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How to Repair a Tubeless Bike Tire

how to repair a tubeless bike tire

A tubeless bike tire brings a lot of upsides to the biker such as its ability to enhance puncture resistance. However, when it is damaged, many bikers do not know how to fix it. In this article, we will discuss the step-by-step guide in learning how to repair a tubeless bike tire quickly.

What You Will Need:

  • Tubeless-specific Pump, Paper Towels, Tire Sealant, Disc-Brake Cleaner
  • Tubeless Sealant Syringe, Valve Core Remover, Puncture Repair Kit, New Tire (If Needed)

Step 1: Tire Removal

The initial step is to remove the wheels that have the problem from your bike. Once it is done, remove the tire from the wheels. You can use your bare hands to remove the tire or use a tire lever to help you remove the tire efficiently. When using the tire lever, once you get one bead off, you can now easily remove the tire from the wheel.

With the tire off the rim, you can start cleaning the wheel to prepare it before reinstalling the tire. Use the paper towels to remove any dirt particles that have been stuck on the different surfaces of the wheel. You can remove the old sealants and other dirts then put the wheel in a safe location once done.

Step 2: Preparing the Tire for Fixing

Inspect the tire and look for the problem why it is flat. If the reason is a puncture, you will need to find the hole. If the patch has some issue, you can also fix it using the materials listed. If the tire has been recently fitted or you have recently replenished the sealant inside the tire, you can reuse it by using your syringe to suck up the sealant that remains on the tire.

But if the sealant is old, you want to clean it first before fixing. When learning how to fix a tubeless bike tire, it is essential to clean the tire first from the old sealant. Again, use the paper towel to remove or clean the old sealant before proceeding to fix it.

Also, when the cut is more than 5mm, it will be better to replace the tire entirely rather than fixing it because it is too big. If the puncture is small, then you can still fix it so that the tire can be used again.

Step 3: Fixing the Tire

how to fix a tubeless bike tire

Once you have identified the location of the cut, then you can now proceed to repair it. The initial action is to clean the cut using the disc brake cleaner. Then, use the glue to hold the cut together by putting it from the outside. It is advised to leave the tire overnight to maximize the effect of the glue in holding the cut.

Once the tire is ready, get the patch from the puncture repair kit to cover the cut. Please note that the bigger the cut, the better to use a bigger patch. Then get the glue and apply it in the area where the cut is located. Leave for five minutes before putting the patch into the cut. Make sure that the patch is properly positioned and covers the cut entirely. Then, leave the tire again overnight so that it dries completely.

Step 4: Reinstalling the Tire to the Wheel

Once the tire is fixed, the next step is to reinstall the tire into the wheels. To do it, you will need to fit the first bead of the tire to the rim. Make sure that you will get the rotational direction correct. Usually, there is a directional arrow for you to follow. You can also align the valve to the wheel. Then, you can start to fit the second bead but leave the bead at the bottom for you to be able to add the sealant.

Before using the sealant, make sure that it is shaken properly. Use your syringe to put the sealant into the tire. Apply just the right amount of sealant in the tire to maximize the result. Using the syringe to inject the sealant straight into the tire. Rotate the wheel to allow the sealant to cover the entire wheel and the tire.

It can get messy when you rotate the wheel as some sealants will come but this situation is normal. Then, you can put the last part of the bead of the tire into place. If it feels tight, use the tire levers to assist in reinstalling the tire to the wheel.

Step 5: Inflating the Tire

Once the tire is in the right position, the next thing to do is to inflate the tire. Prepare the pump that will be used to inflate the tire. Put the right PSI into the pump before inflating the tire. Once everything is ready, then proceed on inflating the tire with the right amount of air.

Before putting the tire back to the bike, make a last inspection to see if the tire is sealed properly. Check on both sides and see the lines that run around the circumference of the tire to make sure that it has an even distance away from the rim. Before reinstalling it into the bike, prepare the tire by cleaning it using the paper towel.


Learning how to repair a tubeless bike tire can be a challenge but is doable. If you own a bike with tubeless tires, then it is just right to learn how to fix it once you encounter a flat or punctured tire.

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