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Do I Need Full Suspension on Mountain Bike

do i need full suspension on mountain bike

If you are new to using a mountain bike, the first question that you will ask when acquiring a new bike will be: “ Do I need full suspension on mountain bike?” If you are not familiar, buying a new mountain bike will come down to two choices: full-suspension or hardtail mountain bike. The choice you will make will depend on your reason for buying a mountain bike and where you will use it.

Full-suspension mountain bikes are fit to be used on challenging and technical trails. So, if you plan to ride and spend more time on tracks that will challenge your biking skills, you will need a full-suspension mountain bike in your position. Otherwise, if you only use it on smoother trails, I suggest settling the hardtail mountain bike. It should be noted that a full-suspension mountain bike comes with a suspension fork at the front and a shock at the rear, while a hardtail mountain bike only comes with a front suspension fork.

Why You Need a Full-Suspension Mountain Bike

Mountain bikes come with a suspension to keep you in control of the quality of your ride over the road you are navigating. But not all mountain bikes are made with similar suspension features. For example, a full-suspension mountain bike comes with a suspension fork in the front and a shock in the rear, while a hardtail mountain bike does not come with a rear shock. You will need a full-suspension mountain bike due for the following reasons:

You will be riding a lot of technical trails

If you are looking to pedal rugged terrains and challenging trails, then a full-suspension mountain bike is what you need. As a mountain biker, pedaling through hilly roads, rocky gardens, up and over roots, and drops offer a unique enjoyment and excitement, but you need a bike built for these conditions. The full-suspension mountain bikes are built for these terrains and should create a comfortable ride while providing easy handling and stronger traction on the surface.

You are looking for a comfortable ride

The full-suspension mountain bikes will eliminate all the adverse effects of bumps and other discomforts from uneven terrains and rugged trails. Thus, your body will be free from fatigue and pain, which will allow you to be more comfortable during the ride. It will also make you pedal faster and longer to help maximize your biking experience.

You are looking for more speed

Because of the suspensions located at the back and the front, the full-suspension mountain bike will absorb all the bumps created on rugged trails. This situation will let you generate more speed, even on the most technical part of the trail.

You have the ability to spend more

You will need a full-suspension mountain bike if you have the budget to buy a new one or build a similar bike from scratch. I tell you, even the entry-level high-quality full suspension mountain bike does not come cheap, more so if you plan to build it on your own. But if you have the money and looking to enjoy and spend more time on rugged trails, then buying a full-suspension mountain bike should not be a problem at all.

How to Build a Full Suspension Mountain Bike

how to build a full suspension mountain bike

Apart from buying a full-suspension mountain bike in the bike shop, you can have the option to build your own starting from scratch. I am not a fan of this method due to the enormous expenses involved in the overall building process. The upside of doing so is the experience you will get from building a full-suspension bike from scratch. It is also the learn and know more about your bicycle.

When building a full-suspension mountain bike, a biker needs to know the reasons for doing so. The overall building process will not be easy, requiring a lot of effort, time, and money to be successful. The end goal is to make a mountain bike that suits your requirements and your needs as a biker on the trail. Below are some information related to building a full-suspension mountain bike on your own:

It is costly

Building a mountain bike will cost more than what you think or anticipated. If you are planning to use some old parts of your old bikes, think again. You will invite yourself to fail or spend more. My advice is to do your research and do proper cost planning when buying all the parts and components of your soon-to-be-made full-suspension mountain bike.

Learning will be plenty

One upside when building a bike on your own is the steep learning curve ahead of you during the building process. There is no other best way to learn than to have your hands getting dirty and greasy when trying to building your bike. The learning will come in looking and finding the right components and trying to figure out what works best. Building your own bike will be trial and error when it comes to looking for the right quality of ride.

Building a bike on your own is an endless work-in-progress

Building a full-suspension mountain bike on your own will be working on a project without an end. The reason? Once you have already created a new one, the learnings and the experience you got will make you crave for more. “More” in the sense that there will be more upgrades and modifications that you will discover as you go along with your biking journey.

It is fun and rewarding

Despite the challenges that will come your way, building your bike can be fun and rewarding as well. It is one of the coolest things to do if biking is your passion and the learnings that you will get are a significant addition to your skills and biking knowledge. There is no better way to be proud than to hear a co-biker giving a nice compliment on your personally-made mountain bike. It will make you hungry to build for more.


Do I need a full suspension on mountain bike? The answer to this question will all depend on you and your purpose for using a mountain bike. But, there are many upsides to using this type of mountain bike. A full-suspension mountain bike can be acquired directly by buying in bike shops or be adventurous and build your own from scratch. Either way, it is all about having the right mountain bike for your biking needs and requirements.

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