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How to Carry a Dog on a Bike

how to carry a dog on a bike

One way to enjoy your bike ride is to take your pet dog with you. But the problem is, do you know how to do it while prioritizing your pet’s safety? This article contains different ways on how to carry a dog on a bike the right way. Please check some recommendable methods below:

Method 1: Through the Used of Pet Basket

Using a pet basket is probably the most practical and convenient way to carry your dog on the bike ride. This bike accessory will be installed at the front of your bike, particularly the handlebar. The best thing about this bike accessory is that it can be used on and off the bike, which is pretty impressive.

Another upside of using a pet basket is its stability once installed in your bike. It will generally protect your dog and make it safe throughout the ride. It also provides comfort to your pet as he can quickly look at the view of the road and its surrounding area.

But keep in mind that a pet basket also comes with limitations, particularly with the dog’s weight it can carry. So, make sure to check if your pet’s weight is just enough to be accommodated by the weight limit capacity of your pet basket.

Method 2: By Using Dog Carrier and Trailer

Another way to conveniently carry your dog during the bike ride is to use a dog carrier or trailer. Many dog trailers can be purchased online but what is essential is to get something that can be installed or connected with your bike safely.

One factor to consider in getting a dog trailer is the size of your dog. You have to make sure that your pet’s size is enough so that it can be accommodated by the trailer. Doing this action will ensure that your pet has enough space and sits comfortably throughout the ride.

This type of dog carrier is also perfect if you have an elderly dog that already has limited movement due to aging. As a bonus, some of these trailers come with pockets that are perfect for water bottles, this type of dog carrier also comes with pockets that are perfect for water bottles, poop bags, mobile phones, and other similar things.

Method 3: Through the Use of a Carrier Backpack or Sport Sack

If you want your dog close to you throughout the ride, using a sport sack or dog carrier backpack is an excellent way to do it. The upside of using this method is the dog will feel safe while on your back. Doing this way is perfect, especially if it is your first time bringing the dog with you on the road.

Many backpacks are primarily intended to carry a dog, just like the K9 Sport Sack. These products are built with durability and toughness to ensure that the dog will be comfortable throughout the ride.

Dog backpacks also come with several features to make it easy for you while carrying the dogs. It comes with side pockets that can be used to put poop bags or other things that the dog may need while on the road.

how to ride a bike with a dog in a basket

Method 4: By Using a Trike

One of the easiest ways to carry a dog on a bike ride is by using a trike, that is, if you have it. A trike is more convenient on your part since it offers a space for your pet. You do not need to find a location for your dog because you already have a dedicated location for the pet.

Using a trike also comes with other advantages, but the space it provides will accommodate even dogs with large sizes. The sufficient spacer will also make your dog comfortable throughout the bike ride.

Trikes also come with a foldable basket that will be used to carry the dog with you. It will not only provide comfort to the dog but to the biker as well. It is also built with durable materials to ensure that your dog will be safe on the road.

Method 5: Let the Dog Ride a Long Using a Dog Leash

If you do not like the accessories mentioned above, you can take your dog along with you on the road. But you must make sure to prioritize the pet’s safety on the road by using a dog leash and a slow pace on the bike.

This method is perfect for those dogs that are old and untrained. The leash will guide them on the road but make sure to keep the bike speed slow so that they can keep up the pace while also enjoying the activity.

If you know how to train your dog, the better it is for you to make your pet safe on the road. Learning how to ride along with your dog is essential to make them safe while also making other road users safer throughout the bike ride.

Method 6: Letting Your Dog Run Freely

If you are confident enough with the fitness and skills of your dog, you can let the pet run with you on the road. This method is without the needed accessory to make them safe during the ride. Doing this method also comes with a greater risk in relation to the dog’s safety on the road.

But, if you are confident enough with your dog’s physical fitness and ability to be safe on the road, then safety should not be an issue. As long as your dog is adequately trained to run with you on a bike, then safety should not be an issue.

My advice is for you to have the dog check with his vet to examine his fitness and ability to run with you. If the pet gets the approval, then it is a go for you and your dog to run with you on a bike ride. But, always make sure to observe the necessary precautions to make your dog safe on the road.


If you want to learn how to carry a dog on a bike, we have just presented some ways to do it. It is all about choosing the best way to fit your preference and your dog’s overall fitness. Each method has advantages and disadvantages, which means choosing the right one that fits your style is crucial.

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