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How Cycling Changes Your Body

how cycling changes your body

Many people are into cycling because of the positive effects it brings to the body. Consistent biking or cycling will get so many benefits to anyone physically and mentally. After all, it is a low impact form of exercise and can be easily incorporated into our day-to-day routine.

So, how cycling changes your body? When you are into cycling, it will bring positive changes outside and inside your body. All of these external and internal changes will be thoroughly discussed in this article.

Cycling Brings External Changes to the Body

When you are cycling regularly, it can bring many changes to your body. But the most obvious are weight loss and leg muscle development. There are also other changes that will develop, which are listed below:

Cycling and Losing Weight

When learning how cycling affects your body, the immediate change that cycling brings is it helps cyclists lose weight. In cycling, a cyclist will be using so much energy from their body. This situation can be done by burning so many calories stored in the body, resulting in the loss of so many calories after the activity.

If it happens consistently, the loss of these calories is enough for the cyclists to lose weight. Please be reminded that when there is a calorie deficit in the body, it will result in weight loss. But for you to lose weight when cycling, it is a must that you burn more calories compared to the one you are ingesting in the body.

However, if you are trying to lose weight through cycling, it should be incorporated with an excellent diet plan. Doing consistent rides will help you lose weight, but losing the much-needed weight is achievable if you combine it with the right food intake. After all, losing weight is one of the physical changes cycling brings to the body.

Cycling and Developing the Leg Muscles

The way cycling works is about putting your leg muscles to work throughout the ride. This situation also means that cycling will also bring some changes in our leg muscles. In fact, cycling consistently can develop the cyclist’s leg muscles.

When you start cycling, expect your leg muscles to have some definition after a certain period of doing consistent riding activities. But then again, the development of the leg muscles can also be attributed to other factors such as the type of cycling activity you are doing and the food that you are eating.

Also, the development of the leg muscles means improving their shape and strength. It is usual for a cyclist to have toned leg muscles as an effect of doing the cycling activity. However, the changes in the leg size and the tone of muscles vary from one cyclist to the other.

The simple reason behind it is that every cyclist is doing different levels and types of cycling. For example, track cyclists will have the best leg muscle definition and form because their training is all about putting intense effort in a short time.

On the other hand, road cyclists focus on endurance and stability to last for longer distances. But then again, whatever type of cycling you do will change your leg muscles.

Cycling and Lower Body Development

When learning how does cycling change your body, the other lower body parts can also gain some changes when cycling. When a person tries to ride uphill while adding some resistance training for the first time, it is normal to feel that burning sensation in the lower body.

This burning sensation is an excellent indicator of how cycling also brings changes in the lower body. When doing consistent cycling activities, it will enhance the strength and the functioning of the hips, hamstring, and even the glutes. Expect these parts of the body to develop some muscle endurance.

Cycling and Toning your Arms

Another body part that will surely change because of cycling is the arms. When you are biking, it uses an amount of force to pull the bars and oppose the downward pull. This action will help in toning the biceps, triceps and deltoids resulting in the toning of the arms.

When you are biking in hilly areas, expect the force to be multiplied compared to just navigating on flat roads. Consistently doing cycling will help in toning the arms while building resistance to pain as you engage in a more challenging route.

Cycling Brings Internal Changes to the Body

how cycling affects your body

Apart from bringing changes to the physical aspect, cycling can also positively impact the internal side of the body. Please see the lists below:

Cycling Enhances Cardiovascular Health

One positive change that cycling brings is improving the overall cardiovascular health of the cyclist. When we are riding consistently, it will help get the heart much stronger and more efficient. This situation will result in lower heart rates resulting in lower blood pressure, and eventually reducing the risk of a heart attack.

The lungs will also gain from doing regular cycling activity. It will improve the lung’s capacity, which makes us breath better. Healthy lungs also mean that a cyclist will not be tired easily in doing different activities with stronger lungs.

Cycling Provides a Better Sleep Quality

Cycling can also help in enhancing the sleep quality of the cyclist. After a biking activity, your body will feel tired, and the need to take rest and sleep is a must. This situation will allow the cyclist to have a better quality of sleep with the need of the body to recover fully.

Cycling activities will also help reduce a stress hormone called cortisol. When there is less stress, the cyclist will likely have a much better sleep. Furthermore, exposure to sunlight which is an excellent source of vitamin D is also essential to have a high-quality sleep.

Cycling Improves Body Immunity

The ability of the body to overcome diseases will greatly improve when we take up cycling seriously. With healthy lungs and heart, good sleep, and sound mental health, it will be much easier to overcome illnesses or diseases that come your way.


How cycling changes your body? There are many changes that a cyclist will experience when doing cycling activities regularly. Cycling will provide many positive changes in the internal and external aspects of the body, which will help to have a healthier and happier living.

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