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Bullhorn vs Drop Bar

bullhorn vs drop bar

One of the essential parts of the bike is the handlebar. It will give you not only control of the steering but also a large portion of the biker’s weight. But with its essential function, you will also need to choose the right type of handlebar that will fit your needs during the ride.

With this information, our aim in this article is to compare bullhorn vs. drop bar. These two types are arguably the most popular handlebars among cyclists and bike enthusiasts. Our team will be detailing different information between the two for you to find out the right one for your bike.

Features Drop Bar Bullhorn
Hand Placement 6 Different Positions 5 Different Positions
Climbing Power More Climbing Leverage

More Power

Less Climbing Leverage

Lesser Power

Descending Power Superior Descending Ability Average on Descending Power
Sprint Excellent Sprinting Speed Good in Sprinting Uphill
View on the Road Reduced Visibility Excellent Road Visibility
Aerodynamics Allow More AerodynamicPosition Maintaining Aerodynamic Position is Difficult

Comparing Drop Bar and Bullhorn: Which is Better?

Both of these handlebars offer a variety of advantages when installed on the bike. However, the most impressive similarities between these two handlebars are in navigation and aerodynamics. These features will allow the biker to deal with the wind when sprinting or to pedal uphill quickly.

In terms of their differences, the bullhorn handlebars vs. drop bars comparison will give several factors that will help any biker choose their preferred handlebar for their bike. The bullhorn will provide you with a much better road view and climbing power.

Meanwhile, the drop bar is perfect when it comes to descending power and sprint while also offering more options in the hand position. But to give you an idea of the difference between the two, we will be comparing them per feature. Please check below:

Options on Hand Placement

When it comes to the placement of the hand, the drop bar offers more position compared to the bullhorn. The way the drop bar is designed will give you six different positions. You can put your hand on the hood, the drops, and the tops. You can also put your hand on three additional secondary positions under the hoods, the sides, and the curve between those two parts.

Meanwhile, the hand placement of the bullhorn is limited to five different hand positions. The primary positions include the horns, the sides, and the tops of the handlebar. The curves between the sides and the tops and the curve near the horns serve as secondary positions.

The Power in Climbing

The upside when having a bullhorn handlebar is it will provide more power to the biker when climbing steep hills. The reason behind it is that the way it is designed will give so much leverage to the foot, enabling the rider to use a lot of force to generate greater power.

If you own a fixed-gear bicycle, this feature can be maximized by pedaling out of the bike set. However, this power-generating feature cannot be felt much for a bike with multiple gears. Meanwhile, the hood of the drop bar can also be used to provide leverage, but its thickness and awkward shape make it less comfortable during the climb.

comparing drop bar and bullhorn

Descending Power

The way the drop bar is designed is perfect for descents. The way it will let the rider go low during the descent provides more descending power compared to the bullhorn. Furthermore, when the bike comes with hooded brakes, it will also give easy access to the biker to trigger the brakes through the finger.

Meanwhile, the bullhorn is not also bad at the descent. However, the drop bar is far more outstanding due to the way it is designed.

Sprinting Ability

There is a reason why professional track cyclist uses a drop bar on their bikes. It is all about the speed, and the drop bar will give you that when it comes to sprinting. If you want to use your sprinting time thoroughly, the drop bar is the best way to go. Meanwhile, the bullhorn should be helpful when sprinting uphill.

View of the Road

The type of handlebar you have on the bike will also affect your view of the road. Since the bullhorn is made in such a way that the biker will be more upright, he or she will have better visibility on the road.

Meanwhile, the drop bars will require the biker to go low, affecting his visibility on the road a little bit. Overall, there is no significant difference at all. It’s just that the drop bar has some kind of reduced view on the road for the biker.


Speaking of design, the way the biker gets low while flattening his back on the drop bar will allow him to become more aerodynamic. So, if you are looking for speed, drop bars are an excellent option since it provides more aerodynamic position.

Meanwhile, the bullhorn handlebar will let the biker have an excellent aerodynamic position by tucking or bending the elbows. The only issue with these positions is it’s very difficult to do this stance for a more extended period.


Comparing bullhorn vs. drop bar is a good thing because it will allow you to know the difference between the two. It is all about looking for the right handlebar that will fit your needs on the road.

If you like to be fast, then the drop bar is an excellent choice. If you want climbing power, the bullhorn will be a perfect choice. In other words, you all have the freedom to install the type of handlebar you want in a bike.

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