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Emonda vs Madone

emonda vs madone

Trek is one of the more popular bike manufacturers that distribute not only bikes but also other components and accessories. The brand has produced several reliable road bikes, including two that stand out among bike enthusiasts: the Emonda and Madone bikes.

But what are the differences between the two? In general, Emonda is lighter in weight compared to Madone. There are also other differences between these two bikes that make them unique from each other. Please see below.

Point of Difference Emonda Madone
Price Cheaper More Pricey
Essential Features Lightweight, Aerodynamic, Climber, Fast Superbike, Aerodynamic, Fast
Bike Frame Geometry Same Same
Frame Weight Lighter Heavier
Seat Post Uses Seat Mast Uses Wider Foil Shape


When comparing Trek Emonda vs Madone, the price is the easier comparison between the two. In fact, the price is a unique comparison that you can use to differentiate these bike models. Both of these bikes come with expensive top-end models with almost identical pricing. These expensive models have special parts, including carbon-made components and wireless shifting.

However, when it comes to the lower-end models, Emonda comes with cheaper models than Madone. These affordable bike models are perfect for those who are just starting their biking journey.

You will find the least expensive Emonda models around $2,300, while the least expensive Madone bike models cost around $4,730. Expect the Madone bike to be more expensive since the bikes are mostly made of carbon fiber.

Essential Features


You can also tell the difference in some of these bikes’ important features. The Emonda bike is designed to be as lightweight as possible, making it stiffer and faster, allowing the rider to feel on the road.

This bike is also designed to be aerodynamic, which helps the bike to navigate uphill roads easily while having a decent speed on the downhill. If you are looking for a light, fast and aerodynamic bike, Emonda is worth consideration.

On the other hand, Madone is designed to be the better aerodynamics between the two. Upon checking at the bike, you will see the large foils and tubes, which means cutting through the air as much as possible.

It might not be the lightest in weight, but the Madone will make it up with its superior speed, especially when dealing with regular roads. If you have the budget, you can get the bike to maximize your biking experience if you have the budget.

Frame Geometry

Point of Difference Emonda Madone
Head Tube Angle 73 73
Seat Tube Angle 73.7 73.7
Reach 391 mm 391 mm

When it comes to frame geometry, there is not much difference between these two bikes in terms of the head tube and seat tube angle. The reach value is also the same, indicating the more aggressive positions on these two bikes.

Frame Weight

Point of Difference Emonda Madone
SL Frame (500 Series) 1.91 kg 2.12 kg
SLR Frame (800 Series) 1.56 kg 1.97 kg

Based on the table above, you can really tell that the Emonda bikes have the lightest frame between the two road bikes. So, if you are looking for a more lightweight bike, Emonda is the perfect choice between these two options.

Seat Post


Another difference you can find between these two road bikes from Trek is the type of seat post they use. Physically, the Emonda seat post uses a seat mast rather than a seat post to help with a little bit of compliance without sacrificing speed. Meanwhile, with its super-dynamic design, the Madone’s seat post uses a wider foil shape.


When it comes to wheels, the Emonda uses more aerodynamic wheels, which helps when the bike is climbing. However, the Madone road bike uses the most aerodynamic wheels, which is expected since the bike has the most aerodynamic feature among the two.


You can also tell the difference between these two bikes from the handlebars they are using. I have used the top-end models when comparing the handlebars. As for the Emonda models, it uses the more typical road bike handlebar models that have circular tubing.

It uses an immigrated handlebar with a lot of aerodynamic features. The stem is very lightweight since there is a fixed component. On the other hand, the Madone road bikes use the most aerodynamic widest tubing handlebars, which allows you to adjust the angles of the bars easily.

Looks and Overall Performance

You can also tell the difference between these two Trek bikes by comparing their looks and performance when on the road. Please note that the difference I made is based on my point of view.

When it comes to looks, Madone has the edge with its aggressive aero look and clean front end. The black color is also impressive to me.

As far as performance is concerned, it really depends on what type of ride you are doing. The Madone bike will probably be much faster for flat rides or the quicker time trial and criterium racing. Emonda is better when it comes to climbing and longer group rides.


Comparing Emonda vs Madone will give you the best idea if you are getting a new road bike. There are many road bikes available from Trek and other brands, but these two models offer features that will make the bike ride comfortable and safe. Choosing the right road bike is all about preference, but these two are the better options, in my opinion.

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