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How to Carry U Lock on Bike

how to carry u lock on bike

Several types of bike locks can be used to secure your bike but none of them protect the bike the way U-lock does. It is one of the most durable and reliable locks that you can use on a bike to make it theft-proof. If cable locks can be cut by thefts, then a U-lock will put all bike thefts to exert more effort in cutting it through. With its durability and hardness, bike thefts will have a small or zero chance of stealing the bike.

However, using the U lock system also needs the biker to learn how to carry U-lock on the bike. A downside of a U-lock is its heavyweight which makes it uncomfortable to carry or put in a bag. There are different ways to carry a U-lock in a bike and each offers a lot of upsides to the biker. Each of the methods below can be used for anyone who wants to carry their U-bike lock with ease.

Different Methods in Carrying a U-Lock on a Bike

By Using A Bracket Clamped on the Bike Frame

This is a normal system being used by bikers to carry a u-lock. Usually, a bracket made of plastic can be clamped to the bike’s mainframe and can carry the u-lock with ease. However, as time goes by and because of wearing, the plastic side of it will degrade and might fell-off. There is also a chance that it might damage the mainframe especially the frame’s paint. If you are inconvenient about this system, you can try the other method below.

By Having a Bike Rack

If your bike happens to have a bike rack, then you can put the u-lock in it. I know some companies who are designing bike rack that enables the u-lock system to fit in perfectly. What I mean is, the specific bike rack was designed to fit a u-lock system in the bike. The rack has a wide opening that was made so that the u-lock can fit nicely into the bike rack. I am not sure if it is intentional or not but I was amazed by the design and how it perfectly fits the u-lock system.

By Personally Carrying it

using a u-lock holster

Probably the easiest way to carry a u-lock is for the biker to carry it by himself. It can be uncomfortable for some of the bikers to carry a u-lock but a backpack and panniers can reduce the load. You can put it inside the bag or the pannier easily and you are good to go. This method is best used if you do not have a bike rack or the bracket that I mention earlier.

Another way to bring the u-lock is to put it no pockets found in your cycling outfits but this brings a lot of inconvenience to the biker. Another option is for you is to put it at the back of your belt or attaching it to the belt loop. When carrying the u-lock by himself, the biker must be creative in looking for ways to be comfortable despite the weight of the sailed lock system.

By Using a U-Lock Holster

I have seen a u-lock holster from a friend of mine and I was impressed with what I saw. The holster is then attached to the bike seat, the bike rack, or the bike basket if you have any. But attaching to a bike seat needs you to have horizontal slots on the seat itself for it to be attached easily.

I have also seen other people attaching the holster to the belt. Some holsters are even built into a belt to accommodate the u-lock. A holster that can be attached and mounted to the bike mainframes is also available online. This is another way to use the holster to secure your u-lock during your bike ride.

However, the ideal situation for a u-lock holster is the use of a belt holster. This is more comfortable compared to having the biker loop around the belt through the bike. You do not need to wear the holster around after locking the bike.

By Using your Innovative and Creative Mind

You can also use your creative side in making different ways to carry the u-lock system without losing comfort and convenience. For example, a biker friend used a bike rack that was mounted in the bike’s seat post while the pannier was able to slide into it. The pannier, however, comes with a nylon cord assembled on top of the pannier and can just insert the u-lock under the cord.

I was totally impressed with what I saw as the biker himself uses his creativity to create a space intended for the safekeeping of the u-lock.


Just in case you are still wondering how to carry a u-lock on the bike, the methods we presented are some of the creative ways bikers can do it. I mean, the priority is for the security of the bike and make it theft-proof, and using a u-lock is the answer to make it happen. However, for a biker the uses a u-lock, he needs to be creative in finding ways to carry the said lock system without losing comfort and convenience during the bike ride.

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