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Does Cycling Make your Legs Bigger

does cycling make your legs bigger

We all know the importance of biking in bringing substantial benefits to our bodies. Biking or cycling consistently is an excellent form of exercise that will make several parts of our body works. However, most women and some men are afraid to take cycling seriously because they think it will make their legs bigger.

So, is it true? Does cycling make your legs bigger? To give you an overview, cycling will not make your legs bigger. What cycling does is enhance the muscles in your legs but will certainly not make it huge. If you want to know more about this topic, read this article and be informed.

Biking Develops your Legs But Not Make It Bigger

I have seen multiple times professional cyclists with bulging thighs and legs on the road. In relation to this situation, does cycling makes your thighs bigger? Or even the legs for that matter?

Unfortunately no, cycling will not make your legs bigger but only develops them. Constant riding on the bike will enhance the muscles of your legs because of the type of activity you are doing during the bike ride.

However, as an aerobic exercise, cycling will help improve the endurance of the muscle fibers not only on the legs but also on other parts of the body. Meaning, constant bike riding will make the muscles more resistant to fatigue during the bike ride but will not cause them to make them large.

In addition, cycling will also not make your thighs bigger. Because it is only a form of cardio exercise. What it brings to your legs is transform them into a more lean and slim physique while also developing the leg muscles.

Cycling is Not the Exercise that Makes the Legs Bigger

But what about those professional cyclists I have seen on the road? Unfortunately, it was not because of their constant biking that made their legs or thighs so bulky. There are other exercises to help your legs become bigger.

If you are into cycling because you want your legs to be bulky and look bigger, you’ve got to think again. If you’re going to add mass to your muscles while also improving your power, adding weights exercise in your training is the best way to go.

Those professional cyclists on the road with bulging legs are doing other forms of exercise and not merely biking alone. Most of them are spending a lot of times in the gym to do additional exercise to make their legs bigger and bulkier.

The development of the legs and the muscles will also depend on what you are eating. Some professional cyclists consume a high amount of protein to build their muscle mass, especially on the legs. Making your legs is not something you do unintentionally.

Unless you want to make an effort to increase the amount of food intake, especially protein, cycling will never make your legs bigger. So, if you are just biking regularly, it will only improve your leg muscles but will not make it bigger.

Cycling and Its Benefits to your Legs

biking develops your legs

Since we have made it clear that cycling will not make the legs bigger, it also essential to know what are the benefits it brings to your legs. The most noticeable effect when biking at a regular level is the ability to sculpt your leg muscles.

Cycling will do a great job of not only getting your legs in shape but toning them as well. Try to pedal faster consistently in all your bike rides, and you will see a big improvement in the leg muscles in terms of their tone and shape.

Biking at regular intervals will also help in improving the strength of the legs. Cycling will also help improve the overall condition of the lower body while also strengthening the muscles on the legs.

Usually, cycling will target most parts of our lower body, making this exercise an excellent option to build strength and endurance. It will target most of the muscles on the lower part of the body and positively impact our legs.

When you are cycling, there is also resistance involved that helps build the muscles mass on the legs. Usually, the parts of our body that develop when biking regularly are the hamstring, calves, and quads.

Cycling and Low-Impact Leg Toning

In case you do not know, cycling is a low-impact exercise to help tone the muscles of your legs. It can be comparable to running, but there are also some major differences. For one, running is a weight-bearing exercise which you cannot say the same as cycling.

In addition, cycling will tone your muscles but will not increase bone density when compared to other weight-bearing exercises. It is the reason why many of those professional cyclists are incorporating other exercises and spending too much time in the gym to help improve their performance.


Does cycling make your legs bigger? Absolutely not. There are other benefits you can get from consistently riding a bike but not making your legs bigger. As a form of exercise, it helps in enhancing your leg muscles while toning and giving it more strength.

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