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The Best Panniers for Touring for 2023

best panniers for touring

Every biker has this goal of touring in different places in a multi-day ride with their bike. In fact, doing this type of biking activity provides a different sense of fulfillment to every biker with the difficulties and challenges being presented while on the road. But a biker needs the best panniers for touring for the storage space every biker needs in a multi-day ride. Panniers are an excellent option since it provides ample storage space for all the essentials needed during the biking activity.

But what are the best bicycle panniers for touring? Our team has invested our time and effort in testing different products to find the right bicycle touring panniers today. We have also conducted our research and gathered feedback from other bikers to find the best touring panniers today, as we intend to provide the right one for every biker.

Best Panniers for Touring Reviews

1. Roswheel 14892 Touring Cam Panniers

roswheel 14892 touring cam panniers

Touring with your bike in the countryside can be fun, but you need to have all the gears and other essentials required for the ride. You will need a bike bag to ensure that everything you need is appropriately stored during the bike ride, such as this pannier from Roswheel. This bike bag is one of the best bike panniers for touring, capable of providing excellent storage space and other functionalities.

The primary feature of this product is its large capacity in accommodating all the necessities needed in the bike ride. The actual volume is 37 liters or 10 gallons big enough to store biking gears, cycling accessories, supplies, and other essentials needed in the ride. Apart from the two side compartments, it also comes with a detachable main top and plenty of side pockets, ensuring enough space for the necessities of the biker.

Another feature that stands out is the overall quality of this pannier in relation to its durability and toughness. Thanks to its 1000D reinforce polyester supported by a polyurethane coating, it ensures the pannier with excellent durability and water resistance features. If you check it physically, you will see a pannier using a durable zipper as well as its handy pockets and the proper usage of netting.

Also, the installation of this pannier is quick and easy and does not need any tools in the mounting process. The mounting system of this bag is composed of Velcro straps that can fit any bike rack. This pannier for touring can fit any type of bike, whether it’s a mountain bike, commuter bike, and even a road bike, as long as it comes with a bike rack.

I also like the angled corner design, which ensures that the pannier will still be able to provide enough pedaling space for the biker’s comfort. In terms of safety, the two large reflective logos and handles help enhance the biker’s visibility at night.

  • Quick installation and release with its unique Velcro strap system
  • Provides excellent storage capacity of up to 10 gallons
  • Made with superior materials to ensure durability and toughness
  • Unique angular design will not disturb the biker’s pedaling
  • Reflective handles and logos on the side enhances visibility at night for safety
  • Clips are too long, which can be annoying

Overall, this product is one of the top panniers for bike touring with its excellent functionalities and ample storage space. This product provides excellent value for your expense with its features and benefits that bring comfort to the biker.

2. BV Bike Bag Bicycle Panniers

bv bike bag bicycle panniers

One of the benefits of bike touring with your bike for multiple days is to experience different places which you have never been to before. From there, you will meet new people, make new friends, and even try new foods. But, with a multi-day ride, you will need ample storage space for all your essentials required for the biking activity. Having said that, this pannier from BV company is an excellent option for you in storing all your gear and other necessities during the bike ride.

Compared to the first product that I reviewed earlier, I can say that they share similar features and functionalities. But what is the main difference is the flexibility of this pannier with its hand-carrying strap. So, if you want to remove or bring this bag with you, you can easily take it out from the bike and bring it anywhere you go.

I was also impressed by this pannier’s excellent storage capability, which can store up to 26 liters. It comes with four compartments, two large and two small compartments to accommodate different necessities needed in the bike ride. You can out most of your essentials from this excellent storage space, such as your extra clothing, windbreakers, sweatshirts, gears, and other essentials you need while on the road.

Based on what I see, you will be impressed by the quality of this pannier for touring. The product is very well-made as the lined seams come with excellent details. Even the external flaps that cover the zippers are of excellent quality, and the stitches are in perfect condition. Also, this product is built with a rigid back panel to help maintain the bag’s overall structure.

Lastly, the installation of this pannier is easy and quick. It is built with a ridged insert on the tire side which helps the pannier stay vertical and laying flat. The Velcro strap comes with three anchor points on the back of each bag which are easily attached to the bike rack. And the best thing about it, this pannier attaches to the bike rack without flopping, which is excellent.

  • Excellent storage space of up to 26 liters. Includes large zippered pockets for easy access
  • Built with rigid back panel to maintain stability and maintain bag structure
  • The angular design ensures the pannier will not affect the quality of the pedaling
  • Quick and easy to install; with four shelf straps and adjustable hooks for easy mounting
  • With a reflective trim to help increase the visibility of the biker at night
  • Average look or appearance

This pannier for touring provides value to the biker once mounted on the bike. It is made with durable material and is easy to attach to the bike rack. For sure, you will also like the internal stiffening and keeps it rigid all the time. The pockets are large to provide easy access for the comfort of the biker.

3. Vincita Top Load Double Panniers

vincita top load double panniers

There is no doubt that biking can benefit your physical fitness, but this activity can also give many upsides to your mental well-being. However, when it comes to bike touring in the countryside, there is a unique challenge in doing a multi-day with your bike. You are going to need a bike bag that can store all of your essentials, such as this pannier from Vincita, a unique pannier bag with excellent quality and lifestyle-related design.

One of the upsides of using this pannier is having a minimalistic design to provide a suitable pannier bag to both men or women. There is nothing fancy in the design, just a simple yet effective and minimalistic exterior that the biker can maximize with its excellent functionalities. Whether it’s for daily commuting or multi-day bike touring, the minimalistic design can fit any type of bike with a rack at the rear.

Another upside in using this pannier has an ample storage space to accommodate all the essentials needed in the bike ride. I was impressed by the main compartment and its ability to provide ample storage space. But, the capacity can be increased by its ability to expand if the biker needs additional space. There is also an extra pocket on each side which is a perfect place for things that need to have easy access, such as mobile phones, keys, and many more.

Also, when it comes to installation, this pannier for touring is extremely easy to install. It is built with Velcro stabilizers on the sides that can be adjusted depending on the bike rack’s width and location. The pannier is also made with high-quality thick materials, which should provide water resistance properties to protect all the things inside the pannier.

However, the only issue I have in using this pannier during the ride is the exterior zippers under the hem are hard to reach. You have to exert some effort to reach and open the bike bag. I have to attached zip ties to make it easy for me open and close that part of the bag.

  • Built with a minimalistic universal design that suits both men and women biker
  • Easy to install with four hooks and loops straps at the top and two Velcro straps at the back panel
  • Provides ample storage space to accommodate all the essentials needed when doing a bike tour
  • Built with rigid back panel for stability and carrying handle for flexibility
  • Made with high-quality water-resistant fabric
  • Includes a rain cover for additional protection
  • Exterior zippers are hard to reach

This product is an excellent pannier that carries the essentials needed in the bike tour. The storage space is large to accommodate all the necessities, while the extra side pockets provide additional storage. Also, it comes with excellent build quality, good attachment points, is very functional and is easy to use.

4. ROCKBROS Bike Touring Panniers

rockbros bike touring panniers

When it comes to making bag accessories, one company that immediately comes to mind is Rockbros. This brand is well-known in the biking industry in manufacturing premium biking accessories, and this pannier bag for touring is not an exemption. This premium product is design to accommodate all the biker’s essentials and offers excellent functionality to make the bike comfortable during the ride.

The primary purpose of this pannier is to provide every bike with the most durable and most challenging pannier they can ride on a bike ride. This pannier bag offers waterproofing properties to protect every item put inside. Thanks to its 840D nylon materials, covered with TPU film to ensure that everything inside will be protected from water entry. With these materials, the bag is easy to clean on the surface by simply wiping the surface.

Another purpose of this pannier is to provide every biker with ample storage space to accommodate all the essentials needed, especially in a bike tour. The capacity is 27 liters in each bag and comes with a main compartment and mesh pockets on each side. I suggest using the mesh pockets with the small items while dedicating the main compartment to the bigger essentials.

In addition, installation can be a breeze with its three-point attachment system. It is built with two movable buckles at the back, which helps adjust to the proper position. There is also a rotatable bracket that will secure the bag to the sidebars to prevent bouncing when on the road. This pannier can be easily mounted and adjusted without using any specialized tools, just your bare hands.

Other essential features of this bag include a reflective logo on both sides to increase visibility at night. Also, it is built with two round pads located at the bottom for additional protection, while the rubberized nylon carrying handle gives extra comfort and convenience.

  • Provides maximum storage space with up to 27 liters capacity
  • Easy to install with its unique three-point attachment system
  • Provides excellent durability with its full waterproofing features
  • Built with roll-up closure design to enhance waterproofing performance
  • Reflective logo adds visibility at night
  • Access can be difficult

This pannier bag is an excellent companion when doing a multi-day bike tour. It can provide ample storage space and other functionalities for the biker to be comfortable during the ride. Installation is easy, while the reflective logo provides additional visibility, especially when biking at night.

5. Hikenture Bike Bag Bicycle Panniers

hikenture bike bag bicycle panniers

A mechanical breakdown can be an annoyance when it happens during a bike ride, especially when making long trips. No one wants to have a flat tire or a broken spoke while in the middle of the road. But, these problems will always happen, and every biker should be prepared for anything the might happen on the road. With that said, this pannier for touring from Hikenture can accommodate essential bike tools needed in the bike ride to negate the discomfort of mechanical failures that might happen on the road.

First of all, having to check on this bag personally, I feel that every biker will like the storage space. It’s very spacious and provides easy access to everything you will put inside. I like the extra pockets found inside and outside for easy access. The actual capacity is 27 liters with the main compartment, an external pocket, and an internal mesh zippered pocket for valuables that need to be kept safe.

In terms of quality, this pannier for touring feels durable and rugged. It is also a very sturdy bag that will fit in a multi-day bike touring activity. The fact that this bag is built with 500D nylon and TPU gives an excellent indicator of how strong and durable this pannier is. The fabric is 100% waterproof that will keep all the things inside the bag always dry.

Also, installation of this pannier is easy and does not need any tools to do it. This pannier is built with a clip-on mounting system with a quick-release feature. It is designed to fit any type of bike with a rack, whether it’s a road bike, mountain bike, or commuter bike. The 3-point point adjustable mounting system provides flexibility in securing both sides of the pannier to prevent any form of wobbling or falling off the bike.

All the other bikers will also like the flexibility of this pannier for touring. If it is not used on the bike, it can be used on other applications. This product is built with straps that will let you convert this pannier into a shoulder bag or a handbag. For me, it is an excellent feature should you need to remove the bag after the long ride and if you want to bring it to other places.

  • Built to provide a large capacity of up to 27 liters
  • Easy to install and release with its unique three-point mounting system
  • Provides waterproofing feature with its durable and premium materials
  • Built not to wobble or fall off when mounted on the bike
  • It can be used as a shoulder bag or a handbag
  • A little bit heavier in weight

This pannier for touring is for bikers looking for an ideal storage space to carry all the essentials you need. It’s spacious and comes with extra pockets that will let the biker organize all the stuff inside. The waterproofing feature is essential, especially with the unpredictable weather that will affect the quality of the ride.

6. Waterfly Bike Bag Panniers

waterfly bike bag panniers

Bike touring can be a great way to take a break from your daily routine and relieve some stress from your daily grind. But doing a multi-day bike ride also poses some serious challenges including looking for various storage spaces for all the essentials you need. Having said that, this pannier for touring from Waterfly can be an excellent choice for bikers with its excellent storage capacity and great functionalities.

One of the outstanding features of this product is the large capacity of the pannier bag. It is built with two side panniers that provide ample storage space and a top pannier converted into a backpack. It also offers excellent storage space and can be removed should the biker wants to put it in his back while biking. This pannier is large enough to accommodate most of the biking necessities such as repairing tools, bike pump, bike lock, power bank, and many more.

Another feature that I was impressed with is the waterproofing ability of the pannier bag. Since it is built with 1000D polyester material and a waterproof PVC layer on both sides, expect a durable and waterproof pannier to protect all the items inside. It also comes with anti-tear and wear resistance features to enhance the protection of all the bike essentials.

Meanwhile, installation of this pannier bag is a breeze. It is built with double hooks and a buckle located at the back to ensure easy installation. The pannier can be fixed to the bike rack easily and without any tools required. In addition, the top pannier, which can be converted into a backpack, can be attached to the bike rack easily using a six-buckle mounting system.

As a bonus, there is an adjustable strap included in the package which can be used to convert the bag into a shoulder bag. This strap can be easily installed or mounted quickly, ensuring the flexibility of this pannier bag.

  • With quick installation feature powered by double hook and buckle mounting system
  • Provides excellent storage space with two side panniers and one top pannier
  • Built with 1000D polyester and waterproof PVC layer ensuring full waterproofing feature
  • Provides flexibility and can be converted into a shoulder bag
  • Includes a rain cover for additional protection
  • Subpar zipper

You will be impressed by the quality of the materials and the integrity of its design. The top compartment comes with a strap to turn it into a backpack should the biker wants to. Meanwhile, the side compartments can also be converted into over-the-shoulder bags using the extra straps.

7. ArcEnCiel Bag Bicycle Panniers

arcenciel bag bicycle panniers

Being comfortable on the road when doing bike touring activities is essential since it can contribute to the success of the biking activity. Doing multi-day bike rides will never be easy with all the challenges that can be encountered while on the road. But, these challenges can be negated if you carry all the essentials needed in the bike ride using this pannier bag from ArcEnciel.

Compared to the other bike panniers that I reviewed earlier, these products shared some similarities in terms of features and other functionalities. But what is the most significant difference is the way this pannier is built. It comes with an old-school design that you will not see in other ordinary pannier bags. The retro canvas gives this pannier a unique appeal which is best suited for multi-day rides.

In terms of storage capacity, this pannier provides an ideal space of up to 50 liters. The side compartments can hold most of the essentials you need in the bike tour. Also, the rear pockets are the best space for all the repair tools, tubes, and bike pumps. At the same time, the main compartment should accommodate all the other bike gear, extra biking uniforms, and other necessities needed on the bike tour.

In addition, this pannier is very functional and has a sturdy design. Thanks to its ultra-durable canvas materials that provide rainproofing and wear resistance features. It also comes with a PE board which provides resistance to shock and increases the pannier’s stability. Meanwhile, the arc design prevents the feet or the pedal from touching the pannier during the bike ride.

Also, there are other features of this back to help every biker comfortable on the road. For one, it comes with a wide light reflective leather at the back and on the side for increase visibility. Meanwhile, the presence of two adjustable belts at the top will allow carrying more items and additional storage.

  • It comes with a handle design on the top for carrying
  • Made with durable canvas material for waterproof and wear resistance feature
  • Provides excellent storage capacity of up to 50 liters
  • Easy to install with its unique mounting system
  • With reflective leather strips for added visibility at night
  • Includes a rain cover
  • Tendency to rub on the spokes

This pannier for touring is well-built, waterproof, strong, and sturdy. The storage space is enough to carry most of the essentials needed in the bike ride. It can also be firmly attached to your bike without worrying that the bag will shift or fall off. The color is attractive too.

8. Ibera Bike Pannier Bags

ibera bike pannier bags

The best way to see new and interesting places with your bike is to do a bike tour. Whether it’s in the countryside or any other location outside your country, a bike tour can give the biker a different perspective in traveling and seeing new places. But the challenge is how to bring all the essentials you need during the ride. With this pannier bag from Ibera, you can put all your necessities in one place and use other functionalities to make the bike tour more enjoyable.

One of the upsides of using this product this pannier for touring is the easy installation feature. It is built with a quick release and clip-on system to make the back attach and detach easily. No straps or any tools are required during the installation. Also, this pannier is built to fit any type of bike, whether it is a road bike, mountain bike, or commuter bike.

Another upside is the durability and toughness of this pannier in dealing with all the challenges on the road. The pannier is built with high-quality waterproofing materials, including a 500D polyester and 600D ensuring protection from water entry. This pannier is made to withstand the difficulties of the different types of weather to keep your belongings safe and secure.

Lastly, this pannier offers excellent storage space of 30 liters totals on the two sides. On each side, there is also one external compartment and one internal zippered compartment to make sure that every essential has a storage space in the bag. It is built to accommodate many items while protecting them during the ride.

The only drawback when using this pannier is the absence of a shoulder strap which reduces the flexibility of this product in a small way. It is still has a handle should the biker wants to carry and separate it from the bike. But, it should have been different if a shoulder strap is also included.

  • Built with excellent storage space with multiple compartments and pockets available
  • Quick and easy to install using an immediate release and clip-on system
  • Made with superior waterproofing materials to prevent any form of water entry
  • Built to avoid side-swing and fall off in the bike
  • Compatible with most of the bike racks
  • It does not come with a shoulder strap

This pannier for touring is large and well-made. The clip-on system is a unique and special mounting system that makes it easy for the biker to attach or detach the pannier bag. Even with the absence of the shoulder straps, I can still carry the pannier with the handles provided at the top.

9. PELLOR Bike Bag Rear Panniers

pellor bike bag rear panniers

Apart from giving you fulfillment and satisfaction, bike touring will also challenge you in so many ways. Fro your stamina, determination to finish the ride, among other things, bike touring can be challenging but fun. One of the hardest parts is bringing all the essentials you need on the ride. But using the pannier bag from Pellor can give you the storage space you need in carrying all the necessities while on the road.

The primary purpose of this pannier for touring is to provide every biker with ample storage space to accommodate all the bike essentials. I mean, we are talking about 70 liters of capacity composed of the top bag and the two side bags. This bag can expand its storage space with its additional mesh pockets if you are carrying more essentials. It also comes with elastic straps to fix spare clothes.

Another purpose of this product is to give the biker a durable and sturdy pannier that can withstand the challenges on the road. It is built with a durable and thick nylon fabric that provides tear, wear, and heat resistance. The extra rain cover will provide additional protection when it is raining while you are biking.

In terms of installation, I have a little trouble fitting the pannier to the bike rack. The clips are very tight, but you need to be careful not to damage your bike’s paint. The sturdy metal clips will hold the side pannier onto the bike rack once it is installed. I was surprised by the stability of this pannier as it was well secured on the bike rack.

Lastly, the top bag will fasten with the side panniers using a zipper. I like this unique feature because it means less shifting, especially if all the bags are packed. There is also a narrow pocket on the top, while the interior is an open compartment to allow more extensive and bulky items. Also, the pocket is a Velcro pocket with a pad at the bottom, which is great for laptops or tablets.

  • Built with considerate design, curbed shaped prevent the feet from rubbing
  • Made with durable and waterproof materials
  • Provides excellent storage capacity of up to 70 liters
  • Composed of three bags which can be separated each
  • With extra rain cover for added protection
  • The rain cover is too tight

This product provides excellent value for every penny you will spend. It comes with two side bags and a backpack. It provides plenty of room and fits the bike perfectly. I also like the color as it works well with the color of my bike.

10. THRLEGBIRD Bicycle Pannier Bags

thrlegbird bicycle pannier bags

Bike touring can give you the chance to meet new friends and acquaintances during the ride. The people you will meet along the way and the new friends you will gain will last for a lifetime. However, it is not easy to do a multi-day bike ride since you will need bike bags to accommodate all your essentials. With that said, this pannier bag from Thrlegbird is an excellent choice for every biker with its great features and functionalities.

Honestly, I was not expecting too much, which this pannier, but somehow, it exceeded my expectation. I was impressed with its capacity of up to 25 liters which should be enough to carry all the essentials you need in a bike tour. In addition, this bag comes with an innovative folding design where the storage space can be expanded up to 27 liters.

This product was made with 500D double-sided PVC in terms of quality, ensuring waterproofing and weather resistance features. It also comes with an adjustable rack clip, ensuring that it will fit any bike frame type. And the best part is, you can make a few adjustments if the feet are rubbing the bag during the pedal. The waterproof seamless welding also provides excellent protection against water invasion.

Also, the installation will be easy with a buckle mounting system. It will be easy to connect or detach to the bike rack. Meanwhile, I was also impressed by the shoulder strap, which will be valuable should you decide to use it apart from its biking duties. The strap somehow adds to the flexibility of the pannier bag.

Lastly, this pannier for touring comes in a perfect size. The internal pocket is ideal for smaller items, while the outer zip pocket provides easy access. The mounting mechanisms may not look as durable, but they can do the job.

  • Quick and easy to install; buckle mounting system provides easy mounting
  • Provides excellent storage capacity of up to 25 liters
  • Built with adjustable design or fit most types of bike racks
  • Made with premium material to provide durability and sturdiness
  • Superior seamless welding provides a waterproofing feature
  • Bad smell of the PVC

Every biker will like this bag for bike touring. It comes with the right size, while the zippers provide different ways to access the items. The available colors are good and can fit most of the bikes. This product is highly recommended if you are looking for a pannier with excellent quality but is affordable.

What to Look For When Buying a Panniers for Touring

best bicycle panniers for touring

Whether it’s the best front pannier rack or a back pannier, chances are, you will need to know the factors to consider when looking for panniers for touring. It is essential that every biker comes with the correct information to select the right one for their bike. The list below are the factors to consider when looking for panniers for touring:

Storage Space and Capacity

The primary factor to consider should be the storage capacity of the pannier. But can you determine the size of the pannier that you will need in a bike ride? It will all depend on the essentials that you will bring to the bike tour with which you should be familiar in the first place. You can make a list of all the things and then try to estimate the capacity you need for a pannier bag in relation to all the essentials you have listed.

Panniers for touring comes in different storage spaces and capacities. Some offer 70 liters, 60 liters, 50 liters of storage space, and so on. Storage capacity can also be attributed to the type of panniers you will buy. Some brands come with two side panniers, while others offer only one. A few brands provide two side panniers and one top pannier, which means it offers more storage space than the first two. Make sure to know what you want for your preference.

Pannier’s Quality

Quality, in this case, should be attributed to the materials used in manufacturing the pannier for touring. If I were you, do some research on the different materials used in making a pannier bag. Check on the materials that provide durability, sturdiness, and toughness. Some of the popular materials used in making a pannier are a polyester, TPU, PVC, etc. My preference is PVC, but it comes with a foul smell which is a drawback. Familiarized all of the materials and see for yourself which is better.

Quality can also be attributed to the bag’s ability to resist water penetration once on the road. My preference is always the pannier with a waterproofing feature because this type of pannier will keep all the things inside always dry. Previously, I have used a Nashbar rear touring pannier which was very helpful in keeping all my essentials safe, especially in dealing with the unpredictable weather.

Ease of Installation

Every pannier comes with a different mounting system. But what is essential is for you to look for a pannier that is easy to install into your bike rack. My preference is always the quick release and clip-on system, which provides easy mounting and detaching of the pannier should you need it too. There are other mounting systems that you can try, such as the Velcro strap system and the buckle system. You may check on them and see for yourself if it is the right one for you.

The Right Fit

Not all panniers will fit in every bike rack, which means you will need to check if the pannier of your choice will fit in your bike. However, most of the panniers we recommend come with a universal design, meaning they can fit any bike rack or any type of bike. Whether your bicycle is a mountain bike, road bike, or commuter bike, ensure that the pannier will fit by inspecting its mounting system.

Additional Accessories

When checking on a pannier for touring, you can also look for additional accessories which can help your bike tour. Some brands come with extra rain cover for extra protection in the rain. At the same time, others offer additional flexibility by adding shoulder straps to convert the pannier into a shoulder bag or a handbag once not in use. These additional accessories and features will help make the biker comfortable, especially in multi-day bike touring activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

best panniers for bike touring

What Size Panniers for Touring?

Panniers come in different sizes and storage capacities. Usually, a pair of panniers have a 40 liters volume capacity. Some other brands are offering larger sizes of up to 60 to 70 liters depending on the size. The size you will need will depend on the number of essentials you will bring on the right, but panniers offer different sizes in terms of storage capacity.

How to Pack Panniers for Touring?

There are many ways to pack a pannier for touring, but the most important thing is to have a system that will organize all your essentials. The first thing to do is lay all your gears and other necessities and find out things that are not important and leave them behind. Think of all the categories you will bring, such as cooking and eating utensils, clothing, tools, and spare parts.

Then, you will need to group all related items and separate them between compartments, pockets, and other divisions in the pannier. You also need to check the weight of the bike for optimum bike handling. Only 40 percent should be at the pannier at the back, while the other 60 percent should be allocated to your other bike bags. This action is to make the bike handling more comfortable and not affect the quality of the


Looking for the best panniers for touring can be a challenge with all the options available. But, with all the recommendations we provided, our team is hoping that you will find the right one for your bike. Using panniers for touring is all about maximizing the storage space of the pannier for the biker to be comfortable in doing a bike tour.

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