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How to Identify Peugeot Bike Model

how to identify peugeot bike model

If you want to own an iconic and classical bike, owning a Peugeot model must be on your bucket list. After all, this brand was established before the 19th century and has already produced so many classical bikes through the years.

But how to identify Peugeot bike model? Identifying a Peugeot bicycle made by this iconic brand can be challenging, but it all boils down to the bike’s serial number, normally marked on the bicycle. Other details in identifying a Peugeot bike model will be discussed in this article.

Serial Numbers and Other Identification Tips

All Peugeot bikes can be identified in the same way as the brand itself comes with a standard way of identifying all the bikes they released in the market. But the best way to identify a Peugeot bike model is to look for the bike’s serial number.

All Peugeot bicycles are marked with a serial number usually found on the underside of the bike’s bottom bracket. Usually, these serial numbers are put in the bike during the production process and will serve as one of the identity points of the bike.

The serial number of Peugeot bicycles is composed of a combination of numbers that are specifically assigned to a particular bike by the manufacturer. Apart from being helpful during the inventory process, this serial number has been the best way to identify the bike, especially those older designs.

1980s peugeot bike model

1920s Bike Model

The oldest recognizable Peugeot bike model was established during the 1920s, where the most popular bike model in that decade was the Peugeot P-10. This bike model has a specific serial number dedicated to this line. Other bike models released in the same decade also have specific serial numbers assigned to them.

1950s to 1960s Bike Model

During these decades, the company used six-digit serial numbers that were used to identify all the bikes produced during that time. The said serial numbers were located in the bottom bracket shell. But what is unique about the serial number is the Nervex trademark and the markings found at the bottom bracket tube angle.

In the 1950s, the company started introducing well-known PC and PH models. It was also in 1953 that the PX-10E models came into the market. The said model was considered the most high-end bike during that time.

It was in 1966 when the bike was released as something special because the company made the Olympic rings in the seat tube. The company did it in honor of its active participation in the 1964 Olympics games.

1970s Bike Model

The only change in the serial numbers of the bike models released in this decade happened during the later part. The company uses a 7-digit combination of every serial number assigned to every bike.

It was also in this decade that the company’s golden years as they experienced a bike boom. Most of the bike releases were the Peugeot PX10 line were the most in demand. In particular, the PX10E was considered the brand’s best racing bike during that era.

1980s Bike Model

All the bike models released in this decade have a slight change in the serial numbers marked on them. The company decided to use 8-digit serial numbers and an additional letter prefix. It was also during this time that all models produced in the 1950s had PC-10, PH-10, and PLX-10 in their serial numbers.

Dating a Peugeot Model

1950s 1960s peugeot bike model

Another way to identify a Peugeot bike model is to tell the year of its manufacture, especially those manufactured in the company’s early days. Unfortunately, getting the exact date of Peugeot bike models released before the 1970s is close to impossible.

In fact, doing it is considered an art and is limited to just estimating the year of manufacture at the very best. So, it is a fact that dating an old Peugeot model is hard to date since even the original owners will have a hard time remembering the year it was bought.

Dating a bike can be done within a couple of years of its manufacture based on the bike’s frame and other components. As for the older bicycles, the serial numbers found on the underside of the bracket will be the key.

Peugeot bike models with six-digit serial numbers were built in the 1960s. Those bikes with seven-digit serial numbers were made in the 1970s, with the first digit telling the year it was manufactured. A good example is a bike with a serial number of 24096758, which indicates that it was manufactured in 1972.

However, there are also some instances where the serial number provides the frame production year, which is earlier than the actual bicycle production. It will be better to compare the serial numbers of the bicycles with dates that are sometimes located on the rim, hubs, and other parts of the bike.


Learning how to identify Peugeot bike model is essential if you plan to own one. This brand is iconic and is one of the most popular classic bicycles you can own. But knowing the actual time of its manufacture is a challenge but fulfilling. After all, owning a Peugeot bike model is considered a privilege for every bike owner.

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