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Does Hanging a Bike by the Wheel Damage it

does hanging a bike by the wheel damage it

Owning a bike is not all about the benefits and the advantages it brings to the table. Bike owners will also have to deal with bike maintenance and storage space so that the bike will be okay even when not in use. Unfortunately, not all bike owners are blessed with enough space for storage, making some of them improvised by hanging it by the wheel.

But does hanging a bike by the wheel damage it? In general, having a bike through the wheels will not damage it as long as you follow the right way to do it. In this article, we will provide various information related to hanging our bicycles by the wheel.

Is it Alright to Hang the Bike by its Wheels?

Hanging the bike by the wheel will not damage it as long as you follow the right way to do it. First, you will need to use high-quality hooks such as vinyl hooks so that they will not bring any scratches or damage to your bike.

As long as you are not using cheap hooks not built to carry the bike’s overall weight, everything will be fine. You can also enhance the bike’s safety by installing two contact points to make the bike more protected.

You will also need to choose the area where you are screwing the hooks. The hooks will work efficiently when installed in the ceiling while putting it around 90 degrees to the wall. When doing this way, any weight should not be able to strain the hooks and the bike.

Bikes are Built to Carry Weight

In normal circumstances, bikes are designed and built to carry the weight of the biker. So, whether the bike is navigating on a nice flat surface or going through all forms of road bumps, the bicycle will still be fine due to the way it is built.

Meanwhile, although hanging the bike is completely a different scenario, the force created when hanging the bike is lesser or lighter compared to what the bike is made of. Having seen many bike shops doing the same thing with all their bikes proves that hanging is never an issue.

You will also need to check on the type of bike you own for you to find the right way to hand it. Some aerodynamic rims will need special hooks with much wider seats just to accommodate their structure.

In addition, there are also aero front wheels with big distances between spokes that need a different way of installation. It is advisable for you to place the hook in between or near the spokes of the tire.

Another important factor to consider is protecting your bike from scratches and other possible damage when hanging it. I mentioned earlier about using vinyl hooks as an excellent way to do it. You can also use other protective covers to protect the bike from scratch.

If you own multiple bikes at home, hanging all of them is the most efficient way to conserve storage spaces. Unless you own a huge house with huge spaces for bike storage, hanging is one of the most effective ways to store them without using too many spaces.

Is Hanging a Bike by the Wheel Brings Risks?

is hanging a bike by the wheel brings risks

Storage is the biggest reason why many bike owners tend to hang their bikes at home. It is an excellent way to free up space especially if a biker owns several bicycles. It will also keep your bike from being a safety hazard to other people.

Although there had been some complaints on people about hanging the bike will potentially bring too much pressure on the bike’s rim might bend or damage it. There are also some insinuations of possibly affecting or damaging the brakes, particularly on the leakage of hydraulic-disc brakes.

In my experience of doing the same thing, the bike wheels are designed to carry the weight of the bike and the rider. I do not see any reason to damage the rim once the bike has been hanging for a long time.

Brake Issues when Hanging a Bike

I have never encountered anything that might damage the bike’s brake when it comes to brake issues. But, I also make sure that I am using high-quality brakes on most of my bikes which means they are durable and built to last.

The leakage issue of hydraulic brakes should never be a problem if you use high-end brakes on your bike. For one, hydraulic brakes are manufactured in a closed system and should be appropriately sealed.

Any leakage issues should come from low-quality brakes when the bike is stored in a hanging position. There are also moments that cheap brake with very poor seals will eventually leak once the bike is hung upside down.

Lastly, storing your bike through hanging is not bad. However, there are risks that you might consider, particularly in scratching some of its surfaces. The brakes will never be an issue unless there is an existing problem with your bike’s brake.


Does hanging a bike by the wheel damage it? No, it is not, but there are certain risks involved in doing so. There are benefits you can get from hanging your bike, but there are also potential risks involved in doing so. The most important thing is to know how to do it right and make sure that the bike is generally safe.

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