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Fuji Absolute vs Specialized Sirrus

fuji absolute vs specialized sirrus

Bikes can be used for many reasons besides traveling and going to other places. Some bikers use it for commuting, like going to and from the workplace. Hybrid bikes are used for this purpose, with two of the most popular being the Fuji Absolute and Specialized Sirrus.

But what are the differences between Fuji Absolute vs Specialized Sirrus? This article will cover everything from the drivetrain to the weight and other special features that make these two bikes differ from one another.

Features Fuji Absolute 2.1 Specialized Sirrus X 3.0
Drivetrain Shimano 21 Speed (3×7) 24 Speed (3×8)
Weight 12.4 KG 11.13 KG
Tire 700 x 38c 700 x 42c
Extra Feature None (External Bluetooth Device can be Added) None
Maximum Capacity 300 lbs 300 lbs


When comparing these two commuter bikes, the drivetrain is the main difference. In having a hybrid bike like these two models, the drivetrain is an essential part since the bike is mainly used for commuting and daily biking.

The Specialized Sirrus model comes with a 3×8 model, while its Fuji counterpart has a 3×7 drivetrain. Fuji’s drivetrain model provides very low gear when climbing steep hills and other similar destinations while having the capability of going fast with 24-speed gear.

Overall, Fuji’s gear system is fine when it comes to offering plenty of pace for the rider, especially when biking on smooth terrain. But both of these bikes use Shimano gears known for their overall quality. These two bicycles are decent, but the Sirrus model has a broader range of gear.

Key Features Comparison

We can also compare these two bikes by the specific features stated in the table above. If you try to analyze the information in the table, the Fuji bike comes with a wider tire.

What does it mean? The Fuji Absolute performs better in off-roading and biking on trails. On the other hand, the Sirrus is lighter, which benefits mounting and mobility.

Special Feature

specialized sirrus bike
Specialized Sirrus Bike

One of the key differences between these two hybrid bikes is the unique feature being offered. However, the Sirrus bike does not have specialized features such as Bluetooth and sensor functions.

On the other hand, the Fuji Absolute bike does not have a Bluetooth feature but can be added to the bike. They are instead selling it separately and can be installed on your bike. The price is also affordable if the biker wants to include it in the bike.

Riding Experience

You can also tell the difference between these two bikes from the riding experience on the road. Even if these two bikes are hybrid, the Fuji Absolute is more of a sporty bike. It is more responsive and agile, handling rough roads and trails efficiently. The bike is also suitable for high-speed riding and racing.

On the other hand, the Specialized Sirrus model is an excellent option if you are looking for comfort on a bike ride. The bike is a middle ground between the hybrid and the hardtail bike and can be used in many ways.

This model can be used when you are with the family or just riding for fitness. You can also use the Sirrus model for commuting, like going to and from your workplace. The bike provides a comfortable riding experience.

Frame and Design

fuji absolute bike
Fuji Absolute Bike

When it comes to frame, the Fuji Absolute’s frame uses aluminum for durability but also provides lightness to the bike. On top of this, this bike comes in different sizes to accommodate people of various heights and weights.

On the other hand, the Specialized Sirrus bike uses aluminum tubing with differing wall thickness across its length. You can see that the tube is thicker near the end to support the welds while thinner in the middle for flexibility and comfort.

Other Information

The Fuji Absolute is made of a light butter custom alloy frame, making it a lightweight hybrid bike. It is fit for entry-level riders. I can say that this bike is affordable and boosts a comfortable ride that extends beyond its geometry and handlebar.

The saddle is thickly padded and is simply adjustable using its quick screw mechanism. This bike also has wide wheels that enable the bike to handle rough terrain and provide maximum comfort.

The bike is also equipped with Shimano gears and shifters and allows you to climb steep hills using low gears or increase your speed using higher gears. The only problem with this bike is it does not have an internal cable routing.

On the other hand, if you want to ride more and reach places you never imagined, this Specialized Sirrus bike model is an excellent option for every biker. It’s comfortable and will inspire the biker more.

The saddle of the Specialized Sirrus bike is also relaxing, especially in the upright position. It comes with a wide handlebar allowing plenty of positions for the user. The ride quality is decent, especially for beginner bikers.


Comparing Fuji Absolute vs Specialized Sirrus will make you realize that these two bikes are similar in terms of styles but have some unique features and functionalities between each other. Both are excellent hybrid bikes for commuting and other purposes. You only need to check on the best bike that fits your needs.

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