take some time before they can undo this lock.

I am the kind of person who would forget to bring my head if it was not glued on, so using a combination lock is the best choice for me. It means that there are no keys for me to misplace or forget at home. I just need to set the code to something I am very familiar with and it is all good. Locking and unlocking this U-lock is such a breeze.

Now, I do change my code from time to time to add a layer of security and this lock makes it convenient. There is a small panel underneath the lock that you need to open using a screwdriver. Just move the switch from A to B (with the original code set in place) and you can set the new code.

Another nice thing about this particular U-lock is that the shackle is big enough to secure both the frame and the rear wheel onto a bollard. Other U-locks only lock around the frame, so thieves can still steal your bike’s wheels. It is not a concern for this bike lock.

Now, the only issue that I have with this lock is that it is quite hefty. You can tell that it is made of solid steel just by holding it in your hands. This lock weighs almost a pound, so you may want to reconsider getting this lock if you are planning to ride light.

  • The 10mm thick shackle is difficult to cut.
  • Comes as a combination lock so no need to worry about keys
  • Easy to change passcode
  • Comes with a long enough shackle to secure the frame and the rear wheel
  • Heavy-duty construction; will greatly slow down thieves
  • Quite hefty

Although it is not the most secure U-lock I have ever tested, it serves as a good deterrent against thieves. They know that it would take them some time to break this lock.

10. ABUS Bordo 6100/90 Folding Locks

abus bordo 6100/90 folding locks

The nice thing about this bike lock, which is similar to the Foldylock compact bike lock, is that it folds down to a compact size, just a little bigger than a Swiss army knife. It weighs less than it, too. Using the included carrying bracket, you may even forget that you have it on your bike. I should know because it happened to me a couple of times.

Unlike cable locks, this lock uses 5mm thick steel plates as links to form a chain. The nice thing about it is that it is so thick that regular tools will have a hard time cutting through it. A disclaimer though, as tough as this lock is, it is not a guarantee that it will prevent your bike from getting stolen. Determined thieves can and will break this.

I am somewhat notorious for forgetting my keys all the time, which is why I like using combination locks like this one. Unlike most of the other locks I tested, this one uses a four-digit code, which is much harder to crack. The code is also easy to reset, which is great for me because I like changing my codes every week.

The best thing about these small bike locks is they deter most bike thieves. Even the manufacturer said that this lock can be broken into using the right tools, but it is quite unlikely that most thieves have the right tools on them at all times. Most thieves are looking for an easy score. If they see a seemingly tough lock, they will just walk away.

The only gripe I have with this lock is that it is too short. Using plates instead of a cable makes it less flexible, so if you will be securing your bike onto a thick pole, you would not have enough chain to wrap around the frame and the rear wheel.

  • Folds into a compact and lightweight form factor
  • The 5mm thick bars are difficult to cut without using special tools.
  • Combination lock, which means keys are unnecessary
  • Makes a great deterrent for thieves
  • Easy to reset
  • Too short

In my opinion, this product is a good medium-security bike lock. It is ideal for moderate crime level areas as it can deter most thieves as most of them have not dealt with this kind of lock.

What to Look For When Buying a Lightweight Bike Lock

best lightweight bicycle lock

Now that you know some products in the lightweight bike lock category, it is time to understand what to look for when you start shopping. Here are just a few of those you should consider:


Strength is the most important thing that you need to look for in a bike lock. You would not want to use something that a bike thief can easily break, right? Look for a lock that has a thick and durable chain or shackle, preferably one that you cannot cut apart using a regular pair of tin snips.

Keep in mind that there is no such thing as an unpickable unbreakable lock. However, there are those that are strong enough to slow down thieves long enough for police officers or other people to notice what they are doing.

Ease of Use

A bike lock should not be overly complicated that even you will have a hard time opening or closing it. It should not take you more than a couple of minutes to place and even faster to remove.

For instance, a lightweight u lock will only take less than a minute to lock the frame and rear wheel of the bike to a guard post and only seconds to release.

Safety Rating

A bike lock’s safety rating depends on its strength and how difficult it is to pick the lock itself. A strong lock is worthless if it only takes a couple of seconds to pick it. Even if the locking system is complicated, if the construction of the lock is flimsy, then it is worthless as well.

A good bike lock has a good combination of both material and lock strength. Check the label if there is a sort of rating system, which is usually a description of locations. For instance, high to moderate crime areas, and the like.


If you like going on short bike rides and usually park in a low-risk area, then you can probably get away with using a lightweight bike lock. These are the kinds that fit into your hand when collapsed and do not weigh more than 100-200grams.

Keep in mind that lightweight locks are generally less secure than the heavier ones, so it would be better for you to use them only for quick stops in low-risk areas.


When it comes to the safety and security of your bike, you should not take any shortcuts. However, if you are only making a quick stop and you need something to secure your bike that is not so heavy and cumbersome, then choose the best lightweight bike lock that you can find.

Remember that not all lightweight locks provide any significant security, but many can at least slow down bike thieves. Hopefully, it will be long enough for you to catch them and prevent the loss of your bike.

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