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Can I Put Road Tires on a Mountain Bike

can i put road tires on a mountain bike

Naturally, mountain bikes are made for trails and off-road paths. This type of bike features different parts that were made to survive the challenges of these roads. It may sound out of place when using a mountain bike on a normal road, but many bikers are doing it now for various reasons.

But, when using the mountain bike on a regular road, can I put road tires on a mountain bike and still feel comfortable? For new bike enthusiasts, this question might be challenging to answer, but our team will try to provide some detailed explanation and information because we feel that this is essential knowledge that needs to be learned by every biker. However, is it possible to put road bike tires on a mountain bike? Please check our answers below and be informed.

Putting Road Tires on Mountain Bike – Is this Doable?

By all means, the answer to this question is a resounding “Yes.” Any bike tire can be replaced whenever you want to, but other factors to consider make the ride more comfortable. For a mountain bike, it usually comes with a pair of tires that provides the best traction for the different conditions off the road, which means using it on a normal road offers a different feel. However, switching it with a much smoother thread will give you a more comfortable ride on the regular road surface.

But this situation is easier said than done as there are many other factors to consider to make the tire fit entirely into the bike and make it useful during the ride. Also, I feel that it will be better for you to have a dedicated road bike because this bicycle is more suitable. But if you really insist and only want a single bike ride, read the remaining parts of this article.

Can You Put Hybrid Tires on a Mountain Bike?

Whether it’s road tires or hybrid tires, any type of tires can be put in a mountain bike. But the most significant requirement to make it work is compatibility. Compatibility means having a rim in your mountain bike that will fit the road tires and having the right road cluster to fit the drive train. Unfortunately, clusters of road bikes do not fit mountain bike derailleurs and vice versa.

Typically, the tires of road bikes are skinnier when compared to a mountain bike which means the rims are smaller. Meanwhile, mountain bike clusters are broader and larger when compared to that of road bikes. However, all wheels are either made to accommodate mountain bike clusters and rims or a road bike’s cluster and rims. But what you need when putting road tires on your mountain bike is a mountain bike cluster and road rims.

But the problem is, most of the wheels are not built this way which means you need to build for yourself. For sure, it will be difficult, takes a lot of time, and impractical due to the time that you will be spent tuning the spokes. You will also need to buy a rim, spokes, hub, and all the necessary tools to build the desired wheels. Another way is to look for someone who will do customizations on wheels,, but this can be costly.

Fat Road Tires and Other Alternatives

can you put hybrid tires on a mountain bike

Using some fat road tires is another way to make the mountain bike more comfortable on the road. This method is much simpler because you will just be replacing the tires and not the entire wheels. In this process, you will just need to give your tires a low profile to make the mountain bike more efficient when riding on the regular road.

But if you are planning to use the mountain bike for long-distance travel, I suggest getting a dedicated bike for that purpose. If not, modifying your bike with aero bars and a rearview mirror can get the job done. You can also raise the seat higher and brings it forward until using the aero bar will be more comfortable. In this process, you will be simulating the geometry and overall style of the road bike into your mountain bike.

Based on my experience, I personally enjoyed this modification process and successfully used my modified mountain bikes for my long rides. And the most important thing is this modification is easy to do compared to the other methods that I have shown earlier. But, nevertheless, it is up to you to choose whatever method is best if you really want to do it.

Other Things to Remember

In most cases, putting road tires into the mountain bike will all depend on the size of the wheels and tires that your bike can accept. Mountain bike wheels come in different sizes, while the width will usually be printed at the side of the current tire. When looking for a replacement tire, you need to choose the size that is close as possible to the tire being replaced. Failing to do so will change the characteristics of the bike, such as the handling and bike clearance.

Also, as long as the rims of your mountain bike fit the road tire, then you must go for it. You also need to make sure that the tires will not rub the frames or even the brakes, which means the tires and the bike are compatible. But despite all of this information, putting toad tires on the bike will require more effort on your part but the benefits of it is you will get to know more about your mountain bike which is important as a biker.


Can I put road tires in a mountain bike? Yes, it is possible to replace your mountain bike tires with road tires as long as it is compatible. However, it is difficult to say that you can do it with your bike as there are too many factors and variables to be considered. Also, always remember that road tires are not design for mountain bikes and swapping it may produce a result which is not into your liking. My advice is to use road bikes if you want to bike on the road or accept all the imperfections of using a mountain bike on the road.

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