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How to Sit on Bike During Pregnancy

how to sit on bike during pregnancy

Many people ride a bike for various reasons, but most of them are because of the health benefits it brings to the body. Biking is an excellent form of exercise. However, for a pregnant woman, is it still safe to ride a bike? As far as experts are concerned, biking during pregnancy is still safe as long as you observe safety precautions, including the proper way to sit on a bike.

So, how to sit on the bike during pregnancy? Since the body is different when pregnant, especially the bump, a pregnant woman must observe the proper posture to make the belly more comfortable. Other things that a pregnant woman can do to sit on a bike properly will be discussed in this article.

Proper Posture of a Pregnant Woman when Sitting on a Bike

It is essential to have a proper posture when a pregnant woman is sitting on a bike. It would be best if you sat on a bike in such a way that both sides of your hips would support the weight distribution of the body. When you do this step, it will make the back straight to allow the bump to be comfortable during the bike ride.

Sitting up with your back straight is essential, along with your shoulder back. Ensure that the buttocks will touch thoroughly into the bike saddle to make the pregnant woman comfortable throughout the ride.

Straightening the Shoulders is Important

Straightening the shoulders is also essential when sitting on a bike. Make an effort to straighten your back as you ride to provide proper support to your stomach. Forming a 90-degree angle with your body while pedalling is the best way to make yourself comfortable.

It is essential to keep the body aligned while sitting. This step can be done through proper posture and making the shoulder lean back and head straight. More importantly, avoid slouching during the ride because it is not advisable in your current condition.

Slouching and leaning can stress the sensitive muscles around the body. It is usual for the muscles to be sensitive during pregnancy, so you must avoid doing things that can affect the pregnancy while increasing the risk of pain and aches around the body.

Proper Head Posture is Essential

When riding on a bike during pregnancy, observing the proper head position is also essential. Avoid inclining your head too much to prevent any issues such as blocking your sight, which can cause an unnecessary accident and possible injury.

Please keep in mind that your head posture will be different when pregnant. When sitting on a bike, you need to hold your head straight while keeping your chin in. Also, avoid tilting your head in different directions during the ride.

Make Some Changes in the Bike

To properly sit on your bike, you must make some fundamental changes to your bike to allow you to properly sit on it even if you’re pregnant. In doing this step, you will be making your bike adapt to your current condition to make you comfortable while biking.

Start by moving your handlebar up to make the proper posture easily when you sit on the bike. If the handlebar cannot be adjusted, you can have the option to replace it with a new one that can be changed. Adjusting the handlebar up will make the riding position more upright, which is perfect for a pregnant woman.

Apart from making the bike position more upright when sitting and riding the bike, you will also need to invest wider and bigger bike seat. Doing this change will make you comfortable because a wider saddle can provide enough support while sitting on a bike.

In addition, your balance will also be affected by the baby bump and the increased weight of your body. To anticipate these changes when sitting on a bike, it is highly advised to lower your seat height so that both of your feet can easily touch the ground. Using a step-through bike frame will also be an excellent chance when you are biking pregnant.

Consider Changing Your Bike

pregnant woman sitting on bike

If you do not want to make modifications on your bike to make your sitting comfortable when biking during pregnancy, the next best step is to change your bike temporarily with a bike that best fits a pregnant woman.

Using a more upright model such as a dutch or cruiser bike will make you comfortable sitting on a bike during pregnancy and riding in general. The dutch and cruiser bike’s design is just perfect to adapt to the current condition of a pregnant woman.

Helpful Tips

Apart from learning to sit properly on a bike during pregnancy, there are also other things that you can do to still bike safely, even if you are pregnant. Please check below:

  • If your bike has clipless pedals, consider switching to regular pedals when pregnant. You do not need to go faster when you are biking during your pregnancy, which means using regular pedals is enough while also making you comfortable during the bike ride.
  • When bike riding during pregnancy, you will need to take all the extra precautions during the bike ride. You will need to slow your pace all the time for your protection. You will also need to take extra precautions when biking in bad weather such as heavy rain or snow.
  • It is also essential to stay hydrated when you are biking while pregnant. This step is very important when it comes to the baby’s safety and your health in general. When biking, make sure to bring plenty of water or find a place that can refill your water bottle to keep you hydrated during the ride.


Learning how to sit on the bike during pregnancy is extremely important if you decide to still bike while pregnant. When you are pregnant, it is essential to take all the necessary precautions to make your baby safe while biking and making you sit comfortably with your bike is a necessary aspect of your bike riding.

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