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The Best Peloton Bike Seat for 2023

best peloton bike seat

The Peloton bike is arguably one of the most unique and advanced indoor cycling bikes today. Its ability to combine regular indoor bike exercise and technology makes it different from other exercise bikes. As far as the effectiveness is concerned, this bike exercise has proven effective in keeping the user in tip-top shape and active inside their home.

There is no denying the effectiveness of the Peloton bike, but one downside in using this product is the hard and uncomfortable stock seat. Using the best peloton bike seat is an option since several users have complained of soreness and pains after using the indoor bike.

This article reviews eight top peloton bike seats and seat covers that pass our rigid testing and research. Our team made sure that all our recommendations will bring comfort and maximize using the Peloton bike. After all, our objective is to give the right product and recommendation for every Peloton bike owner to achieve maximum comfort and fitness.

Best Peloton Bike Seat Reviews

1 . AceList Peloton Bike Seat Covers

acelist peloton bike seat covers

When you feel uncomfortable upon using your Peloton bike seat, there is a great chance that you feel soreness and pain after doing your exercise routine. To achieve the best exercise, you need to be comfortable in everything, including using the bike seat. And one way to make it more comfortable is to use exercise bike seat cushions such as this seat cover from Acelist. This product is made to make the bike seat more comfortable when doing exercise routine.

One of the outstanding features of this bike is its sheer size. If you think this will not fit your peloton bike seat, there is no need to worry because this product was made to fit large-size bike seats such as the Peloton bike. Usually, you will spend a fortune buying a Peloton bike but will also spend some time complaining about the hard bike seat, which causes pain. However, adding this seat cover will make it more enjoyable and free from pain.

This product is a comfy cushion, but how did the manufacturer make it reliable and effective? I did check on the physical features and was impressed by the thickness of the silicone sponge cushion, which is the main reason for its comfortable surface. Not only that, the memory and gel foam provides comfort, while the lycra fabric absorbs the moisture to make it dry all the time and make it more breathable.

Another feature that stands out in using this bike seat cover is it’s easy to install. All you have to do is insert it into the saddle while pulling strings and side straps to make it secure and tight. The non-slip underside will also help keep the seat cover in place and prevent any chance of slipping when used.

It also helps that this seat cover comes in different colors, which gives your more choices in choosing the right one that will fit your bike. I always believe that a bike seat cover not only makes the bike seat more comfortable but should also enhance the appearance of your Peloton bike.

  • Eliminates pain while providing comfort when using Peloton bike seat
  • A thick comfortable gel pad enhances the comfort and convenience
  • Anti-slip underside helps in securing the seat cover
  • Strings and side straps keep the seat cover in place all the time
  • Easy to install
  • The quality of the straps need to improve

This product is for Peloton bike owners looking for a Peloton seat cover that eliminates the pain and soreness while providing comfort when doing the exercise routine. It comes with features needed, such as the thick padding and non-slip properties, to make the Peloton bike more comfortable and productive.

2 . MARQUE Bicycle Peloton Seat Covers

marque bicycle peloton seat covers

The easiest way to make the Peloton bike more comfortable is to use a Peloton seat cushion to make the exercise more comfortable and convenient. It is usual for a Peloton bike user to complain about the hard bike seat, but this can be eliminated using this seat cushion from Marque. I have personally witnessed the effectiveness and reliability of this seat cover when being put in a Peloton bike seat.

I know a friend who bought this seat cushion because his Peloton bike seat hurts, especially in the buttocks area when being used. This seat cushion was the answer to eliminating any discomfort and pain using the Peloton bike seat. Although it does raise the height of your bike seat, you can always make adjustments in terms of the right height for you. And the best thing about using this seat cushion was the comfort it brings while eliminating the pain he felt after the exercise.

And the best thing about this seat cover is it is so easy to install. All you have to do is place this product over the seat and pull the string to tighten it. At first, you might feat that it might be too wide for the saddle of your Peloton bike, but once the binding string is tightened, this seat cushion will fit nicely into the saddle. It is so easy to install that even five-year-old kids can do it.

Meanwhile, I was really curious about the physical attributes of this product and tried to check what makes this comfortable when installed in the bike seat. It should be memory foam which is the primary material being used in this particular seat cover. The memory foam provides comfortable padding, while the soft cushion gel offers instant comfort and convenience to the Peloton bike user.

The only issue I see when using this product is its stability. It tends to slide a bit when being used as a Peloton seat cushion. I feel that the strings are not enough to secure the seat cover in place all the time. This issue is an opportunity for the manufacturer to improve and make necessary adjustments.

  • Thick padding provides comfort and convenience to the user
  • It will make you ride the Peloton bike longer
  • Ability to fit large bike seats, including Peloton indoor bikes
  • Made with premium fabric to provide durability and toughness
  • Easy to install
  • Some stability issues

This product is for Peloton bike users looking for a high-quality seat cover to make the seat more comfortable and convenient. And this product is so easy to install to the saddle of the Peloton bike as it fits nicely while elimination the hardness of the original bike seat.

3 . Rebma Peloton Exercise Bike Cushion Covers

rebma peloton exercise bike cushion covers

The Peloton and other spin bike brands are getting popular when it comes to doing home exercise. This type of exercise has also been proven to be an effective exercise activity similar to biking outdoors. However, Peloton and other spin bike brands tend to have hard bike seats, making it uncomfortable during the ride. But using a spin bike seat cushion such as the bike seat cover from Rebma can help eliminate the pain and soreness during the biking activity.

Compared to the other two brands I reviewed earlier, this seat cover’s design is the main difference. The company calls it the bump design, where a deep center relief zone can be found, eliminating pressure points on the biker’s sensitive areas. This design increases the breathability during the ride while also reduces the airless feeling. The design makes the Peloton bike seat bearable to ride for an extended period.

One of the upsides of using this seat cover is the overall comfort and pleasure it brings to the Peloton bike user. Thanks to the gel cushion cover made with high-quality materials ensuring optimum comfort and a painless exercise routine. In my experience, there is a big difference when it comes to the convenience and ease of using the Peloton bike with and without this seat cover.

Another upside of using the Rebma Peloton bike seat cover is the convenience of installing it into the Peloton bike seat. I was impressed by the simplicity of the installation process. All you need to do is insert the seat cover into the saddle and secure it by tightening the drawstring. It will only take a minute to fix and secure this product to the Peloton bike saddle and achieved the most convenient Peloton biking experience.

One downside of using this seat cover is the difficulty in tightening this product into the bike seat. You need to exert a lot of force in pulling the string to secure and tighten the seat cover into the bike saddle.

  • Easy to fit and install
  • Gel cushion material provides a shock-absorption feature ensuring painless biking
  • Bump design provides durability and toughness
  • A strong drawstring keeps the seat cover in place
  • Eliminate discomfort and pain


If you are a Peloton bike owner looking for a nice and comfy seat cover, I highly recommend this product. It is easy to install and offers several benefits to provide maximum comfort while eliminating the pain and discomfort coming from the rugged Peloton bike seat.

4 . EVOKE DRIVE Peloton Seat Covers

evoke drive peloton seat covers

Riding a Peloton bike or other spin bike for that matter should be comfortable to achieve the best result of your exercise routine. If you always feel pain and other discomforts in the body after using the Peloton bike, there is a problem with the bike seat. This problem can be eliminated using this seat cushion from Evoke Drive, a high-quality seat cover that provides comfort while eliminating pain after the exercise.

When other Peloton bike owners hated the discomfort and the pain created by the hard bike seat, this seat cover can make it more comfortable. I have personally experience riding a Peloton bike using this seat cover and was impressed. It was very comfortable thanks to the Lycra material on the surface, known for its elasticity. And the inside portion is composed of high-memory foam and silica gel to provide comfort and convenience to the rider.

I have personally check on the physical feature of this seat cover and was impressed by the dots I found inside. It is called the anti-slip dots which help in preventing this seat cover from slipping from the saddle. Usually, slippage is the usual problem when using a seat cover but having anti-slip dots helps in minimizing this issue. I also tighten the adjustable cord to kelp in securing this seat cover and always put it in place.

Another outstanding feature of this product is its easy installation feature. This product is well-made and is so easy to install or mount into the Peloton bike seat. All you have to do is insert the seat cover into the saddle, and it should fit nicely. I also pull the string tightly to make it secure enough to prevent slippage and make the seat cover stay permanently in the saddle.

Overall, buying this seat cover for my standard-size Peloton bike seat was the best decision I ever made. There is a significant improvement in the convenience and comfort I feel during and after the exercise. I have= significantly reduced the pain I am feeling when I was still using the bike seat without the cover.

  • Provide comfort and convenience when riding a Peloton bike
  • The non-slip design makes the seat cover stay in the saddle and prevent slippage
  • Fit nicely into the Peloton bike saddle
  • Easy to install or mount
  • Additional rain cover protects the bike seat from rain or dust
  • Not for a wide-sized Peloton bike seat

Who says that riding a Peloton bike brings discomfort and pain? This seat cover can change that, and I highly recommend this product to all Peloton bike owners looking for comfort and convenience. Riding a Peloton bike should be comfortable, which can be achieved through this Peloton bike seat cover.

5 . G-SADDLES Waterproof Exercise Bike Seats

g-saddles waterproof exercise bike seats

For sure, a seat cover or cushion can bring so much comfort and convenience when installed in a Peloton bike seat. But if you are not satisfied, the next step is to replace the original Peloton saddle with a suitable bike seat. Replacing the bike seat brings another dimension to bringing comfort and eliminating the pain of using the original Peloton bike seat.

In connection with the situation, one product that can be a good fit in replacing the original bike seat of the Peloton is this bike seat from G-saddles. This bike saddle was designed to provide the ultimate comfort and convenience when installed on the Peloton bike. Its ability to be installed easily is an excellent advantage as it includes a rail clamp and a mounting tool to make it easy for the Peloton bike owner to mount it to the Peloton bike.

I have personally used it with my bike, and it should provide a similar comfort if installed in a Peloton bike seat. This bike saddle is so much comfortable when compared to the original bike seat of my bike. And there is no difference when compared to the original seat of a Peloton bike which is known for being hard and uncomfortable. The thickness of the seat helps in enhancing the comfort when using the Peloton, and your exercise routine will be smooth and without any pain.

I know a friend who has been suffering for months of butt pain every time she used the original Peloton bike seat. But switching it with this Peloton bike seat has changed the quality of her exercise, and the pain has been eliminated. But what impresses her was the soft but thick memory foam and the air-flow vent in the middle, which provides convenience and comfort when using the Peloton bike.

I was also impressed by the quality of this premium bike seat in terms of its physical features. This is indeed a perfect replacement for a Peloton bike seat as it is made with a durable and rugged leather cover. It also comes with solid and robust stitching, which should speak well on the quality of this product.

  • Easy to mount or install into the peloton bike; clamp and mounting tool included
  • Memory foam and airflow vent provides convenience and comfort
  • Made with durable leather cover
  • It comes with a rigid and robust stitching
  • It comes with a shock-absorbing property
  • Not for the narrow-sized Peloton bike seat

This product is for Peloton bike owners looking for a suitable replacement for this bike seat. It provides comfort and convenience once installed in the Peloton bike and will help eliminate the pain and other discomforts after doing a Peloton bike ride.

6 . DAWAY Exercise Bicycle Saddle

daway exercise bicycle saddle

If you want to increase the total workout with your Peloton bike, you need to be more comfortable and convenient when using the indoor exercise bike. But to pull it off, you need to make some changes, particularly on the quality of the Peloton’s bike seat. Changing it to a more comfortable and more oversized Daway bike seat is a good option and can help you optimized your workout and achieve optimum comfort.

I never expected that purchasing a Peloton can be a challenge for being comfortable during the workout. The stock seat is thinner, making it more uncomfortable as it hurts the butt and the lower part of my back during the exercise. A friend of mine recommended this bike seat from Daway as a possible replacement to address the issue. Replacing the original seat was hard to do, but it was worth it because of the extra comfort that this saddle gives to me.

This bike seat is so squishy and comes in a nice shape. Thanks to the high-density foam padding and the comprehensive design, which should help in making the butt and other body parts more comfortable when doing the workout with the Peloton. This saddle has dramatically reduced all of the pain issues that I usually felt after the training.

Not only that, but I was also impressed with the unique hollow and breathable groove design, which makes the butt more comfortable. It also improves the ventilation and the feeling of pressure, especially on the private parts of the user. I also like that the thigh can move freely when spin biking with the Peloton, reducing the pressure and eliminating the pain after the workout.

And if you think that this bike saddle is challenging to install, think again. This bike seat comes with a universal mounting system which makes it easy to install in a Peloton bike. Also included in the product package are the mounting tools and the saddle adapter, which will make it easy for you to install the bike seat into the Peloton.

  • Foam padding and wide design provides comfort and protect the user from pain
  • Provides shock-absorbing properties
  • Hollow and groove design reduces the pressure and enhances the comfort
  • Universal mounting system means it fits standard Peloton bikes
  • Easy to install; tools and adapter included
  • Produces a squeaking sound

This product is for Peloton owners looking for a bike seat that will give them comfort and convenience that the original bike seat cannot provide. The Daway bike seat is unique as it is made to be durable and comfortable by eliminating all the pain that a user feels after working out in a Peloton bike.

7 . LINGMAI Comfortable Exercise Bike Seats

lingmai comfortable exercise bike seats

Getting back into shape using a Peloton bike is an excellent idea, especially if you own one of the most expensive indoor exercise bikes in the market today. The Peloton is a perfect option with thousands of users and subscribers if you want to exercise indoor. However, the original hard saddle can be a hindrance since it will cause some pain in the butt and the lower back if not replace immediately.

In connection with this, I recommend another bike seat from Lingmai as a possible replacement for your Peloton bike seat. It is one of the most comfortable bike seats you can use in a Peloton bike. Thanks to its thick padding and the dual spring suspension, you can have a soft bike seat that eliminates the pain and other discomforts which you feel from using the stock bike seat of the Peloton.

I always felt that the original seat of the Peloton is similar to that of a road bike which is too hard and uncomfortable. But replacing it with this bike seat was satisfaction for giving comfort but not giving too much bounce on the seat. The hollow design in the middle adds to the comfort, especially with my private parts.

I was amazed by how well-made this bike saddle provides comfort and convenience in its physical features. It is a wide seat that can welcome buttocks of any size. The appearance is low-key but comes with the right amount of cushion to make the workout more comfortable without the threat of pain or any discomfort.

There is not too much to dislike in this bike saddle as a perfect replacement for a Peloton bike. It is more comfortable than ever thought a bike seat could be. And the shock at the bottom adds more comfort with its shock-absorption property. It also comes with a complete set of mounting tools, making it easy to replace the original saddle and mount the new one on the Peloton bike.

  • Thick padding and dual spring suspension provides the comfort and convenience
  • The extra-wide design makes it a perfect replacement for Peloton bike
  • Easy to install; mounting tools included
  • Made with high strength steel which should be perfect for a Peloton bike
  • Ergonomic design adds convenience
  • Nuts tend looses

This product is for Peloton bike users looking for a replacement seat for the original bike seat. It is very comfortable to sit in and is very wide. The thick padding and spring suspension provide comfort when doing the workout.

8 . Asani Store Exercise Bike Seats

asani store exercise bike seats

Usually, the original bike saddle of a Peloton bike is too narrow and challenging, which makes the butt comfortable during the workout. This situation can cause pain in the buttocks and the lower part of the body. But this can be reduced and even eliminated by replacing the original bike seat with this oversized comfort bike from Asani. This product is one of those bike seats that should fit your bike saddle with ease and convert the pain into comfort and a more enjoyable workout routine.

One of the upsides of using this product is the overall comfort and convenience it brings once the original bike saddle of the Peloton will be replaced. Thanks to the extra-wide seat with extra padding and dual spring suspension that brings top-level comfort and convenience to the Peloton bike user. If you complain about pain and other discomforts before, this will be eliminated once the bike seat is installed.

I got this bike as one of the replacements I made for my original Peloton bike, which was too uncomfortable for me. And I’ve got to say that the bike is excellent as it offers more comfort than the original seat of the Peloton bike. Furthermore, it has extended my workout routine because I was too comfortable using the bike seat, and it eliminates the previous pain I always feel using the stock bike seat.

Using this bike seat from Asani will let you felt more of the padding while feeling less of the pressure from the saddle, which is in the crouch area of the bike user. This situation helps make the user comfortable and eliminating the pain caused by the original bike saddle. This product was one of the decisions I made regarding selecting different bike seat replacements for my Peloton bike seat.

Furthermore, this new bike seat can be installed quickly and include mounting tools, which will help in mounting the bike seat so fast. The product comes with an easy-to-follow instruction which can help during the mounting process.

  • Extra-wide size, thick padding, and spring suspension provides comfort and convenience
  • Universal filing which means it can fit different type of bikes including the Peloton bike
  • Easy to install; includes a mounting tool and adapter
  • Made with premium quality materials
  • Increase the amount of time spend on your Peloton bike
  • A little firm

Peloton bike users looking for a suitable replacement for there stock bike seat can consider this saddle from Asani. This product comes with a great design, well-built, and is built with premium-quality materials.

What to Look For When Buying a Peloton Bike Seat

peloton seat cushion

When working out or biking your Peloton bike brings pain and discomfort; the next best thing to do is find the best possible bike seat replacements and seat covers for your exercise machine. Top brands such as Bikeroo seat for Peloton or KomfyGel bike seat for Peloton are an excellent option, but other brands will provide top-level comfort once installed on the Peloton bike seat.

But before going to any bike shop or clicking the “add to cart” button online, you need to be familiar with all the factors to be considered when selecting the right peloton bike seat. Please check on our list below:


When looking for a Peloton bike seat replacement or seat covers, the most important thing is to look for a product that will fit your Peloton bike once installed. Peloton bike seat comes in different sizes, and the same goes with the possible product replacement. So, before buying a Peloton bike seat, you must be familiar with your bike seat’s size and consider it when purchasing a new replacement.

There have been many instances where a Peloton bike user made the mistake of buying a replacement bike seat without considering the measurement and other features of the old saddle. The result was a big mistake in which the new bike saddle was never mounted because it was either too small or too big.

Quality of Materials Used

The materials used in a bike seat or seat cover are essential when choosing a suitable Peloton bike seat replacement. The reason behind it is that the materials being used will eventually dictate the quality of the bike seat and the seat cover. One of the most popular materials used is memory foam, which provides thick but soft padding in many bike seat brands. This material plays an essential role in making the bike user more comfortable when using the Peloton bike.

Other materials that are prominent in many bike seat brands are the gel material, which provides additional cushion, and lycra materials known for their elasticity. These two materials are also extensively used by top bike seat brands as it helps increase the quality of the bike seat.

Design of the Bike Seat and Seat Covers

The design of the bike seat and the bike seat cover, for that matter, can also bring more comfort and convenience to Peloton bike users. My preference is the ergonomic design which will make the bike seat fit the needs of the Peloton user. I like the groove or hollow design in the middle of the bike seat, which brings proper air circulation when biking.

Ease of Installation

Whether it is a bike seat or a seat cover, the product needs to be easily installed or mounted into the Peloton bike. I suggest considering a bike seat with mounting tools in the package because it will help you mount the bike seat into the Peloton bike quickly.

For seat covers, I suggest buying a product that can be easily fitted into the saddle. You will only need to insert seat covers into the bike seat and tighten the string to make it more stable in the bike seat. The installation will only take you about a minute of installation.

Additional Features

It is also good if you take a look at other features that a product is offering. I like the bike saddle that comes with a dual-spring suspension as it helps make the Peloton user more comfortable during the workout. I like the anti-slip design for seat covers, which will help make the seat cover more stable when installed in the back seat.

Frequently Asked Questions

peloton seat cover

How to Adjust the Peloton Bike Seat?

If you want to adjust your Peloton bike seat height, you need to turn the lever located just below the bike seat to the left side. You can adjust and move the seat to your height preference. Meanwhile, if it is your first time changing the seat height, I suggest to aligned your hip bone when standing parallel to the bike. This situation will help you in determining the right height for your Peloton seat bike.

How do I Make My Peloton Bike Seat More Comfortable?

We have emphasized in this review article that there are two ways to make your Peloton bike seat more comfortable. For one, you can use seat covers to make the original saddle more comfortable with the extra padding and softness of the seat covers. If not, you can completely change the original bike seat and replace it with our recommended Peloton bike seat.

How to Find a Proper Seat Position For Peloton bike?

The proper seat position for a Peloton bike can be achieved by adjusting the seat to come right up in the user’s hip. Once you ride the Peloton bike, you can bring your feet flat into the base of the pedal stroke. It also good if you have a slight bend on your knee.


Looking for the best Peloton bike seat is essential if you want your workout to achieve maximum results. It is normal to feel some pain and discomfort when using the original Peloton bike seat. The most important thing is to find a suitable Peloton bike seat replacement, which provides comfort and convenience to you. Whether it is a seat cover or a bike seat does not matter. It is all about choosing the right one for your Peloton bike.

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