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How to Become a Bicycle Mechanic

how to become a bicycle mechanic

With the bike’s increased popularity during the pandemic, there is no doubt that the demand for bike mechanics has also increased tenfold. But how to become a bicycle mechanic? This content will provide different tips to help you become a successful, skilful bike mechanic that helps every biker solve their bike issues.

Education Requirements

You can be a bike mechanic without formal qualifications. It does not need you to have a college degree. A high school diploma is enough for you to become a successful bike mechanic. But, there are also other considerations such as skills and experience that employers want you to have.

Nevertheless, having a high school diploma or a General Education Development (GED) is enough for you to start your career as a bicycle mechanic. If you are passionate about bikes, the better since you will need to learn everything about bikes as you try to be a bike mechanic.

Learn Basic Bike Repair Course

Once you have the basic education requirements, the next best thing is to start learning about bike repair. Taking a bike repair course will let you know the fundamentals of bike repair. There should be a bike repair school near your area, and it will be better to take up a basic repair course immediately.

A basic repair course will give you the fundamentals and the essentials of maintaining a bike. Remember that a bike mechanic will be responsible for maintaining, fixing, installing new parts, and repairing damaged bikes. So, it is a must for you to start gaining knowledge related to the skills needed of being a bicycle mechanic.

Earning a Certification

Gaining knowledge is not enough for you to get the job as a bike mechanic. Earning certifications from institutions in the bike industry will increase your chances of landing a job for the very first time. Having a certificate will open a lot of new opportunities despite you being new to the industry.

Getting a certification can be a challenge, but it is totally worth it. IKt can be difficult because some institutions require you to attend year-round training. So, you will be using a lot of your time getting the precious certificate. But once you are finished, it can change your ability to get a job as a bike mechanic.

In the United States, among the institutions that you can go to earn certification are Barney Bicycle Institute and United Bicycle Institute. There are other schools that offer similar certificates which you can use to upgrade your qualifications. Always remember that a certified bicycle mechanic is different from just a normal bike mechanic.

Getting the Much-Needed Experience

how much do bicycle mechanics make

Apart from taking a course and getting the certification, getting the much-needed experience is also very important. The experience is another form of educating yourself and acclimatizing everything about being a bike mechanic.

Taking a course and getting the certification will give you the knowledge and skills related to being a bike mechanic. But getting the experience will provide you with hands-on training so that you can use your skills in an actual environment.

There is no better way to get experience than to work in a bike shop. Doing this action will give you the actual training that you need in a natural bike repair environment. It does not matter if it is on-the-job training or an apprenticeship as long as you will get the much-needed experience moving forward.

Experience can also be acquired through applying for a realistic job. It does not have to be a bike mechanic right away. Being an assistant to an experienced bike mechanic is another to get the experience you need. Having to work with a professional mechanic will also give you the opportunity to pick their brains so that you can get plenty of information related to the job.

Always Upgrade your Skills as a Bike Mechanic

If you already have the skill, certification, and experience, it does not stop from there. You will still need to upgrade your skills and knowledge of being a bike mechanic. Please take note that the technology of bicycles is constantly evolving. Your responsibility is to be updated with new knowledge and information related to bike maintenance, repairs, and other skills associated with being a bike mechanic.

Learning a new set of skills and technology will also help you achieve your full potential. Doing this action will also help you increase your value. If you have a higher value from the client’s point of view, the demand for your services will also automatically increase.

How Much Do Bicycle Mechanics Make

Today, the demand for bike mechanics has increased because more and more people are using bicycles for different activities. According to Payscale, an American compensation software and data company, the average hourly pay for a bike mechanic is $13.95 per hour.

The company also noted that an entry-level bike mechanic with experience of less than one year has an average of $11.36 per hour in total compensation. Meaning this rate includes overtime pay, bonuses, and tips.

Meanwhile, an early career bike mechanic with experience of 1 to 4 years comes with an average total compensation of $12.77 per hour. A mid-career bike mechanic with 4-9 years of experience receives an average of $14.43 per hour of total compensation. An experienced bike mechanic with less than 19 years of experience is getting $15.27 per house, while those with more than 20 years of experience receive $16 per hour of total compensation.

On the other hand, Glassdoor, an American website that reviews companies, states that the estimated pay of a bike mechanic per year is $ 67,064 per year in the United States of America. The estimated base pay is $ 41,754 per year, and the additional pay is $25,310 per year. This extra pay includes tips, commissions, bonuses, and profit-sharing.


Learning how to become a bicycle mechanic is not easy. But, if you are passionate about bikes and want a career out of your passion, you can be a bike mechanic. Just follow our tips because they can help you get into the industry and earn from being a certified bicycle mechanic.

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