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How Much to Tune Up a Bike

how much to tune up a bike
To get the most out of your bike, your precious investment needs periodic maintenance. To be specific, every bike needs a regular tune-up to ensure it is performing in optimal condition while also making you safe on the road.

But how much to tune up a bike? There is no fixed cost when it comes to the pricing of a bike tune up. It all depends on your location and what type of service will be provided to your bike. A basic bike tune-up can cost you around $50 to $100. Bike owners will pay more if there are additional services that will be provided to the bike.

Bike Tune Up and its Cost

When knowing how much a bike tune up costs, bike owners must be familiar with how these bike maintenance shops break down their tune up services. If you are new, you will probably be surprised when one shop offers a bike tune up for $30 while the other offers it for free as a complimentary service to a much bigger maintenance service.

In this situation, new bike owners do not know what to do when looking for the best pricing. But to be able to select the right type of service for the tune up, you need to make sure that the type of service you avail of must not be based on your personal preference.

The exact thing to do is to look for the service that best serves your bike’s condition. The condition of your bike and not your personal preference should be the basis when it comes to the type of tune up service you will avail yourself of. This action will also determine the cost of the bike tune up.

Knowing the Actual Cost in Advance can Help

Before giving your bike to the maintenance service provider, knowing how much is a bicycle tune up in advance will make it easier for you. Usually, what you will see in the company’s pricing only shows the labor cost.

When the tune up service requires you to purchase replacement parts, it is normal for the cost to go up with the additional parts that will be added. It will be better for you to talk to the service provider before actually having your bike tune up so that you will have an idea of what services will be done.

Doing this action will also let you know all the parts that will be added to the bike. It will eventually give you a rough estimate of the actual cost of the bike if the service provider can give you an itemized quotation before the actual service, the better for you.

But what if the price will not fit your budget? You can have the option to choose a lesser amount by scaling back some services that will be done. But please note that doing this action will bring disadvantages to your bike.

Always remember that every bike part works hand in hand to give you the best performance. They are built to work together harmoniously. If you hold off replacing a damaged part during the tune up service, it might also affect the performance of the other bike parts.

Understanding Basic, Standard, and Other Tune Up Service

how much is a bicycle tune up

A basic tune up service will probably cost you around $50 to $100 dollars on average. The services include standard cleaning and lubricating of essential bike parts. This basic service must also include checking the brakes and adjusting them if needed.

Basic services also include tire inflation with the correct pressure, drivetrain adjustment, adjusting the spokes, and wheel truing. In the basic tune-up, adjusting gears and bearing must also be performed. Lastly, adjusting the gears and the bearings while also doing a safety check must also be provided.

On the other hand, a standard bike tune up will cost you around $100 to $160 on average. The services for this tune up include deep cleaning and polishing of your bike, drivetrain removal and degreasing, and all the services mentioned in the basic services. The company must also perform a professional bike test to ensure that no other issues are found on the bike.

Meanwhile, the most expensive tune up service should be the overhaul tune up. In this type of service, the provider will disassemble your bike to perform the service. They will be deep cleaning, lubricating, aligning, and doing all the services mentioned in the other services.

Basic Tune Up Standard Tune Up Overhaul Tune Up
Brake Checking and Adjustment Deep Cleaning and Polishing Deep Cleaning and Lubricating
Drivetrain Adjustment Drivetrain Degreasing and Removal New Bearings and Cables Installation
Tire Inflation Professional Test Ride All Standard Tune Up Services
Wheels Truing Services on Basic Tune Up
Spoke Adjustment
Gears and Bearing Adjustments
Overall Safety Check

Choosing the Best Tune Up for a Bike

Now that you know the different types of tune up services, the next thing to do is to know the best type of service for your bike. Please note that different service providers have different packages from the one I mentioned here. But for the sake of giving you an example, a new bike can be provided with a basic tune up.

New bikes are still in excellent shape, and all the other parts are still in excellent shape. On the other hand, when you are riding a bike regularly, getting a standard tune up at least twice a year is an excellent idea.

However, if you have been neglecting your bike for a long time, a full tune up is needed to make your bike useful again and reliable on the road. Once it is in good condition, a basic tune up can be done regularly to make the bike provide excellent performance on the road every bike ride.


Knowing how much to tune up a bike is essential to let every biker be prepared for the costs needed for this maintenance service. There are different types of tune up but choosing the right one for your bike and doing it regularly will make you safer on the road while benefiting the best performance of the bike once on the road.

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