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How to Install Water Bottle Cage on Bike Without Holes

how to install water bottle cage on bike without holes

A water bottle is an essential tool that you must bring whenever you are doing a bike ride. Whether it is a short ride or a multiple-day long ride, bringing a water bottle is essential to have proper hydration during the ride. Proper biking hydration includes drinking every ten to fifteen minutes to replenish the water you lost on the body through sweat. Being hydrated will also keep you focused and will improve your stamina.

But what if your own a bike without holes for bottle cages? How to install water bottle cage on bike without holes? These questions and other related information will be answered in this article as we find ways to attach a water bottle to your bike despite the limitation. We will discuss different methods to use which are more economical and will not use too much of your resources.

Installing Water Bottle Cage on Bike without Holes

The downside of using water bottle cages is that they need holes in the bike to be installed. The newer models usually come with integrated braze where the holes of the cage are located. But if you own the older models, you will need to find a way to install the water bottle cage into the bike. Please check different methods to do it on the list below:

By Using Zip Tie

Using the zip ties is probably the easiest and the cheapest way to attached the water bottle cage to your bike. It is also a very reliable and strong multi-purpose item that has the ability to secure the water bottle cage quickly. But how do you attach the cage to your bike? You will only need to position the water bottle cage to any position that you like in your bike frames. Whether it is the top tube, seat tube, or the bottom of the frame, use a couple of zip ties to secure the bottle cage, and you are good to go.

When looking for suitable zip ties, I suggest looking for industrial nylon zip ties that are probably stronger and more durable. Using this type of zip tie will ensure that it will never break once you are dealing with a challenging trail and rough roads. Again, there are many types of zip ties that you can use, just make sure to find something that is strong enough to secure the bottle cage while on the road.

By Using Hose Clamps

Another way to attached the water bottle cage to your bike in the most economical way is to use hose clamps. These items are very easy to find on any of the hardware shops nearest to you. Using the hose clamps can be the simplest way for the water bottle holder to stick to the frame tightly and securely while on the road.

You will open the hose clamp while placing the bottle cage to any place on the frame you like. Then, you can close the hose clamp while securing it tightly using a screwdriver until it is tight and stops moving. But make sure to do the tightening slowly to prevent it from tearing off. The downside of using hose clamps is they can dent or scratch on the surface of the frame. Prevent this from happening by using an inner tube or solid tape before attaching the clamps to the bike frame.

By Using Straps

If you own a mountain bike with full suspension, strapping the water bottle cage holder is an excellent option for you. Since this type of bike does not have enough space for top mounts, the water bottle cage can be mounted and strapped on the lower mounts of your bike. Please take note that these water bottle cage straps are designed for low-profile and full-suspension frames. The water bottle cage can be attached to this part more securely.

There is also a strap holder that can be used to attach the water bottle cage to the bike frame without brazing the water bottle cage. This type of strap comes with adjustable Velcro that is long, made of plastic, and has hooks that provide security once it is attached to the bike frame.

By Using Electrical Tape

If you happen to own water bottle cages that come will little tabs sticking out in the top or bottom, you can attach these water bottle cages easily to your bike. What you do is position the cage anywhere in your bike frame where it is comfortable and use electrical tape to attached and secure it quickly. You need to use a few rounds of electrical take to ensure that it is well-secured once you hit the road.

bottle using zip tie

Other Ways to Install Water Bottle Cage on Bike Without Holes

The methods mentioned above focused on the DIY style of attaching regular water bottle cages to your bike. These methods were very affordable, but if you have the budget, you can purchase a water bottle holder that does not need holes to be mounted on the frame. In fact, there are water bottle cages that can be easily installed on the handlebar with ease. There are also quick-release bottle cages that can be easily installed or detached to your bike wherever you need to.

Another alternative in installing a water bottle cage without holes is to drill holes into your bike. But, I am not recommending this method since there are many disadvantages that come with it. For one, drilling holes might damage your bike frame if not done correctly. Drilling may also require you to exert more effort, which is unnecessary because there are other methods that are easy to do.


If you own an older bike model, learning how to install a water bottle cage on bikes without holes. There are different ways to do it, and choosing which is suitable for your bike is your choice. The most important thing is to secure the water bottle holder since it is essential to keep you hydrated while on the road.

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