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How to Attach Saddle Bag to Bike

how to attach saddle bag to bike

We often associate bike riding with exercise while forgetting that biking can also be used with other tasks as well. From doing errands, grocery, and ride for work, the bicycle can help make your life easier in doing all of these tasks. Another upside when using a bike is its ability to carry different bags, especially in the bike seat. But to make it easier, the biker must learn how to attach a saddle bag to the bike and make it secure before riding.

Many types of bags can be attached to a bike, but I suggest using a saddlebag to ride lightly. It is small but can carry different essentials that a biker needs when hitting on the road. In this article, our team will show you how to attach a saddle bag to the bike and how to do it securely. This process is a skill that the biker must learn to ensure that the bag is attached correctly into the saddle and will not fall while on the road.

Two Ways to Attached a Saddle Bag

In general, there are two ways to attach a saddlebag to the bike: the strap system and the click-in “dock” method. Most bikers know the strap system, especially the velcro type, which is probably the most recognizable method for the strap system. For the click-in “dock” method, I can say that there are many upsides in using it, primarily in being well-kept and tidy. This method can also hold the bag a little farther, which prevents the thigh from unintentionally rubbing into the bag.

However, aside from being expensive, this method can also bring discomfort if you own many bikes. The process of installing the mounting hardware into the bike will take some time and should be uncomfortable when you keep on transferring it. But I will leave the decision to you, whether you choose the velcro system or the click-in dock method.

How to Attach a Saddle Bag Using the Click-in-Dock Method

In this method, the saddlebag comes with mounting hardware, which will be responsible for keeping and protecting the bag in the bike seat. You will be installing the mounting hardware or the quick-clip attachment into the bike seat rails. Also, you will need tools such as the mounting hardware and the Allen wrench, which should be included in the product package. The Allen wrench will tighten the bolts and make the mountain hardware adequately attached to the bike seat.

Please check on the process below:

  • Begin the installation process by positioning the mounting hardware into the bike seat rail. It should be line up correctly for you to be able to clamp easily later.
  • The mount top should be layover into the saddle rails and should be position correctly. Then, the three-pronged clip must be put in the bottom and facing towards the rear wheel.
  • After lining up the mounting hardware, use the two pieces of 5 mm bolts and fasten both sides into the bike seat rails.
  • The most important thing is to tighten each bolt one at a time. This step is the most crucial because it will determine the quality of the attachment of the mounting hardware into the bike saddle.
  • Once the mount is attached correctly, you can clip the saddlebag and check the quality of the installation.
  • You can test by going into a test ride. Make sure to inspect any unnecessary movement in the bag and reinstall if you think it is needed.

How to Attach a Saddle Bag Using the Velcro System

One of the most popular and economical ways to attach a saddlebag is through the velcro system. I mean, saddlebag with velcro strap systems are affordable compared to the click-in-dock method. And it is also easy to attach to the bike seat. Please check below:

  • The first step is to check on your saddlebag and see the number of velcro straps attach to it. Usually, it comes in two velcro straps, which will secure the bike rails and the other one attached to the bike post.
  • The next step is to attach the longer velcro strap into the bike rails, starting at the left side, then going to the right, then inserting it into the “D” Ring.
  • After inserting in the “D” ring, you need to tighten it securely. This step is crucial because it can determine the quality of the attachment of the saddlebag into the bike seat.
  • The next step is to attach the shorter velcro strap to the bike seat post. Again, you need to fasten the velcro tightly to give additional security to your saddlebag.
  • After the installation, you can check the quality of your attachment by going into a test ride.

attach a saddle bag using the velcro system

Additional Tips when Attaching a Saddle Bag

Keep it Small

“The more, the merrier” is not applicable when using a saddlebag on your bike. Using a large saddlebag will only encourage you to bring more things, bringing more weight and more discomfort to you. I suggest using a small saddle bag and travel light. You do not need to carry more gear, only the essentials you need on the road.

Hang it Higher

If you can, you need to hang the saddlebag higher to prevent any discomfort to you when hitting on the road. Failing to do so will mean that the loose bag can hit both of your thighs and can bring inconvenience to you during the pedal. It can be both annoying and uncomfortable, especially if the strap will catch your brake and cause an accident on the road. So, to avoid any inconvenience, hang the saddlebag as much as you can.

Always Pack Light

When choosing a saddlebag, go for something that is enough to carry essential items to you. My suggestion is to use a small to medium size saddlebag and bring only necessary things during the riding activity. I recommend bringing only the tube, CO2 pump, tire levers, patch kit, mini-tool, ID cards, and some cash when hitting on the road.


Learning how to attach a saddle bag to a bike is an essential skill that a biker must know. It will bring a lot of positive if you know how to properly attach and position your saddlebag and make it safe all the time. The saddlebag can carry essential items and essentials you need while on the road, which means securing it properly is extremely important.

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