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How to Carry Groceries on a Bike

how to carry groceries on a bike

More and more people are using the bike to do their daily grind. From going to and from work, doing errands, or even buying groceries, the bike is the most practical way to do these activities. It also helps that it is beneficial to the body and is environmentally friendly.

But how to carry groceries on a bike? The most popular option is using a basket attached in front of the bike. But, there are also other ways and means to carry the groceries comfortably using the bike.

By Using a Basket Attach to the Bike’s Handlebar

The most popular way to carry groceries on a bike is by using a basket strategically attached to the handlebar. But this method usually fits only when you buy a small number of groceries. For bulk orders, you can try other ways to accommodate many items.

Some bikes come with a built-in basket, but others intentionally put a basket in front of the bike. Either way, the basket must be properly installed and secured for the grocery items to be safe during the travel.

The best thing about a basket is it’s safer for the grocery, and you will not be afraid for the groceries to fall off. However, the lack of space can be a downside since it can only accommodate a bag or two once it is used. But, if you usually only buy a few groceries, then the basket is the perfect fit for your grocery.

Using a Backpack

When learning how to carry groceries on a bike without a rack, a backpack is the most practical method that you can use. If your basket does not come with a basket or even a rack at the front or at the back, the most practical way to carry a grocery is to put the items inside a backpack. You have to find your heaviest and strongest backpack, and you are good to go.

Same as the basket, a backpack is perfect if you are only buying a few groceries at a time. When choosing a backpack, it is essential to look for something that is ergonomically comfortable and stable for the bike rider.

Unfortunately, using a backpack also come with a downside. For one, it also has limited space and also can be uncomfortable at times. If you are biking for a longer distance, the weight of the grocery can also take its toll on the back of the rider. Nevertheless, this method is an efficient way to carry groceries on a bike.

how to carry groceries on a bike without a rack

Using Front and Rear Cargo Rack

If you have a rack on the front or rear part of your bike, you can use it to carry groceries when you are shopping. You can put a crate at the front or at the back to have a place for the grocery that you have bought.

Wherever you put the crate, it is essential to secure it down before using it. You can use bungee cords to support and secure the crate and make it stable as you travel on the bike. You do not want an awkward scene to make you recover all the grocery items because it has fallen to the ground.

If you do not want a crate in the rack, you can put the bag of grocery items directly. But, you must make sure to secure the bag to prevent it from falling off. You can use a bungee cord or any other durable rope to secure the grocery bag in the bike rack.

Using Pannier Bags

using pannier bags groceries

This method is similar to using a backpack. If you are an active bike packer, there is a great chance that you already have a pannier bag in your position. This pannier bag can also be used to carry the groceries you bought if you want to.

Pannier bags need pannier racks installed on the bike. If you have one, there will be no problem using this bag to carry all the grocery items. The best thing about using a pannier bag is it can actually bring more items and weight.

Rear pannier bags usually come in two bags attached on the two sides of the bike. So, there will be more space for the grocery items to be safe. It will also help make you more comfortable because it will free any load that you need to carry. After all, pannier bags will be handed to the back of the bike.

Attaching a Bike Trailer

If you buy large volumes of grocery items at regular intervals, you need a bigger space to carry all the grocery items. The best method to accommodate this massive volume of items is to attach a trailer to the bike.

Those awkward, bulky, and large amounts of grocery items can easily be carried by trailer. For example, the trailer can easily accommodate a 10-kilo sack of rice. If you add more items, there will still be space to accommodate all the other stuff.

The downside of having a trailer on the bike is it gives an additional burden to the biker. For example, it can be hard to park your bike with the extra trailer you bring. The ride can also be riskier with the trailer’s additional weight on the biker.


There are many ways to carry groceries on a bike, depending on your preferred choices. From the simplest form of using the backpack to the most complicated way of attaching a trailer, it will depend on the volume of groceries you are buying in the market. The most important thing is to determine the amount and volume of groceries while finding the best carrying method that will still make you comfortable while on a bike.

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