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How to Unlock a Bike Lock Without a Key

how to unlock a bike lock without a key

Securing your bike by having a bike lock is important especially when it is left unattended. Any type of lock can protect your bike from theft but a bike lock with keys is one of the most popular and affordable. But what if the bike owner accidentally misplaced and eventually lost the keys? Is there anything that the bike owner can do?

The straight answer to the questions above is for the bike owner to learn how to unlock a bike lock without a key. This is an essential skill that a biker must learn just in case the keys will be lost or is not available during the ride. There are many ways to unlocking a bike lock and some of them do need to do some drastic measures.

How to Unlock a Bell Bike Lock

Unlocking a bike lock requires some knowledge and skills to pull it off. Some of the methods presented here are easy but some require experience and skills to unlock the bike lock without keys. But mastering it will be beneficial to you as a biker moving forward. Please see the different methods below:

The Lock Picking Method

If you are not familiar, lock picking is a process of unlocking by manipulating the parts inside a locking device even without the original key. Although lock picking can be synonymous with stealing or other criminal activities which we do not want you to do, this is a great way to unlock a bike lock if you lost the key. Please be reminded that a lot of experts said that this process is one of the most difficult things to do when unlocking a bike lock.

Nonetheless, as long as the bike lock comes with a keyway, then this process can be used. You do need two main tools to do this unlocking process, a lock pick and a tension wrench. The tension wrench will be used in applying a rotational force to the plug of the lock to hold all picked pins in place. Once all of the pins are picked, the tension wrench will then be used to turn the plug and unlock the bike locking device.

Learning how to pick a lock can be a difficult process but the best way to learn is to used cheaper bike locks. These types of bike locks should be the best to use if you are just starting to practice lock picking. Your ability to lock picking will naturally increase through constant practice and learning from the experts.

The Bypass Method

This is a method that will be used to compromise a lock without compromising the cylinder to unlock it. Normally, the lock’s bolt or actuator is being targeted to be compromised for the lock to open. However, for you to be able to learn this skill, you need training and tools along with your determination to learn. Please find below some of the popular methods of bypassing a bike lock.


Arguably the most popular type of bypass method. This is usually effective with low-quality brands available in the supermarkets. Shimming includes using a small piece of metal that will be used to separate the bolt from the shackle in the padlock.

The Pen Trick

If you want to learn how to unlock a kryptonite bike lock, the pen trick can do the job for you. It involves using a plastic pen to bypass the lock. All you have to do is remove the tip of the pen and press the cylinder into the keyway and then do a slight turn. This will open the lock if done correctly. Again you need to master this skill to do it successfully.

The Decoding Method

how to unlock a bell bike lock

If you want to learn how to unlock a wordlock bike lock, then decoding is the right method to use. This can be done when you are using locks that are using a combination of numbers and letters for its locking system, decoding is the best way to unlock it. Here is the simplest way to do it:

  • The initial step is to use both hands to pull both sides of the lock apart from each other similar to unlocking the lock when you have the correct combination.
  • Then start moving the wheels and try to guess the correct letter of a particular wheel while you are pulling it apart. If possible, start twisting it from the first letter found on the first wheel to the right. You will find that it is the right letter once you feel that there is a change in the way that it is clicking during your twisting motion. You will notice the lock jolts or the number does not move to the next number easily
  • Repeat the process to the 2nd until the 4th wheel until all wheels will be unlocked. When doing this, please bring your patience because you will be guessing the letters using a trial-and-error method and it will take some time before you will have the right combination.
  • Once unlocked, you will have the option not to change to a new one using the setting process similar to the one when you have a default password.

When the Going Get’s Tough, Call a Locksmith

If you have no other choice, call a locksmith for help. Whatever the type of your lock is, a locksmith has the experience and knowledge to open it. Also, when it comes to looking for a professional that can help you, the locksmith has the best way and process in unlocking your keyless bike lock. Another advantage of hiring a locksmith is they are just one call away and find you no matter where you are.

The Cutting Method

This is the last action that you can do to open a bike lock without a key. All you have to do is destroy the lock to remove it from the bike. But doing this method will need a tool or type of cutter that is stronger than the metal being used by the bike lock. Bolt cutters are highly suggested to cut the lock without compromising your bike.

Please be reminded that this method should be done as the last resort and should only be used if other options are not available. Also, you need to know where is the right place to cut, probably the weakest part of the bike lock so as not to accidentally damaged the bike.


Familiarizing yourself with how to unlock a bike lock without a key is essential especially if you are a certified biker. It is a skill that can be used if you accidentally forget or lost the key of your bike lock during the ride. Also, I am reminding you that we are teaching all these skills for the benefit of all the bikers like you and this should not be used by any means in doing any illegal activities.

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