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The Best Top Tube Bags for 2023

best top tube bag

Today, we are reviewing ten of the best top tube bag in the market for your bike. I have always mentioned maximizing the space of your bike in bringing essentials to a bike ride. Whether it’s a bikepacking activity, regular bike tour, or daily bike commute, a biker needs a bike bag to provide storage space for the items he needs to carry along. One of which is a small top tube bag to accommodate small items such as spare tubes, mobile phones, wallets, and snacks.

As a long-time biker, I always feel that the importance of a bikepacking top tube bag is so underappreciated. But this bike accessory has given me so much help in providing extra storage in all of my rides. For this reason, we conducted thorough research on the best top tube bike bags based on the features and the feedbacks from regular bike users. We aim to provide the best recommendations for our readers in choosing the right top tube bag for their bike.

Best Top Tube Bag Reviews

1. Whale Fall Frame Top Tube Bags

whale fall frame top tube bags

Are you looking for a suitable top tube bag with phone holder? If you say yes, then this bike bag from Whale Fall can be an excellent option for your bike. Apart from providing easy access to your phone, this top mount bike frame bag is built with many features to provide various benefits to the biker once installed in the bicycle.

One of the outstanding features of this product is the durability and toughness it provides to the user. Built with 3D die-casting process, this top tube bag is tough as nails and can serve you for a long time. Physically, the case is rigid as it holds its shape even if empty while still holding the phone in the proper position. Also, the zippers have a tight-fitting seam which provides some waterproofing features to the bag.

Another feature that stands out is the ample storage space it offers while accommodating some important valuables of the biker. Inside the top tube bag is a large main compartment that prevents the items from accidentally falling out. It offers enough room to carry for shorter rides and excellent extra storage for multi-day rides. The storage is large enough to store a battery pack, charging cord, wallet, keys, and your mobile phone.

This bike bag can also hold large mobile phones and tablets. The phone holder comes with a Velcro-powered strap to secure it on the bike. But the most important thing is I did not have any problem using the touch screen, even with the protective cover. For other bike bags, many bikers are complaining that the touch screen is not working once inside the bag, but fortunately, this was not the case in this top tube bag.

Also, this bike bag is easy to install on the top tube. This bike bag is powered by three Velcro-powered straps to attached the bike easily while providing stability once installed on the top tube. I tell you, this bag is very convenient to install and will fit nicely into your bike without disturbing your pedaling.

  • Made with environment-friendly materials
  • Provides excellent storage capacity; can handle large phones
  • Easy to install; equipped with three Velcro straps to attach tightly into the bike
  • Equipped with TPU touch screen and sun visor for high sensitivity and clarity in using the mobile phone while biking
  • Provides durability and toughness; with waterproof and pressure-resistant features
  • A little bit bulky

This waterproof top tube bag will keep your phone safe while providing additional storage for your other essentials. The visibility of the mobile phone is excellent, while the touch screen functionality will work while you are biking. This top tube bag will also provide storage for your keys, wallets, and other smaller items.

2. ROCKBROS Top Tube PhoneBike Bags

rockbros top tube phonebike bags

If you are looking for the perfect top tube bag for ironman or any other biking activity, this bike bag from Rockbros is an excellent option. Made from one of the most popular brands in the biking industry, this direct mount top tube bag will be beneficial to the biker when it comes to functionality and providing extra storage on the road.

Comparing to the first product that I reviewed earlier, they both share some similarities in features and functionalities. But, the main difference is this bike bag’s unique design. This product is arguably the most excellent top tube bag for the phone as it offers three different compartments with spacious room for each. The center compartment is for the mobile phone but what stands out is the other two compartments which are on both sides to provide extra storage.

I was also impressed with its storage capacity to accommodate some essential items during the bike ride. Of course, the compartment dedicated to the phone can store large versions of mobile phones. You can even put an extra portable power bank inside if you want to. Both side compartments can hold other essentials such as keys, wallet, headphones, and other smaller items.

This Rockbros top tube bag is also equipped with a highly sensitive touch screen feature built with a transparent TPU film window. This feature will allow the biker to touch the smartphone quickly and use it even if he is pedaling. Also, there is a hole in the bottom to enable the biker to use a headphone just in case he wants to listen to some excellent music coming from the phone. I guess the hole is not needed if you have wireless headphones, but that’s a different story.

Installation can also be a breeze with this bike-top tube bag. Powered by durable and long straps, this bike bag can be easily mounted and fix into the top tube. With a Velcro-powered strap, expect a lot of stability once the bike hits the road.

  • Provides ample storage space; comes with three storage compartments
  • Easy to install; powered by long and sturdy straps to provide stability once installed on the bike
  • Comes with high sensitive touch screen for easy usage of mobile phone
  • With waterproofing feature; made with carbon composite material and sealed zipper closure
  • Sun Visor provides clear vision into your phone
  • Tendency to hit the knees

Overall, this is an excellent product that will allow the biker to see his smartphone clearly during the ride. It is also attached well into the top tube and holds the bag firmly with its robust strap system. The top tube bag also provides an excellent storage and can hold a good amount of stuff.

3. Rhinowalk Bike Top Tube Bags

rhinowalk bike top tube bags

Some necessities need to have easy access to the biker during the bike ride because of their importance. Some of these items include mobile phones, keys, wallets, and even chocolate bars. All of these items need a special storage place that provides easy access for the biker’s comfort. With that said, this top tube bag from Rhinowalk is an excellent option to have in giving these items easy access to the bike rider.

One of the upsides of using this product is its ability to provide easy access to all the items inside with its easy to open design. This road bike top tube bag comes with a pair of zippers connected strategically with a nylon cable. This feature will allow you to get all the stuff inside quickly while keeping the bag in a close position to prevent the items from falling out.

Another upside in using this top tube bag is the stability it brings once installed in the bike. Often, bikers complain of bike bag’s instability and movement once on the road, but this bag is a different breed. It uses two adjust rail systems to keep the bag in place in the tube. The straps are long enough and will help attached the bike bag to the top tube snuggly. There are also grip strips on the straps to prevent any movement and sliding from happening.

This bike bag also offers optimal space for small necessities in the bike ride. It easily fits mobile phones as well as other types of smartphones. It can also hold smaller items such as keys, wallets, wallets, and other similar items. Although mobile phones with thick cases might not fit into the bag, this product can provide extra storage for other smaller items.

However, one drawback that I see in the product is the impracticality of the zipper’s size. Meaning, the size of the zipper and its awkward placement somehow limits the ability to maximize the bike bag’s storage space.

  • Provides maximum storage space for small items
  • Built with sleek and stylish design
  • Easy to install; provides stability with its superior strap mounting system
  • With easy to open design; it gives instant access to all the things inside
  • Reflective printing logo provides additional visibility
  • Impractical size of the zipper

This product is an excellent choice for a biker looking for a top tube bag with easy access. It provides enough storage space for small items and will give enough stability once installed in the bike’s top tube.

4. WILD MAN Bicycle Top Tube Handlebar Bags

wild man bicycle top tube handlebar bags

A mountain bike top tube bag is a popular option if you need easy access to your personal items, especially your mobile phone. For me, this bike bag is the most practical and safe way to position your phone while on the road. With that said, this bike-top tube bag from Wild Man offers the same benefit of allowing the biker’s mobile phone in front of the biker for easy access.

This bike accessory comes with a lot of purposes, but one of them is to provide excellent storage space not only with your phone but smaller items needed for your bike ride. The phone compartment is big and comes with a hidden earphone hole if you want to listen to the phone’s music playlist while on the road. There is also another compartment dedicated to other small items such as a wallet, small tire pump, repair kits, keys, and other similar items.

Meanwhile, the phone storage compartment is built with a highly sensitive touch screen feature from a TPU transparent touch screen case and velcro pads. These parts will allow the biker to use the phone and its touch screen function easily while also seeing the screen clearly even in the middle of the ride. Because of this feature, the biker can efficiently use bike-related apps on the phone such as Strava, GPS operation, or answering the phone.

Another purpose of this product is to provide a durable and tough bike tube bag to every biker. The build quality is excellent, and it feels very well made. Thanks to the high-quality PU materials, which are the main component of this top tube bag. The zippers are easy to open and close and are sealed with double zippers closure. Meanwhile, the exterior will keep all the things inside protected with its water resistance feature.

The installation was pretty easy using three Velcro straps. Once mounted on the top tube, everything will be attached solidly as the strap will provide stability to the bag. You will never encounter any movement once on the road because of the solid and durable straps.

  • With adjustable Velcro straps to provide easy installation
  • Provides excellent storage for mobile phones and other small bike essentials
  • Made and constructed with high-quality material to provide durability and toughness
  • Made with premium waterproof materials and sealed double zipper closure to prevent water entry
  • With high sensitivity touch screen feature to let the biker use the mobile phone easily
  • Straps are long and can be annoying

This product is perfect for bikers looking for a reliable top tube bag. It offers excellent visibility on the phone screen, while the touch screen functionality works just fine. It provides ample storage space for some of the biker’s necessities and will not disturb the knees during pedaling.

5. Topeak Fuel Tank Bags

topeak fuel tank bags

Simple but tough are the three words that best describe this top tube bag from Topeak. It is probably the greatest top tube bag for road bike in terms of durability and toughness. This bike bag will make all the things inside always protected from water and other outside threats. Most of all, the size of this top tube bag is just enough not to disturb the biker from pedaling as it fits nicely into the bike.

At first, I was skeptical about this product, but I was impressed by its overall quality once I have it. There is enough storage space inside with an additional pouch for keys. For sure, the storage space will be enough to store essentials in your bike rides, such as emergency supplies, foods, and other things that bikers normally keep in the pocket. Inside comes a velcro divider to organized all the stuff, or you can move it on the side and make only one compartment.

In terms of quality, this top tube bag is one of the best. I was impressed with the zippers as it opens and closes quickly with just one hand. When it is open, the side of the bag will not flip over to prevent all the stuff inside from falling out. The materials are durable and rugged and should last longer. I can say that the quality is quite impressive.

Installation of this bag is a breeze using a Velcro strap system. The position of the Velcro straps is excellent as it offers flexibility to different types of top tube bars. The bottom front Velcro gives you the ability to buckle in various places around the tube. Meanwhile, the bottom backs strap is much broader and holds very well. Since the front strap is longer, you can make the excess attached to the right side of the bag that has a panel to prevent the strap from flopping around.

A cable port can be used to put a portable charger inside the bag and connect it with your phone to have it charge while biking. The cable port is quite slick. One handy feature is that the straps that hold the bag in the top tube can be removed if you want to.

  • Provides excellent storage capacity
  • With battery cable access for charging your smartphone during the ride
  • Made with durable materials; 420 denier nylon and PVC construction
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to install; with Velcro strap system
  • No space for phones to be used during the ride

Every biker will love this top tube bag. It is well built and the cord hole to charge the mobile phone is impressive. The zippers come in high quality and seem very tight. Installation is so easy, and the strap system will hold the bag firmly while on the road.

6. COFIT Handlebar Frame Top Tube Bags

cofit handlebar frame top tube bags

Using a top tube bag is an excellent addition to your storage space while on the road. This bike bag is good for storing mall items particularly mobile phones, wallets, keys, and even food items. And the best thing about this bag is the ability to provide easy access to all of the stuff put inside. With that said, this top tube bag from Cofit offers similar features and functionalities to make the biker comfortable during the ride.

One of the outstanding features of this product is its unique design that involves three pouches. It involves two side pouches and a phone compartment that should provide excellent storage space. It’s an exceptional design that also provides the additional feature of removing the phone pouch quickly if you need it.

Another feature that impressed me is the durability and toughness it brings to the user. I tell you, this product is made to be durable using waterproofing PU fabric and composite carbon fiber. All of these materials are known for their toughness and waterproofing traits. You will also see thick padding lines located on the side pockets, ensuring additional protection to all the things inside the top tube bag.

This top tube bag comes in a compact size but still enough to provide enough storage space to the biker. It can accommodate phone and battery packs in the top compartment, while the side compartments offer storage space for other essentials. You will discover more available space once you have this product in your position.

Also, installation is easy for this top tube bag is easy. It is built with two Velcro straps to make it easy to mount it into the front tube or remove it if you want to. Should you need more stability, you have the option to acquire extra straps to make it tight into the top tube.

  • Unique 3-pouch design to provide excellent storage capacity
  • Phone pouch can be removed easily for direct use if needed
  • Made with durable materials; with extra paddings on the size pocket for increase protection
  • Easy cable access to provide convenience in using the phone
  • Easy to install; with two Velcro straps
  • Mounting straps need more stability

This product is an excellent option for storage during the bike ride. The side pouches are impressive, but the removal phone pouch stands out as you can directly use the phone if you want to. The visibility of the screen and the touch-screen function works just fine and should benefit the bike rider.

7. Sahoo 122051 Front Frame Top Tube Bags

sahoo 122051 front frame top tube bags

In terms of functionalities, a top tube bag is an excellent option in maximizing the storage space for your bike. This bike bag provides extra storage space or can be a stand-alone bike bag if you are biking light and do not carry many things. Among those top tube bags that can be an excellent option for the biker is this bike bag from Sahoo. This product comes with the simplest design but offers enough storage for the biker’s essentials.

Compared to the other products I reviewed earlier, this top tube bag shares some similarities. But the most significant difference is actually in its unique design. It is a concise style design with some minimalistic approach, making it looks so simple but elegant. The strap mounting system is also very different, consisting of three removable Velcro straps that provide stability once the bag is mounted on the bike’s top tube.

This product offers some excellent quality. It is built with a thicker cushioning pad on the bottom to protect all the stuff inside. The size is thin, which helps prevent the knees from hitting the biker’s legs, which is excellent. Its simple design also fits nicely into the bike top tube while providing easy access to all the things put in the bag.

I am also impressed by the quality of its strap mounting system. It is a Velcro-type strap that holds relatively well into the top tube. Durability-wise, it uses high-quality materials such as TPU cloth and Hypion to ensure toughness and durability. It is also built with waterproof zippers to prevent any form of water entry once it rains outside.

This product also provides some flexibility in terms of its usage. Apart from being a bike bag, this product can be converted into a stylish handbag as well if you want it to. Its simple and elegant design will exceptionally fit as a handbag.

  • Provides full waterproofing features to prevent water entry inside the bag
  • Made with unique but straightforward design; concise style design offers an elegant look
  • Built with a thick cushioning pad to provide extra protection
  • Easy to install; built with three durable Velcro straps for proper mounting
  • It can be converted into a handbag
  • It might not fit with large smartphones

If you are looking for a top tube bag with great functionality, this is an excellent option for you. Its full waterproofing feature will come a long way in protecting all the stuff inside from water entry. The simple and unique design is impressive, as well as its elegant look.

8. Eletecpro Bike Phone Front Frame Bags

eletecpro bike phone front frame bags

One of the essential items you need to bring on the ride is your mobile phone. This electronic device can provide you with a lot of feature to make the ride easy and comfortable. I have used my phone for several apps that can help in the bike ride, but you will need a top tube bag to make the phone accessible once on the road. With that said, this front frame bag from Eletecpro can help in the easy access of your phone while providing extra storage for the other necessities.

One of the upsides of using this product is its ability to provide space to your mobile phone to make it accessible on the road. This feature provides convenience to the biker because the touch screen sensitivity is fantastic. You do not need to take out your phone to use it. Also, it offers additional space with its compartment below. It can store other small items such as the wallet, keys, tool kits, and many more.

Another upside in using this product is the ability to provide toughness and durability to the biker. I like the hard shell on the outside, which shows its toughness and sturdiness. Actually, this top tube bag is built with high-seamed workmanship and uses water-resistant materials to make it solid and tough.

I was also impressed with the reflective strips found in the top tube bag. It is located on both sides and should help increase the visibility of the rider. We all know the importance of the biker being seen at night to improve its safety when biking at night. There is also a sun visor and flashing board which can be used both daytime and nighttime.

The only drawback I see from using this product is the quality of the strap mounting system. I feel that it is too small, which means it cannot hold tightly once mounted on the top tube. Stability is a primary concern, but you can use additional straps to make it tight and stable.

  • Provides excellent storage space
  • Comes with dedicated space for mobile phone for easy access
  • The TPU film window provides screen sensitivity for the biker to use the phone easily even when biking
  • Provides water-resistant feature
  • The reflective strips help increase night visibility
  • Stability issues once mounted on the top tube

Overall, this is an ideal top tube bag for your ride as it brings many functionalities and features. The nice big compartment will be used to store many small things needed on the road, while the phone pouch will protect your phone while giving instant access during your ride.

9. LIVE4COOL Top Tube Bike Bags

live4cool top tube bike bags

The Live4cool bike bag is one of those premium-looking products that you see in the market. From the outside, you can see an excellent-looking top tube bag that is well-built and with a stylish design. From the inside, this is an excellent product that provides many features to make the biker comfortable and stress-free in every bike ride.

One of the purposes of this product is to provide ample storage space to the biker once installed in the bike. This product comes with three interior compartments that can be used to maximize the space inside. It also prevents the items from scratches and will let you classify things according to your preference. This bike bag will help you organize things with its unique compartments and ample storage space.

Another purpose of this product is to provide a sturdy and durable material that will last longer than a regular top tube bag. This bag is made with high-quality material, specifically highs-strength EVA combined with a 3D dies casting process to produce a bag with anti-tear properties and resistance to abrasion. The case is strong and is built to resist outside threats once on the road.

In terms of installation, I have mounted this top tube bag without any issues. Powered by three strong adhesive velcro straps, this bag will be attached to the bike before you know it. The strap’s design is universal so that it will fit most of the different bike styles. The straps are in great shape and will make the bag stable, preventing any movement once it hit the road.

You may find the zipper challenging to operate, but the trick is to pull it slightly before closing or opening it. The extra resistance of the zipper shows an excellent seal to ensure that it cannot be penetrated with water. There is also an additional rain cover to protect the bag from the rain.

  • Made with solid and sturdy materials to make the bag last longer
  • Provides excellent storage space for all bike essentials
  • Interior compartment space lets you organize things accordingly
  • With universal triple Velcro strap system offers easy installation
  • With water resistance feature; includes a rain cover
  • Access can be difficult at times

This top tube bag actually provides more storage than I expected. It offers excellent functionalities and a great appearance. It provides excellent storage space for essential items needed in the bike ride.

10. XLAB Stealth Pocket 100 Frame Bags

xlab stealth pocket 100 frame bags

This top tube bag from Xlab is one of those bike bags with one purpose: to provide additional space to the biker. Let me say it directly to you: this is a small bag and does not have the space to hold smartphones. If you need a little extra storage space for small items like protein bars, keys, wallets, and other similar stuff of the same size, this top tube bag can help. But make sure to know your storage requirements before considering this bike bag into your bike.

Quality-wise, this top tube bag is impressive. Overall, the material feels solid, and the zipper is durable and made with high-quality construction materials. This bike bag also offers aerodynamic properties and will not in any way disturb the biker’s pedaling due to its compact size. This bag will also fit well into different bikes and does not require any alterations upon installation.

This top tube bag also offers a high-quality build, particularly the zipper. It is easy to open in one hand by pulling it towards you. Closing it will be difficult, but you need to pull it slowly to the end until it is close. The difficulty is just normal as it is related to the water resistance feature of the bag. The bike bag also comes with an inside pocket that can hold small items and add additional storage.

In terms of installation, this top tube bag can be easily mounted on the bike. It is quick and easy and can be done in seconds. And the best thing about this product, once installed, the mounting system will fix it tightly. You will experience stability and no movement once the bike is on the road.

Overall, this bag is excellent in its overall design. The size may be small to some bikers, but the storage space is enough to accommodate some essential items in the bike ride. But one thing is for sure; it will not hit the knees of the biker and provides low-profile and aerodynamic properties.

  • It comes with insulated sides to keep beverages and nutrition cooler during the ride
  • Design to fit nicely into the bike
  • Easy to install; powered by two Velcro strap system
  • Provides enough space for small items
  • Velcro straps provide stability once mounted on the bike
  • Large smartphones will not fit

This top tube bag will work well and can provide extra storage space if you need it during the bike ride. This aerodynamic bag is well-built and comes with a sturdy zipper. It is easy to install and will be stable once mounted on the bike. This is a great little bag if you need some little extra storage.

What to Look For When Buying a Top Tube Bagbest top tube bag for phone

Before considering to select a top tube bag, there are things that you need to consider before buying a particular brand. Knowing all of these factors can greatly help in choosing the right one for your bike. Please check the list below:

Storage Capacity

I always feel that this is an essential factor to consider when choosing a top tube bag. Of course, you should know the things or essentials you need to bring in your ride for you to determine the storage space of your top tube bag. Knowing what to put in the bag is also essential to decide on the storage capacity, especially if you have other types of bags being used. The most important thing is to have the appropriate storage space for the thing that you need to accommodate on your top tube bag.

Durability and Sturdiness

These two factors refer to the quality of the materials being used to construct the top tube bag. Of course, look for a bike bag built with high-quality materials and specialized construction. Durability and sturdiness can also be measured with waterproofing and wear-resistant features. If you can find products that are offering these features, then please consider them as your priority.

Ease of Installation

Look for a top tube bag that is easy to install into the bike. There are many types of mounting systems use to install a bag into the bike. But my preference is the top tube bag that does not use tools in the installation process. I prefer the Velcro straps mounting system because it is easy to do and provides flexibility in adding additional straps if you are not satisfied with the bag’s stability.

Storage Compartments

Storage compartments are somehow related to the storage capacity of the top tube bag. Compartments are divisions in the storage spaces available in the bag, and it will help the biker organize all the things inside the bag. I suggest looking for a top tube bag with multiple compartments, especially those with a mobile phone space. I like top tube bags where you can put your mobile phone safely and still use it during the ride. This feature will allow you to have easy access to all the bike-related apps installed on the phone, which can help your ride.

Additional accessories and features

In looking for a top tube bag, you also consider all the additional accessories and features you will get from buying the product. For example, some bags offers storage space for mobile phones with a high-sensitivity feature. This specific feature will allow you to use the phone even if it is inside the bag and while you are in the middle of your biking activity.

Some top tube bag comes with a specialized hole to allow the biker to connect his earphone to the smartphone to listen to some good music while biking. Some bags offer extra accessories like a rain cover for the protection of the bag. All these products with additional offerings need to be considered seriously.

Frequently Asked Questions

best top tube bag for road bike

How do you Measure the Top Tube on Your Bike?

The length of the top tube usually affects the biker’s ability to reach the handlebar. This distance is called the reach and can affect how the bike fits the biker. To measure the effective top tube of the bike, the biker needs to stand up straight on the level surface. Then take a straight ruler and measure the center of the headtube back towards the middle of the seat post. This measurement is the top tube of your bike.

What are the Best Top Tube Bag Brands?

Many brands are making top tube bags, making it challenging to choose the right one for your bike. But in my experience, the top brands are Whale Fall, Rockbros, Rhinowalk, Wild Man, and Topeak. I have owned some of their top tube bags personally, and I was impressed with the overall features of their bags. For sure, there are other worthy brands, but for me, these are my top five brands.


Using the best top tube bag is essential in your bike ride. Whether you are looking for extra storage or maximizing space using the top tube bag, it does not matter. The most important thing is to use a top tube bag that meets your requirements and demands as a biker. It is essential to choose a top tube bag that will help and make you comfortable on the ride.

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