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The Best Mountain Bike Phone Mount for 2023

best mountain bike phone mount

For sure, biking is always fun to do and has many benefits for the body. But when you are on the road, you also need easy access to your phone for different reasons. Whether it is music streaming services, navigation apps, or any other phone-related activity, bikers rely on the best mountain bike phone mount to get easy access to their phone.

This article shows six of the top phone holder for mountain bike based on our thorough research. Our team tested several products in an actual bike environment to know their functionality, features, and other information. Our recommended products are based on the result of the testing process. Please see below.

Top 6 Mountain Bike Phone Mount Reviews

1. CAW.CAR Accessories Bicycle Phone Mount accessories bicycle phone mount

We all want easy access to our phones and to ride safely simultaneously. This Mtb cell phone mount from Caw Car Accessories is what you need to have the same benefits when you are on the road during your bike adventure.

What impresses me the most about this product is its universal design. This phone mount will fit any mountain bike that comes with a tubular. The design of this product also allows it to be used on motorcycles, ATVs, and even scooters.

This product also offers a highly flexible range of motion due to its 360 degrees rotation and tilt freedom feature. This feature will allow you to position the phone at any favorable angle that will be more comfortable while biking.

I also find the adjustable collar on the mounting point very useful. This unrecognizable feature allows anyone to adjust by tightening or loosening the friction when tilting or rotating the phone. You can easily adjust it depending on the tightness or friction you want when tilting the phone.

In addition, this mountain bike phone mount also comes with a rubber sling that will hold the phone firmly and securely while reducing any vibrations that may happen on the road. Then, the gripping claw, made of solid plastic, allows you to attach this mount to any bike.

  • Built with a universal design to fit different types of bikes
  • Allows the phone to be easily rotated and tilted for easy usage
  • Made with an extra rubber sling to reduce road vibrations
  • Keep your cell phone used while on the road
  • It can be used on other bikes, motorcycles, ATVs, and scooters
  • Mounting and unmounting the phone can be a challenge at first

This product is the most suitable phone mount for mountain bike in terms of securing the phone and providing easy access. The phone accessory is for bikers looking for a reliable phone mount that is solidly built and can be used for different types of bikes.

2. IPOW Mountain Bike Phone Mount Holder

ipow mountain bike phone mount holder

When looking for the perfect mountain bike cell phone holder, the biker must consider the security and stability of the mount. From what I see during our testing process, this product from Ipow has all the functionalities to secure your phone and make it stable while on the road.

The first thing I notice about this product is its firm grip once installed on the bike. This feature will protect the phone from falling even when biking on a bumpy road. The phone also fits snugly and will secure the phone from bouncing around during the ride.

Also, the angle may change depending on the impact when you hit speed bumps on the road. But it is not a big issue since it is just a slight movement, and you can manually adjust your phone at your convenient angle using its 360 degrees angle adjustment.

I also like the unique design of the product’s handlebar clamp. Together with the silicone butterfly hands, it will ensure that the phone is more stable during the ride, even on bumpy roads. Your phone will stay on the handlebar with its secure foundation.

This mountain bike cell phone holder is so easy to use. All you have to do is attach it to the handlebar, followed by screwing the nut tightly. You can use three settings, while the rubberized part will allow you to install this mount to five different diameters of handlebars.

  • Excellent build quality; offers a tight grip for complete protection
  • Provides adjustability to install in different sizes of handlebars
  • It can handle different sizes of phones, including the large ones
  • Built to provide excellent stability even on bumpy roads
  • Easy to install and use
  • Stretchy straps need improvement in quality

This product is the top-notch mountain bike cell mount in terms of reliability and sturdiness. For climbers looking to make their phone accessible during the ride while still making it safe and protected, this mountain bike phone mount is the perfect option.

3. Andobil Bike Cell iPhone Mount

andobil bike cell iphone mount

In terms of security, this phone mount from Andobil protects your phone throughout your ride. This product was built to have all the functionalities needed to secure your phone and prevent it from falling when biking on a bumpy road.

This product is the suited mountain bike iPhone mount you can use when biking. I am impressed by its ability to hold any phone size very tightly. The ball joint allows you to adjust the angle during riding easily.

The 360 degrees swivel head is also an excellent feature of this phone mount. It will allow the user to reorient the phone to landscape, portrait, or any angle in between to ensure that the phone is positioned correctly during the bike ride.

Stability is also one of the most significant assets of this mountain bike phone mount. It is built with anti-slip rubber pads and a stable support shelf that secures the phone throughout the ride. Add the rubber belt to provide a secure grip on the phone to ensure a safer ride while still using the phone comfortably.

I also like this mountain bike phone mount due to its easy usage feature. Mounting and unmounting were very easy. All you have to do is attach the handlebar while screwing the night tightly to secure the phone. With the clamp’s adjustability, you can easily attach this phone mount to any handlebar size.

  • Built to accommodate mobile phones of any size
  • Provide stability and adjustability to the phone at any configuration and angle
  • Made with a bar clamp that allows easy mounting and unmounting of the phone
  • Built with silicone straps that secure and protect the phone
  • It provides flexibility in usage; aside from bikes, it can be used for e-scooter, motorcycles, and treadmill
  • The tendency of the bands to stretch quickly makes the two extra bands handy

Overall, this product is the most outstanding mountain bike phone holder with its ability to make the phone stable and protected during the ride. It is so easy to install and looks great once installed on the mountain bike. This product is for bikers looking for the reliability and dependability of a mountain bike phone mount.

4. Lamicall Mountain Bike Phone Holder Mount

lamicall mountain bike phone holder mount

This mountain bike phone mount from Lamicall Store has the simplest design, in my opinion. But its ability to secure and protect the phone during the ride is also impressive, making this product a must-have for bikers.

I am impressed that this product has a universal design allowing easy mount adjustment. This feature enables the mount to accommodate most of the phones available today. Its compatibility allows it to easily fit most iPhone models, Huawei, Motorola, Nexus, and other phones.

The one-hand operation functionality of this phone mount is also impressive. Since it comes with silicone pads, this mountain bike phone mount keeps the phone from scratches and protects it from vibrations. The phone mount will hold the phone securely even when dealing with bumpy roads.

Adjustability is also an excellent feature of this product. This mountain bike phone mount is built in such a way that you can easily adjust the phone from a horizontal to a vertical screen. The most suitable mtb phone mount allows you to answer the phone quickly or play music while on the road.

Lastly, this phone mount is also easy to install. Its adjustable clamps make it fit different sizes of handlebars. You can quickly tighten the clamp without using a tool. This feature will also allow you to use this phone mount on motorcycles, shopping carts, electric scooters, and indoor bikes.

  • Built to provide excellent grip while holding the phone tightly
  • Provide wide compatibility to different types of phone
  • Easy adjustment features allow you to reposition the phone easily at your preference
  • Made with silicone pads to protect the phone from scratches and vibrations
  • Easy to install on the mountain bike
  • Mounting a phone with a thick case can be a problem

This product is the top phone mount for mtb because of its flexibility and ease of usage. It comes with a sturdy design and fits anywhere on my bike’s handlebar. This product is an excellent option if you are a bike owner looking for a reliable mountain bike mount.

5. MaxMiles Bicycle Cell Phone Holder

maxmiles bicycle cell phone holder

Most cell phone bike mount reviews, including this one, is dominated by plastic-made phone mount. But this product from MaxMiles is unique since it is made of aluminum alloy, which means it’s more durable, strong, and has the capability to protect the phone throughout the ride.

I like the tightness it provides to the phone, making me more confident throughout the ride. This mountain bike phone mount holds onto everything perfectly tight. You can find a crew lever on the side that allows you to adjust tightness easily at your convenience.

Impressive is the way this phone mount secures your phone on the road. I used this for off-roading, and the phone never bounced off my bike. I also like that the holder comes with an adhesive patch which secures and protects the bike throughout the ride.

This product also comes with solid construction. It is a very well-made aluminum unit that provides excellent grip. Do not be afraid of tightening the mount to secure your phone during the ride. This product is one of the most reliable mountain bike phone mounts that anyone can use.

Lastly, this product is so easy to install. It comes with an adjustable clamp that fits different types of handlebars. It also helps that it comes with an installation tool to make it easier for the user to mount it on the bike. Attaching and detaching the phone only takes one quick movement.

  • Built with premium aluminum alloy to ensure durability and strength
  • Made with an adhesive patch to secure the phone throughout the ride
  • Quick and easy installation with good instructions
  • Solid metal construction
  • Installation tool is included
  • Adjusting the mount to accommodate the phone can be a challenge

Arguably one of the most highly-recommended mounts you can use for your bike is this mountain bike phone mount. It is easy to use, and its metal construction gives me the confidence that it will protect and secure my phone throughout the ride.

6. Sincetop Mountain Bike Phone Mount

sincetop mountain bike phone mount

This mountain bike phone mount from Sincetop is another metal-made product that makes it on our list. This aluminum-made mount has the thickness to ensure its durability and sturdiness. The base and the buckle are also made with the same material to enhance the security of your phone while on the road.

The first thing that impressed me was the easy installation. I bolt in under the stem cap, snap it on, and push the lock up, and you are good to go. It is best to install it in the middle of the bicycle stem to ensure that your phone is always in front of you during the bike ride.

I also like the construction quality of this product. The aluminum bracket is solid and well-made but is so light. The phone mount will be attached with a satisfying click to the bracket. The locking lever also looks solid.

The quick and lock release feature also impresses me. It is easy to attach or detach your phone using a single hand. All you have to do is push the phone to the mount to secure it. To release, unlock the locking lever while spinning clockwise to release. It is simple but very effective.

From my experience using it, this product will also give your phone a perfect view. This mountain bike phone mount will provide a 10 degrees elevation angle to offer you an ideal viewing angle while on the road. In addition, the phone can be placed vertically or horizontally, depending on your preference.

  • Made with aluminum alloy to provide toughness and durability
  • Design to offer a perfect viewing angle
  • With a quick lock and release feature to easily attach and detach the phone
  • Includes a universal adapter to fit most mobile phones
  • Installed at the center of the bike to make sure the phone is always at your front
  • The adhesive part of the mount needs to improve

This mountain bike phone mount is for bike owners looking for a reliable product that can secure their phones while on the road. This bike accessory is sturdy and durable. It also secures the phone even when biking on bumpy roads. And it is easy to use too.

7. Black Harp Silicone Bike Phone Holder

black harp silicone bike phone holder mount

If you have a peloton or an exercise bike at home, you will need this phone mount from Black Harp during your exercise. This bike accessory will provide easy access to your phone to allow you to do whatever you need to do while exercising.

Since most peloton handles are thick, most other phone holders I know just needed help to get the job done. But this phone holder is an exemption. This phone holder is built to allow the user to size it up or down.

Furthermore, this bike phone holder will allow the user to flip horizontally or vertically, depending on your preference or your workout for the day. When I am out in the saddle during exercise, I am impressed by how this bike accessory holds the phone tight.

This bike phone holder is also easy to use. It is so easy to attach and detach, which means it can be mounted on different types of bikes aside from the peloton. You will never have to worry about your phone getting damaged as it allows you not to miss important calls or texts from your phone.

Aside from its easy-usage feature, I also like its physical features, including its vibrant colors. This bike phone holder is sturdy and should last for a while. It is also available in three different colors, allowing you to choose the best fit for your bike.

  • Built with an innovative design that allows you to use it for different views
  • Made to be compatible with different types of handlebars, specifically peloton and exercise bike
  • Silicone-made bike holder, which is easy to maintain
  • Built with varying secure points to fit different handlebar sizes
  • Available in three different vibrant colors
  • Stability issue

This bike accessory is for everyone who wants easy access to their phone while in a peloton or exercise bike. This bike accessory is easy to attach or detach, making your exercise more enjoyable.

How to Choose Mountain Bike Phone Mount

best mountain bike cell phone holder

With all the available options, choosing the right mountain bike mount can be challenging. But we have listed some tips for choosing the right bike for your bike. Read below for more information.

Mounting Style

The first thing to check is how the mountain bike phone mount will be installed on the bike. There are many ways to do it, depending on the product. But remember to choose a mounting style that best suits your bike’s handlebar.

You might find some of these phone mounts use straps to secure the mount. These straps function like a belt and will be responsible for ensuring or attaching the mount to the bike. You will find holes in this strap to allow you to adjust the diameter of the handlebar.

Some products come with a locking lever with a single attachment point that can be tightened or loosened using a tool. When checking the mounting process, it is essential to consider your bike and how the mounting process of a phone mount fits into the bike to hold it securely.

Phone Security

Another factor to check in a mountain bike mount is its ability to secure the phone. Since you own a mountain bike, it is normal for you to ride on bumpy roads and terrain, which makes the ability of the phone holder to secure the phone essential.

Since a phone is a personal investment, you do not want it to fall, crack, or be damaged during the ride. You need to check on the ability of the phone mount to secure during a bumpy ride.

Phone Compatibility

Another thing that you need to check is the compatibility of the mountain bike phone mount to your phone. Regardless of the brand, it would be best if you ensured that the product fits nicely into your phone.

So, checking on the phone mount’s capacity to fit different types of phones is extremely important. Some products we feature here have a universal design that can accommodate mobile phones of various sizes.

The idea is to check the phone’s compatibility with the phone mount. So, checking the fit before purchasing it can ensure that your phone is compatible with the product.

Phone Protection

Another factor to consider is the ability of the mountain bike phone mount to protect the phone. If you are one of those mountain bikers who ride bikes regardless of weather conditions, you need a phone mount that always protects your phone.

It would be best to look for a phone mount that will protect your phone when it is raining, snowing, or biking in scorching conditions. The phone must be covered and protected from these weather elements.

Phone Attachment

It would help if you also considered how the phone mount could be easily attached to the phone. I have personal experience with products that took me a while to mount the phone. So, it would help if you examined the easiness of a particular phone mount to attach or detach the phone from the mount.

Other Related Information

Most phone mounts are installed or mounted in front of the handlebars of your mountain bike. This part of the bike is the right place to maximize your phone usage since it will always be in front of you.

But to be able to use it fully, choose a mountain bike phone mount that adjusts your phone’s elevation. With this phone mount, you can easily adjust the angle to ensure that you have the most outstanding viewing experience when using your phone while biking.


The best mountain bike phone mount will protect your phone while riding your bike. Protection means preventing it from falling off when biking on a bumpy trail and securing your phone from weather elements. More importantly, the phone mount must also maximize your phone usage and viewing experience while on the road.

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