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The Best Trunk Mounted Bike Racks for 2023

best trunk mounted bike racks

In this article, we will review ten of the best trunk mounted bike racks you can use to transport your mountain bike. There is no better way to enjoy your mountain bike but to have a bike ride in very distant places. But the real challenge is how to transport them using your car because it is not easy to do.

But using the best bike trunk racks which fits your vehicle nicely will make your life so much easier. In this trunk mounted bike rack reviews, we listed the best products based on our research, testing, and recommendations from bike experts in our effort to give you the best choices available of bike racks that will fit easily to your car.

Best Trunk Mounted Bike Racks Reviews

1. Allen Sports Deluxe Trunk Mounted Bike Racks

allen sports deluxe trunk mounted bike racks

Looking for the most suitable trunk bike rack for sedan or any other car can be challenging with all the options available. But this product from Allen Sports can fit many types of SUVs, hatchbacks, sedans, and minivans. I can personally say that this bike rack can transport your vehicle safely from one place to the other with all the features and functionalities it gives to the user.

What caught my attention is the type of security this product gives to the bike. It uses a very effective tie-down system that secures and protects the vehicle during transport. The straps are located at the top and the bottom and are positioned to engage different cars. Also, two straps at the side enhance the protection of the bike while adding stability.

In terms of its physical feature, this bike rack has narrow carry arms, making it easy to accommodate different types of bicycles. The lower frame is also padded to help keep the bicycles away from your car.

The assembly of this product is simple, but the real challenge is in the installation. The assembly involves unfolding and attaching two pins. Adjusting the straps to their proper length when installing the rack is essential. But once you get the right length, the installation will be a breeze.

You also need to be careful with the two metal hooks on the side during the installation because it tends to scratch your car. It is better to find a way to prevent this situation, such as using a piece of foam with an adhesive side to prevent it from touching the surface and scratching the paint.

  • Built to fit different types of vehicles
  • Made with individual tie-downs to enhance the bicycle’s protection and security
  • Includes side straps to help increased stability
  • With padded lower frame to help separate the bike from the car
  • Narrow carry arms to fit different types and sizes of bicycles
  • Tendency to scratch if not installed properly

Overall, I am impressed with this truck mounted bike rack and its security during transport. But you need to set up and install this correctly to avoid any scratches to your vehicle or any other damage. Installation can be a real challenge at first, but it becomes easier once you are familiar with it.

2. Tyger Auto TG-RK3B203S Trunk Bicycle Racks

tyger auto tg-rk3b203s trunk bicycle racks

Transporting a bike with your car can be a real challenge in itself, but what if you are transporting three bikes all at once? It can be challenging for sure, but using this trunk mounted bike rack from Tyger Auto can help you get the job more quickly.

This product is one of the most functional trunk bike racks for cars with excellent features and functionalities. But what impresses me is its ability to carry three bikes all at once. Its sturdy and handy construction allows this bike rack to carry up to 99 lbs of bike weight.

If you feel it is unsafe to carry multiple bikes because it might damage or possibly scratch the surface of the trunk, you better not worry. This trunk mounted bike rack comes with individual soft cradles that help put the bikes safely. It also helps protect the bike frame while also securing the bikes overall.

Another safety feature of this product is its padded lower frame. This feature helps create the much-needed space that keeps the bikes away from the vehicle’s surface. The rubber bumpers in the rack will help protect the vehicle surface from coming in contact with the bike frame. Meanwhile, lateral and vertical straps are also included, which minimize the swaying and vibration when the vehicle is moving.

Installation was a challenge initially, but it was pretty easy when I figured it out. The first thing to do is put the top hooks, which dictates the overall installation process. After that, you can secure the bike using all the six straps available. Make sure to tighten the bike to make it stable and secure throughout the trip.

  • Built to accommodate up to three bikes with a maximum capacity of up to 99 lbs
  • Made with individual cradles which help protect the bike frame and secure the bike
  • With padded lower frame to separate the bike from the surface of the vehicle
  • With foldable carry arms for easy storage when not in use
  • Can fit different types of vehicles like sedans, minivans, and SUV’s
  • Will not fit vehicles with spoilers

I am impressed by the safety and security that this bike rack gives. This bike accessory should be the top-notch trunk bike rack for SUV and other vehicles, with all the features and functionalities it provides to the user. Its easy-installation feature is also a bonus to the user.

3. Thule Passage Trunk Mount Carrier

thule passage trunk mount carrier

This trunk mounted bike rack from Thule is one of the top rated trunk bike racks in the market today. Based on experience, it is one of the convenient ways to transport a bike safely and securely from one place to the other. It also has the ability to carry multiple bikes of up to 105 lbs of weight.

I was impressed by this bike rack’s protection to your bike and the car during transport. The soft rubber cradles help secure the bike while also protecting the bike frame during travel.

The protection is also supported by six straps that help make the bike stable during travel. From time to time, I advise you to check the straps every stopover if your destination is very far. But, this part of the rack prevents swaying and any movement when the car starts moving. It will make the bike rack more stable and secure.

The design of this trunk bike rack for sedan and other vehicles will also protect the surface from scratching. This bike rack has cages that prevent the bike and the vehicle from contact. These cages also work similarly in preventing bike to bike contact.

Lastly, installation is very easy but expect some adjustment and a little bit of difficulty when you do it the first time. Just follow the instruction manual, and you are good to go. Also, storage will not be a problem as this product has foldable arms for easy storage.

  • With cages that prevent contact between the car and the bike
  • Built with soft rubber cradles to help protect and secure the bike frame
  • Made with a leg patch that secures and protect the vehicle’s trunk and hatch
  • Ability to carry up to 105 lbs of load weight
  • Built with arms that can easily fold down for easy storage
  • Some parts are built with low-quality plastic

This trunk mounted bike rack works as advertised. They can make your bikes safe and secure in your car during travel. The bikes are very steady and well-secured, which is good, especially when travelling longer. It is also easy to store with its foldable features.

4. Hollywood Over-The-Top Trunk Bike Racks

hollywood over-the-top trunk bike racks

The one thing that limits the usefulness of other regular trunk-mounted bike racks is their inability to be installed on cars with spoilers. But in this product from Hollywood Racks, the design is built to still allow you to install this bike rack in the trunk even if your vehicle has wind-deflecting spoilers.

For me, this product is the most outstanding trunk mount bicycle rack that I have seen with this unique design and feature. This product features three different types of straps to help secure the bike. The straps are also developed so that it prevents contact with the spoiler. The same situation will also happen to the bike frame, and the bike itself once put on the rack.

In terms of quality, I was surprised the first time I inspected it physically. It is very superior in terms of design and construction quality. I am confident that this trunk mounted bike rack will last for a long time the moment you use it. It also features a high-rise adjustable frame which is basically designed for cars with spoilers.

It also comes with soft rubberized cradles, which helps protect the bike during travel. This feature is essential to avoid scratching your bike or damaging some parts when the car is moving. The rubberized cradle also helps in preventing the bicycle from moving or swaying.

Installation was relatively easy once you were familiar with it. But it can be a challenge the first time since the instruction manual is written poorly. I have to look for videos available online to help me with the installation. But once you are familiar with the installation process, it will take less than five minutes to do it.

  • Built with a high-rise adjustable frame to fit cars with spoilers
  • It uses three different types of straps to secure and fit the bicycles
  • With rubberized cradles to prevent the bike from moving and protecting it from scratches
  • Ability to hold up to three bikes
  • Quick and easy installation
  • The foldable feature makes it easy to store
  • Poorly written instruction manual

This product is impressive in quality and features. It is one of the most common trunks mounted bike racks to fit vehicles with spoilers at the back. It can also carry up to three very impressive bikes with a maximum capacity of 105 lbs.

5. Saris Bones 805 Bike Trunk Mount Racks

saris bones 805 bike trunk mount racks

Durability and toughness are also important in looking for trunk mounted bike racks. If you use a soft one, it may not be able to carry the weight of your bike and may damage it. But this product from Saris Store takes pride in having the strongest legs and arms to make the bike safe during transport.

The most obvious feature that caught my attention with this bike rack is its solid arms and legs. It actually uses recyclable and non-rusting strong materials, which undergoes an inju\ection molding process to develop one of the strongest arms and legs you can find in a bike rack.

If you inspect the physical features of this product, you will not find any weak or brittle parts, which mean it can hold and bear the weight or the tension coming from the bike with ease. It also comes with a solid central axle that holds the arms in place, while the screws will help prevent these arms from moving during travel.

If you are looking for the most common trunk mount bike rack for SUV, this product is an excellent option. The weight is very light despite using sturdy and strong materials. Its compact design will also allow you to store it easily when not in use.

Installation is also easy, although it may take a while to figure it out the first time you do it. But once you figure out where the strap and support arms go, it will be easy afterwards. I am also impressed by the six tie-down straps, which help cinch and secure the rack in the vehicle.

  • Built with infection-molded solid arms and legs to make the bikes safe
  • With anti-sway straps positioned strategically to secure and protect the bike during travel
  • Flexibility in design to allow usage of different vehicle
  • Compact design for easy storage
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Poor product packaging

This trunk mounted bike rack works as expected. It secures and protects your bike during travel. This product is also easy to assemble and mount, but the practical and minimalist design is unique and impressive.

6. Venzo Bicycle Trunk Mount Rear Racks

venzo bicycle trunk mount rear racks

Safety is essential when transporting bikes using your vehicle. The bike rack must be reliable and protect the bike at all costs, just like this trunk mounted bike rack from Venzo. According to the company, this bike rack is built heavy-duty as it passes through testing before reaching the market.

I can personally say that the toughness of this trunk mounted bike rack is top notched. For one, the clamp is built with high strength steel with some resistant properties. The rubber fixed band protects and secures the bike during travel. It also comes with an anti-slip design that helps ensure the rack is in position.

I am also impressed by the flexibility of this product. In fact, it comes with an adjustable arm length which allows you to move the position of the locking mechanism. It will enable you to adjust both the back and the front arms to suit your car’s shape.

In addition, there is also a six-strap holding system that secures the bike rack and the bike and allows some flexibility. With this feature, it will enable the bike rack to accommodate different types of bikes. This product is a universal bike rack compatible with many cars and bikes.

Also, the installation was very quick, but I have to admit that it took me a little longer to figure out the best and the right position of all the parts. I suggest looking for videos online to help you with the installation process. But once you are familiar, the installation will be so easy.

  • Built to be compatible with different types of cars and bikes
  • With an adjustable arm length to let you reposition the arms depending on the vehicle’s shape
  • Made with a six-strap holding system to secure and protect the rack when installed
  • Built with a rubber fixed band that holds and prevent any movement from the bike during travel
  • Additional foam protection to prevent scratches and damage to the bike
  • It can only accommodate two bikes maximum, not three

This product is the best bike rack for sedan trunk and other types of vehicles. It is designed to fit different types of cars and bikes. Also impressive is the security and protection it gives to the bike during travel.

7. YAKIMA FullBack Trunk Bike Strap Racks

yakima fullback trunk bike strap racks

The Yakima trunk mounted bike rack takes pride in having a modernized design. The company claims that this product uses a fresher design compared to the other designs being used by other standard bike racks. But what is clear to me is its ability to protect and secure the bike while your vehicle travels.

Actually, the design is very impressive and looks very solid. It is very different from the standard bike racks that I know because it appears very cool. I feel that this modern design complements well with the newer version of bicycles.

Meanwhile, it is not just the look and the design that I was impressed with this bike rack. The protection given to the bike is also very impressive. The first component to look at is the four-strap feature that attaches and secures the rack to the car. Then, there is the external frame construction and padding, which helps fit different types of bicycles.

I also like that this trunk mounted bike rack has a locking package that protects the bicycle from theft and other outside threats that may steal the bike when left unattended. It gives unique protection that other brands do not have.

Installation is also easy but challenging. You need to do things in the installation process to prevent scratching your car. It will be better to secure first the bottom straps and avoid the metal rings at the side of the trunk cargo. You just need to rest the anchor hooks on the cargo floor.

  • Built with a modernized look to fit new and modern bike style
  • With an external frame that protects and holds the bike tightly
  • Includes padding to protect your car from scratching
  • It consists of a locking package to secure both the bike rack and bicycles
  • Ability to have two to three bikes
  • Mounting may take some time

This trunk mounted bike rack will hold and protect your bike. It is also easy to use and can be stored easily when not in use. It also comes with excellent construction quality and a relaxed modern design look.

8. Schwinn Bike Trunk Racks

schwinn bike trunk racks

Schwinn is a household name in the bike manufacturing industry. However, in this bike trunk rack reviews, we will be featuring their own trunk mounted bike rack, which will help transport Schwinn bikes and other brands.

The first thing that I noticed about this product is its unique design. It is built in such a way so that it has some versatility as it can fit different types of cars such as vans, sedans, and hatchbacks.

I am also impressed by the construction quality of this trunk mounted bike rack. It looks very sturdy and tough upon expecting its physical details. Its ability to carry a maximum of 2 bikes of up to 70 lbs of weight clearly shows the toughness it brings when mounted on your car.

I also like the protection this product gives to your bike during transport. It comes with hold-down straps that are strategically separated to hold each bike firmly when the vehicle is moving. It will hold and secure the bikes and prevent any movement during travel.

This trunk mounted bike rack also comes with a compact design feature. Actually, the rack can be folded easily and quickly for you to store it easily if not in use. It will not take so much space since it can be folded easily.

  • Built with durability and toughness; ability to carry two bikes of up to 70 lbs
  • With hold-down straps which separate both bikes firmly and securely
  • Built with a unique design to fit different types of vehicle
  • It can be easily folded for easy storage
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Installation instruction is written poorly
  • Not for cars with spoilers

This trunk mounted bike rack is for bike owners looking to transport their bikes using their vehicles easily. It can be easily installed and protects your bike during travel. It also secures your bike from scratches and possible damage during travel.

9. SportRack Pursuit Trunk Mount Bike Racks

sportrack pursuit trunk mount bike racks

This trunk mounted bike rack from SportRack takes pride in transferring your bike from one place to another safely and free from scratches. Its most unique feature is the adjustment hub which allows the bike to fit your vehicle efficiently.

I am impressed that this bike rack sits on the trunk part. The adjustable hub features allow you to fit this product to hatchbacks and other types of vehicles. There are six adjustable straps that will be used to hold and secure the rack when mounted on your car.

If you are afraid of this bike rack scratching your car, better not be. There is soft padding that protects the trunk and hatch from scratching during installation or when the vehicle is moving. Your vehicle is protected with this feature, so better not worry.

This trunk mounted bike rack also protects your bike during travel. There are rubberized cradles built to prevent the bike from moving and contacting the other bike. Also, there are rubberized straps that enhance the safety and stability of the bike during travel.

Construction quality is also impressive with this trunk mounted bike rack. I checked the physical details and parts, and they all feel sturdy and well made. There are some plastic parts, especially on the adjusting arms, but these parts are also well made.

  • Built with an adjustable hub feature to accommodate various types of bike
  • With rubberized cradles to prevent swaying and contact to the other bike
  • With built-in straps to enhance the protection and safety of the bike
  • Includes six adjustable straps which hold the bike rack securely on the vehicle
  • Excellent construction quality
  • Holding arms are too short

This trunk mounted bike rack fits so well with my vehicle. And it should fit easily to other vehicles too. It also feels sturdy and well made, which makes me believe that it can offer excellent protection and safety to my bike during travel.

10. OxGord Trunk Mount Bike Racks

oxgord trunk mount bike racks

The OxGord bike trunk is known for being simple and easy to use. It is a user-friendly bike rack that can give maximum protection to your bike during transport. This bike truck will fit most of the sedan vehicle trunks.

In my experience using this bike rack, I was impressed by the maximum protection it gives to your bike during transport. The six-point strap securing system will protect your bike and make it safe during travel. It will secure the bike rack and make it stable once mounted on the vehicle.

I am also impressed by the construction quality of this product. In fact, inspecting every detail of this bike rack makes me so impressed with its sturdiness and toughness. Its ability to carry up to 2 bikes makes me very confident of the quality of this product.

Also, this bike rack comes with foldable features which allows you to fold the bike rack easily. This feature is good, especially when you want to find a storage place when it is not in use. This bike rack will not require too much space, which is very impressive.

Installation was quick and easy. I can tell you that this bike rack can easily be mounted on the trunk of your car. Of course, it may take some time to figure it out the first time you install it, but after doing it several times, the installation was super easy.

  • Excellent construction quality; built to carry a maximum of two bikes
  • Made with a six-strap system that secures and protects the bike rack and the bike
  • Simple and easy to use
  • With foldable feature which allows you to store it easily
  • Built with soft rubber handles for maximum security
  • The installation guide is difficult to follow

Overall, this bike rack works great and will perform what it is supposed to do: transport your bike safely. It can easily be mounted and removed and can be stored easily when not in use.

What to Look For When Buying a Trunk Mounted Bike Racks

best trunk mount bicycle rack

Looking for a trunk mounted bike rack can be a real challenge with all the options available. However, there are some factors that you can consider for you to choose the right one that will fit your vehicle and will make the bike safe during travel.

Bike Compatibility

When looking for a trunk mounted bike rack, you need to consider your option if it is compatible with your bike. First, you need to consider how many bikes will be transported since different bike racks come with various capacities.

Your bike’s frame is also essential since a trunk-mounted bike rack works well with bikes that have large frames and a horizontal crossbar. These bikes will have enough ground clearance once mounted on the bike rack.

For bikes without a standard frame like children and women’s bikes, you can still use this type of bike rack but with some innovation on your part. You can use an adapter bar that helps clamp the seat post and head tube for you to carry the bike while still using the bike rack.

Vehicle Compatibility

Most of the trunk-mounted bike racks can fit various types of vehicles. And the best thing about trunk mounted bike racks is their ability to adjust and adapt to the type of vehicle you are using. Just make sure to ask the supplier if your car will fit easily into your vehicle to avoid future issues.

For example, if your car comes with spoilers at the back, you need to choose a bike rack that also works for vehicles with spoilers. Make sure to look for bike racks designed to clear the spoiler on a much taller car.

Construction Quality

The quality of construction involves several factors such as materials being used, quality of protection, among other things. I suggest looking for a bike rack made of steel and other similar durable materials. Some manufacturers are even using injection-molded plastic and nylons, which makes it durable and tough.

You also need to check on the quality of protection it gives to your car and the bike. It should contain features that will protect and secure your bike during travel while preventing any scratches or damage to your vehicle.

Look for anti-sway cradle and strap features that will help secure the bike during travel. You can also check for rubberized pads, which help prevent scratches or any damage from happening during mounting or the actual transport of the bike.

Frequently Asked Questions

best bike rack for sedan trunk

How to Install a Trunk Mounted Bike Rack?

Different trunk mounted bike rack models come with different installation procedures. But in general, it usually starts by wrapping the straps coming from the bike rack to the sides of the trunk. Then, you can open your trunk while hooking each strap to the corresponding side.

The most important thing is to follow the product manual on whatever model you have. Most bike racks do not come with a complicated installation process. Just follow it thoroughly to secure the bike rack and the bike.

Do Trunk Mounted Bike Racks Damage your Car?

Trunk mounted bike racks can damage your car if you do not know what to do. Usually, scratches will happen if you are not protecting the vehicle during the installation process. Also, most of the bike rack models come with rubberized pads, which are designed to protect your vehicle from scratches and other damages. It is up to you to protect your bike from this unnecessary damage.

Are Trunk Bike Racks Safe?

In general, trunk bike racks are generally safe. In fact, it comes with all the necessary features to protect and make the bike safe during transport. Meanwhile, a bike rack will not be unsafe if you improperly install it and does not use all the safety features it provides during installation and travel.


The best trunk mounted bike racks should provide protection and safety to your bikes when traveling from one place to the other. Using this bike accessory is essential if you want to transfer your bike to a far place that requires you to use your vehicle. All the safety features are provided by the bike rack to ensure that your bike and your car are free from scratches and other damages.

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