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Brooks C15 vs C17 Bike Saddles

brooks c15 vs c17

With over 150 years of experience selling bike saddles, Brooks is considered an icon in the bike industry with its long history, reputation for quality, and comfortability. Having Brooks saddles in your bike is considered a luxury due to its reputation for building high-quality saddles.

In this article, we compare Brooks C15 vs C17 bike saddles. These two bike seats are two of the more popular models in the Brooks product line. This article discusses several points of difference, such as features, design, and other functionalities that make each product unique from the others. Please read below.

Point of Difference C15 C17
Sitting Position Racing Position Upright Position
Design Narrow Design Narrow Front Half Design
Width 140 mm 162 mm
Look and Feel Looks A little Bit Smaller Looks Massive and Feels Hard
Construction Organic Cotton with Vulcanized Rubber Organic Cotton with Vulcanized Rubber

Sitting Position

One of the differences between these two bike saddles is the bike position it provides to the biker. Using the C17 position on your bike provides a more upright position for the biker. On the other hand, the C15 position offers a racing position.

The effect of these bike saddles in relation to the sitting position is also influenced by how the bar is. The C17 is aimed at bikers who prefer a more upright position, while the C15 is for those who prefer a more forward, performance-based saddle.


brooks c15

The overall design of these two bike saddles offers comfort to the bikers. But if you want something narrower, you must go with the C15 bike saddles. The C17, meanwhile, comes with a narrow front half-back, but the other back flares out quite a bit.

But for these two bike saddles, you will notice a bit of dip in the middle, which you will always find in all Brooks bike saddles. But overall, these two bike saddles have an excellent design that makes the biker comfortable.


These two bike saddles from Brooks are part of the Cambium All Weather line that are intended for gravel and adventure cyclists. Most bike saddles in these collections come with superior comfort, natural flex, and durability.

But with these similarities, you can also find a significant difference in these two saddles in relation to their width. The C15 bike saddle is measured 140 mm wide, while the C17 bike saddle is 162 mm wide.

Look and Feel

Aside from the width, these two bike saddles are also unique from each in the way they look from afar. You can also tell the difference when you feel both bike seats with your hands. These two products look different and feel different.

From afar, the C17 bike saddle looks massive, which makes it perfect for long-distance riding. If you try to feel the texture in the hands, you will also feel the hardness. It’s actually harder than the C15. But this physical attribute does not compromise the comfort it gives the biker.

Construction Quality

brooks c17

Since they come from the same brand, the difference in construction quality between these two bike saddles is minimal. But to provide you with some information about how they are built, I will include the materials used to construct these top-of-the-line bike saddles.

The Brooks C17 is perfect for long-distance riding. The reason? This bike saddle is made with organic cotton combined with natural vulcanized rubber. Combining these two materials makes the rider comfortable, making it perfect for biking long distances.

On the other hand, the C15 bike saddle is also using organic cotton and vulcanized natural rubber. The only difference with the other bike seat is it’s designed narrower to allow some more freedom when pedaling and eliminate precious weight. For this reason, this bike seat is perfect for racing bikes.

Other Related Information

With this information, It is easy to say that the differences between these two bike saddles are minimal. In fact, they share a lot of similarities which makes it even more challenging to select the right one for your bike.

Both Brooks C15 and C17 come with a modern and present-day design. They both look impressive and durable. But despite the durability, these two bike seats never sacrifice comfort, which is actually their main asset.

Lastly, all the materials used in making these two bike saddles come in excellent quality. These materials make them very comfortable on the road. In addition, they are both nylon covered which gives them waterproofing properties. Both bike seats are flexible and maintenance-free.


The Brooks Cambium product lines are one of the best bike saddles you can use on your bike. But comparing Brooks C15 vs C17 is essential because these two models stand out not only in the brand’s line but also in the other brands as well.

Choosing a comfortable saddle is essential to make the biking experience more comfortable. If you are into racing, the C15 is the best option, while the C17 bike saddle is for bikers who like long-distance biking.

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