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How to Fit a Pannier on a Road Bike

how to fit a pannier on a road bike

Bike touring in the countryside can be an excellent experience for you as a biker, especially if it is your first time. However, there is a problem if you only have a road bike in your position, which means it will be difficult for you to bring the essentials needed for the ride. It looks like a road bike is actually not designed for bike touring with this luggage limitation. But this is not true because you can put a pannier in a road bike and negate this shortcoming.

Yes, it is possible to convert your road bike into a touring bike by installing panniers into the bicycle. But how to fit a pannier on a road bike? This article will tackle different methods in installing a pannier on a road bike. Yes, it can be done. In fact, using the road bike when touring should be the best decision you can make before going for the trip.

Mounting a Rack on a Road Bike

To attach a pannier to the bike, it is essential that a bike rack will be installed into the bicycle. But this can only be done if the bike has eyelets needed to attach the bike rack. If your bike does not give this option, do not panic, as there are other options available to let you mount a rack on your bike. Please check on the list below:


Using this accessory is probably the most affordable way to attached a bike rack to your road bike if an eyelet is missing. Also known as cushioned metal loop straps, this accessory is readily available in most hardware and bike shop. The upside with this bike accessory is it comes in different sizes, which means you can find a perfect size for the size of your bike tube. Also, installing can be easy by opening the clamp and placing it over the fork blade. After that, close it thoroughly and tightened the bolt.

Seatpost Clamps with Rack Eyelets

Another way to attach a bike rack to a bike without an eyelet is using a seat post clamp. This accessory can be used for bike racks that are designed to mount in a seat post clamp with the right rack eyelets.

Seat Stay Mounts

The seat stay mount is another great option if your road bike does not have eyelets to install a bike rack. This bike accessory will be attached to the upper struts of the bike’s rear rack. It includes two long stainless steel brackets bent around the seat stay. Then, the bike rack will be mounted in the outer hole while the inner hole will be used to clamp to the seat stay.

Quick Release Rack Mounting Kit

If your road bike does not have a road bike, this can be an excellent option to use. This accessory will allow you to mount the bike rack into the frame using a quick-release mounting design.

Rack Options for your Road Bike

If your road bike is ready to be installed with a bike rack, the next best thing is to look for different rack options that will fit your bike. Please take note that there are different types of bike racks available in the market, and you must find the one that will fit into your bike. Please check on some available options for you:

Seat-Post Mounted Rack

This bike rack is an excellent option for short-term period usage only. I am not recommending it for long-term or regular bike touring since this bike rack adds stress to the seat post, especially if you put more weight on the rack. Also, handling can be complicated in using this bike rack. Use this if you plan to travel light.

Old Man Mountain Cargo Rear Rack

What is unique about this bike rack is it can be mounted with or without the eyelets. Included in the bike rack is a skewer which will replace the original one. The company is claiming that this is one of the durable and strongest bike racks in the market.

Streamliner Rear Rack from Axiom

This bike rack is best fitted into a road bike with its unique design and shape. It will be mounted on the brake ridge and uses a quick-release mounting for easy installation. The upside of using this rear brack is the unique wedge shape that delivers a better biking experience. Apparently, the center of the bike rack loads much closer to the rear wheel to improved stability and handling.

Pack ‘N Pedal Tour Racks by Thule

This bike accessory will allow you to carry any type of pannier on the ride. However, this product is most suited for carbon bikes as it will be attached around the seat stays and the bike’s fork. Loads will be limited if you use this bike rack.

How to Attach a Pannier on a Road Bike

mounting a rack on a road bike

Once the bike rack is already installed in the road bike, the next step is mounting the pannier in the bicycle. Please check on the step-by-step process below in mounting the pannier into the road bike:

Mounting the Pannier in a Road Bike Rear Bike Rack

Step 1: The first step is to look for the pannier hooks and put them on the side rod of the rack. You will need to put more pressure on the pannier at the top. After that, the hooks should be clipped in the rack.

Step 2: The next step is to use the rotating clip found on the back of the pannier, if there is any, to tighten and secure the bag firmly. Usually, this rotating clip will fix the bag in different positions.

Step 3: The next step will be to use the mounting straps of the pannier to wrap it around the rack rods. What you will do is to start strapping at the bottom then move upward towards the rod. Please make sure to tighten the wrap to ensure security and safety.

Step 4: The last step is to ensure that the pannier is attached thoroughly to the bike rack. If it has a security buckle or additional straps, for that matter, use it to tighten the pannier’s mounting to ensure stability. This final step is essential to ensure that the pannier is attached tightly and will not disturb the biker in the middle of the ride.


Learning how to fit pannier on a road bike is an excellent skill that a biker must have especially if he desires to do a bike tour with his bike. The notion that a road bike cannot be installed with a pannier is wrong because there are modifications that can be than to install a rack on a road bike. Lastly, it is essential to know that the road bike can be used to do a bike tour, and mounting it with a bike rack is one way to bring all the essentials you need in the bike ride.

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