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How to Prevent Side Pannier Bag on Bike Wheel

how to prevent side pannier bag on bike wheel

A pannier bag is an excellent way to bring essentials on the bike ride. It offers amazing storage space to enable the biker to get many things needed while on the road. However, as excellent as this storage bike bag is, many bikers complain of the pannier bag rubbing on the bike wheel. It has been a well-documented issue since many bikers complain about different types of problems related to the pannier bag hitting the bike wheels.

But how to prevent side pannier bag on bike wheel? This article will deal with different ways to avoid this storage bag from rubbing on the bike wheel and prevent bike-related issues from happening. Our team will also include other information related to this issue to ensure that everything will be smooth once the biker is on the road.

How to Prevent Side Pannier Bag from Rubbing on Bike Wheel

I use to have panniers that I used for the bike ride that gave me no trouble at first. However, after a few months of use, it started to swing towards the wheel as the back part of the bag was rubbing against the spoke during the ride. This problem always happens even if the pannier is full of items or empty. Also, This situation has caused some discomfort in my ride and wanted to find ways to get over this issue.

I researched and was surprised that many bikers also suffer the same fate with their pannier bag. However, the best thing about it is that there are many ways to prevent this issue by doing some modifications or adding some bike accessories into the bike rack. Please check on the solutions below:

Putting a Stiffener

One way to solve this issue is to put some stiffener located outside or inside the pannier. Doing this action will somehow prevent the side of the bag from hitting the wheels. You can also attach a metal rod or strip to the rack to keep the corner of the pannier bag away from the wheel’s spokes.

Bike Rack with Legs

If you have the budget or the resources, you can replace the old bike rack with a new one with legs on the side. The more legs, the better. The purpose of the legs is to keep the pannier bag from going into the wheels. This is the reason why a bike rack needs to have internal stiffening material such as a corrugated plastic board to prevent the bag from going into the bike wheels during the ride.

Bike Fenders

It may be untraditional, but bike fenders can help solve the issue of the pannier bag hitting the bike wheel on a consistent basis. At first, I did not believe that this bike part can help control the issue until I saw a biker friend who told me that he uses the fender for that purpose. Apparently, he discovered that the rear fender keeps the panniers from flopping or being sucked in the wheels’ spokes. Although this is not the primary purpose of installing a fender in your bike, this is an excellent way to prevent the pannier bag from rubbing your wheel.

Panniers with D-Rings

If your pannier comes with a D-ring located on the outside, then you are lucky. You can run a piece of Velcro straps between the D-rings to secure the outside of the bag when it is empty. Basically, it will just pull the extra fabric away from the wheel so easily.

Finding a DIY Solution

When dealing with this type of problem, I suggest trusting your instinct in finding the solution to this problem. I know bikers who developed their own ways of stopping the pannier from rubbing the bike. Specifically, I know a biker who cut a couple of plywood strips which he attached horizontally to the seat stays and rack supports so that they can hold the bottoms of the panniers away from the spokes. Attaching them means drilling holes and tying them into the seat stays with the support of cotton twine. Then, he wrapped a few times around the support to keep them from slipping down.

What this biker did was very low-tech, but the best thing about it is that he still finds ways to negate the issue. As a biker, there will be problems like this that need your attention and resources. And sometimes, using your creativity and imagination can solve the issue without spending too much money.

how to prevent side pannier bag from rubbing on bike wheel

Mounting the Pannier the Right Way

The most crucial point to remember when mounting a pannier on a bike rack is to use a rack that is designed to take the panniers. Meaning, the pannier should be well-suited to the bike rack installed in your bike. Failure to check on this requirement might lead to the pannier not being fit, which can result in rubbing it on the wheels. After all, these racks have been designed to support panniers and eventually preventing the bag from hitting the wheels.

However, if you already have the bike rack installed and the pannier and the two do not fit very well, then proceed in looking for ways to prevent them from rubbing each other. We have presented different ways to get around this problem and prevent them from rubbing each other. There are many options presented for you. You only need to find the right one that will be effective for your bike.

Also, since there are many different types of panniers with different mounting systems, you must check on how it fits your bike rack. Some have hooks while others have strips; either way, these mounting systems should be designed to sit them lower or further out from the bike wheels.


Learning how to prevent side pannier bag from rubbing into the bike wheel is an essential skill you will need as a biker. There are many ways to avoid this bike issue from happening, and all you need is to find the one which best suits your bicycle. This solution aims to prevent any further issues from happening to your bike and make you comfortable while doing your bike riding activities.

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