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The Best Mountain Bike Saddle Bags for 2023

best mountain bike saddle bag

Using mountain bike saddlebags is an integral part of maximizing the storage space of your bike in bringing different items while on the trail. A patch kit, any type of inflator, and an inner tube can be stored in the saddlebag with ease. But what are the best mountain bike saddle bag today? Just in case you do not know, this review is all about saddle bags for mountain bikes and the importance of providing additional storage space to carry biker’s essentials when going on a bike trip.

As a biker myself, the usage of a mountain bike saddle bag cannot be underestimated with all the benefits it brings to the biker. I have used it to store small items and necessities needed in every bike ride. We are listing ten of the top mountain bike saddle bags based on our actual testing and feedback from other bikers for this review. Our team intends to guide every biker in choosing the right saddle bag for their mountain bike.

Best Mountain Bike Saddle Bag Reviews

1. MARQUE Mountain Bike Saddle Bags

marque mountain bike saddle bags

Mountain biking is a fun activity that provides a lot of benefits to the biker. But during the ride, there are essential things that you need to bring without fail. These things are essentials to make the biking experience comfortable and fun. But to get these necessities means you will need storage spaces such as this saddle bag from Marque. It is arguable the best MTB saddle bag that I know due to its unique design and various functionalities.

One of the outstanding features of this mountain bike saddle bag is its ease of installation. It comes with a strap-on mounting design that can be mounted on a bike rail or a round seat tube. This bike bag is easy to install and feels securely attached. It is also powered by adjustable Velcro straps in securing the bag while making it compatible with other types of bicycles apart from a mountain bike.

Another feature of this product is the large storage capacity it provides to the biker. The actual storage capacity is from 1 to 1.5 liters which is good enough to accommodate small essentials such as wallets, keys, mobile phones, and other similar items of the same size. But what is unique about this saddlebag is the ability to expand its capacity by opening the zipper of the bottom. This expandable feature can be used just in case you need more storage space.

Also, this mountain bike saddle bag provides easy access to the biker if he needs some essentials during the ride. It is built with an extra-wide zipper opening that makes it easy to store or retrieved essentials inside the bag. Apart from those essentials I mentioned earlier, you can also put mini pumps, tire levers, small tool kits, and other necessities inside the mountain bike saddlebag.

I also like the minimalistic design, which is perfect for a single-day ride or a multi-day bikepacking activity. In addition, there are added reflective strips that can help increase the biker’s visibility during the night. There is also an added clip hanger at the back of the back should you decide to put a taillight to help increase visibility.

  • Comes with minimalistic design; perfect for short or long multi-day rides
  • Ease of installation; strap-on mounting design and adjustable Velcro straps secures the bike bag easily
  • With expandable storage capacity
  • The wide zipper opening provides easy access
  • With added reflective strips adds visibility
  • Tendency to block the taillight

Overall, you will be impressed by the storage capacity of this mountain bike saddlebag. Installation is easy and can be done in less than a minute. This bag is also low profile and provides enough storage to accommodate necessities in the ride. But the expandable storage is extra special, I should say.

2. WOTOW Rainproof Bicycle Saddle Bags

wotow rainproof bicycle saddle bags

Mountain biking can burn a ton of calories more than you imagine. It also strengthens the lower body with the quality of workouts it presents to the biker. However, when spending some time on the trail with a mountain bike, you will need a mountain bike saddle bag from Wotow to bring some of the things you need on the trail. This product is one of the top mountain bike saddle bag dropper post which can be used in the mountain bike.

Compared to the first product that I reviewed earlier, both share some similarities in features and functionalities. But, they also have a lot of differences. For one, the Wotow mountain bike saddle bag looks different in terms of design. It also looks smaller, but the most significant difference is probably the durability. This mountain bike saddle bag is rainproof, which means it can prevent rainwater from penetrating inside. Thus, protecting all the items and keeping them dry always.

This mountain bike saddle bag is of excellent quality and provides durability and toughness. It is made with rainproof materials, mainly the waxed nylon, which is known for its tear resistance. This bike bag is also built with water-resistant zippers to provide durability and toughness, making it fully waterproof and is easy to clean.

Also, this mountain bike saddle bag offers easy installation and quick-release features. It is built with a sticky hook and loop strap to fix the bag on the bike post or the bike rack. The straps that are holding the saddle are made of excellent material and should last longer. It also provides stability to the bag, which is essential in riding on rugged terrain and trails.

The bike bag is also built with reflective strips to help enhance the visibility of the biker during the night. It will also help keep the biker safe when biking in the dark because of the mounting loop, which can be installed with a taillight. This feature will allow the biker more visible to other road users at night.

  • Made with durable and rainproof materials; includes a water-resistant zipper and tear-resistant waxed nylon
  • Built with aerodynamic design; help in reducing air resistance to a minimum
  • Easy to install and release using a high-quality hook and strap
  • With reflective strips to help increase its visibility
  • Excellent storage space for its size; made with small pockets to protect the items inside
  • Will not fit large mobile phones

This mountain bike saddle bag will fit nicely under the bike seat. It provides storage space for small items such as keys, wallets, and other small essentials. But the feature that stands out is the waterproofing feature to prevent water entry.

3. ROCKBROS Bikepacking Mountain Saddle Bags

rockbros bikepacking mountain saddle bags

In most mountain bike saddle reviews, you will see many prominent brands in many of the product recommendations. The reason behind it is these popular brands offer some of the best in terms of quality and functionality. One of these brands is Rockbros, a well-known company in the bikers community in producing top-quality bike products. One of which is the Rockbros bikepacking bag, a perfect mountain bike saddle bag for short and multi-day rides.

One of the upsides of using this product is the waterproofing functionalities it offers. Thanks to the 600D high-quality nylon material and TPU film to make it one of the most durable and rugged saddlebags that a biker can install on a mountain bike. This saddlebag is also built with roll-style closure to prevent any form of water from going inside the bag. The absence of zippers will surprise you at first, but this actually helps in the waterproofing features.

Another upside in using this product is the large storage capacity to accommodate most of the biker’s necessities in the trail. The capacity is from three to ten liters and will fit even the large essentials such as jackets, cycling pants, bike repair tools, and even the biker’s food. This high-capacity saddlebag is also perfect for a bike-packing activity and will even let you bring a small one-person tent, a compact sleeping pad, and a small sleeping bag.

Also, the installation will be easy because this product includes a foam insert that will fit against the seat post so that you can pull the support straps tightly to get a snug fit. Also, securing the straps that go through the seat rails real tight will get the lesser movement of the rear part of the bag behind the biker. The high-quality straps and attachments will make this bag stable once attached to the bike seat.

The only downside I see in the product is the quality of the clips. I feel that this is weak and can break easily if not properly used. This part of the bag needs to improve because I think this is the weakest link in the overall quality of the pack.

  • Provides excellent storage capacity; can accommodate 3 to 10 liters of space
  • With full waterproofing feature; includes a roll style closure to keep you dry
  • Easy to install; built with high-quality straps and attachments
  • Lightweight
  • It comes with reflective stripes to enhance visibility at night
  • Subpar clips

This mountain bike saddle bag has impressed me in terms of its functionalities and overall quality. Excellent storage capacity and durable straps can make all of your essentials safe inside. This product is also perfect for bikepacking, especially in doing multi-day rides.

4. Golener Mountain Bike Saddle Bags

golener mountain bike saddle bags

This mountain bike saddlebag from Golener is one of its kind. This product is one of the few LED-powered bike saddle bags in the market. I was amazed by the battery-powered green light rope, which lines up outside the saddlebag to enhance the visibility of the biker. The increased visibility will also help in the protection and safety of the biker, especially during the night.

Another purpose of this product is to provide a durable and high-quality mountain bike saddle bag that every biker can use. It is made with 900D oxford fabric known for its sturdy, stylish, and excellent shape. It also provides tear and damage resistance properties to protect all the essentials you need in the bike trail. It is indeed a well-made bag that provides durability and toughness.

Also, this bike saddlebag is built to provide excellent storage space for its size to every biker in accommodating bike necessities for the trail ride. It is designed with several inner compartments that include a main pocket and three mesh pockets. With this ample storage space, it will help the biker store items in a well-organized manner.

In terms of installation, this mountain bike saddle bag is easy to mount under the bike saddle. In fact, you will be able to attach it in less than a minute. It is built with an adjustable Velcro strap on both sides, which can be fixed below the saddle securely. Please note that the straps are made with high-quality materials, making it durable and sturdy, which means it is not easy to tear and helps increase the bag’s stability.

This mountain bike saddle bag is well-made and an excellent product. It is made of durable materials and can withstand the effects of different types of weather. It also fits securely under the saddle, but the lighting feature is so unique. There is also an extra taillight tape just in case you want to add a taillight for extra visibility.

  • With LED stripes and a reflective logo to enhance visibility in the dark
  • Made with high-quality and durable 900D oxford fabric
  • Provides water resistance features; includes caulking treated waterproof zipper
  • Offers excellent storage space; design with different inner compartments inside
  • With taillight tape at the rear for hanging a taillight
  • Too small to accommodate large items

This mountain bike saddlebag is exactly what I wanted. There is enough room to carry small items while the LED strip light gives additional visibility to the biker. Overall, it is a great product and provides excellent value.

5. Roswheel CestMall MTB Cycling PU Saddle Bags

roswheel cestmall mtb cycling pu saddle bags

In looking for a mountain bike saddle bag, it is essential to consider the comfort it brings to the biker. A bike bag can provide comfort to the user by giving easy access to the things inside. And this is what this mountain bike saddle bag from Cestmall is offering, a bag designed for easy opening and closure while providing other functionalities to the biker.

In terms of its size, this saddle bag will provide enough storage space for small items. It is not the most enormous bag, but you can fit all small essentials such as a spare tire tube, tire levers, tool kit, and other smaller items. This product is compact but will provide great value and is worth the investment. I have found no issue with the zippers and clips as they try to secure the things inside the saddlebag.

In terms of installation, the saddlebag is attached to the bike seat using two buckled straps that will fit around the mounting bars of your seat. The buckle will make it easy to install or remove the saddlebag depending on the biker’s needs. Also, an additional Velcro strap will fit around the seat post to firmly secure the bag.

For the bag’s durability, this mountain bike saddle bag offers water resistance properties. This product will keep all the items inside dry in any different types of weather. There is also a lone zipper installed in the bag for opening or closing it. And it makes with impressive quality. Also, access to the bag is effortless as you will only need to unzip for three-quarters, and your fist will fit into the bag. That’s how easy it is to get the items inside the saddlebag.

Meanwhile, the light-colored portion of the bag offers some reflective properties to enhance the visibility of the biker. Apart from blinkers and bike lights, this feature can help the biker become more visible to other road users.

  • Made with high-quality and durable materials ( high-quality fabric and Polyurethane leather )
  • Opening and closure is easy with its zip closure and practical open design
  • With reflective stripes to increase visibility
  • Includes a net case expand storage
  • Built with high-quality straps and buckles for easy installation
  • It won’t hold larger mobile phones

This product is discreet and practical in storing small items such as keys, wallets, tool kits, and many more. It fits perfectly under the seat and can be attached without any tools. Overall, this is a great place to keep things nice and dry inside the bag.

6. THRLEGBIRD Cycling Saddle Bags

thrlegbird cycling saddle bags

With all the challenges that a biker can experience in a mountain bike trail, he must be equipped with a stable mountain bike saddlebag. Stability is an essential factor to prevent any disturbance from the bike bag once the bike is on the trail. The tendency to detached, move, or slip can affect the quality of the ride. With that said, this mountain bike saddle bag from Thrlegbird is an excellent option for every biker looking for stability.

One of the outstanding features of this product is the unique mounting system. It is based on a three-point strong fixing system, including a high-strength buckle that can keep the bag stable and reliable once mounted on the bike saddle. You will be pleased with the security of the attachment under the bike saddle as it provides stability while on the trail.

Another feature that stands out is the high-quality material use in the manufacturing process. By using PVC waterproof materials and 500D nylon materials, this bike saddle bag is entirely waterproof with its excellent sealing and waterproof effect. It also comes with double-sided PVC mesh waterproof fabric that also provides a neutral smell and excellent compartment design.

In terms of its design, this bag is unique in a lot of ways. First, the easy fold-over top and the snap closure will help in opening or closing the bag quickly. It comes with plenty of room inside to accommodate spare tires, a tool kit with air canisters, a wallet, and many more. It is such a simple design but can be an excellent option if you want to expand the storage capacity of the bag.

Also, this mountain bike saddle bag is different from other bikes because it comes with tail patterns. These patterns are printed with high-gloss reflective to increase the visibility of the biker during the night. An additional lanyard can facilitate if the biker wants to add a taillight to increase night visibility.

  • Built with high strength buckle to attach the seat bag and make it stable once mounted
  • Made with tail patterns with high-gloss reflective to increase visibility at night
  • Provides enough storage space capacity; with 2 liters capacity
  • Made with high-quality materials to produce waterproofing properties
  • With unique compartment design to organize items inside
  • Tendency to run your thighs during pedaling

This mountain bike saddle bag will check everything you need when riding on a trail. It provides excellent storage space, lightweight, secure mounting, and waterproofing features. And this is one of the better-looking bags you can use on the ride.

7. Rhinowalk Rainproof Mountain Saddle Bags

rhinowalk rainproof mountain saddle bags

Small and terrific: these are the two words that best describe this mountain bike saddle bag from Rhinowalk. It is probably one of the smallest of our recommendations, but it can provide excellent storage space despite the size limitation. This bike saddle bag also provides many functionalities that will help in keeping all biker’s essentials safe and dry during the bike ride.

Compared to the other products I reviewed earlier, more or less they share some similarities in features, especially the quality and quick installation feature. But what makes this mountain bike saddle bag different is its unique design. It is probably one of the few bike saddlebags built to be combined with the bike quickly. The curved lines design and the compact shape will help in blending in the bicycle with ease.

I really like the minimalistic design, and it fits in dry weather, in my opinion. It comes with a zipper that runs along the bottom, but it’s well-made and will not shake open. This bag is also built with a bit of tuck pocket and an elastic inner net pocket, preventing the item from falling out when the bag is being open. I love the design, and I highly recommend it.

Even with the size, this bike saddle bag is still a perfect fit. The slim profile is barely wider than the seat post, so it will not disturb the pedaling. There are no smaller pockets inside the bag which means it can accommodate mobile phones if you want to despite the small size. But, there is still enough room for other small items such as tire levers, CO2 inflators, small tool kits, and other similar small items.

Also, the installation will be easy using a sticky loop and hook strap. The presence of a quick release buckle helps in easily attaching or releasing the mountain bike saddle bag from the bike seat.

  • Made with tough and sturdy materials; 600TPU material provides waterproofing features
  • Built with a concise design to reduce air resistance during the ride
  • Easy to install and release from the bike
  • Provides enough storage space for its size
  • Built with a curved surface to fit into the bike easily
  • Not easy to access

You will like this bag with its simplicity. It looks very clean and will blend with your bike easily with its curved design. It can also accommodate many small items despite its limited storage space. The waterproofing feature is a bonus.

8. BV Bicycle Strap-On Bike Saddle Bags

bv bicycle strap-on bike saddle bags

An excellent mountain bike saddle bag not only provides excellent storage space but also protects the biker from harm. This situation is actual, especially when riding at night, where visibility is needed to make the biker see and be seen by other users. For this reason, this bike saddle bag from BV Bicycle is what you need with its specially made taillight hanger and reflective trim to make the biker visible at night.

One of the upsides of using this product is providing excellent storage space for the biker’s essentials. Even with the small size, it will still provide ample storage for the biker’s necessities such as space tire, nitrogen canister, tool kit, and other small essentials. Also, this saddle bag comes with expandable capacity depending on the space you need. All you have to do is unzip the zipper below to expand the capacity of the bike bag.

Another upside of using this saddlebag is the easy access it brings to the biker. It is built with a large zippered opening design that provides easy access for the bike rider’s convenience. It also comes with an easy installation process. The strap-on mounting design will help in making the bike bag secure in the bike seat. The adjustable Velcro strap design provides easy attachment or detachment to and from the bike.

In terms of quality, this product is an extremely well-made bag. The stitching is sturdy and robust, while the design is a well-crafted and well-planned mountain bike saddlebag. I feel that this bag will last for a long time with the durability and toughness it brings. Also, the zipper to open the bag glides easily, which is better than the other bike bag I used previously.

Overall, this is still a small bag but expandable and still provides an excellent storage space despite the limited size. The mounting strap is long enough to go around the bag and the saddle. Also, it serves as protection from backside water and all the mud flying up.

  • Built with an excellent and secured strapping system; very stable
  • Provides excellent storage space for its size
  • Build quality is excellent; uses high-quality materials in the manufacturing process
  • Can hold a rear light
  • Large opening provides easy access
  • Too small to accommodate large mobile phone

This bike saddle bag is excellent when it comes to functionalities and features. It also provides excellent storage capacity for small items despite the limited size. Installation is easy in which the strap goes through the seat spring from inside and put around the bike saddlebag—highly recommended to all bikers.

9. Sahoo Bikepacking Mountain Bags

sahoo bikepacking mountain bags

Innovation and quality are two factors that best describe a premium mountain bike saddlebag. Innovations are those unique functionalities in the product that makes the biker more comfortable on the ride. Quality is all about toughness, durability, and other upsides that a saddlebag gives to the user. With that said, this mountain bike saddlebag is an excellent option if you are looking for a saddlebag with a purpose.

The primary purpose of this saddlebag is to provide large storage space to the biker in keeping all the bike essentials in the bike ride. The storage space is from 3 liters to 10 liters, almost the same as the size of a bike rack bag. It can store a jacket, cycling uniforms, and other large items.

Another purpose of this product is to provide a durable and tough bag to withstand the mountain bike trail’s challenge. It is made with an upgrade material called a double-layer waterproof nylon TPU. This material provides waterproofing properties as well as easy cleaning for mud and sewage.

Also, installation is easy using a reliable mounting system. This mountain bike saddle bag is equipped with a wide Velcro strap to attach to the bike seat. It also includes two solid snap-on buckles to connect under the bike saddles. Once installation is done, you can see the stability of the bag using the mounting system. The straps and buckles can also be used on other types of bikes apart from mountain bike.

This mountain bike saddle bag is also equipped with additional features for the benefit of all bikers. The presence of reflective elements in this saddle bag helps increase the visibility of the biker. This product can also be used as a fender to prevent muddy water from getting into your bike uniform.

  • With full waterproofing feature; made with double layer waterproof nylon TPU
  • Provides excellent storage space; can be adjusted from 3 liters to 10 liters
  • With reliable mounting system to provide stability once installed in the bike
  • It comes with reflective elements to increase visibility at night
  • It can also be used as a fender when it is raining
  • Clips easy to break

Overall, this is a perfect bag if you are a biker looking for a mountain bike saddle bag with a waterproofing feature. This product provides excellent functionalities and fastens snuggles around the bike seat post.

10. Epessa MTB Bike Saddle Bags

epessa mtb bike saddle bags

The Epessa mountain bike saddle bag combines practicality and beautiful design in its physical features and functionalities. It is one of the elegant bike saddlebags that I know but also one of the hardest. This mountain bike saddle bag offers excellent quality and should be a perfect choice in storing your necessities during the bike ride.

This bike saddle bag is made from high-quality materials to produce one of the most challenging bike bags you can use on the ride. The manufacturing process includes a carbon pattern PU fabric and EVA material and a cold-pressed hard housing process in making the hard shell. Sturdiness and durability can go a long way, especially in biking on the trail, where the conditions are difficult compared to a normal road.

With the durable materials being used in the manufacturing process, this bag offers full waterproofing features. Meaning, it will prevent water entry and will keep the items inside always dry and protected. The zipper is also made of waterproofing materials and will help secure the items and prevent all forms of water from going inside.

The storage capacity of this product is also impressive, with a left and right mesh compartment to organize or separate all the items. It also comes with a dual opening, resulting in easy access to the items once needed by the biker. The compartment will also prevent those valuables from scratching, such as mobile phones, glasses, keys, and other similar items.

Also, installation is easy and can be done quickly. Using a stable mounting bracket, it can be used on other standard bike saddles apart from mountain bikes. As long as the mounting bracket is installed, it is easy to release the saddlebag through the track clasp. But you need to install first the mounting system before mounting the bag on the saddle.

  • Built with excellent and high-quality materials
  • Provides excellent storage space
  • Made with a dual opening design for easy access
  • It comes with full waterproofing features
  • Easy to install; comes with stable mounting bracket
  • Need tools to install mounting bracket

Overall, this is a great bag that can hold a lot of items. The mounting system is unique but provides stability to the bag. It is also easy to detach and does not fall off, which means it is highly recommended to all mountain bikers.

What to Look For When Buying a Mountain Bike Saddle Bag


best mountain bike saddle bag dropper post

Mountain biking can be a fun activity but it will also challenge the biker physically and mentally. With that said, the biker needs to choose a high-quality mountain bike saddle bag for his bike. But to do that, please check on the factors below to select the right bag for your bike.

Storage Capacity

This factor is probably the most important to consider when choosing a mountain bike saddlebag. The storage capacity is related to everything you will bring on the ride and the storage space you need. A biker like you needs to know all the things you will bring on the ride and see the space requirements you need. Doing this process will allow you to know the saddlebag you need regarding its size, capacity, and functionalities.

Durability and Toughness

The durability and toughness of a mountain bike saddle are equivalent to its overall quality. These two factors will be determined by the type of material being used in the manufacturing process. My suggestion is for you to do your research and check on the type of materials used by the product. Some of these high-quality materials include PU fabric and EVA material.

Toughness and durability can also be attributed to the water-resistance of the mountain bike saddlebag. If the product offers a waterproofing feature, I am almost sure that the saddlebag is tough as nails.

Ease of Installation

It is also crucial for a mountain bike saddle bag to be easily installed in the bike seat. It should be equipped with a mounting system that provides easy attachment to the mountain bike. The mounting system also plays a significant role in fixing the bag into the bike and making it stable once it is installed. The saddlebag needs to be sturdy and not moving once on the road, and you must make sure that the mounting system can thoroughly do its job.

Organization and Compartments

You also need to check on what is inside the mountain bike saddlebag. Meaning, it is a must for you to check on the compartments and pockets inside the bag and how it will organize all the essentials you need in the bike ride. Of course, you need to select a bike saddle bag with an excellent organization where different items are properly segregated for easy access when required.

Additional Accessories and Features

It is actually fantastic if you can find additional accessories and features when looking for a bike saddlebag. For example, I know a saddle bag with LED functionalities that helps increase visibility during the night. Meanwhile, a product provides a special place for a taillight to be installed, which is excellent for a biker. Some mountain bike saddle bags also offers reflective strips and extra straps in their package.

Frequently Asked Questions

best mtb saddle bag

What Should I Pack in My Mountain Bike Saddle Bag?

The mountain bike saddle bag will be used to pack all the essentials needed when biking on the trail. It involves different stuff that involves personal items as well as things needed for the bike ride. Personal stuff includes mobile phones, wallets, keys, and other small items. Other items include things required for your mountain bike, such as an extra tire, tool kit, inflator, and other similar items. The most important thing is to find the right mountain bike saddle bag that will accommodate all the things you need in the bike ride.

How Long does an MTB Saddle Last?

An MTD saddle’s longevity will all depend on the overall quality of the saddle related to its durability and toughness. High-quality saddles are built to last longer compared to those cheap ones. But in my experience, the average life span of a saddle that is consistently used in a single year should be two or three seasons.


The best mountain bike saddle bag is essential in bringing essential items to your bike. But what is more important is choosing the right saddlebag for your requirements and needs. Doing this process will help you determine the right product needed when doing mountain biking-related activities. After all, it is all about the comfort of the biker in choosing the right mountain bike saddlebag.

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