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The Best Mountain Bike Lights for 2023

best mountain bike lights

One of my go-to when riding a bicycle is the mountain bike. Although it is designed to ride off-road trails, the mountain bike can give a smooth ride that will allow the biker to travel easily on different road surfaces. However, there is no better way to maximize this bicycle than to do mountain biking at night. Doing this type of biking activity presents a new challenge but gives you unique satisfaction in dealing with different terrains in the dark.

But, the need to use the best mountain bike lights is essential to ensure safety when mountain biking after the sunset. Biking between trees and challenging terrain will need a reliable bike light to provide the best illumination you can use. After all, the darkness should not prevent us from enjoying the different trails and the satisfaction of mountain biking at night time.

In this review, we are representing ten mountain bike lights for night riding. Our recommendations are based on the results of our thorough testing, proper research, and feedback from our biker friends, who have helped us identify the best products available in the market. Our aim to provide all our readers the best recommendation for them to get the right bike lights for their mountain biking activities.

Best Mountain Bike Light Reviews

1. NiteRider Lumina 1800 MTB LED Bike Lights

niterider lumina 1800 mtb led bike lights

When mountain biking at night, dealing with rugged terrains and uneven road surfaces will be crucial in making the biker safe at night. In addition, the biker needs the proper illumination with a broader reach to ensure greater visibility on the road surface and his front view. With this situation, I strongly feel that this mountain bike light from NiteRider is an excellent fit as it has several features that will make sure that every biker will be safe when biking at night.

The outstanding feature of this product is the quality of its light, producing 1800 lumens of lighting output, ensuring that the biker will have enough illumination and vision in the terrain. The light comes with a pair of LED setups that can make a long-distance beam pattern resulting in the best light even reaching hundreds of feet. I suggest using this mountain bike light in front and attach it to the handlebar to maximize the illumination capability.

However, the feature that makes this product one of the top mountain bike LED lights is the side-illumination capability. I feel that this is the game-changer because it preserves the peripheral vision of the biker while reducing the contrast on the biker’s view on the field. Because of this feature, it will be much easier for the eyes to look at the terrain, and the biker will be more confident and aware of all the challenges on the road.

I also consider the battery as one of its top features that you must look as a biker. When other bike lights need replacement as soon as the battery is finished, this mountain bike light comes with a built-in rechargeable battery that can be charge quickly. Moreover, the battery life is enough for mountain biking purposes as the light will illuminate the biker throughout the biking activity.

I am a big man of mountain biking, and this is one of the best bike lights that you can use when biking at night. This bike light offers the brightest light and impressive battery life. I have used it for 3 hours using the medium intensity mode, which should be enough in dealing with the woods and the trail.

  • Made with DuPont fiberglass ensuring durability and toughness
  • Custom aluminum heatsinks help in keeping the battery and other internal parts cool all the time
  • With built-in rechargeable battery; does need battery replacement
  • With low battery indicator helps the biker know the status of the light
  • Provides dust and water resistance feature
  • Easy to install; Easy removal with a quick-release tab
  • It does not have a fast blinking mode

If you are an avid mountain biker looking for the right LED mountain bike lights, this product is an excellent option for you. It provides several features, including having the brightest light and a durable case assembly, ensuring durability and longevity. In addition, mountain biking will be fun during the night with this excellent mountain bike light.

2. Touhuhot 2021 5000 Lumens 3LED Bike Lights

touhuhot 2021 5000 lumens 3led bike lights

When looking for a LED mountain bike lights, it is essential to find a product that can give a large flood angle. This requirement ensures you will be getting enough light in dealing with different trails when mountain biking after the sunset. This bike light from Touhuhot is one of those premium products that I recommend to anyone because of one simple reason: it gives a super bright light during the night.

Compared to the first product that I reviewed earlier, there are some similarities and differences between the two products. They are both fit to be used as a front light, but this current product is a lot brighter. The light output is the main difference as this bike light can produce up to 5000 lumens powered by 3 LED lights. It allows the biker to see further and a lot wider when biking in the night. This capability is critical, especially when dealing with different trails where you need the best illumination to keep you safe and away from accidents.

This mountain bike light is also exceptional as it offers nine different lighting modes. The highest, which is super bright, is comparable to a bright flashlight. There are also other light settings which include high, medium, and low settings, which provide bright illuminations. There are also some excellent flash options that can be used if you want more visibility while on the road.

Physically, this mountain bike light is one of the toughest that I have ever used. However, it comes with a nice heavy metal casing which feels very durable and sturdy to me. Furthermore, the case is made with aluminum alloy known for its impact and corrosion resistance and heat dissipation properties. So, when it’s raining during your biking activity, you need not worry because this bike light can withstand the threat of rainwater.

Finally, this bike accessory is so easy to install by using a mounting bracket attached to any place in your bike. Also, the mounting hardware looks pretty durable enough to make the bike light stable consistently. I do not see any reason for the mounting hardware to slip on impacts because it has too much stability.

  • Provides super bright light; up to 5000 lumens
  • It comes with 9 different lighting modes to be used in different situations
  • With a high-capacity rechargeable battery; Can last between 15 to 25 hours
  • The case is made with high-quality aluminum alloy known for its durability and sturdiness
  • It comes with free taillights
  • Taillight does not last long

This product is for mountain bike owners looking for a dependable bike light when riding in the dark. The quality of the light will make sure that you are properly illuminated in dealing with different trails to make you safe all the time. The free taillight is a generous addition to this excellent mountain bike light.

3. Victagen 2400 USB Mountain Bike Lights

victagen 2400 usb mountain bike lights

In this part of our mountain bike light review, I will feature one of the most popular bike lights you can use for your mountain bike. The Victagen bike light is best to use if you want a bright spotlight in front of the bike to give you a super clear view of what lies ahead on the road. This product is also one of the best-selling mountain bike lights because of its dependability and reliability in giving the brightest illumination to the biker.

I tell you, there are many benefits in using this product but the most obvious is its ability to give the brightest light on the road. So if you are a mountain biker who wants to see even the smallest details of the trail, this mountain bike light can help you. This product is powered by two headlights which can be produced up to 2400 lumens of light output. The illumination coming from this mountain bike light is enough to make you safe on the trail even at night.

Another benefit that you will get upon acquiring this product is the comfort it brings, specifically on its built-in rechargeable battery. I often hear complaints from other bikers about their bike light’s hassle, especially when the battery is finished as they look for a new replacement again. In this mountain bike light, you will never experience the same hassle as you will only need to recharge it in the computer, laptop, or any other electrical source with a USB port.

But the most important benefit you will get in using this mountain bike light is the durability and toughness it brings to you. Since the case is made with military-grade alloy, expect this bike light to last long because it is durable enough to withstand challenging outdoor conditions, especially at night.

The only drawback that I see in using this mountain bike light is the complicated installation process. I feel like attaching this to the bike was a little tricky since the plastic clamped before I can even get it to hold into my handlebar. You need to be patient during the installation process, especially in dealing with this issue.

  • The case is made with aluminum alloy, known for its durability and toughness
  • Provides the maximum light output to ensure the brightest illumination
  • Offers different lighting modes which can be used in various road conditions
  • With built-in rechargeable battery; does not need battery replacement
  • It can last up to 4 hours of brightness
  • With free taillight
  • Installation can be challenging

If you are a biker looking for a complete set of mountain bike lights, this product is an excellent option to consider. It comes with a front light that can give the road the brightest illumination and a free taillight which adds to your visibility when biking on the trail or the street.

4. CAT EYE Rechargeable Headlight

cat eye rechargeable headlight

Mountain Biking at night can be a challenge to the biker, especially in navigating the trail in the dark. However, this challenge can be eliminated by using the right mountain bike light to provide the right amount of illumination to the trail and what lies ahead of the biker. And one product that I feel can help the biker enjoy his biking activities at night is this rechargeable headlight from Cat Eye.

By using this product, I have learned that the main purpose of this mountain bike light is to let the biker see the trail and be seen by other bikers. Thanks to its high-quality LED, which provides around 800 lumens of light output to make sure that it will illuminate the biker whether on the trail or in the road. It will also help in increasing the biker’s visibility by alerting others of the biker’s presence on the road.

Another purpose of this mountain bike light is to have the appropriate light in every road condition. Meaning, there is the right type of light for every ride, depending on the driver’s needs. Whether it’s biking in the daylight or mountain biking on a trail after the sunset. Thanks to the different lighting mode options, which can be used in every other situation while on the road. You can use this bike light as your main headlight or use it as your taillight and use the flashing light mode option to increase your safety.

Furthermore, this product can also give the biker the comfort it needs, especially when mounting this mountain bike light into the bicycle. This bike accessory is one of the easiest to be mounted on a bike. Thanks to its Flextight bracket, you can easily install, adjust, and move the bike light using your bare hand. Instead of spending some time setting the light on the bike, you will have more time enjoying your biking on the trail.

Finally, this mountain bike light can also help illuminate your biking journey from start to finish. Using its high-capacity rechargeable battery, the biker can have a dependable mountain bike light for 80 hours in one single charge. In addition, this product uses a special lens technology that will let the biker maximize its brightness and visibility, especially in low-light conditions helping the biker safe all the time.

  • The battery is built to last long in one single charge
  • The durable mount is always stable during the ride
  • Provides the brightest light; gives 800 lumens of light output
  • It offers five different lighting modes for different road situations
  • Uses a special technology to maximize brightness and visibility
  • Mount is slippery

This product is for bike owners looking for outstanding mountain bike lights. The light is so bright and exceptional as it can light up the path of the biker. So whether it’s the road or the trail, mountain bike owners can trust this product to illuminate them while biking at night.

5. Keenstone 700 Mountain Bicycle Lights

keenstone 700 mountain bicycle lights

There is a saying that it takes two to tango, but in this mountain bike light, not one but two pairs of headlight and taillight will help illuminate your mountain bike in the dark. This bike accessory from Keenstone is one of the most dependable mountain bike lights that I have used on the trail. I have been biking for years, but this bike light gives me different ways to light my bike and make me safe while I’m on the trail.

This particular mountain bike light gives me flexibility concerning my biking journey. Apart from giving me one of the brightest lights that I know, the wide reach just amazed me as it can light up to half a mile to the front. This reach should be enough to make me safer while booking at night. Also, since there are two headlights, I have used the other light for other activities such as camping and emergency purposes.

Apart from having powerful and bright flashlights, it also comes with huge capacity rechargeable batteries that offer a very long life on multiple charges. So it will power the lights for long hours, depending on how you use them. Moreover, it comes in five different light modes, which should affect the longevity of the battery. But rest assured, based on my experienced, the battery will last long enough to light the whole duration of your biking.

Another upside that mak thins mountain bike light amazing is the ability to change focus on the beam. I have changed and use the broader beam for my low beam while also using a narrow beam for the high beam. The result was a very bright light with enough illumination for the biker to see what lies ahead on the road. However, you might need to be careful when tightening the mount because you might break it.

The only issue I see in using the product is the discomfort it brings in charging the battery. You will need to remove the battery and charge it separately. This situation is more inconvenient than the other products because you can charge it directly as the battery is built-in.

  • Comes in 2 pairs of headlight and taillight
  • With a rechargeable battery; no need for a replacement battery
  • It can be used on other activities apart from biking
  • Easy to install with a quick-release feature
  • It comes with a water resistance feature and anti-drop design
  • The battery needs to be removed when charging

This mountain bike light is for bike owners looking for a complete set of bike lights. With two pairs of headlights and taillights, the biker can maximize his bicycle’s lighting system while still having the luxury of using the remaining lights in other activities apart from biking.

6. KNOG PWR Modular Bike Lights

knog pwr modular bike lights

Biking on the trail using the mountain bike presents a unique challenge to the biker. What more if you will do it after the sunset or at night time? It will be more complex and more challenging but to those serious mountain bikers, this is where the best adventures happen. But, to be safe when doing this type of biking activity, you will need the right mountain bike light from Knog to illuminate the trail and eventually make you safe.

The Knog modular bike light has what it takes to make the biker safe when dealing with rugged terrain with its vast array of outstanding features. One of which is its ability to provide light with a broader reach, including different angles on the trail. Thanks to its circular beam, which provides floodlighting obstacles from different angles ensuring that what is in front of the biker will be lighted accordingly for the biker to see.

Another outstanding feature that caught my attention is controlling or programing the brightness of the light and its possible runtime. This feature will let the bike save some energy to give way to charge other electronic devices. You will use a mobile app to connect the light to the computer to program your lighting mode depending on what you need on the road. Having the ability to control and regulate the light output will give some freedom to the biker when it comes to saving the battery during the bike riding activity.

Speaking of battery, this mountain bike light is powered with a 10,000 mAh rechargeable battery, which can be charged to a computer, laptop, or other electronic devices with USB ports. Once it is fully charged, it can be used as a power bank to charge all your mobile phones and other electronic devices during your biking activity.

Another feature that is very lowkey but I feel can help you navigate the terrain is its ability to be mounted in a handlebar or the helmet. It will all depend on your preference where to put it. But based on my experienced, this is a suitable mountain bike helmet light you can use on the trail. It is easy to mount and comes with all the essential accessories needed to make it work on the road or the trail.

  • Mountain bike light and power bank ruled into one
  • It gives you the ability to control the brightness and battery usage
  • Smart battery indicator LED will let the biker know the status of the battery
  • It uses an elliptical beam that provides broader and brighter road coverage light output
  • The thermal management option regulates the light output for maximum performance
  • The mounting strap needs to improve the stability

This product is for bike owners looking for unique mountain bike lights for their bicycles. Its ability to be used as a bike light and a power bank provide several benefits you need when biking on the trail at night. Also, its ability to be mounted on the handlebar or the helmet can give you some flexibility in having the best illumination at night.

7. Te-Rich 1200 Mountain Bicycle Headlight

te-rich 1200 mountain bicycle headlight

The Te-Rich mountain bike light is what you need to look for a powerful light output on the trail or just want a headlight on your way home. This bike light is one of the most long-lasting mountain bike lights that I have ever used in all of my adventures. It also provides the brightest illumination you will need in dealing with the challenges of different terrains and uneven road surfaces.

Compared to the other products that I have reviewed first, they share similar features and some differences. Like the other mountain bike light, this product also comes in a complete set with an additional taillight that can increase your visibility on the road. The company was too generous in including this accessory as it can help when mountain biking at night. However, there are more features you will get when using this mountain bike light.

This light is excellent. It uses a center spot beam which concentrates most of the luminosity moving forward. However, I feel that the peripheral lighting was enough for me to see the road while avoiding different trail obstacles. Also, this is one of the most reliable light output I have ever use as it makes me comfortable seeing what lies ahead, making me safe all the time.

But one of the most notable features that makes me in awe of this bike light is the battery’s longevity. I have used this mountain bike light for a trip that lasted for about 7 hours. And it had served me well without any interruption, only turning it off when I was resting in a few instances. I used the medium setting majority of my journey while only using the high setting towards the end of my ride. Up to this day, I am still in awe of the durability and longevity of this bike light in remembering that long trip.

Physically, this product was built to withstand outside physical threats and water invasion. This mountain bike light has been exposed to different mountain biking trails, including splashes and bone-shaking vibrations. But this bike accessory survived with ease. However, it is essential to protect the connection between the battery and the light, especially when riding during the rain or biking through the water. You must also attach it properly to prevent any movement in the handlebar.

  • Longer runtime; can give you up to 12 hours of non-stop lighting
  • Provides some versatility in its usage; can be attached to the bike handlebar or in the head like a headlamp
  • Easy to install; does need any tools to mount into the bike
  • Provides waterproofing properties
  • Provides optimum bike light of up to 1200 lumens
  • Includes a taillight
  • The cord connecting the battery and the light lacks security and tightness

If you are a mountain biker looking for a premium and high-quality mountain bike light, this is an excellent option for you. The battery’s longevity will provide comfort to the biker throughout the mountain biking activity. This mountain bike light is also waterproof, making it fit when used on challenging mountain biking trails.

8. Nitecore BR35 1800 OLED Bike Headlight

nitecore br35 1800 oled bike headlight

What if I tell you that there is a mountain bike light that works similar to the headlight of some automobiles? Yes, you heard it right; the Nitecore rechargeable bike light works similar to that of the headlights of some vehicles by using an innovative dual distance beam. It includes two headlights, one for short ranges and the other is for long distances. This product is one of the most unique mountain bike lights that I know should provide suitable illumination to anyone biking on the trail at night.

There are many benefits that a biker will get from using this product, including the ultra brightness of the light. Thanks to its dual distance beam, which provides up to 1800 lumens of light output, it simultaneously allows bike riders to light short and long distances. Doing this will eliminate danger zones in the rode while increasing the safety of all mountain bikers, especially when navigating on rugged trails.

Another significant benefit of using this mountain bike light is its comfort in its operation during the biking trip. Since it uses a three-button user interface remote switch, it dramatically reduces the biker from taking their eyes off the road. The remote also allows for quick toggling of light modes and adjustment of brightness level while pedaling. This feature can also add protection and safety to the biker, especially in mountain biking at night.

The readable OLED screen in this bike light can also help provide the biker enough information regarding the status of the battery and the headlight in general. Meanwhile, a built-in micro USB rechargeable battery can provide up to seventeen hours of runtime in one single charge. This time is enough for a biker to fully complete his biking schedule using the most practical bike light without any interruption.

The only drawback that I see when using this product is it does not contain a flashing mode. Sometimes, the flashing mode is essential, especially when biking during the day, as the feature helps add your visibility on the road.

  • With dual-beam that provides super bright light
  • The remote switch makes the operation easy even during the ride
  • Readable OLED screen provides the biker with the status of the battery and the light
  • Can give you up to seventeen hours of runtime
  • Can be charged anywhere
  • It does not contain a flashing mode

This product is for bike owners looking for the brightest mountain bike light to be used on the bicycle. It offers advanced features, including a remote switch and OLED display, which brings substantial benefits to the safety and protection of the mountain biker.

9. Magicshine MJ 900 1200 Front Bike Lights

magicshine mj 900 1200 front bike lights

Small but terrible: these are the words that best describe this mountain bike light from Magicshine. Although small in size, there is no denying the quality of light it can give to the biker, especially those entry-level mountain bikes. This product is one of the smallest and lightest mountain bike lights that I know, which also offers some versatility to be mounted not only on the bike but into the biker’s helmet.

But the primary purpose of this bike accessory is to provide the right amount of light output to new mountain bikers wanting to enjoy biking on the trail at night. This product is one of the smallest but can emit up to 1200 lumens of light output in terms of size. This capability should be enough to illuminate entry-level mountain bikers to enjoy the trail at night but still having the right amount of safety and protection in the trail.

Another purpose of this mountain bike light is to provide versatility in its use to the bike and the biker. For instance, apart from lighting the biker on the trail, this mountain bike light comes with accessories to convert into a headlamp. Meaning it can be used to light other activities or purposes as well. Whether it’s camping, skiing, or for emergency purposes, this mountain bike light can do its job successfully.

Apart from the two, this mountain bike light can also provide reliability when used by the biker. Since it comes with a rechargeable battery, you will only need to recharge it before using, to make sure that it will work during bike riding. One full charging time can give this mountain bike light a run time of up to two hours which should be enough to make the biker visible in the whole duration of the biking activity.

The only issue with this mountain bike light is the lack of a battery life LED indicator. This feature is essential to every biker because we all want to know the battery status while we are biking.

  • Small but can emit a respectable light output of up to 1200 lumens
  • It comes with four different light modes and a flash mode feature as a bonus
  • Weight is very light
  • It can be converted into a headlamp to be used on other activities
  • It comes with a rechargeable battery; at least 2 hours of runtime
  • It does not contain a battery indicator

This product is for mountain bike owners who are just starting their mountain biking journey and are looking for a small but reliable bike light. The size and the compact that this product offers do not diminish the fact that it can help any mountain biker provide high-quality illumination on the trail or the road.

10. WASAGA 10500 Mountain Bike Lights

wasaga 10500 mountain bike lights

The Wasaga mountain bike light is one of the brightest mountain bike lights that I have ever use. It will let you see everything in the dark while gearing up for safety in the trails. Based on my experience, this is one of the most versatile bike lights that I use to light different types of activities aside from mountain biking.

This is the type of mountain bike light you get to see on dark roads, especially on different trails. And the best thing about it is that it’s very bright and works exceptionally well on poorly lit roads. Thanks to its ability to produce up to 10500 lumens of light output, ensuring that you will have the best lighting focus on your destination while having an excellent beam pattern while on the trail.

The fact that the battery pack is separate, which means you can be charged the battery without removing the lamp, is an excellent feature. The rechargeable battery has a runtime between 4 to 6 hours, depending on the biker’s type of lighting mode. The time should be enough to illuminate the mountain biker in the whole duration of his biking activity while on the trail or the road.

I also like the versatility of this product when it comes to using it in other activities. Meaning, the attachment or additional accessories in the product package can convert this mountain bike light into a head torch or headlamp. This added feature will be effective when using it in other activities such as camping or some emergency purposes that need light.

Overall, this mountain bike light brings exceptional illumination to any mountain biker. However, the light’s size and the battery weigh more than any small LED bike light I know. The only drawback that I see in the product is the absence of a diffuser lens, changing the output from a spotlight into a giant floodlight. Otherwise, this is still a highly recommended mountain bike light base on my experience using it.

  • Provides optimum bike light; up to 10500 lumens of light output
  • Runtime from 4 to 6 hours depending on the light mode use
  • It comes with three switch modes
  • It can be converted into a headlamp to be used on other activities
  • It comes with a rechargeable battery
  • It does not come with a light diffuser

If you are a mountain bike owner looking for the brightest light you can use on the road or the trail at night; this product is an excellent option to have. It is also one of the most durable products that I know, with its waterproofing features ensuring that no water can invade the light when it is raining or navigation in trails with water.

What to Look For When Buying a Mountain Bike Light

best mountain bike lights for night riding

When choosing mountain bike lights, there are some factors to consider before going to the bike shop or buying it online. These factors are the traits that constitute most trustworthy mountain bike lights. Please check on the list below:

Power Output

This factor is one of the essential traits of a mountain bike light. The light should give the optimum light output to illuminate the biker on the trail or the road. A mountain biker needs at least 1500 to 2000 lumens if you put it on the handlebar in terms of power. Sometimes, you need to put a light on your helmet, which should be around 700 to 900 lumens. But those mountain bike lights on the helmet should be more focused and concentrated for the biker to see the trail clearly.

Durability and Toughness

This two are also important factors when choosing mountain bike lights. Durability and toughness will determine the longevity of the light as it endures different challenges on different trails. Always remember that mountain biking is different compared to biking on a straight road. The surface is distinct, and the demand will be more challenging which means you will need a tough bike light to withstand this difficult challenge.

A mountain bike light should be made with a high-quality casing that can withstand tough punishment on the trail. The mountain bike light should also have the ability to withstand water invasion coming from rain or other sources. My suggestion is to look for a mountain bike light with waterproofing features because this type of light is well-built and is sturdy enough to last longer on the trail.


The runtime of a mountain bike light refers to how long it can provide lighting in one single charge. This factor is crucial because it will determine how effective the light to your mountain biking activity. My suggestion is to look for a light with a runtime greater than your average spending time on the trail. For example, if you regularly use your mountain bike for an hour, you can look for a light with a runtime of 2 hours or more. Doing this will give you an extra battery life needed when going home.

Battery Indicator

The battery indicator is a unique feature that allows the biker to know the status of the battery when being used. It is essential to see the battery level, especially when biking at night, to give you the best idea of stopping the ride, charging the battery, packing up, and going home.


This factor refers to the additional things that you get from purchasing the mountain bike light. For example, we feature several products in this review that offers an extra taillight as a bonus. In addition, some products provide extra accessories such as an additional strap to use in converting light into a headlamp. I also like the light diffuser, which lets the biker change the headlight from a spotlight to a floodlight. These extra accessories can help the biker to have the best bike ride to help ensure safety in biking in the dark

Frequently Asked Questions

best selling mountain bike lights

How many Lumens do you Need for Night Mountain Biking?

When it comes to the power of the mountain bike light, the biker needs between 1500 to 2000 lumens of light output to navigate and see the mountain bike trails. This requirement is for a mountain bike light attach to the handlebar. Should the biker decide to use a light in the helmet as a support, the requirement should be between 700 to 900 lumens, and the light should be concentrated and focused.

How to Care and Maintain?

For sure, a mountain bike light needs regular care and maintenance to ensure it will last long. If you are not using it, the best thing to do is keep it in a safe place. If possible, return it to the original packaging and keep it in a safe place. Also, if it was raining during the biking, you need to make sure that the light is thoroughly clean and dry before keeping it.


The best mountain bike lights will be able to let you enjoy the unique adventure of mountain biking at night. It also provides you the best protection and safety in illuminating your way when navigating different trails. For this reason, you need to choose the right bike light that fits your needs and the bike when riding a mountain bike at night.

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