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The Best Mountain Bike Lights Under 100 for 2023

best mountain bike lights under 100

An after-the-sunset mountain bike ride will put a whole new level to your biking experience. This statement is so true as having to deal with different trails in the dark brings more excitement and a unique experience to the biker. However, the bike owner needs to be safe at all times using the proper bike accessories, including the bike light. There are many options available, but my suggestion is to look for the best mountain bike lights under 100 in illuminating your biking activities.

As an experienced mountain bike rider myself, there is no need to look for expensive mountain bike lights. I have used several cheap lights which serve me well and making me safe when spending the trail at night. After all, the best mountain bike lights for the money need not be expensive to make you safe. Many best cheap bicycle lights will still make you safe when biking at night.

For this reason, we are recommending ten of the best mountain bike light under 100 to all our loyal bike rider readers. We intend to provide all bikers several options when looking for affordable mountain bike lights. Our recommendations are based on our intensive research, thorough testing, and feedback coming from mountain bike owners who have used these products previously. So, expect that all of these products are of high quality and will help you with your biking journey, especially at night.

Best Mountain Bike Light Under 100 Reviews

1. BLITZU 320 Mountain Bike Lights

blitzu 320 mountain bike lights

When looking for the best bike lights under 100, especially for your mountain bike, it does not need to suffer the quality and reliability just because it is affordable. I have seen and use many cheap mountain bike lights that also bring substantial benefits to the biker. One of these products is the Blitzu Gator 320, an affordable bike light that can illuminate the biker well at night and even in daylight.

One of the outstanding features of this product that impresses me is its long-lasting performance. There are not many mountain bike lights with a runtime of up to 6 hours in a single charge. Meaning, it can illuminate the biker on the trail from start to finish with its extended runtime. And the best thing about this mountain bike light is it only needs less than 2 hours to be fully charged before using it on the bike ride.

Another feature that caught my attention was the easy installation process of this mountain bike light. It is so easy that it will only take a few minutes to mount using an adjustable bracket that fits any type of handlebar. There will be no tools required during the mounting process, while the removal can also be done with a single touch of the quick-release button. The biker can remove the bike light easily for storage or charging.

Also, the durability and weather-resistant features are obvious upon using this product. The light casing is constructed with a high-quality anodized finish, which impacts resistance and durability to last for many years. There are also different light modes to choose from depending on the biker’s need or the type of riding condition.

But the most outstanding feature should be the bright light. This mountain bike light under 100 uses an LED technology to illuminate the road or the trail to make the biker safe at night. The bike light can produce up to 320 lumens light output to make the biker visible for more than a mile. Also, there is a free taillight included in the product package, which helps the visibility of the biker to other road users.

  • Built to last long and provide resistance to different weather conditions
  • Easy to install; does not need tools to mount
  • With rechargeable battery; runtime is up to 6 hours maximum
  • With additional taillight
  • Provide superb brightness; Up to 320 lumens of light output
  • The two rubber inserts look breakable and light

This product is for mountain bike owners looking for affordable but reliable mountain bike lights. The biker will be properly illuminated in the trail with its 320 lumens light output, while the additional taillight increases the visibility of the biker to other road users.

2. Cincred 400 Mountain Headlight Back Lights

cincred 400 mountain headlight back lights

Mountain biking during the night presents a fresh new challenge to the biker. There is a big difference between riding under the heat of the sun or when pedaling under the moon. But the essential thing when biking at night is to be safe always while having the right illumination in the trail. This situation can be achieved using this headlight from Cincred, one of the best mountain bike lights under $50.

Compared to the Blitzur Gator 320 headlight, this product share some similarities, including the inclusion of a taillight and both having rechargeable batteries. But, there are also many differences, mainly in the design and product features. This affordable mountain bike light produces a brighter light output compared to the previous product. But do not get confused, we highly recommend both products, so no worries about the difference.

I bought this mountain bike light because I searched for the best mountain bike lights under $100 that I can use on the field. The quality of the lights are brighter compared to the other bike lights that I use previously. I also like the fact that it was much brighter and was easy to attach and detach on the bicycle. The headlight comes in two settings which were enough to increase my visibility during the night.

This mountain bike light looks solid physically but was light enough to let me rotate it downward when riding on the road. Meaning, you can adjust the direction of the light depending on your preference. This mountain bike light is made with a solid aluminum case which means it’s durable and tough to withstand different challenges on the trail. The battery’s runtime should reach as high as 8 hours, which should illuminate the biker from start to finish of the ride.

Overall, I was delighted with having this product with its quality and affordability. In addition, it provides a perfect light pattern that spreads out wide at the bottom to illuminate the ground below and the path in front. The taillight was also great in terms of helping me more visible for others to see.

  • USB rechargeable; does need any type of battery replacement
  • Produce a bright light of up to 400 lumens of light output
  • It comes with versatility features to be used on other tasks apart from lighting a bike
  • The battery comes with 8 hours of runtime
  • Easy to mount
  • With free taillight
  • Subpar quality rubber straps

This mountain bike light is for bike owners looking for a reliable product at an affordable cost. The product is unique in such a way that it provides a headlight and a taillight for your illumination on the trail or visibility on the road. It is rare to see a bike light in a complete package at an affordable price.

3. Vont Mountain Scope Bike Lights

vont mountain scope bike lights

Choosing an affordable product instead of the more expensive one does not always mean that you prefer low quality over high one. On the contrary, many low-priced products offer the same or much higher quality than their more expensive competitor. This situation is similar when choosing a mountain bike light with all the possible options in the market. And one of the best budget mountain bike lights that I recommend is from Vont, a reliable mountain bike light that will be useful when biking after the sunset.

One of the benefits of having this product in your bike is the quality of the light it brings to you. Using a combo lighting of a headlight and taillight ensures the biker to be properly illuminated while on the trail while also having the best visibility to the other bikers. The headlight provides a light output of 120 lumens, while the taillight brings 15 lumens of light. The light should be enough to light up the entire path on the trail or the road as well as the biker’s surroundings to make him safe all the time.

Another benefit from using this mountain bike light is the durability and toughness it brings to the biker. This mountain bike light under 100 is built to last for a long time. Thanks to the high-quality materials used in building a bike light that can handle different types of pressure in the biking environment. Whether it is a 10-foot drop, submerged in water, or any other challenges, this affordable mountain bike light can survive the challenge with ease.

Also, this product brings so much comfort to the biker in terms of the installation or mounting in the mountain bike. This affordable mountain bike light is built so that no tools is needed upon installation and will just be mounted on the handlebar in seconds. Meanwhile, there are two lighting modes that can be selected on the headlight depending on the choice of the biker.

However, one drawback that I notice in using this mountain bike light under 100 is that these two lights are not rechargeable. This is because both lights use different battery types for their power source, and you need to replace them every time the battery is empty.

  • Provides one of the brightest light output in its category
  • Buil to last; with waterproofing and shock resistance feature
  • Easy to install; no need for tools during the mounting process
  • The brightness and focus of the light is adjustable
  • Available in different light modes
  • Batteries are not rechargeable

This product is for mountain bike owners looking for an affordable complete set of mountain bike lights. Since this product comes with a headlight and a taillight, the biker will have a complete set of lights good enough to illuminate and make him safe on the trail and the road.

4. EBUYFIRE 3000 USB Bike Lights

ebuyfire 3000 usb bike lights

When opting for the best budget bike lights for night riding, it does not mean that you will downgrade the quality of your choice for a mountain bike light. Meaning, there are still premium quality bike lights with a lower price point but will still offer dependable service to you and the mountain bike. One of these products is this rechargeable bike light from Ebuyfire, a high-quality but trusted light for your mountain bike.

But the primary purpose of this product is to provide the brightest light to the biker at the lower price possible. This mountain bike light is one of the most affordable bike light options you can use but offers one of the brightest illuminations to the biker. The light output can reach up to 3000 lumens depending on the light mode. It also comes with a taillight which helps in increasing the visibility of the biker.

Another purpose of this product is to provide all mountain bike owners with a durable and tough mountain bike light at an affordable price. Thanks to its high-quality aluminum alloy casing, which provides resistance to impact, resistance to corrosion, and heat dissipation feature. These features can help make the bike light strong enough to withstand the challenge and the difficulty of the different mountain biking trails.

Also, this product can be mounted on the bike quickly and securely. The mounting bracket is durable enough to secure the light when installed on the bike’s handlebar. When other bikers fear the mountain bike light falling off in the trails, this product is different and will eliminate the stress that the bikers usually feel. The ability to hold and secure the light is quite impressive, even in the most challenging and challenging trails.

However, the unique purpose of this product is to provide the bike owner a versatile mountain bike light that can be used for other tasks as well apart from lighting different biking activities. This affordable bike light can also be converted into a multi-purpose LED light that can be used on other activities. This product can also be used to light when there is a power failure, outdoor camping, running at night, and many others.

  • Has the ability to hold and secure the bike light into the handlebar
  • Provides the brightest light; up to 3000 lumens of light output
  • It comes with a durable aluminum casing
  • With 3 to 5 lighting modes
  • Includes a taillight for added visibility
  • With a rechargeable battery; no need for battery replacement
  • Light patter is too broad

If you are a mountain bike owner looking for an affordable complete set of bike lights, this product is an excellent option. It comes with a dependable headlight and a reliable taillight, ensuring proper lighting on the trail and added visibility on the road.

5. Te-Rich USB Rechargeable Bicycle Lights

te-rich usb rechargeable bicycle lights

Mountain biking at night can be challenging, especially in dealing with difficult trails. But other bikers’ ability to see and be seen when doing this activity will bring some peace of mind to the trails. For this reason, the need for the mountain bike owner to use the right bike light is equally important. And having experience in biking for so many years, my suggestion is to try this rechargeable bike light from Te-Rich.

This mountain bike light under 100 is excellent in terms of its brightness. It may not be the brightest bike light I used, but analyzing the power output and its affordability has made me happy. It was an excellent decision to get this light. Also, the brightness should be enough to illuminate the biker when biking on the trail. The taillight will also help increase the biker’s visibility to the other trail users.

Physically, the front light has a solid feel on the surface and can be mounted on the handlebar easily. You will only need to clip the bike light into the handlebar, making it easy to remove it should you decide to rest somewhere during your ride. The quality of the brightness is exceptional as it also comes with different light mode settings. It will all depend on the biker what mode to use different on the situation and needs of the biker.

Meanwhile, the rear light looks very lovely as well. It is very sleek looking and provides more lighting options in comparison with the headlight. Again, there are multiple settings to the light as it also comes with different flashing patterns. The battery is rechargeable with a runtime of around 3.5 hours. This should be enough for the biker to finish any biking activity from start to finish with the help of the light.

My only issue with the headlight is more options on the flash modes, just like the rear light. There is only one flash mode in the light, which is the quick strobe effect. Somehow, I feel that I still need more flashing options, but this was just my observation.

  • Build quality is excellent; Made with high-quality and durable materials
  • The headlight is compact and light; It is easy to keep and store
  • Includes a taillight to increase visibility to other road users
  • With a rechargeable battery; no need for battery replacement
  • The runtime of 3.5 hours
  • The two lights use different charging methods

This product is for bike owners looking for inexpensive and reliable mountain bike lights. All in all, this light is one of the most affordable but offers the same quality as their more expensive counterparts. This unique product also provides versatility in using it for other tasks.

6. Jowbeam Headlight and Rear Bike Lights

jowbeam headlight and rear bike lights

What if buying an affordable mountain bike light will give you not only a taillight but another set of products of similar quantity? Yes, buying this mountain bike light under 100 will give you 2 sets of front light and a taillight, which should be enough to illuminate your way into the trails and the road. This package is one of the most generous offers from a particular brand to provide a cheap bike light for the biker.

The main feature that stands out in this product is obviously the number of bike lights you will be getting in the product package. The biker will get two sets of mountain bike lights for the price of one, which should be a good offer. If you have two bikes, each set can be split to mount in each of the two bikes. Otherwise, you can reserve the extra set and use it later when doing other related activities.

Also, this affordable mountain bike light provides sufficient bright light to illuminate mountain bikers on the trail. The front light has a light output of up to 1000 lumens with a 200-meter beam distance. This feature should be enough to give the biker the correct illumination while also adding extra visibility on other trail users.

Another feature that stands out is the rain resistance which should bring benefits to the biker, especially when bike riding in rain conditions. The ability to resist water invasion is important because some of the mountain biking trails involve rivers or creeks, and the bike light will be severely tested. This bike light’s durability and weather resistance feature ensures that the biker will always have a reliable bike light when navigating challenging terrain.

The only issue that I see when using this product is the absence of a rechargeable battery. Meaning, the mountain bike owner will need to buy a new battery every time the battery is empty.

  • Provides ultra-bright light; up to 1000 lumens of light output
  • With rain and water resistance feature
  • The compact size means it is easy to bring anywhere and stores easily
  • It can be used on other activities apart from biking
  • Two for the price of one; 2 sets of front light and taillight
  • Absence of a rechargeable battery

This affordable mountain bike light is for bike owners looking for the best offer in looking for a bike light. I like this product’s generosity in giving the best package to all mountain bike owners.

7. Leyic LED IPX5 Mountain Bike Lights

leyic led ipx5 mountain bike lights

When mountain biking at night, the biker needs exceptional visibility to make him safe when navigating on different trails. Having enough light is crucial for him to be able to see and be seen in the dark. For this reason, this rechargeable mountain bike light from Leyic is an excellent option for providing the right amount of light and making sure that the rider will be safe on the road at night.

I can’t help but compare this product to the other mountain bike lights under 100 that we reviewed so far. When the other comes in sets of one front light and taillight, this product also comes in a set but two similar designed bike lights, albeit in two different colors. However, each light provides several light mode options that enable each one to function as front light or a rear light alternately. The versatility is pretty incredible and is different from the other products that I know.

The best thing about this mountain bike light under 100, apart from being inexpensive, is it does what I was looking for in a bike light. During the night, riding on the road needs me to have a decent light to help me see the road. The front light provides just enough lighting to make me know what lies ahead on the road.

Also, this affordable mountain bike light is one of the few waterproof bike lights that I know, which means it is well-built and has some durability. Meanwhile, the recharge outlet is positioned on the flat, which is at the backside of the bike light. I also like the rubber flap, which fits into the outlet preventing any possibilities of water entry.

I also like the multiple sets of this inexpensive mountain bike light. The numerous setting and brightness will give the biker the option to choose depending on the type of usage. For instance, one set is like a strobe light. This mountain bike light is also rechargeable and charge quickly.

  • Provides bright light of up to 50 lumens
  • Easy to install; mounting does need tools and uses silicone bands
  • With rechargeable batteries that charge quickly
  • Runtime is between 3 to 12 hours depending on usage
  • Promotes versatility in using different types of bikes
  • Rubber bands tend to break easily

This product is for mountain bike owners looking for an affordable and straightforward bike light. I like the product’s simple yet effective approach of providing enough lighting to the biker. The quick charging property is also an excellent feature that will help the biker during the ride.

8. Victagen 3000 Bicycle Lights

victagen 3000 bicycle lights

The Victagen mountain bike light is what every bike owners need when navigating on a trail at night. Apart from having one of the most affordable prices, it also has one of the most potent lights required to illuminate the biker on the road or the trail. It also comes with other useful features to help mountain bikers comfortable when biking at night.

The primary benefit of using this inexpensive mountain bike light is the super bright light output. Powered by a pair of cree headlights, this bike light can provide up to 3000 lumens of maximum output. The quality of the light should be enough to light the biker in the trails in any other place. It should also make the mountain biker to be more visible on the road with other road users.

Another benefit of using this product is the durability it brings to the biker. Thanks to its high-quality aluminum alloy material casing, which should withstand the different challenges presented when riding on the trail. This mountain bike light under 100 will assist the biker from start to finish from constant movement to water invasion.

Also, this mountain bike light under 100 can be converted into a power bank option. Meaning you can use this product to charge all your other electronic devices. The presence of the LCD screen function will let you know the status of the battery, which in turn can be used to analyze the remaining power for the recharging of the other electronic devices. This feature will make the night riding will be safer and protected.

But one drawback of using this affordable mountain bike light is the buttons which are hard to press. This situation brings minor convenience on my part but still manageable. But this should be the part that must be improved to increase quality.

  • With USB rechargeable batteries; does not need any battery replacement
  • Provide super bright light output of up to 3000 lumens
  • Features a one-touch switch in changing light modes
  • It can be used as a power bank
  • With battery level indicator
  • The button is hard to press

This product is for bikers looking for a dependable mountain bike light. I recommend this product without reservation because it provides the highest light quality. It is also built to last longer in illuminating the biker from start to finish of the biking activity.

9. Wastou 1200 IPX6 Bike Lights

wastou 1200 ipx6 bike light

There are many reasons why mountain biking at night presents a unique challenge to the biker. Pedaling on a rugged trail in the dark provides a danger but having the right mountain bike light is very important for the biker’s safety. And the bike light need not be expensive to make the bike safe on the trail. For instance, the bike light from Wastou is known for being affordable and provides proper illumination to the biker during the night.

Upon inspecting this mountain bike light under 100, I can say that one of the purposes of this bike accessory is to make the biker safe wherever he goes. It is built with safety improvement features to ensure that the biker can reduce the glare to prevent accidents. With its multiple light modes and 85 degrees of illumination, other road users will also be safe with the reduced glare so that everyone will be safe.

Another purpose of this inexpensive mountain bike light is to give the biker the brightness to be safe on the road. With 1200 lumens of light output, the biker will be able to see what lies ahead up to 330 feet. And you add the extra taillight, which also adds the visibility of the biker to the other road users. All of these features will result in the safety and protection of the biker while on the road.

Meanwhile, this mountain bike light comes with a rechargeable battery which means no need to replace it once it is empty. Also, a three-part indicator to notify the switch part of the remaining battery power will ensure that the biker will continuously be updated on the battery’s status.

Also, this mountain bike light is one of the most versatile bike lights that I know. For one, it does not require any tool during the mounting process. The ability to be mounted on different bikes and be used on different activities makes this mountain bike light a must-have for you.

  • Made to provide safety to the biker
  • With ISB rechargeable batteries; includes a battery indicator
  • Provide the right amount of brightness to the biker
  • With water resistance feature
  • Provides a lot of versatility; can be used on other activities apart from biking
  • No side to side adjustment

If you are a mountain bike owner looking for a reliable but cheap bike light, this product is an excellent option to have. This mountain bike light is a lifesaver as it comes with multiple modes, a battery level indicator, and rechargeable batteries. These are just a few of the features you will get when having this product, ensuring comfort and safety when riding a mountain bike.

10. ODISTAR 1000 Bike Headlight

odistar 1000 bike headlight

To those unfamiliar, mountain biking is probably just a regular thing, but for true mountain bikers, this is a special and unique activity that brings benefits to the body. And the enjoyment it brings when biking at night is different, especially when the biker is on the trail. The need to have a perfect light such as this inexpensive mountain bike light from Odistar is needed to enable the biker to get where he wants while being safe and visible to other road users.

Yes, this affordable mountain bike light comes with a bright light output that throws a long-distance beam. This type of light which is very adaptive, be used on different can help other road users who need to see the road clearly or pedal the trail well. The adaptive light can also be helpful in low-light situations because it will not be blinding on the traffic, which in turn increases the biker’s safety.

Also, both the front light and the taillight were so easy to install, and it is easy to transfer from one bike to the other. Removing it efficiently means you can bring it with you while resting or leaving the bike behind to go somewhere else. And the best thing about it, the toughness and the waterproofing features show the durability of the product in lasting for a long time.

Meanwhile, the battery life can take you up to 4 hours of non-stop usage. I feel that it is impressive considering the amount of heat the light puts out. Meanwhile, the strobe light mode option was very fantastic. There are two types of strobe that you can use when riding during the daytime to make you safe from other road users. One of the strobes has a random flash which will add to your visibility in the road.

The taillight is also impressive, having a rubber mount bracket that attaches nicely to the bike. The front light slides to the bike’s handlebar easily. Remember that there is a small button on the side of the bracket to release the light. Meaning, removing the light when charging is so easy.

  • With high capacity rechargeable battery; runtime is 4 – 6 hours
  • Provides the brightest light of up to 1000 lumens
  • So easy to mount; no tool needed and attached in seconds
  • Provides durability and toughness; with waterproofing features
  • Battery indicator with sensor function
  • The mount on the taillight tend to loose

This product is for mountain bikers looking for an impressive but inexpensive mountain bike light. The quality of this product is excellent, with a well-built case assembly. You will see no sign of cheapness with the metal casing and the back part solid plastic material.

What to Look For When Buying a Mountain Bike Light Under 100

best cheap bicycle lights

Not all premium product comes at high prices as some come in surprising low price point. This situation is also applicable when looking for affordable bike lights. Many mountain bike lights under 100 can still help mountain bikers safe, protected, and enjoy riding in a challenging trail at night. But before buying the product, please check below on the different factors that make the best mountain bike lights under 100.

Light Quality and Output

All mountain bikers want the right amount of light on the trail. Whether it is the front light or the rear light, the light quality should be enough to make him see the road or the trail clearly while also adding visibility to other road users. By having the right amount of light, the biker will be safe from any untoward accident on the trail. As I’ve said before, the light output should be from 1500 to 2000 lumens when mounted in the bar, while it should be between 700 to 900 lumens when mounted on the helmet.

Installation and Mounting Process

Another factor to consider when buying a mountain bike light under 100 is the easy installation process. I mean, look for a bike light that can be easily mounted on the handlebar, helmet, or any other part of the bicycle. I always like those bike lights with mounting bracket because it makes me easy to mount or detached the light when needed especially during the charging time.

Rechargeable Battery

There are many different types of battery which can be found on mountain bike lights brand. But my preference is always the rechargeable battery because of the comfort it brings to the mountain biker. Also, the rechargeable battery has a runtime that should be enough to illuminate the biker from start to finish of the biking activity. I do not like mountain bike lights using lithium battery because every time it is empty, the hassle of buying a new one is always bound to happen. In other words, charging is better than buying when it comes to the battery of the mountain bile light.

Battery Level Monitor

I always prefer mountain bike lights that come with a battery level indicator. For me, this feature is significant primarily if you use a bike light with a rechargeable battery. I always believed that the biker should always have an idea on much power is left in the battery. The biker must know when to continue biking or make a short stop to charge the battery.

Additional Accessories

If you want to choose the best but affordable mountain bike light, please consider the bike lights, which offer additional accessories to help you in the riding activity. Some of the possible accessories you can is a free taillight, remote control or switch, battery monitor, among others. Other products provide additional features used, such as a power bank which is included in the product package.

Frequently Asked Questions

best budget mountain bike lights

Why are MTB Lights so Expensive?

Labeling a product as expensive will depend on the buyer and his buying capacities. For mountain bike lights, there are expensive ones, and there are also which are affordable enough for mountain bikers on a budget to buy.

But, unique lights such as mountain bike lights are usually expensive compared to regular light because the function of this light is for specific purposes. These lights include special features for biking, which will cost a little bit extra during the manufacturing process, making them more expensive than other regular lights.

What is a Light MTB for Offroad?

The light MTB for offroad are mountain bike lights that are manufactured to be used on off-roading activities with your mountain bike. These are mountain bike lights that can withstand the constant pressure, movement, and water penetration that is expected when biking off the road. Usually, these lights are durable and rugged to withstand the difficult condition off the road.


Not all mountain bike lights are expensive because there are still the best mountain bike lights under 100 for those mountain bikers on a budget. But having this product category does not mean that the biker is buying a low-quality bike light. I have seen many inexpensive bike lights that offer premium quality and are much better than their more expensive counterpart.

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