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How to Store Bikes in Apartment

how to store bikes in apartment

Biking can be fun for anyone, but the real challenge is storing the bike after usage. This situation is actually true for a bike owner who is living in an apartment. The limited space makes it difficult for him to store the bike without compromising the space of the apartment.

So, how to store bikes in an apartment property? Fortunately, there are different methods and ways to do it using various bike storage accessories. This article will provide different tips and techniques to let you store the bike with ease despite the limited space available in an apartment.

Method 1: Hanging the Bicycle on the Ceiling

If you do not have enough space in your apartment, one of the ways to store your bike is to hang it up in the ceiling. Using the ceiling for storage is a unique method but can be difficult if you own a heavier bike.

This method is perfect if your bike is light enough to be lifted off the ground. For example, if you have a road bike, it can be easier to store it in the ceiling compared to a much heavier bike such as a mountain bike. This method is also perfect for keeping your floor space clear from your bike.

When using the ceiling for storage, you will need to install bike hooks for you to hang the bike when it is not in use. A garage is a perfect place for this method, but you can put it inside your apartment if you do not have one. It may not be the best-looking method, but it is the best way to maximize space in your apartment.

Method 2: Hanging the Bike on the Wall

Another old school method of storing a bike is hanging it on a wall. If your wall does not have any obstacles, such as windows and decorations, then using it to store your bike is the next best thing to maximize the storage of your bike in the apartment.

When hanging the bike on the wall, it will not consume any space in your apartment while still making your bike secure inside. You can use durable hooks to be mounted on the wall but make sure that the hooks have the ability to carry the weight of the bike.

Another option is to use a bike wall hanger which also allows the bike to be hung parallel to the wall. The best thing about the wall hanger is that it can be customized. Meaning, you can adjust the height and weight of the support arms to let you get the desired height of the bike mounted on the wall.

Method 3: Hanging the Bike at the Back of the Door or Corner

how to store bike in small apartment

When learning how to store bikes in a small apartment, you can also hang them at the back of the door or corners of your apartment. The back of the door and the corners are mostly unused, making it a perfect place for bike storage.

This method is another way to vertically hang the bike using space which is not the floor. It allows the apartment owner to store the bike inside without sacrificing the floor space in the apartment. But this method is perfect if your apartment has a durable door that can carry the bike’s weight.

The easiest way to do this method is to use a classical bike rack that can easily unfold from the wall. When properly mounted on the wall, you will only need to tip the bike’s rear wheel while rolling it forward so that the front wheel sits on the rock.

Method 4: Using a Bike Rack

If your apartment still has space available, then a bike rack can be an option for your bike storage. A bike rack does not really take up a lot of space, making it perfect for storing a bike in an apartment.

The best thing about a bike rack is it’s very light and can hold at least two bikes which are actually very impressive. Bike rack storage will not hide the bike away from anyone’s sight, but it also provides a more organized way of storing the bike.

However, if you still want to hide your bike during storage, the best way to do it using the bike rack is to put it in a discreet corner of your apartment. Also, some bike racks come with lighting, making them an excellent decoration inside your apartment.

Method 5: Storing it Behind the Furniture

If your apartment comes with furniture which is big enough to cover the bike, then it can be a unique way to store your bike. It is the cheapest way to keep your bike in the apartment without spending money on buying those bike storage accessories.

A long sofa or an oversized couch is enough to cover your bike away from the eyes of your visitors. Apart from being economical, you will also have the luxury of efficiently removing or returning the bike after the ride.

This method is very affordable and economical because you do not need to spend money on it. You will also not need to install something on your ceiling or in the wall. All you have to do is be creative with your approach to appropriately position the bike at the back of the furniture.

Method 6: Hiding the Bike Under the Stairs

Another affordable way to store your bike is to keep it under the staircase in your apartment. This method is only applicable if you have a staircase in your apartment. Fortunately, the underside of the stairs provides an ideal space that can be maximized as a storage space for your bike.

There are many ways to store your bike under the stairs. First, you can simply put the bike under the stairs, or you can also use hooks and other bike hanging accessories to let you hang the bike under the stairs creatively.


When learning how to store bikes in apartment, it is all about maximizing the space that the apartment provides to the bike owner. The floor space is not the only option for you as the wall, or the ceiling can also be used as a space to store your bike easily. All you have to do is find the best method that fits the available space in your apartment.

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