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The Best Road Bike Stems for 2023

best road bike stem

Today’s article is about ten of the best road bike stem you can use on your road bike. The bike stem is an essential part of your bicycle as it connects your bike’s handlebar. It helps in stabilizing the steering while improving the grip on the road for you to be more comfortable during the bike ride.

We have tested several road bike handlebar stem in an effort to find the proper recommendations for our readers. We also ask bike experts for their opinion as we list the top road bike stem available in the market today.

Best Road Bike Stem Reviews

1. FOMTOR Bicycle Handlebar Stem

fomtor bicycle handlebar stem

Quality and comfort should go hand-in-hand in looking for a road bicycle stem. I mean, if you have a high-quality bike stem similar to this product by Fomtor, everything else will follow. The biker will experience comfort, longevity, excellent ride quality, and other advantages.

I am impressed by the quality of this bike stem as it is better than the stock stem of my bike. The fitting to the steering stem was nice and tight. Meanwhile, the handlebar fit was also perfect as well. I needed a stem that helps elevate the bars from their original position, and this bike stem just did the trick.

This bike stem also comes with durability and toughness. Thanks to its excellent construction, using a high-quality titanium alloy as material. This bike stem is very light and durable, which my bike needs when on the road. It also has a nice finish, while all the bolts have lock washers which are pretty impressive.

The lightness also has a positive impact on my ride. It made me sit more upright than before, which put a lot less weight in my palm while making me comfortable throughout the ride. I also feel that the bike feels more stable now when on the road.

This bike stem is also easy to install on your bike. All you have to do is connect this bike part to the original front fork stem, and you are good to go. Since it comes with a four-bolt bar clamp, the stem is very secure once connected to the bar.

  • Excellent construction quality; uses high-strength aluminum alloy for durability and toughness
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Excellent replacement for an adjustable stem
  • Quick and secured installation
  • Suitable for road bikes, MTBs, BMX, and a whole lot more
  • It only fits one size of the handlebar

This bike stem is for bikers looking for a high-quality product for their bike. It comes with an excellent finish and perfectly fits the handlebar and riser stem. It is the best lightweight road stem I have ever used on my road bike.

2. Wake Mountain Short Handlebar Stem

wake mountain short handlebar stem

For a pleasant and comfortable ride, you want the bicycle’s moving parts to work together. All of these parts can influence the quality of your ride. For the bike stem, you need something that can complement the handlebar and the riser stem for a more stable ride. With that said, this road bike stem from Wake has what it takes to provide stability for a more comfortable ride.

Positioning can also influence the comfort you feel during the bike ride. Installing this short road bike stem to my road bike quickly adjusted my form to a more comfortable position. It also helps in improving the handling, which adds to the comfort you will feel once on the road.

This product is one of the best well-crafted bike stems you can use on the bike in terms of quality. For one, machining is top-notched all around the edges. Also, it comes with consistent anodizing, and the threading is very clean.

Also, I feel that the color is very simple and not flashy. But, it looks elegant and strong once installed on your bike, which is very impressive. Also, the bolts come in excellent quality, which is entirely different from other brands where the bolts are sometimes missing and of subpar quality.

When it comes to the installation process, it is very easy because you only need to connect this bike stem to the original front fork stem. It also comes with a four-bolt bar clamp to hold the bar securely in the proper position.

  • Constructed with excellent quality and toughness; uses high-strength aluminum alloy
  • Can provide comfort once installed due to change in position
  • Excellent construction quality;
  • Color is simple but looks strong and elegant
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Weight is heavy

Using this road bike stem can change your form to a more upright position, bringing some comfort during the ride. Also, I feel that the steering is quicker with this road bike stem, and the cockpit is a lot closer, which makes me comfortable during the bike ride.

3. Qikour Adjustable Road Bike Handlebar Riser Stem

qikour adjustable road bike handlebar riser stem

The benefit of having an adjustable road bike stem is that it allows you to find various positions to know what angle fixed stem to use. And this advantage is what you will get in using this adjustable bike stem from Qikour.

But what caught my attention on this bike stem is its excellent quality. It looks well-manufactured and very robust. You can easily adjust and remove the old handlebar stem and exchange it for the one with a different angle.

It also looks solid as it is built with a high-quality aluminum alloy. It allows you to adjust and easily give more comfort during the bike ride. Also, the fact that it will enable you to sit more upright brings a nice feeling to the back when you are on the road.

I am also impressed by the easy adjustability of this road bike stem. It also comes with an opening that allows you to see the current position of the handlebar. This feature will let you adjust the stem easily according to your preference.

Meanwhile, installing this bike stem is relatively easy because all the specs were accurately represented. In addition, an indicator shows the degree angle on the adjacent part of the stem, which helps you to set the angle easily.

The only issue with this product is that the bolts may loosen after some time. You need to regularly check the status of the bolts before going on a ride. If you find some loose bolts, make sure to tighten them before hitting the road for your safety.

  • Excellent construction; uses high-quality materials to make it durable and sturdy
  • It comes with an easy adjustment feature
  • With a degree of angle indicator for easy setting of the angle
  • Built with an opening to easily see the position of the handlebar
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Bolts may loosen overtime

This product is for bikers looking for quality, durability, and sturdiness. This product is the best adjustable road bike stem I have seen in a long while. But, you must check the bolts consistently before hitting the road for your safety.

4. REDSHIFT ShockStop Suspension Stem

redshift shockstop suspension stem

Having sore hands or wrists and having pain in the neck or back after a bike ride is a good indicator that you are uncomfortable with your bike position. But one way to solve this issue is to change the bike stem to get a more upright position and be more pleased with your bike. With that said, this road bike stem from Redshift has all the features that will make your ride less painful and more comfortable.

Upgrading the bike stem is about reducing fatigue while increasing efficiency on the right. And this benefit is exactly what I get the moment I install this product on my road bike. Since it is a suspension stem, the first thing that I notice is its ability to make the chip seal road buzz disappear from the front end of the bike.

This road bike stem will literally soak up all the irregular surfaces encountered on your bike. You will not feel the bumps and other effects of these uneven surfaces, making you more comfortable while on the road. This bike stem is the best way to lessen the impact of bumps and vibrations and effectively reduce fatigue during the ride.

In terms of quality, I know that this road bike stem is made of high-quality titanium, which is known for being sturdy and light. I am pretty confident of its toughness and ability to last for a long time. Its lightness also positively impacts the ride because it will not add any weight the moment you install it.

Meanwhile, this bike stem also comes in five different lengths to allow you to have many sizing options. It is also built with a standard steerer and handlebar clamp size, which means it can fit not only for a road bike but other types of bikes as well.

  • Minimizes the amount of vibration and impact while on the road
  • Built with tunable fitness that allows you to tune the stem to the biker’s feel and riding style
  • Excellent construction; uses high-quality aluminum material
  • Lightweight
  • It comes with different lengths to provide many sizing options
  • Subpar packaging

This bike stem is for bikers looking for a painless wrist after riding. It will help in reducing the effects of vibrations and the impact of uneven road surface while still giving you the stability and control on the road.

5. EC90 Superlight Bicycle Stems

ec90 superlight bicycle stems

If you feel that your stock bike stem is too heavy, you will always have the option to change it to something lighter. This road bike stem from EC90 is one of the lightest bike accessories you install on your bike. It is actually a carbon road bike stem that also uses an aluminum alloy to combine lightness and superior strength.

The very first time I saw this bike stem, I was immediately impressed. It looks solidly made, and it actually looks good once installed in the bike. It uses a combination of carbon and aluminum alloy, two materials known for being durable and light.

It also works wonders to replace my heavy stock bike stem with a more light and comfortable road bike stem. Not only that, this bike stem brings some type of relaxation to my reach while also making the steering a lot easier. This bike stem also looks good once installed on my bike.

The quality of construction is also very evident in this bike stem. Apart from using top quality materials, its construction looks very top-notched for you to have a carbon fiber stem road bike that hits the road safely. I did not see any flaws or blemishes in the mechanics or the finish of this product.

Installation is also very easy when using this road bike stem since it connects easily to the original front fork stem. It also comes with a four-bolt clamp that secures the stem’s position once installed in the bike.

  • Excellent construction quality
  • Combines carbon fiber and aluminum alloy to create a light but tough bike stem
  • It makes steering a lot easier
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Made in the USA
  • Subpar painting

If you are looking for quality and lightness, this is one of the best carbon fiber road bike stems that you can use on your bike. Installing this bike stem will make the steering easier and the overall bike experience more comfortable. And it’s affordable too, which is pretty impressive.

6. TRIWONDER Adjustable Road Bike Stem

triwonder adjustable road bike stem

When choosing a road bike stem, it is all about the comfort it brings to you during the right. If you are experiencing pain after the ride, there must be something wrong with your riding position. And one adjustment or upgrade of your road bike stem using this product from Triwonder can make a world of difference in your bike ride.

The upside of using this adjustable road bike stem is its ability to change your riding position for a more comfortable bike ride. Once installed in the bike, it works excellent in adjusting the right angle that I wanted for me to sit upright a little bit. The result is less weight on the shoulder and hands for a more relaxing bike ride.

Also impressive is the quality of the construction. It looks very sturdy and fits perfectly on the bike. I like that it uses aluminum alloy, which is very durable and light. Expect this to last long once installed in your road bike.

I also like the easy adjustment feature of this road bike stem. It comes with a degree of angle indicator, which allows you to see and adjust the bike stem’s current angle. This feature will also allow you to adjust to the angle you need during the ride.

Finally, installation of this bike stem is quick and easy. All you have to do is connect the original fork and the original handlebar. Then, you can adjust the angle of the bike stem to your preference before proceeding to tighten all the bolts.

  • Built with excellent quality; uses high-quality materials for durability and toughness
  • With easily adjustable feature; with angle indicator to let you adjust with ease
  • Built with a four-bolt bar clamp that holds the bar securely in the position
  • It Fits road bikes and other fixed-gear bicycles
  • Easy to install
  • No instruction manual

Overall, this product is one of the longest road bike stem, which helps you reposition the handlebar for a more comfortable ride. It fits and works great once installed on the bike. It also looks good and fits well with the other parts of the bike.

7. Azarxis Short Handlebar Road Bike Stem

azarxis short handlebar road bike stem

The Azarxis road bike stem is all about the comfort and the lightness it brings to your bike. If you have some issue with your much heavier steel stem, I suggest using this bike stem as a possible upgrade.

In terms of its weight, this bike stem is very light and should be a perfect replacement for your heavy bike stem. Using this short bike stem and combining it with a long handlebar will help achieve a more upright position to effectively reduce or even eliminate the numbness of your hand after the bike ride.

Apart from the above benefits, this road bike stem comes in excellent construction quality. It uses a high-strength aluminum alloy known for being durable but light. Expect this bike stem to last long once installed in your bike.

This product also comes with a high-quality appearance. It comes with a black finish that looks decent and consistent all over. You will find no markings or labels in all parts of the stem. This product also tightened nicely, with the threads being well-greased at the factory.

Also, installation is very easy since this bike stem fits nicely with my bike. All you have to do is connect this road bike stem to the original front fork stem, and you are good to go. This product is also built with a four-bolt clamp to hold the handlebar for a more secured position.

  • Constructed with high-quality materials to ensure optimum performance
  • Lightness does not add weight to your bike
  • Excellent construction quality; Consistent black finish with no markings
  • Versatile to fit with other bike types
  • Quick and easy installation process
  • Need extra spacers to fit

This road bike stem works as expected. It is very light but looks very strong and sturdy. Thanks to its excellent construction quality using high-quality materials. Just make sure that your handlebar stem fits nicely to install this road bike stem easily.

8. GOEXM Road Bicycle Stem

goexm road bicycle stem

Replacing a road bike stem is about improving your position and what you feel in your hands during the ride. Having this adjustable road bike stem from Goexm is all about easing the pressure on the hands so that it will not get numb anymore during the ride.

The first thing that this road bike stem gives me is its ability to up or down the height of the handlebar during the ride. I can easily adjust to my preferred angles, which results in a more comfortable ride.

In terms of its physical attributes, this product also comes with excellent construction quality. You will admire the craftsmanship and the finish of this bike stem. Since it is constructed with high-quality aluminum alloy, this bike accessory is oozing with durability and sturdiness but still comes very light in weight.

If your riding position needs to change, using a different bike stem is probably the answer. This adjustable road bike stem can do the trick and will make your bike ride into a more comfortable one with its adjustability.

Meanwhile, installation of this bike stem is super easy. All you have to do is connect to the original front fork tube. This product includes a four-bolt bar clamp that holds the position of the handlebar into a more secure position. Also, during the installation process, you need to be mindful of having to replace the cables as they may stretch beyond their maximum usage.

  • Excellent construction quality; uses high-quality aluminum alloy for durability and lightness
  • Built to allow easy adjustment of the height of the handlebar
  • Versatile in fitting different types of bike
  • Angle indicator lets you adjust the bike stem easily
  • Quick and easy installation
  • The tendency of the bolts to loosen

Overall, this product is an excellent road bike stem. If you like the handlebar to be adjusted and a little bit closer, this bike stem is a perfect option. The quality is also impressive as it is built with top-notched materials.

9. Ritchey Adjustable Aluminum Alloy Bike Stem

ritchey adjustable aluminum alloy bike stem

The constant complaint of an adjustable bike stem is the tendency of the bolts securing it to loosen in due time. You need to constantly check and tighten the bolts before the right for your safety. However, this adjustable bike stem from Ritchey is completely different as it is always secure when you install it on the bike.

Unlike other adjustable bike stems, this works similarly to the fixed bike stem. Meaning, you will not experience flexing or creaking during the ride, which usually happens with the other adjustable bike stem. You will be confident enough to ride comfortably without thinking of the screws loosening that may cause you an accident on the road. This product will not budge even if it has adjustable features.

I like the comfort and security it gives on the road. I can even climb out of the saddle but still feel secure. Also, this product is built with a stainless steel bar and steerer clamp bolts which provides exceptional durability to this product.

The adjustability feature also gives you the chance to find out the most comfortable stem angle you need in the ride. You will get a much more comfortable upright ride as compared to the very aggressive position with the bike’s original stem.

Installation was very easy, but you need not overtighten the adjusting screw when doing so. I suggest using a torque wrench to get the job done perfectly. The only issue with this bike stem is the absence of angle markings that allow you to see the vertical alignment and find the best angle that feels right for you quickly.

  • Built with the unique shaft interconnected with a special clamp to enhance the security and lightness of the stem
  • Made with a stainless steel bar and steerer clamp bolts to ensure durability and toughness
  • Easy adjustability features that allow the stem to get an optimal height and position
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Built with a sleek and modern look
  • Absence of an angle marking

If you want to look for the most comfortable angle in the bike ride, this road bike stem can give it easily. The way it is built will let you adjust the angle to make it more comfortable. As a bonus, it also comes with a sleek and modern appearance, enhancing the overall bike look.

10. Sanzhi Road Bike Stem

sanzhi road bike stem

Most of the bikers I know have always complained about feeling pain in the back after a long ride. This situation is usually the result when your handlebar height is way too low. But, upgrading your bike stem with an adjustable stem from Sanzhi can work wonders in your comfort and painless back after the bike ride.

The moment you install this bike stem in your bike, you can easily adjust the stem to an angle where the position is more comfortable. This action also helps eliminate the pain you feel after every bike ride since it will allow you to sit more upright, which benefits your back.

Quality is also superb in this highly durable road bike stem. It uses a high-quality aluminum alloy which provides the durability and toughness you need in a bike stem. With its durability, expect this bike accessory to last long, even if it is exposed to a challenging situation outside.

I am also impressed by the fitting of this bike stem to my bike. It fits easily the moment I install it. But you need to make sure that the diameter of the handlebar meets the specifications of this bike stem for an easy fitting.

Also, the installation of this bike stem is relatively easy. All you have to do is connect the bicycle stem to the original front fork stem. The four-bolt clamp will also hold the handlebar securely in its position all the time.

  • Excellent construction quality; uses high-quality materials for durability
  • The easy adjustability feature allows a more comfortable riding position
  • It will enable sitting for a more upright position for a painless back
  • Provides toughness and longevity
  • Easy installation process
  • The tendency of the screw to loosen

This road bike stem fits perfectly on my bike while making me comfortable during the bike ride. Its easy adjustment feature can make you easily adjust to the correct angle of your riding position for a more comfortable ride.

What to Look For When Buying a Road Bike Stem

best adjustable road bike stem

In choosing the right road bike stem, there are certain factors to consider for you to have the chance of getting the bike stem that fits your bike in terms of its usage and purpose. Please check below:

The Right Fit

This factor means you need to check if the bike stem can easily fit the handlebar for your bike. You must know the diameter of the handlebar and see if it fits the product specifications of your bike stem. Failure to do so means you can have the chance to purchase the wrong bike stem, which will not fit your bike.

The Stem Length

The bike stem length is also an essential factor to be considered. If the length is too long, there is a chance that the handlebar will be far to reach. This situation can cause pain in the neck and shoulders after the back ride.

The steering can also be affected by the length of the bike stem. If it is too long, the steering will be difficult and slow. If it is too short, the steering will be tense and frightening. So, make sure to have the correct length for the bike stem you use on the bike.

Construction Quality

Do not go for low-quality bike stems. Make sure to look for a product with excellent construction quality. But how do you know it? Usually, a high-quality bike stem is constructed with high-quality aluminum alloy. Others are built with titanium and carbon fiber. If you see these materials in a bike stem, make it your top consideration.

The Stem’s Color

The color is equally important in choosing a road bike stem for the simple reason that it should match your bike’s color. It should match your handlebar, seat post, and other essential parts of your bike. Otherwise, there is no point really in damaging your bike’s overall look with the wrong aesthetics.

Easy Installation

You also want to make sure that the bike stem can be easily installed in the bike. The normal bike stem comes with a clamp and bolts that help secure the handlebar to its current position. It is a must for you to install it properly and bolts tightened correctly. Failing to do so can make the bolts loosen, which can cause an unwanted accident while on the road.

Frequently Asked Questions

best lightweight road stem

How to Measure the Stem Length of a Road Bike?

You can find the stem length of a road bike by simply measuring the middle bolt of the bike’s headset top then going to the center of the handlebar. The measurement can either be in millimeters or centimeters. Also, the usual length of a bike stem starts from 10 mm increments while starting from 70 mm up to 140 mm.

How to Raise a Stem on a Road Bike?

Raising the stem on a road bike will also raise the bike’s handlebar. To do it, you need to unlock the bolts and remove the top cap. Then you can slide the stem off the steerer tube and raise it depending on your preference. After raising, you can tighten back and return all the other parts you removed.


Having the best road bike stem is essential in your bike as it allows you to be more comfortable while on the road. The importance of having the right angle in your riding position prevents you from having pain in the back or numbness of your hand, which can be achieved by having the right bike stem. You have to get the right bike stem and adjust accordingly to the correct riding position you need in the bike ride.

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